A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 284

Following are few more interesting experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat Blessing

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I would please like to remain anonymous and do not want my name or email address to be shared.

My sister in law had shared with me the 9 Thursdays Sai Vrat and said that all of your wishes will come true as long as you do the pooja with devotion and full faith in Sai Baba. I had been searching for a job for the last year and a half since my college graduation. I was working with a company, where everyone really liked me, yet I was still unable to find a permanent job for me, as I was working on a temporary basis with very low hours. I decided to do the pooja and take my sister in law’s advice as she is a very strong Sai Baba devotee and was sharing this pooja from experience. My mother’s friend, one day, came to our house. We were telling her how the economy is not doing well and how hard it had been for me to find a job. My mother’s friend suggested that I applied to the company she worked for. I looked at the job postings and there was a position that I thought I was perfect for and applied for it. An old colleague of my mother’s used to work at the company I was applying for. My mother asked the colleague to put in a word for me for that position and sent her my resume. The colleague had said she didn’t think I was qualified and would not pass on my resume, even though I had already applied, this was a few days before I started the pooja. Two weeks after, I had started the pooja. I received a phone call Thursday night from the company I had applied to asking for an interview. I had my interview the next day and they asked for a 2nd interview. The 2nd interview was the next Thursday. The day after my 2nd interview, I received a phone call offering me the position with contingency. Each week a part of the contingency was approved and a week after I finished the 9th Thursday, I received the official start date. I will be starting at this new job this coming Monday. I can honestly say that without Sai Baba’s grace I would still be struggling to search for jobs. Especially in this economy with many intellectuals with higher degrees than I struggling for jobs, I am very fortunate that Sai Baba has blessed me in giving me this job. I could not have done this without His blessings. My mother was sitting by my side as I did the pooja, but was not performing it. My brother had been waiting for a promotion at his job for over a year. His promotion was being postponed continuously. My mother’s wish was for me to get a job and for my brother to receive his promotion. The day I received the contingent offer from the company, my brother also received notice that his promotion has been approved and will be in effect in a few weeks. My parents were ecstatic and could not believe this miracle by Sai Baba. I encourage everyone to do the 9 Thursdays Sai Vrat, even if you do not have any wishes. You will be amazed at the wonders of Sai Baba. I was already a Sai Baba devotee, but these miracles have strengthened my belief in Him.

Sai Baba's Grace Of Cure

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah! Om Shri Sainathaya Namah!! Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. First of all I would like to thank Saibaba for showing me a way to be close to HIM through your blog and then I would like to thank you for creating this blog. I have known Shree Saibaba from my childhood, when my parents took me to Shirdi. It has been so long since that visit and I hope Saibaba calls me to Shirdi again. I often visited other Sai temples, when I was in India, but was not that ardent devotee. I regularly worshipped the Sai’s picture at home, just like other Gods. I started feeling close to HIM since October 2009. I don’t know why or how it began. I just think it as Baba’s call. I started reading more about Baba, searching through internet, reading HIS Leelas. While browsing the internet, I came across your blog, and since then it is never looking back. This blog is indeed a modern day’s Sai Satcharitra. I started developing faith in Baba more and more as I read through the experiences of others on this blog. I would like to share my personal experience of Sai’s blessings as I had promised HIM to write here after the results were achieved. I request you Hetal Ji to keep me anonymous. Please do not reveal my name or email id. This is the first time I am writing my experience, hence I pray to Sainath to forgive all my mistakes. During the month of April, this year, I suddenly started getting pains in the right side of the abdomen. The pain was mild initially. Hence I kept my routine going on. Then somehow, the pain started bothering me and it was constant but bearable. The pain would subside on taking acetaminophen, but then suddenly start after the effect of medicine was lost. One night in May, the pain triggered so much and now I could feel the pain from right abdomen to the center. I was literally scared thinking of various ailments possible. My husband and I thought we may have to rush to emergency. I prayed whole-heartedly to Saibaba, to avoid such a situation. I vowed to write on this blog, if the pain subsided and if I get a good sleep that night. I must mention here, that since the pain first started, I had been taking UDI as a medicine and I am sure, it was working. The pain became bearable and I slept. Next morning, we went to a regular walk-in clinic. The doctor advised me to do a sonography, and continue with the OTC analgesic treatment for a while to get relief from the pain. Only after the sonography reports were obtained, he could be able to diagnose the cause of pain. I got an appointment three weeks later, i.e. early June. During these three weeks, I prayed continuously to Baba. I kept taking UDI and reading Sai Satcharitra. In the meantime, the medicine was working and also I reduced my computer work drastically. My sonography was finally done. I promised Saibaba that I will do 9 Thursday Vrat and also write my experience on this blog, if there was no major problem in my reports. Thinking what would happen, made me restless, but I had full faith in Shree Saibaba and Lord Ganesha. Then when my results came, I got a call from the clinic. I was so tensed and uttered Sai’s name till we reached the clinic. We went to see the doctor and I was so happy to hear that it was not a major problem. Yes, there was a small fibroid seen which he said, I should not bother for now. But Doctor has asked me to monitor occasionally. Then when I asked the reason to the doctor for that sudden unbearable pain, he said it may be due to excess computer work and stressful posture while working/typing on a computer. I thanked Saibaba from the bottom of my heart for relieving me the burden and night-mares of undergoing a surgery. As I promised, I completed my 9 Thursday Vrat in August and now keeping up my second promise to post my experience on this blog. Hetal Ji, if you think this experience is not worth of blog, please feel free not to share it with others. I just wanted to keep my promise of posting here. Rest all is Sai Baba’s wish. My friends, I would like to share one important message from what I learnt from my experience. Today’s world cannot run without a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone for that sake. We need to work, but we also need to rest. Hence I would like to suggest what doctor recommended me. He told to do some stretching exercises, especially for arms, wrist, fingers, neck etc as these are most used, while using a keyboard. Please keep yourself moving in between and do not sit continuously near a PC. Many of you must be doing this. But for those who don’t, please do small exercises and be fit, be healthy. I pray to Saibaba to bless us all with good health and happiness. Thank You Saibaba and thanks again Hetal Ji. Om Sai Ram!!!

Sai Baba Is My Best Friend

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thank you so much for giving a blessed website to share miracles done by our Sai Baba. Baba will always bless you and your team mates. Please don’t share my name or email id. Baba has done many miracles in my life. I am from Kerala and presently staying in Mangalore. I am second year Dental student. I have faced many difficulties in studies. I even lost 2 years of my education life. I was very depressed in those times of my life. When I started to pray to Baba, He did many miracles. I passed first year with good marks (first class). He blessed me by giving a loving wouldbe-Abhinav. Even Abhinav faced many difficulties in academic field. But our BABA helped him to clear 12 subjects. I started to take Guruvar Vrat. Then I felt many miracles in life. My father had intestinal disease. There was a stage, when doctor doubted whether he had cancer and even intestinal sample was sent for biopsy. But due to BABA's grace, biopsy result is normal and his health is getting better day by day. Another miracle that happened was my future father in law met with car accident. But BABA protected him safely without any injuries. I consider BABA as my best friend. I used to talk to Him and ask His advice. Since I am a dental student, I have to do my practical. But it is Baba, who is making my practical work finish at correct time with good grades. If we take one step closer to BABA, then He will be taking 100 steps towards us. When I started to read SAI SATCHARITRA, I got many blessings from BABA. So please make BABA as your BEST FRIEND. He is always protecting and guiding you. OM SAI RAM.
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  1. Dear All,

    You people wont believe because i myself could not believe the miracle which just happened.I was actually angry with our baba and decided that im not going to read this blog till baba does some miracle in my professional / personal.Was very angry with him.Didnt read this blog since last five days.But today something said read the blog if its relevant to my problem it will be solved soon by baba's grace.And you know what the very first posting is about job and one of my current issue is job.Im jobless.Then the next one is about health and even that is relevant to me as im suffering belching problem from last 15 days continuosly,which made me think that i have some serious problem.Im doing satcharita parayan just for my health.After reading these posts i feel that i will get a wonderful job with says blessings in someway through his guidance and my health issues will also be solved by the time i finish the parayan.

    Thanks a lot my dear sai deva.


  3. Om sai ram,

    Every day i read about baba's miracle and blessings. I completed my 9 thrusday vrat last thursday and baba made me to complete exactly the way i thought i would when i started the vrat. He removed so many obstacles from my life but he is yet to bless me with my wish. When i started the vrat i dont know the exact procedure, After 3rd vrat only i came to know the procedure, When i enquired in a temple, poojari ji told me that procedure is not important for baba, just have faith in him. I left non-veg completely and i promised him that i will fast all thursdays through out my life after my wish is fullfilled. I will start it from tomorrow since i feel that baba will bless me for sure. Show mercy on me baba. Bless me please. All i have is you. I was a complete atheist and you pulled me towards you. But you are keep on testing me..Please show mercy baba. Please make his parents to see the faith he sees in me and please give him courage to fight for us more and please get us married baba..

    • Dear friend, Baba will surely bless you. I also was an athiest, but Baba somehow made me his devotee now. Have no doubt. He will do wonders. Things may get delayed, but he will not let anyone down. Stick to him.

    • Thank you so much for your positive words. I cant even think to leave baba at any cost, I m just holding to him. He has came in my dreams three times till now. He has warned me regarding a bad incident through dream and immediately the next day i say hanuman idol in my dream. I was wondering abt these dreams and within 2 weeks i came to know the real face of a person about whom i had the dream, trust me even the truth i came to know is also about the incident i dreamt about. Like this baba is doing so many miracles in my life and he is with me. I can feel him each and everyday. I am praying everyday and go to temple almost everyday. My day is incomplete if i dont see him. Just waiting for him to bless me. But sometimes i feel low.And things around me is not happening in my favour. So sometimes i get depressed. Bless be baba..please full fill my wish..

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba..my dearest Baba.. i love you a lot. Thanks for all your blessings. Please make my husband quit all bad habits, curb all his bad tendencies.. make him a gem of a person.. bless him immensely and please make him your staunch devotee..let him arrange for a SHirdi trip for all of us soon. Make him worthy of receiving your blessings. And please be the binding force in our relationship and let it grow stronger and all the more loving with every passing day ! Baba, am sorry.. i thought i should stop asking you for my desires..but i badly want us to go abroad …rest you know what is best for us .. so i surrender at your Lotus feet.. you please chart the best course for our life..take away all our health issues. strengthen our faith in you and fill our hearts with love for one and all and yes.. please make us more patient in everything. I jst love you a lot Baba .. you are doing wonders everyday .. things i thought to be so difficult to achieve are happening on their own .. all because of you .. sorry for all my mistakes and faults Gurudev .. please so us the right path always.. please do never forsake us .. we are your kids ..please bless my Mother immensely .. make her life happy and wonderful .. please fulfill all her wishes .. and Baba please bring my brother on the right path and bless him too ..
    I can just thank you Baba .. but yes, i cannot thank you enough..

    May your blessings reach one and all , and may all the people in this world be happy by getting your loving blessings and kind grace!

    Love you Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. such a wonderful experiences. pls baba bless all of us. increase the level of patience. keep our faith on you forever. never leave us alone…. pls baba. you are everything for us. baba my friend( i call her sister) pls take care of her family. pls be with her. help her. no one with her. bless her baba.

    jai sai ram!

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  7. sai devotees I need ur help…
    can anyone provide me Ramavijaya book as I got answer to one of my questions that read Ramavijaya for 14 days ..
    it would be of great help to me..
    please mail me the book at id utkarshk.lnmiit@gmail.com
    thanx and om sai ram..:)

  8. the file size is very big it is not letting me upload it,but go to the website by manisha,shirdisaikripa.org and type ramavijaya in the search box,she has all the chapters and a book that you can download and save on to your desktop..

  9. I am doing 9 thursday vrat, today all the three posts were related to the vrat, which made me feel so happy, thank you to all of you..Sai Ram

  10. I was so thrilled to see my experience published today on this blog. As I already mentioned I had left the decision at Sai's will whether to get it published or not, hence I firmly believe it was Baba's wish to accept it here. Thank you so much Baba, this affirms my faith in you. I would also like to thank Hetalji and the entire team behind this blog for all their efforts to get the experience published. May Saibaba bless you all with good health, happiness and success. Om Sai Ram!!!

  11. This is for anonymous devotee from Canada…Very happy that u had faith in Baba and he saved u from major surgery. I'd like to appreciate the extra lil effort u took to pray for all devotees and suggesting that we should do lil exercise.Baba's blessings will always be with you.

    • Thank you so much anonymous Sai brother/sister. May Saibaba bless you too with all the happiness. Om Sai Ram!!!

  12. om sai ram
    nice experiences…I have many pimples on my face due to heat which makes me very low..I want to get rid of it..I tried all remedies..please help me cure…Though it might sound silly but still because of it i am facing lot of dejection..please help sai…
    Om sai ram

  13. sai deva ki jai

    ma baalak hu sai meri maata
    tera ha mujh se janmon ka naata

    jao jai sai ram

    nice experience

    sai bless all his dear children always
    and in doing 9 guruwaar vrat.

    jai sai baba

  14. nice experiance

    One of my experiance i'm sharing here. Two days back in mid night my sister's son (1 and half year old) was coughing continuous while we take him & keep in sitting position he stopped coughing. We put him to sleep again he started even more we were worried very much what was the problem, whether the food we have given is not accepted or not. I continuolsy praying to baba to cure this, we doubted doctors (child specialist) also not available. My mom keep him in his hand while he sleeping for 2-3 hours, later he sleeped well. In the morning he was okay.

    Thank You so much baba. Baba please be with us always & guide us saima.

    Om Sai Namo Namaha
    Sri Sai Namo Namaha
    Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Namaha
    Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha

  15. Nice experiences! Devotee from USA, Baba was the one who arranged for you to have the job and despite what others may say, Baba is the one who can go over all of them to get His devotees what they want. Devotee from Canada, Baba's Udi and faith in Baba is what helped make your pain go away and avoid any serious complications. Devotee from India, we should all think of Baba as our best friend and your example is wonderful, Baba is there with each and every one of us, sitting beside us, lying next to us and hearing our thoughts and Baba knows how sometimes we feel sad and helpless, but knowing that Baba is there knowing everything and helping us get through the bad karma we have to pass through, makes it easier to bear the bad karma. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Completely overwhelmed baba..nothing can equate u for any cause..LOVE U TO THE CORE..LOVE U A LOT..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

  17. Baba now he is going to his home.Please be with him.Baba as u know all my pain in my life please help us and give him courage to tell about us in front of his parents.Baba please help us to get marry soon.Please baba bless us and be always with us.

    Jai Sai Ram

  18. Please post my comments.I accept it as my Baba's blessing on me.Please help me baba and be always with me…

    I love you Baba

    Jay Sai Ram

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