Here is another divine Sai experience in Shirdi from an anonymous devotee.

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says:


I am seeking permission from my Dear BABA to make me a medium to write this experience. Dear Hatel Ji you are doing a very noble job by connecting devotees to SAI by publishing all these experiences. Please publish my SHIRDI trip by editing wherever you find it necessary, while keeping me anonymous. I will be penning down another experience how Baba took me and my family in His fold.

A wonderful Shirdi Trip: Dear Devotees, SAI RAM. All of the following narration for Shirdi trip is not to boost my ego that I am really blessed person or someone special in SAI’s eyes, it is to portray that my Heart-Dweller SAI is really OMNISCIENCE. It is inexplicable how He takes care of latent emotions, which I never expressed as feelings to HIM, but HE does know what would suit us most. No words to explain Baba’s relation with this subtle form of me. I am feeling HE is with me ever and ever, running around to take care of very minute details of my life and in worst times He is carrying me in His lap. Even the when I was not aware of SAI, still there was HIS strong presence carrying me everywhere tenderly just like somebody takes care of a beautiful tender flower. Though Baba is OMNIPRESENT, but after getting me in His fold, HE arranged for me to come to Shirdi in February, 2012 for the very first time. I with my In-law parents started from New Delhi on 12th February night train and we were in Shirdi next day morning. We found a good place to live there, refreshed ourselves, had some breakfast and we were ready for mesmerising meeting with BABA. We bought a dress and few other offerings for Baba. I had no idea how would it be like to be in front of my Chit-chor (One who stole my heart). I do consider that I am not even a devotee of Baba-it takes a lot to follow His path, to be a true devotee- so was not expecting a miracle or something. Queue was moving slowly in the main hall, but I was at peace. As it was first time I did not have any preference to present my offerings from left, right or centre of the Samadhi temple. My SAI chose me to go through left hand side. As I was standing close to Samadhi on left hand Side.

  • Tears started to roll down from my eyes by being so close to my Love, an embodiment of peace.
  • Had chance to Touch SAI’s padukas, as there was no Glass in between at that time.
  • Pujari took offerings with love, put Baba’s dress on Samadhi and returned back.
  • They returned the whole of Prasad which I bought from Shirdi as offering, but my mother sent with me some homemade desi ghee biscuits, pujari opened the packet, kept most of it and returned few of them back.
  • I was in tears of thankfulness, forgot all my prayers what I thought I would say to my dear Baba and even forgot to put any money in hundi in Samadhi Mandir. I was in totally different world.
  • Baba was wearing plain white dress; white is the colour, which gives me peace. But I never had in my brain that Baba should wear this colour or that. I just like to flow with the MAJESTIC- WILL; do not like to impose my wishes on BABA. Baba, please give me ability to SURRENDER more and more.
  • When we were about to leave Samadhi Mandir, security person said that I could spend some more time there. Bliss, Bliss, Bliss blissed out completely.

We had Darshan of Baba to the content of heart, though I wanted to stay more, but I moved out thinking of giving fair chance to others to stand, where I was standing. Now when we came out of Samadhi, there was a security person standing outside, I said OM SAI RAM with a big smile and he said same with a bigger smile. We moved towards Gurusthan, started to have round of Gurusthan, Now we started to have shower of neem leaves all around us, we picked plenty and there were still many lying around. I did not pray or wished to have neem leaves either and I was not aware till recently that it is bit hard to get neem leaves, I got in abundance and picked them till the moment Dad said what you would do with so many. Then we moved to get some UDI- all three of us had 1 packet each and I asked that if I could have some more-as I came from very far place. Person at the counter said come in the queue again. Again in five minutes we came back for more UDI. Then we moved to Donation counter where we could offer the dress. By the time I was finished with all these things- I was completely at peace, blissed out. Thoughtless, Ananada, speechless, unable to say even SAI RAM, it was like SAMADHI with open eyes. No words to explain the Ananada I was experiencing. I have been to many religious places of different religions-but I never felt such peace without an effort from me. I knew all about Lendi Bagh, Dixit wada etc, but I did not have any desire to go anywhere- as I was already blissed with Darshan. Then we came to Dwarkamai and Chavadi, had really good Darshan without any queues. We were back to Shirdi streets again after Darshan. I was feeling very strong vibrations and SAI presence all around me. Instead of taking taxi, we preferred to walk to the hotel room, as I wanted to enjoy every bit of my stay there. I was just feeling like to smear my body with Shirdi dust, where my BABA used to roam about and still does. We went back to hotel room to take rest and then came back towards temple again in the evening. We have been to SAI Prasadalya for food and decided to have food there only as I did not like outside meal in the afternoon. I did not know anything about night Aarti at that time, so I was buying pictures of Baba to get back to my home country, to send to relatives in different countries- even doing all these things I was feeling Baba all around me. I am sure if heaven exists somewhere it must be like Shirdi only. Now next day I was awake at 2 o clock, so that I can attend Baba’s morning Aarti. I took SAI Satcharitra with me and went for Aarti. I was mesmerized by the lovely morning in Shirdi. I made it to the queue, just sat there and started to read Baba Leelas. Baba blessed with lovely Darshan again. I came back to hotel room, as my parents were waiting for our trip to Shani Dev temple. We came back to Shirdi in the afternoon from Shani Temple, visited Khandoba Temple, had nice Darshan and we went to Parsadalya for food. After having some rest in the afternoon, we came towards Samadhi temple, so that we can sit in temple premises. Now there was a shock waiting for me- it was huge crowd everywhere, long queues for Darshan at Samdhi Mandir, more long queues for UDI. As I was looking for a particular picture of Baba, my chit-chor made me to go towards shops around Dwarkamai and I was shocked to see huge out of control crowd there as well. Till now I did not have any idea that it was actually SAI, who arranged very lovely Darshan for us without any queues without even asking for this. I did not think till that time that how Baba knew that what would suit me the best-as I am very introvert person, who gets upset with rudeness not happening to me only but if somebody else gets hurt by third person. I could not believe that I could come back again for second round of UDI within five minutes yesterday, but now there were two queues for UDI. Thinking this, we found a place outside Mukh-Darshan place and just sat there- enjoying the peace within, even it was really crowded outside. It was mesmerising, thoughtless state of mind. I did not want to move or speak anything. We went for dinner to SAI Parsadalya. We had last bit of shopping at night. We were walking from temple to hotel and there was a wedding happening in Shirdi, saw wedding cars on the way, band was playing on as well. I was thinking how lucky are the people who are living in Shirdi- with a living GOD, lucky are the women, who gets their in laws in Shirdi. I had a strong feeling I must have lived some past life in Shirdi, I was feeling that I been there before as well. I just wanted to roll in Shirdi Street like a kid, so that I was smeared by blessed dust- but once one grow up, one works in a good position, earn some money, our ego does not allow us to be a kid again. I liked everything about Shirdi-sweet water like nectar; instead of buying bottles of water from outside I liked to have water from temple premises taps, instead of hiring taxi from temple to hotel, preferred to walk barefoot-it was such an experience especially at night or early morning (cannot believe myself, who is a cleanliness-freak person, SAI made me to forget everything). Instead of blaming security person for their rudeness, said SAI RAM with a broad smile and got response back with a broader smile. I feel they are the candidates for more love from devotees, who bear jerks and jolts, standing there for long hours. One thing I learnt living abroad to greet everybody even unknowns with a smile and if you says SAI RAM to every person glancing at you in SHIRDI, one can feel SAI presence there only. I was in tears looking at the love of hundreds of SAI devotees, who were there for SAI blessings and they were sleeping on ground without any complains. I was in awe of simplicity of local people, especially old persons still dressed in traditional outfits and special kind of cap. I could have easily spent my entire holidays there, but I had to come back next day early hour train. SAI please bless me with complete surrender, Shraddha and Saburi. Please make me free from ANGER, ATTACHMENT and AVARICE. Please bless me with AWRENESS so that I can see YOU in everybody and everything. Please make me strong enough for ACCEPTENCE of your WILL. Please make my life Journey an EGOLESS trip towards you-YOU who is just dwelling inside me.
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  1. Jai Sai Ram

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience.I could jus go back and recollect my first trip to shirdi… I feel we all are blessed soul to be a sai devotee. Thank u Sai for taking care of all your children all the time.

  2. Jai Sai Ram

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience.I could jus go back and recollect my first trip to shirdi… I feel we all are blessed soul to be a sai devotee. Thank u Sai for taking care of all your children all the time.

  3. Wonderful experience.

    O deva, please take care of us, your children. We surrender to you, be with us, protect us from, decide and give what is best for us.

    Jai Sairam

  4. jai sairam… your experience is too nce…. but why baba is not ilistening to my prayers…. when baba is going to hear my prayer…. iam in a very difficult situation.. iam standing on the verge of my life…. life has became too complicated…. baba please please help me to over come my problems…struggling for my carrer… why such things are happening to me…. please forgive me for all my mistakes which has been done by me… help me sai… my papa is suffering from seveire health…. iam begging you sai….. sorry sorry for all my mistakes.. i want your help immediately… bless me baba and my family with happiness…. i have written my lvb exam last month.. i have prepared very well but i could not write well.. i should not ask this… but i do not have any other way… help me to get pass and get selected inmy lvb exam… i have lot of interest to serve my parents… but now iam jobless.. baba my sincere prayer is you have to keep my parents with good health and happiness…. they should not suffer for anything….. you will have to bless my appa and amma happily…. i would like to bare all my problems on my shoulders… but they should not feel for anything…… jai sai ram… today is your's day i want your blessings mere sai…

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Sincere Prayers to Baba to bless you and your family immensely and take away all your worries. Baba please help all your children. We need you always.

      Thank you Gurudeva Sainatha for everything.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    My Dearest Loving Baba.. humble salutations at your Lotus feet. Thanks a lot for your blessings, we have come this far only by your grace. Let us be ever grateful to you. Baba, please do shower your blessings on all your children everywhere.. let everyone's life be filled with peace, joy and happiness 🙂 Baba please bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity and happiness.We so love you Gurudev Dattatreya and we seek your guidance in every step of our life. May all the problems of everyone be solved with your grace. Shower us with immense FAITH and PATIENCE.

    Love you, love you , love you. Surrender at your Lotus feet Gurudeva.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Beautiful experience. Very well narrated. I am very tempted to visit BABA and have his darshan. He would only invite his devotees 🙂

  7. Sairam,

    When I read this experience it felt like you did not write it but Baba wrote it, especially considering the fact the love and passion you had for Shiridi sorroundings. In fact I was filled with bliss after reading your experience on a Thursday, Baba's day and you are fortunate for your blog to be posted on Baba's day.

    Your experience made me feel as to how nice it would be if I was in Shiridi as last year same month Baba had called me there and I had also posted the miracles he gave me in this blog..

    Shri Sachidananda Sadhguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai!

  8. Very nice experience…very well narrated…i am in tears while reading this blissful experience…i am feeling that myself experienced such shirdi trip while reading…thanks a lot for sharing with us…this experience of yours made my day today….thanks again…may our baba always bless whole world…OM SAIRAM…:):)

  9. Very nice experience of Shirdi trip.Please Baba,be with your devotees always to guide and help them in all ways.

  10. om sai ram…
    nice experience…sometimes i feel i am very close to baba and other days i dont remember him that often and feel far from him..and i am not in a situation to be in 9 vrat also…so feeling more alone now a days..does this happen with all devotees???I am in a great need of baba now..please help me…
    Om sai raam

  11. Dear Devotee,

    You know what…last year on the same day me n my niece were in Shirdi…ie., 13.Dec.2011 and i was planning to go to Shirdi before this year ends, but cudnt make is Baba's wish…but in jan 13 m going with may happy about it….after reading ur exp..i recollected my Shirdi trip….n i was actually feeling as if im in Shirdi….look at our Baba's leela…today is Thursday and He made me read ur exp….He is so lovely….words fall short to explain his leelas's…Baba i love you more than anything in this world….

    Your exp was verrryyyyy beautiful…Baba Bless You!!!

    Sai ki beti

  12. Beautifully narrated experience. Could picture your description of teh details provided. Love the way you have appreciated all the little things seen in Shirdi during your visit without any prior expectation. I am waiting for my call to see and experience the same. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai !!!!

  13. a thought came into my mine for Shirdi visit,and was feeling sleepless so as soon as i opened site it is about Shirdi Trip…i m amazed Nice experience….what i can say Baba plz call me Shirdi ….Life is so frustrated these days plz guide me Sai….plz accept me …plz show me right path plz bless me

  14. Baba,

    Please call me to shirdi soon. I want to visit you alone with out anyone and i want to be able to visit all the places with ample amount of time. Please call me sai.

  15. Very well drafted & beautiful experience. Truly blessed. Dear Sisiter, While reading your experience i was feeling like i am there in Shirdi and feeling myself all these blessings. I am also waiting for Baba's call. Om Sai Ram.

  16. Very beautiful Shirdi trip experience! Baba certainly gave you a very nice Shirdi trip and It was very good you were able to experience and enjoy all the small pleasures of being in Shirdi and feeling Baba's everlasting prescence there. Om Sai Ram!

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