Shirdi Sai Baba Always Saved Me – Sai Devotee Sayogeeta

Lord Sai Baba is always present to guide and show us directions. Such guidance is witnessed by Sai sister Sayogeeta which is shared below.

Sai Sister Sayogeeta Ji from India says: Om Sai Nathaye Namah, Hetal Ji, I don’t know what is happening to me as right now I am in office and I am free today. So I was listening Sai Bhajans on youtube and the same time I was searching for Sai Baba’s miracles on google and get stuck to your sites. I strongly feel to share my experience with Sai Deva with you.

I was in class 12th in 2003 and I passed my examination with not so good marks. I was so upset and decided to drop my year and prepare for competitive exams as my aim was to become a doctor. But I can’t get it. Then I decided to take admission in B.Tech. as I had medical and non medical subjects in my 12th standard. But my father wanted me to do the graduation. I was not interested in that as I already had wasted my one year. So I joined the college for B. Sc., but I was doing it half heartedly. I was still trying to get admission out of my home town. Then in a newspaper, I saw an ad of private college in Dehradoon. These people were there in my home town for counseling session. At that time my father was posted in Delhi. I called him up and request him for attending that counseling session and he gave me the permission.

My Mamaji and Mamiji came with me. We had a test there and on that basis we can get the scholarship in fees as my father was only earning hand in our family and we can’t afford private college’s fee. I had my interview session and test and soon result came and announcement for scholarship. My Mamiji was looking at my face and teasing me whether I will get scholarship or not. Students were getting scholarships according to their performances and I was nervous if I don’t get it, my Mamiji will tease me whole life time. So I prayed to God please at least announce my name with at least 10% scholar ship. Suddenly counselor announced my name. My heart was beating fast and I stood up and got 100% scholarship. I was feeling happiest person in world. I thanked God and called my father and requested him to get admission in Dehradoon. Soon I was in Dehradoon pursuing my B. Tech. there. I was so happy as I got the world I dreamt about. I enjoyed every moment there. But Sai has to do something different.

One day my roommates and I was talking with each other. Suddenly my roommate planned to go Sai Temple. I refused as I don’t have any belief on Him. They forced me and I went with them at the cost that I will not enter in temple and wait outside, they agreed. We went to temple and I was standing outside and I felt like it looks odd to wait alone outside the temple. So I decided to enter the temple half heartedly only to give them company. They prayed there and I was doing the formality and came outside. Them my roommates ask to have bhandara (prasad) in temple. Again I refused and she told me come and think you are having your dinner here. I went inside the hall and sit over there in front of me there was big pillar and poster of Sai Baba was hanging on it. I was looking at poster and thinking how Baba was look like and I was deeply looking at poster. A boy came with plate having puri, rice and sprouts in it and gave it to me and my roommates. I took a bite and still was looking at poster and suddenly there was Goosebumps on my body and I started crying. My roommate was shocked why I was crying. I felt like with that bite Sai Baba itself enter into my heart and I can’t explain how I was feeling at that time. After that incident, I used to wake up all the night listening Sai Baba Bhajan and chanting.

Sai Baba was within me and I was feeling that. Soon we went to Delhi for our college function and we got bad news that our college got affiliation cancelled. We all were shocked and we went to Dehradoon back. I was very much in grief because my father was not allowing me to go outside my hometown. I was praying Baba, but nothing happened. Soon all students went back to their homes and I was still there with some of my friends. Then my father gave me a call to come back. I packed my luggage and prayed to Saibaba that I went back only if every year He calls me to His temple. My friend came to drop me on bus stand on bike. On the way, we had an accident and it was not so serious accident. All were safe, but my right leg got fractured. I made excuse to my father and did not tell them about my accident, but soon my father came to know and take me home with him.

I was not at all happy. People used to came at my house for greeting me get well soon and asking my parents about my college. Their words are like needles pricking my heart. I was depressed and I stopped talking to my parents and all their members in my home as they were blaming me for all this as they want me to do the graduation. Now my 2 years got wasted and again my papa wants me to get admission in B. Sc. But I refused to take admission as I was fighting with myself and with Baba why it is happening. Sometimes I got negative thinking in my mind to attempt suicide, but then I angrily was talking with Baba that You have to do it. You have to solve my all problems. I will not leave You. I stuck to You till my last breath. Then I decided to bear all the things which was happening to me and with the grace of Sai, I again try for competitive exam and was again failed. I tried again and again and qualified my exam and went to Chandigarh for counseling.

My counseling was on 27 June 2006 and I was thinking it is on 28th June. I was with my cousin sister and she planned me to go with her on party as I was depressed. We both were ready to go to party on 27th June. We were on our two wheeler and suddenly something strikes in my mind. I was thinking to have a look on paper cutting on which dates were published. And I opened the page and shouted that I had counseling session on that day. My sister took me to the venue and went to home for my documents. But it was late I was standing there, but due to not present with documents other students were getting seats. I again looked at sky with tears in my eyes. My sister came and we went to counseling room only. Four students were left and I was last. My sister and I were at the corner in the room and I was thinking how bad my luck is and I was looking at one of the counselor. It was a big hall and he was very far from me we even couldn’t see each other clearly. I was crying on my luck. There was only one seat in my subject and I was last. I lost all hopes to get it. Suddenly that counselor looked at me and called me. I was surprised he told me why I was looking at his face. I was silent and tears came out from my eyes. He told me to bring my documents and ask me to attend counseling first. I was surprised why he gave me that chance and I got my subject. Then I realised it was Baba who was there to help me out. I did my B. Tech. from Government University and I was so happy and every year I went Dehradoon to Sai temple at Rajpur road. And with the grace of my Baba, I was first and only girl to get on campus placed from my B. Tech. Baba is with me every time everywhere.

Today again something happened. I was upset because of my job and marriage. My family is also in tension. So I was praying Baba to help me out. On youtube I was watching Sai Baba serial. Suddenly a thought came into my mind that I can’t eat food and water till Baba itself came and feed me. Then I laugh at myself why I am thinking like this and I ignored it. Then I start reading devotees experiences and I clicked one of the devotees experience, who had same problem and had same words which I was thinking. There are lines by her that Sai came in her sister’s dream and her sister ask Baba about her marriage and job and Sai answered her that she will definitely get that and answered yes. And ask her for 9 Thursdays Vrat. Then suddenly my system stopped working and I can’t read further what happen to her as Baba does not want me to know that. I again open this site and try to find that, but I did not find that experience again. I definitely will do the Vrat again and definitely Sai will solve my problem. I have full faith in Him. He never let me down.

Om Sai Nath Om Sai Nath Om Sai Nath.

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Sister, nice experiences.. only Baba can bless us in such a way and he can only do miracles in our life. He is so so kind. The best thing we can do is pray to him, surrender whole heartedly and let Baba plan our life as per his wishes, as he knows what is best for us. No doubt, if he plans our life, he will secure our present and future. Please do observe the 9 Thursday Vrat, and all your problems will be solved. I too was benefitted immensely by observing the 9 Thursday Vrat. Baba gave me nice job and got me married to my boyfriend, even after we had a break up for 6 months. Baba can do wonders, and make us come to the right path in life. He is always there to help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life.. just that we need to have utmost Faith in him and have some patience.

    We love you a lot Sai Deva.. please bless us all always and be with us forever at all times. Thanks a lot for all your unconditional love, affection and care. We owe you all our happiness.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. I felt like my won experiences are written by some other person!! may baba bless you abundantly with all ur wishes.. do trust and keep faith in him he will surely help you out of all ur problems. Presently i am in the same situation like you. waiting for my baba to show me a correct path in my life.. Baba bless you.

  3. Wonderful experience. As Deva says, keep faith and have patience, all will be taken care. Bless us Sai.

    Jai Sairam

  4. Om sai ram.

    Baba does all miracle. I got answers to my two questions through this post. I am going through too many troubles in my life, even for the past 3 days i was thinking of suicide and was crying to baba daily.


    My friend who was my boyfriend left me since his parents didnt accept for our marriage.I went to temple and cried over there where poojari told me about miracle of sai and do 9 thursdays vrat. Felt as a call and starting doing vrat. completed 5 thursdays and problems have increased a lot. My bf who was in contact with me now broke all the contacts. My parents are not talking to me properly and blaming for everything. For the past three days im crying in front of baba. He is around and did so many miracles in my life. Today your answer increased my faith in me. I just wanna life happily and wanna keep everyone happy. Sai is my only hope.

  5. Very heart touching experience. I was having tears in my eyes when you mentioned about goose bumps in your body and like baba Himself entered in your body.

    Om Sai Ram.

  6. Nice experience! It was Baba who drew you towards Him and Baba was the one who saved that seat for you to get the BTech degree. Baba will also arrange your marriage with the best boy possible, even better than you can imagine. Om Sai Ram!

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