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In today’s post the devotee shares her experiences at Shirdi.

Sai Sister Raga Ji from India says: I want to thank Baba for guiding me, holding me and what not. He became my saviour from the day I started following Him. Thanks Baba for letting me worship You. I have lot of experiences with Baba.

He will let me meet Him only if He wishes so. If I do anything, which is against His will or which doesn’t suit me, He never gave me permission to think about Him or go to temple or pray Him.

My first experience with Baba happened nearly 10 years back, when my grandfather had a wow that he would visit Shirdi. The trip was planned with my brother and was postponed many times. Then suddenly one day as Baba called, my grandfather decided to go alone, but I was fortunate enough to join him. I never gave much thought about Baba and never thought of worshipping Him till then. I was excited about the trip as one of my aunt being a great devotee of Baba said that we can go to Shirdi only when Baba wishes.

I was not able to sleep the day before my journey and I dreamt about my journey. We started in bus and then boarded the train to kopergaon. My dream was about my journey, where I would sit in train and bus. To my surprise and say shock I sat in the same way in bus. But still I was okay thinking it is a coincidence. We boarded the passenger train and sat somewhere, which was not the one in my dream. I was relieved. But in no time my Grandfather came and took me to the coach saying it’s more comfortable there, which was same as my dream. I had no words. Though this experience happened years ago, still it’s very new.

As both of us had no idea of Shirdi, I was not worried even about our lodging as I was in train enjoying my journey. However we were very tired because of passenger train and in the morning another person (he also started at same place, but I didn’t notice him), who was sleeping on upper berth woke up and asked me to inform him when kopergaon station is reached. I was smiling to myself as it was my first time. This stranger introduced himself that he is working for some travels and guided us till we got a very good place to stay. Once all the formalities were done, I asked his name by thanking him. He smiled, simply said “SAI” and left. He met us once again and informed about Thursday Aarti. I am lucky that I had a chance to pray Baba very close in my first visit. Everything went on so well.

My mom packed few chapattis, which were left out after we ate. My grandfather asked me to fresh up and went out for a while. I thought of taking a quick nap as it was a long tiring journey. I was so tired that I wished I had my mom at that moment but in no time I witnessed I am sleeping in the lap of Baba. He was caressing me. I suddenly woke up and I am still not sure about my feelings. I was scared, happy. I felt I can’t wait even for a second as soon as my Grandfather retuned, I took him and ran to Dwarakamai without bathing even. Then I felt peaceful and my anxiety reduced.

Once we came back, had bath then visited Samadhi Mandir, museum, book stall entire temple. They were serving water in Baba’s pot at that time. Temple was all open with less steel blocks. On our way back to lodge there were many questions crossing in my mind. Is Baba really God? He just lived like a normal human being. How can we believe? Is this my imagination? Baba answered all these. There was a big hall in which few people sat down and a lady was reading Sai Satcharitra in a mike. We also went there and sat down. Now she started reading all my questions with Baba’s answers. My joy knew no bounds. For a moment I was ashamed for thinking so, but I am very proud now because Baba spoke to me because of that. I was able to engage Him to the possible extent.

As I said we had many chapattis left out back, so thought of giving them for someone, but forgot every time we came out of lodge. Now it was time to go back home. I was holding chapattis in my hand as I don’t want to miss them this time. It’s again a miracle that I carried them all the way till auto stand in my hand completely forgot that I am holding something. We walked for nearly an hour and visited some shops also. Once we sat in a seven seater auto to catch the train in Kopergaon, auto was about to move then I remembered about those chapattis as was disappointed a lot that I forgot all experiences Baba gave me till then and was depressed. Baba never took a chance; a person wearing long kafni (similar to Baba’s dress) came near auto and stretched his hand pointing straight to me as if he is asking his asset. I had no words and I didn’t know what I have done at that moment. I just gave the pack to Him and in a shock returned back home. He took away the pack walked away without looking back.

I used to be jealous when I see another Baba’s devotee. But Baba answered me saying that every individual is very important for Him and all are His children. He can share His love equally to everyone. From then Baba is guiding me in every stage of my life. He is there to suppress my ego, lift me up in distress, assist me in panic, and guard me in danger. He leaves me, when I am happy, but calls me back, if I come across any troubles.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Wonderful experience of first visit to Shirdi.. Although the visit was 10 years back, the miracles can be felt by reading the details. I am waiting for my call to have the Shirdi experience. I would want Baba's presence not just in sad times but in happy times for me to share the fruits of His blessings. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai….

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba bless us all always. We love you Sainatha. Thanks for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Wonderful experiences… felt like I should go shirdi right now but im not lucky enough!! May baba bless you always in every step of your life.

  4. Beautiful and reading this and know that it happened to you I can feel jealousy creeping in 🙂 You are a lucky one Raga.

    " He is there to suppress my ego, lift me up in distress, assist me in panic, and guard me in danger." – well said.

    Jai Sairam

  5. such a wonderful experience. baba pls bless all of us. never leave us in happy or sad moments. because whatever we are today is just because of you…….

    jai sai ram!

  6. Sairam,

    Very nice experience. I was thrilled to read about the part where Baba came in Kafni and accepted the chapathis. Wonderful and thanks for sharing!. Jai Sai Ram…

  7. Very nice experience! Baba calls us to Him when He decides it is the right time for us to come and visit Shirdi and you are lucky you had such a nice trip with your Grandfather. Baba also made sure your journey to Shirdi was nice and memorable. Eventhough Baba has millions of devotees, He gives each devotee special attention and care as each of us is His child and He takes great care with every single one of us. Om Sai Ram!

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