Sai Baba Helped To Find Lost Wallet – Sai Devotee Shilpa

Following is very interesting experience of a devotee who receives his lost wallet miraculously with grace of Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Sister Shilpa Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji and all Sai devotees, Om Sai Ram.

I am regular reader of this blog and feel very happy and peaceful, when I read experiences posted on this blog. Hetal Ji, you are doing great job. This is my recent second experience I am posting on this blog. My name is Shilpa and I am from Goa, India. Last month, I have sent my experience (Sai saved life of calf) to Hetal Ji. Hetal Ji is doing great job and we all devotees are very thankful to Sai for this precious gift for us.

Let me start with my new experience, which happened just few days back on Monday 20th August 2012. One of my office colleagues got lost his wallet and unfortunately he kept all his original documents in his wallet just one day earlier. Everything was there in it – his voting card, driving license, ATM cards, cash, etc. When we met in the morning in office, he very sadly told me and other colleagues that last night he lost his wallet and not able to find after searching everywhere. Other colleagues consoled him and were very sorry to hear that. I am strong devotee of Saibaba and that my colleague, who lost his wallet, is also devotee of Sai, but not that much as I am. As soon as he told me about his lost wallet, I told him directly with full confidence in Sai that don’t worry you will get your wallet back. Just wait for some days and you will see your wallet. When I told him this, there was something within me telling that he will get his wallet back. I am 100% sure it was none other than my Saibaba telling me this. After listening to my words, he was very happy and surprised to listen what I was saying. He knows that I am Sai devotee, so he immediately said you please pray for me to your Sai ok. I said don’t worry He will help you. Then he said I will not do any police complaint, but I will wait. Wednesday evening, he came to me and sat in my office and started discussing about wallet and Sai. I told him if you have faith in Sai, nothing is impossible. Somehow he started having strong faith in Sai and said to me tomorrow is Thursday, so I will take leave and go to nearby Sai temple. I was very happy to know this. I told him to go and give some food to beggars seating outside the temple instead of money. This pleases Sai very much. I told him there will be some reason behind that your wallet is lost. I thought in my mind may be Sai wants to bring him close to Him by playing His Leela. He said ok and did same next day. Even I started praying to Sai every day to help him to find his wallet back. I told Sai in my mind “Sai only You know where his wallet is and how important it is for him to find his all original documents placed in it. Nothing is impossible for You and You only know what is the reason behind to get it lost. I am praying to You with my full devotion and whenever I prayed to You, You never denied me. Please ask the person whoever got it to return it back to him. I will be very grateful to You and this will help me to develop and increase faith in someone’s life about You. Sai please help me. Let even my faith in You become more strong henceforth”. As was still doing my prayer and suddenly middle of the prayer, I got a vision just for a second that there is one brown colour wallet in someone’s hand. I saw it very clearly but I had no clue why I saw like that. Next day morning, when I reached office, I asked my friend what the colour of his wallet is and he immediately said it’s a brown colour and was very lucky for him. Just imagine I had never seen his wallet before and same came in my vision. I thought Sai has already given me indication that wallet is in safe hands. Everyday I used to pray for him and Sai played His Leela within short span of time. Just after week’s time that is exactly on Tuesday 28th August 2012 he got his wallet back through registered post without name of the person mentioned on it who sent it to him. This was complete miracle. It was sent all the way from Pune, India to Goa, India. Next day, when my colleague came in my office, he told me that he got his lost wallet back yesterday (Tuesday) and no information is there about sender. I was very happy to listen this and leaving everything first thanked to Sai. I said to my colleague you saw my Sai answered our prayers and I told him to go and give special thank to my Sai next day, that is on Thursday, in nearby temple without fail and he smiled and said sure and left my office. I was very happy that Sai didn’t allow my faith in him to fall. He showed His love through His blessing. It’s a good lesson for us. If we have Shradha and Saburi (Faith and Patience) in Sai then everything is possible. There is no word in Sai world called “impossible”, but for that pure faith and patience is very important. I have many other very beautiful miracles, which happened in my life, which I will post some other time, but very soon. At end, I would request all devotees that let us all contribute our experiences on this blog so that we can increase our faith on Sai. Thank you so much Sai. I love You a lot. Om Sairam!!!
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    • dear shilpa im also sai follower im from goa itself sep 5 ilost mine gold pair of earrings same like ur frd Please ask the person whoever got it to return it back to him plz help me

  1. Om Sai Ram
    Dear Sai Sister Shipla let me thank you first for posting such a wonderful experience. This experience increased my faith on our beloved sai
    You are so lucky to have a vision of wallent in your prayers by the grace of sai. The faith on baba never falls down. Pl baba help your devotees in the same way.


  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Our Baba is the best, he is so so caring and loving ! He is awesome and nothing is impossible for him ! He has great and nice plans for all, just that we have to have strong and pure FAITH and PATIENCE 🙂 We have to be deserving people to get his grace and blessings ! For that let us follow the right path and do good deeds with Baba's blessings ! Baba, do some wonderful Leela like this in my husband's life and make him develop strong Faith in you and Love for you. I will be ever grateful to you for all that you have given me and for all the sweet days in my life. Thanks a billion times ! Love you a lot my beloved Gurudev Datta.

    Baba bless us all always . please. Take good care of my whole family and all the living beings in this whole wide world. We love you.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Devotees, i love singing Baba's Bhajans and by Baba's grace i used to sing in his temple almost on every Thursday. I would like to participate in Bhajans and sing for Baba. I would even love to do album recordings of Bhajans.. however have not found any opportunity yet. So, somehow Baba inspired me to post this request here, in case Sai Devotees are looking for singers. Please do contact me at my email id (, and i would consider it Baba's blessing if i get some singing opportunities for Bhajans / recordings. Thanks.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Sairam? This is a beautiful experience that gives us a lot of strength. Just two days ago, two precious things got misplaced. My mother in law was very upset and searched frantically for it. I prayed to Baba immediately, though my inlaws are not Sai devotees. You won't believe, she was able to find both things within half an hour of me praying.

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    I would like to share a short and sweet Leela of Baba here:

    We need to pay our apartment maintenance fees by the 10 of every month, otherwise a fine of Rs 100 is imposed in the next months fees. This month, we paid the maintenance amount on 9th and saw that a fine of Rs 100 was imposed for the last month. I could not remember when we had paid the fees for the last month, so i was not sure if we had paid it late. So, i just paid the fees without the fine, and the security guard who collected the fees said he will check about the fine and get back. I just prayed to Baba to help us not to pay the fine. And from this month by Baba's inspiration, i started to note down the date of maintenance fee payment. By Baba's grace, we have not paid the fine yet, and i hope no one will aks for it again.Baba heard and answered even this small prayer. He is ever listening to our calls and responds. We love you a lot Deva. Please be with us always, and help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our Lives. Thank you a lot for everything you have been showering on us.

    May Baba bless us all always and make us worthy of receiving his Grace.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. I have a question in my mind that is 2013 unlucky to have children born in that year, since we are planning for a child, Iam in a dilemma to proceed or not. Iam waiting for baba to give me a hint that when should I try for children. Hetal ji or any baba devotees please pray for me to give a hint by baba in this aspect…


    • Dear Sai devotee, BABA has created this WHOLE UNIVERSE! Why there should be anything marked as "UNLUCKY"? Do not worry about such things and enjoy each day while you are in this WORLD.
      Jai SAI RAM.

    • dear sai devotee,in case u have read saicharitra its written there that baba didnot believe in such superstitions and nor he believed in horoscopes,,,so have full faith in him and surrender urself on his lotus feet…may he bless u with a lovely and healthy child…om sai ram

  7. Hi, I want to share a little experience..As I'm trying to fulfill one of my wishes, but I don't know the reason why its getting delayed..
    Yesterday, I cried a lot before Baba..I want to say onething here,whenever I'm in needy or not feeling bad, He will speak with me (i.e., nothing but my inner voice) I thought that all are my I said to Sai, If U really exist, come in my dream today then only I'll trust U tomorrow onwards..otherwise, I don't want u,I don't want any relation & I don't ask U anything & I don't say anything 2 saying this, I slept..

    Then at morning, I wake up at 7am..didn't got any dream of Baba..I felt that its all my imagination, He is not there at all..

    As I'm not feeling gud, again I slept..I got the dream like "I'm in my room and sleeping, my favorite Baba song is playing in mess hall and seeing Baba Idol..I felt happy, tried to open the door to see it..Then myself wakeup, feeling and saying that Yes, Baba is there..He is given me Darshan..felt very happy.."

    Then after some time I wake up & scolded myself for my foolishness for testing Baba..Today I got a news regading my wish thats going to be fulfilled..

    Baba, You knew everything about me, my problems, my goals, my ambitions & my past and the problems what I have faced till now from my childhood..I'm praying U from last 9 years, but I didn't ask U anything..whatever happened, I thought that Its all your wish..I faced so many problems, bear the pain & abuse words in office for sake of my career and especially for my parents.. But now its reached the saturation point..I can't bear it at all, U kept all selfish & cunning persons around me from last 3 and half year..Even I didn't ask U like to punish them..U know it also..I asked you, If I have done anything wrong in my past birth, please punish me in another way..U are the only source, I'm having..don't test me like hell Baba..

    Please Save me from this position as soon as possible..Pls I'm begging you…

  8. Dear Hetal ji, for some reason every now n' than I get this page display:

    I think either some changes from your side has caused this OR some one is trying to send Sai Devotees to another link

    It becomes a nuisance not being able to read what we intend to and have to go back to get to the right page to read the article.


    Anonymous Devotess who thinks 2013 is not good for having children; I am not sure what is the basis for such thinking?

    Baba would not have made 2013, if it was inauspicious.

    Other thing if you closely analyse and read Gita, Krishna said NOTHING is INAUSPICIOUS for who real Devotees are. If one does Simran without asking fruit, GOD start caring, even feeding such Bhakta like HE did for Bhakta KABIR.
    So what to worry about 2013?

    Other day when I was giving away someone few things ( it was 3 in number), she said give me 2 or 4 not 3, I said we are 3 siblings, myself being the youngest & I was even Unplanned child (CAN we plan births?), we all 3 are well settled, we are not inauspicious.
    Moreover one thinks, one can give birth to child-it is such a NONSENSE.

    6 things-BIRTH-DEATH, SANYOG-VIYOG and PROFIT-LOSS are entirely in HIS HAND.

    There is certain time for BIRTH and DEATH of EACH person, which we human can not determine.

    Mother’s womb is a medium to give birth to child, she is not the ONE to sustain the issue. It is BABA .No mother in the world can say she knew how the child in womb was getting feed.

    We human will easily forget to BREATHE, if it was in HUMAN HANDS, THANK GOD, Sakthi is controlling our breathing, NOT US.
    Dear Devotee, leave it up to BABA- WE cannot control birth & death.

    LOVE & Peace be to ALL.

  10. i was worried a bit…….
    but sai increased my shraddha saburi and answerd my question through this incident.

    may baba bless all his devotees and their families

    om sai ram

  11. Your experience is very good.. you are so lucky shilpa ji.. you saved the life of a calf and now your frnd got his lost wallet back.. its really great miracle.. only baba devotees can understand that happiness..shilpa ji you are very good devotee of baba .. i think thats why he like you so much.. baba likes every devotee of his very much i know..we all come to that at right time.. I am waiting for a very big day in my life.. i want to marry a guy whom i love so much he is my realtive my parents and his parents are not ready to accept our love.. i am dying daily .. but requesting baba and praying so much to fulfill my wish that my love should settle soon in career and we both shld get married happily wid our parents blessings.. i want this to happen soon.. but i know it takes so much time.. i know i am a bad devotee sometimes i dont pray paroperly to babagaru.. but i can say i will never forget our Baba god any time any day.. i will always keep on thinking and asking him to help me out in everything and be with us.. he will bless every devotee at right time i am waiting for that time now.. i beg you please shilps ji pray for me.. pray for my love.. ask our baba to solve my problems soon.. please baba be with me always please please thandri baba.. jai sai ram.. shilpa ji please ask baba garu to help me soon.. please
    om sri sairam om sri sainathaya namoh namah.. Baba you can do anything i know nothing is impossible for you please do some miracle and call me to shirdi soon.. i want to come there.. sairama sainatha saibaba saideva sorry thank you so much for evrything you gave me till now.. and i am really very very very sorry for everything wrong i idi till now..jai sai deva..there is no life for me without my love

  12. om sai ram
    wonderful experience shilpaji…this miracle of baba reminds me of a miracle i have read in 9 thursdays sai vrat book about a lost jewellery box…last week my mother told me that she has lost rs.2000 from her purse and she doesnt know how she lost it she was worried…i told her to pray baba but since she is not a devotee of baba she didnot mind my words so i thought of praying baba…dis experience of urs is a faith boosting one…sai ma plz be there with me and our family and all the devotees
    lokasamastha sukhinobhavanthu…om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai

  13. om sai nathaya namah
    dear shilpa ji u r a true and blessed devotee of our sai ma..ur way of thinking for the sake of others(in ur 1st experience for the calf & 2nd experience for ur friend)is making u very close to baba…i became a strong believer of baba very recently and in a few days baba has drawn me very close to him and with his blessings made me see nav guruwar vrat book at his temple during my 2nd visit only after which i came across this blog…i started 9 thursday vrat by sai's grace for my father's health as he has got a long standing psychiatric disease due to which my family has suffered alot and also to get an engineering seat in gitam university or any reputed colg in andhra as right now i'm in a course dat i'm not at al interested in and have no friends here and also feeling home sick due to which i'm not able to study at all..all my friends are in andhra…i humbly request u to pray on my behalf n 4 my family…om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai

  14. such a heart touching experience. i have tears in my eyes. really, it was once again proved that if you have faith in him, he never let us down. and he will make all impossible to possible. dear shilpa ji, after reading your experience, my doubt was cleared, it increased my faith on, i will leave all my worries on baba's feet. he is my father ,mother and everything, he will surely take care of my problem.. baba i am completely surrendering myself on your lotus feet. now you have to take care of everything. now i am trying to change myself completely so that i deserve to be your child. rest you have to take care…. you and only you know what i am trying to say. please inrease my faith and patience. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  15. This is such an unbelievable account of your experience ! I'm amazed 🙂 I really wish Baba helps me out in a personal thing which also involves retrieving a lost object of affection. Om Sai Ram

  16. Om Sai shri Sai Jeya Jeya Sai, Hi all Sai devotees, my wallet is missing with all important cards and cash. I request all of you to pray for me to get my wallet back. I have full confidence that Baba will bring my wallet back… Om Sai Ram

    • My fiance lost engaengage ring yesterday in home i know some one family person thieves but they not accepted please tell me how i catch thief.

      Om sai ram

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