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Lord Sai Baba has great plans for us which we are not able to understand at the moment. But all time passes by we do understand His plans and be grateful to Him. This is conveyed by today’s experience.

Sai Sister Shilpa Ji from India says:
Jai Sai Ram to all my brothers and sisters. It is my second post on this blog, but I have been associated with this blog since last 2 years now and I can’t think my life without these mails from Hetal Ji. People say right about you Hetal Ji that you are truly a chosen one as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra that Sai makes things happen through His loveable devotees. You are new age Hemadpant and serving Sai Baba exactly in that manner. My Humble salutation to you also.

I am in shade of Sai Baba for past 7 years now and chant His name with my every breath. But my devotion towards Him faces crests and troughs always. There is always a phase in my life, when I feel so much attached and near to Him, visit Sai temple regularly, do Sai Aarti as a routine. This phase always alternate with no contact with Sai at all, though at that time also I chant His name daily, but somehow I couldn’t manage to go to temple or read Sai Satcharitra or do Aarti for a long period of time. That time I feel very guilty and then again my phase of attachment with Him starts. Is this thing happens with every other Sai devotee or I have to sail a lot in order to love Him completely?

I witnessed so many miracles of Sai in my life during these 7 years and always consider myself so lucky to have Him in my life. He always gives me a treatment of His special daughter and takes care of me even in a slightest manner. It would be almost impossible to pen down all the miracles in a single post, but I would like to mention a couple of very important incidents of my life where Sai Baba clearly came to hold my hand.

When I crossed the age of 25, being a girl, my parents and more than those, my relatives started worrying about my marriage, but in spite of seeing so many boys, I couldn’t final one for marriage. It was not like I had so many expectations from my life partner, but I wanted one guy for me, who could accept my study loan, which I took to complete my MBA and who would be descent and educated. I was earning enough to support my education loan, but somehow, the boys who accepted my loan with me were not able to take things further either with their family consent or some random problems kept on coming, when I liked some boys to go ahead. After a search of about 8-9 months and meeting so many guys, I started getting frustrated and my family became so desperate to let me marry with any guy. My biggest fear was that in haste, my family should not force me to marry any other guy. And day and night, I prayed to Sai Baba to come ahead and show me the boy, whom He has searched for His daughter. Then I met my husband. In a very first meeting, we both liked each other and told our parents about our wish to go ahead. Our families were in different cities and we were in different cities. Our parents met one fine day and decided our engagement day and told all relatives about our alliance. That time neither I nor boy’s family got a chance to meet each other. It was decided that they will meet me straight on the day of engagement, which was 20 days far. After deciding everything, before my engagement, I wanted to meet the guy once again as we met just once for a couple of hours. We met and suddenly I felt, I took decision in haste and I am not very happy with the boy. He was very nice, highly educated, well settled, soft spoken and very respectful towards me, but still I didn’t like him on our second meeting. I cried a lot in front of Baba and accused Him of not taking care of me, when I was going to take the biggest step of my life. I remained in tears till my engagement. Those 20 days were very horrible for me, when day and night I complained to Baba that He left me alone, when I went to choose my life partner and now throughout my entire life, I will be in regret that Sai Baba has not played any role in my marriage. I asked my parents to call off this engagement, but they simply denied on accounts of their prestige among relatives and all that. I convinced myself about my destiny and proceeded for our engagement. I met groom’s family for the first time and was so thrilled after seeing how simple and loving they are towards me and my family. How humble the boy is towards each and every member of my family. The boy’s family was too good that I think I am the luckiest girl to find so loving in laws that they told me to not to touch their feet as daughters don’t do this. I was in tears again, but this time, of happiness.

Then preparations of our marriage started, and the way my fiancée took that time was moving me from inside. When he used to take me for shopping every Sunday and took care of me and every penny spend by my parents gave me a feeling that this kind of a boy can only be searched by Sai Baba only. After my marriage, I witnessed so many small incidents, when slightest of my wish about my dream boy, which was in my heart was fulfilled by my husband without even knowing I desired that partner for me. He honored my loan without taking single rupee from my salary, helped my parents like his own, visited Shirdi with me on my honeymoon (as it was my wish) and didn’t bother to share his wish with me. Then I cursed myself for thinking that Sai Baba was not with me at the time of taking decision about my partner. Infact, I met my husband only because of the grace of Sai Baba. My husband shared one incident with me after marriage that on last holi, he was in Shirdi, when we were unaware about each other. I got my Goosebumps as that time I was working in Pune, and I was also in Shirdi during Holi. May be Sai Baba saw us both there in His Darbaar and made our alliance in His Shirdi.

Sai Baba helped me in getting highest appraisal ever in my company. I was a good performer and my appraisal was due after my marriage. I was hoping maximum 25% of appraisal, which was the highest figure anybody got in that organization. But wonder of wonders, I prayed to Sai Baba to give me what I deserve, and I got 40% appraisal, highest appraisal ever given by that company. My joy knew no bounds and I decided to pen down this miracle for this post.

One night, my husband and I were traveling in our car and in middle of nowhere our car got struck. It was not moving ahead after so many tries and there was nobody to help us out. I was newly married with so much gold and there was dark outside. My husband got very tensed, but I prayed to Sai Baba to help us out and then told my husband to restart the car. Again the miracle happened and the car started at once, not to mention we reached home safely.

Now I am waiting for a great opportunity in my life. I am trying for a very big company and getting through it will complete my dream of years. I need Your blessings Sai Baba. Please make me able to write one more post about Your miracle of helping me in getting that job and fulfilling my big dream of my life. Sorry for a lengthy post Hetal Ji, but as you know, when we start writing about our Sai Baba, we don’t realize how much we have written because we just chant His name and He writes Himself.

Bow to Shri Sai! Peace be to all! Jai Sai Ram!

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  1. Sairam…

    Ultimate experience and I was thrilled when you explained the scenario of how you guys were in Shirdi for holi. That incident is really awesome. You are blessed.

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  2. om sai ram
    nice experience…can anyone tell me that in the 9 vrat fasting should we eat twice on a Thursday or is it we should only once?????…plz sai devotees clear my query…
    Om sai raam………….

  3. Om Sai Ram,

    Such a wonderful experience. In fact, I also belive that I met my husband because of our Father Sai. I had too many obstacles just before my marriage. I wrote all my worries to our Baba and kept in his temple near my home. Not to mention he make everything smooth. Ups and downs are there but he is very nice person. And soon we are going to be three after two years of our marriage.
    As you asked I too now a days feel like my devotion is lacking a lot as not feeling Baba's divine power. But I have faith it will be again same as like before.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Lovely Experiences. Baba You are great. Today is one of my sisters marriage and i was hoping to read an experience related to a wedding, so that i will take that as an indication of Baba's blessings on my sister's wedding today. And i am really happy now to read this post. Baba is so sweet and he hears all of our Prayers. We love you Baba. Please do attend my sisters wedding and bless her immensely with a happy and blissful married life.

    Here is another sweet Leela of Baba. I was watching the movie 'Oh My God' yesterday morning, and since it is regarding God, i wished to see Baba's photo or idol in the movie. And as soon i had that wish, after a minute i saw Baba's idol and photo in the movie. I was really happy ! Baba is really very very merciful and nice ! Thanks a lot Baba for everything !

    Baba, my Mom is really sad and in a depressed mood always. You know she is staying in a very bad environment with a really bad family atmosphere. You can only change things for the better and bring happy days in my Mothers life. I badly want her to feel positive and sometimes i lose my patience and get annoyed with her and talk rudely 🙁 I am really sorry for all that. I know, the situation that she is in is really painful and it is very difficult to be cheerful and hopeful being in that position.. i am really sorry for being rude at times to Maa. Please forgive me Sainatha. I love my Mother a lot Baba, you know that. I just want too see her happy . she is the angel in my life who has done so much for us after Dad passed away. She has not been happy after that.. she has been entangled in this bad family issue. We cannot even share our family issue neither can we tolerate it. Please Baba, only you can solve this big mess. I just have this sincere wish to see my Mother happy .. please Baba forgive my Mother for all the sins she might have committed anytime .. please bless her immensely. Keep her happy always .. please Baba.

    Thanks a lot Baba for everything. May we all deserve to receive your choicest blessings. Please be with us in every work that we do. Love you a lot. May your blessings reach one and all in this whole wide world.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear anonymous Sai Devotee asking about fasting on the Thursday Vrat>. here is what i feel and follow:

    I sincerely feel that Baba never asked us to fast. He always wanted his children to eat well, in moderation (neither too much nor too less) and be healthy. SInce when we are hungry we may not be able yo concentrate on our Puja and on God. So, i did not fast when i did my 9 Thursday Vrat and still Baba did hear my prayers and made my Vrat successful. So, when i introduce any of my friends to the 9 Thursdays Vrat, i tell them to continue their normal routine food habits. But yes, if someone can stay on fast and is keen to do it, they can do so. It just depends on the persons wish and comfort. Baba never insisted on much formalities for the Puja, and he is very happy with simple and strong Faith and Patience. We just need to do good deeds and care for people and bring smile on people's faces to secure his blessings. We just need to Love Baba with pure heart, and then Baba will be with us always.. forever.

    May you be blessed by Baba always. May Baba shower his grace on us all. May we all be blessed with good health, long life, peace, prosperity and happiness always. Love you Baba and thanks a lot for everything !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Dave, from Australia.
    I just got my ex back, we are happily in love just like old times, she left me for another guy 2weeks ago just because i didn't buy her something so expensive on her birthday, she said i dont love her that i could not appreciate her on her birthday.
    So she left for another guy who has been asking her out for about 2months now. There was no other way i could prove to her its not what she thinks, i called her phone more than 3thousand times a day but she wont answer my, instead she black list me number that i can no longer call her with my number., this happened for a week, than i found a lady email on line who they say she does spell work to bring back lover, her email is [email protected], i contacted her and she warned me to that if she brings her back, i should respect and adore her and make her know that she's everything to me. I was so surprise how the spell lady knew that i dont care for her.
    Well i learnt my lessons that not until you lose what you have, you wont know its value. The spell lady asked me for some information and pictures and proceed with the spell to return my love back to me, and in 2days later i received a call from her asking to me were i was, it was to unusual because she has not done that for week now.
    I was on top of the world when she came back to me and told me that she has broken up with the other guy because she notice that she cant do without me, and that was the exact words the spell lady said that she's going to tell me when she comes back.
    I am so thankful like never before for having my lover back, the [email protected] spell lady is the perfect one to meet on problems.

  7. Dear Sai Devotee Shilpa ji, very nice experiences and written with simple language shows love and care from BABA. Your 20 days of worrying before marriage shows one truth only that we are humans and our mind keeps weaving different patterns making our life complex! It is said that if we stop worrying about various things (that has not yet happened but we imagine all the probable scenario and get stressed out making our life a living hell) we would really lead our life in total bliss. When we get older, we look back to see how life had offered us plenty of chances, we lost them worrying for nothing! Enjoy each moment doing your best in the given situation and BABA is there to care for your problems!
    Be HAPPY and may you be blessed with all dreams come true.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  8. Baba Iam desperately waiting for your help Sai deva!! Hope you will always stand by my side.. because i don't want any one in my family to be sad because of me, my decision should be given or spoken by you not me.. i have faith in you as your decisions are always true and correct. Baba please help me to decide or decide by your self on my marriage but Not a single person in my family and my friends should be sad about my decision. I want to see every one happy. Sai deva please help me and show me the correct person of my life.

  9. baba pls pls bless her mother with lots and lots of happiness and good health,,,pls sai baba ji listen to her prayers

  10. Dear devotee, asking about vrat, as another devotee has mentioned we need not fast during the vrat, but if you feel keenly, you may. As it goes "there are no rules for devotion".

  11. Very nice experience.. N ya as u mentioned in the starting of ur experience, even i feel at tyms very close to baba and at times fell disconnected, but wat eva it is he always shows us his presence that is his love..

  12. Very nice experience.
    i am also doing 9thursday vrat & i have completed 5 vrat but till now i didnt get any positive response from SAI BABA, i have also strong faith on baba. but till now my dream not completed.
    but till i now i have faith that before completion of my 9thursday fast BABA will surely fullfill my dream

    Om sai ram,
    baba plz help your all children

  13. Dear Shilpa ji yes even i am having same experience with Saiji sometimes I became so close and somtimes I have to cancel my pre schedule visit to Saiji's temple. Since 2008 saiji embraced me and have experienced several miracle in my life as I can say that he takes care of even my small small needs and fulfill my wishes. your post is very important for me as I was wondering in my thoughts that the guy with whom i am in relationship is good for me or not and whether our love will be successful or not. since past 3 days i was unable to read devotees experience and today i was reading all these , yours was the last one and before reading your post i said in my mind if this post is related to marriage I will not ask anything to Saiji and will believe that my love will be successful. Now am happy that Baba is indicating me that he is always there for me and I don't need to worry. Om Sai Jai sai

  14. I dont know about other devotees, but I too feel same sometimes that, I am too close to baba and sometimes so apart, those days feel like as if I am nothing, every devotee will surely understand that wonderful feeling you have from inside when u r close to baba..

  15. Very nice experience! Baba had already planned for his daughter's (your) wedding and chose a very nice boy for his daughter. Baba sometimes tests us and puts us through difficult situations, but see, everything worked out well in the end and Baba took care of you (His daughter) and gave you a good job and will help you get the good job you deserve. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Sabka malik ek!! Saibaba had a purpose to take birth and teach love. What are we doing? We are hating other religions in the name of religion. Is this what Sai meant by "Sabka malik ek". Think about it


  17. Me nd my swthrt r true lovers…we believe baba united us…parents of her fmly not accepting my mrg proposal wid her bcz of no rsn…sml egos nd love…baba ji plz help us…

  18. Baba will bless you and you both will be together soon.. trust him…Have faith in him.. I know it's difficult but have little patience.. because u have you love with you, and baba with you, you can achieve anything in life…May God bless you

    • Me and my guy have been separated, i want him back again in my life. Am feeling lost in my life. Baba please help me. Give me love and life back.

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