Faith Meets Reality – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Today’s experience shows how when a devotee clings to her faith and ultimately her faith wins.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi all Sai Devotees, I am an IT engineer in one of the largest IT company in the world. I am sharing the recent miraculous experience related to my profession. I am staying in Pune for the job purpose.

In the month of April, I left my previous project and came on Bench and was looking for the new project in Pune. In other companies, coming on Bench is like taking rest for few months and enjoy. But in my company people scare to come on bench as being on bench in my company is like living in Hell. The people on bench and looking for the project can be relocated to any other places in India if they are on bench from more than a month. The same thing happened with me. It became 2 months for me being on bench and still I was not getting any project at my desired location in Pune. I was getting the project in Hinjewadi area in Pune, which is almost 35km from my home. Daily traveling 70km would make me hectic. I daily do Sai Baba Aarti in the evening after returning from office. But if I accept a project in Hinjewadi area, then I would reach home by 9pm daily or sometimes 10pm depending on the work pressure. I was worrying that how I can do Aarti of Saima if I’ll come so late. But being on bench for continuous 2 months, I had no other option than accepting other location like Mumbai/Banglore or Hinjewadi.

I was eagerly waiting for the project in Magarpatta office where I am staying. But all was in vein. I have got an email from HR for the notice. Same day one of my collegue, who is on higher position told me that accept anything in front of you because there is no possibility of any requirement in Magarpatta office for next 3-4 months. If you won’t accept any of these options then HR may give you the final notice. I was having so much faith in my Saima that I straightaway told my collegue that even if right now there is no requirement, I'll get a project in magarpatta office itself. My collegue laughed at me and advised to accept the practical situation and don’t dream. Discussion ended here. I am the homemaker of my family. My family is depending on my income mostly. I lost my Dad 2 years back. The same day talking to my Mom about this situation, I told her that. Saibaba would create a new project for me in Magarpatta office if existing project doesn’t have requirement. She was also amazed by seeing my faith. After few days, I was getting warning from my supervisor and HR. This time my Mom told me that I should accept a project in Hinjewadi now instead of waiting. She told me that if Saima would really want to fulfill your wish, He would have given you project in Magarpatta office till now. The same was suggested to me by all my friends in office. Everyone told me to accept whatever is in front of me. But I was still waiting on Saibaba that some miracle must happen. Baba will definitely do something. Now the situation is like everyone started laughing at me seeing my faith. That day while surfing this website, I happened to see one greeting in one of the experience where it’s written -"Hold on to your faith, don’t be afraid, stand firm and you will see the deliverance SAI will bring you today. (Read Shri Sai satcharitra and BABA will answer your prayers)". It striked to my mind that Baba had given this message to me only. I started reading Sai Satcharitra day and night and finished up with 1 parayan in 7days. That day, I got an email from Magarpatta office that a new project is coming and send your CV. My 1st sentence came true which I told to my Mom that even if there is no project in Magarpatta office, BABA will create a new project for me. Now the main problem was me getting selected in the project. I had been to Shirdi in that week itself. And after coming back from Shirdi I got a call from Magarpatta office for the project interview. I have prepared for an interview, but most of the time instead of reading interview questions, I read Sai Satcharitra and went for an interview. For almost a week after giving interview, I have not received anything from the project. I am eagerly waiting for the result of the interview for 7 days and a day came when I had got a call from the HR for the final notice and discussion. Also I got a call from my manager. My Mom got so scared whether I would get sacked from the company now. But still in that situation, I repeat the same thing to my Mom that Saibaba will take care and started remembering Saima in my mind. My Mom was wondering on my faith. It was a situation like Yamraj is standing in front of me and I am challenging him. Just after an hour, I checked my email which stated that I have cleared the interview and I was the 1st resource of this diamond client project. It’s been almost a month I am working in the new project. Now through this project I am going to Europe for the training of 1 month or I can say that Baba had given me a bonus along with the project to enjoy and visit Europe for 1 month. Each and every friend of mine was wonder stuck to learn that I got a newly coming diamond client project. These are the same people, who were convincing me to accept other location's project. There is one saying of Baba in his 11 vachan's - "Puja jo karte jis bhavna se, payenge waise fal zindagi me" Baba, if You are there, then we have no fear of Kalraj (Yamraj). Because I know once a person accept a bhakti-marg, he has to face rocks and thorns at every step of life. But I know one thing for sure that You are the one, who throw these rocks and thorns in our way and You are the one, who convert these thorns into flowers as soon as we put our feet on that. You just check whether we change our way or walk straight onto the thorns by believing You. Thanks a lot everything Baba. Keep your blessings on all Sai bhakta like this. Regards, Sai's daughter
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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. OMSAIRAM..Really amazed to see your faith sister..Awesome…Highly motivated for a people like me who is having shakable faith always…it's proved Baba will do wonders if we dont loose our faith in HIM.Happy to see this miracle.

  2. Sai Ram,
    Heart touching experience and a true faith booster… You are really lucky to have been blessed by Baba!!!! your strong faith on Baba really has done wonders. and FAITH On HIM is what Sai needs from us…
    Shri Sacchidanand Sadguru Sainath maharaj ki jai.
    ♥♥♥LOVE you SAI BABA♥♥♥

  3. Wonderful experience. Your experience boosted my faith.Daily i go to temple and stay till night aarti. some times because of work pressure i miss the aarti.Until i see him the next day i feel restless.I can really understand how you would have felt. Till now i have read SSC for 4 times but never was able to do saptah because of lack of time. Today is my 7th vrat. Baba help me to complete SSC today and start for the 5th time. this time please help me to do a Saptah. Om siddha sankalpaya namah

  4. Amazing experience. Tears started rolling from my eyes after reading your experiences. You correctly said that Baba is testing our faith and patience on him by giving difficulties (like thorns) in life but immediately make them vanish (convert them into flowers).

  5. Jai Sai Ram! Wonderful experiences,Really your experience makes more confident ..Thank you very much for sharing your experiences

  6. Wonderful experience. It really bought tears in my eyes, ur unclinching faith on Baba has brought you good luck and success..Thanks for sharing it.

  7. A very good description of how our Deva teases and tests us and also a great example of complete faith and surrender.

    Thank you Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Om Sai Ram
    Amazing and wonderful experience.Beautiful drafting dear sister.
    Amusing to see your faith on our beloved baba.Saima fulfilled your wish by creating a new project for you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience with us. All the best.



  10. Om Sai Ram.

    Amazing experience sister .. wonderful strong faith on our Saimaa 🙂 May Baba bless us all with such strong unshakeable faith and patience.
    Baba will bless you always ! You are blessed to be staying in Pune, so close to our Baba in Shirdi !

    Baba, please arrange a nice onsite opportunity for us .. i want to go abroad 🙂 My Mom also eagerly wants that. Bless my Mom, Husband, Brother, Papa and everyone. We need you always. Am so sorry for all my mistakes. Please show us the right path always. Love you a lot.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  11. Nice experience. I am going thru a similar situation where I am waiting for a miracle to happen in my company.
    Baba rewarded your faith.
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Devotees, i love singing Baba's Bhajans and by Baba's grace i used to sing in his temple almost on every Thursday. I would like to participate in Bhajans and sing for Baba. I would even love to do album recordings of Bhajans.. however have not found any opportunity yet. So, somehow Baba inspired me to post this request here, in case Sai Devotees are looking for singers. Please do contact me at my email id (, and i would consider it Baba's blessing if i get some singing opportunities for Bhajans / recordings. Thanks.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  13. wowww.. amazing faith dear.. had tears in my eyes very very well written thanks a lot for posting this precious experience

    Om Sai Ram
    Baba Maalik

  14. same for me i literally was overwhelmed with ur thoughts at the end and was almost in tears…i always say that i have faith in him but then when pain becomes excruciating i start wondering and questioning his presence in my like urs is a perfect dose for renewing my faith in him i am surei can sail through easily…thank u thank u thank u so much for cementing my faith.. thank u..

  15. dear anonymous devotee,
    your experience left me with moist eyes. i could relate myself to the situations you have undergone….it is very difficult to stand firm when every thing and every one else around are pulling us down..i am experiencing the same situation now…your post is like a faith booster to me….wonderful experience ji……..thanks for posting it

  16. Love you SAIMA.. again you proved that you are always there for your children…nice experience and thanks alot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…:):)

  17. since from morning i was very depressed and thought Babaji as forgotten me! After reading your post I regained my faith again and started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra.

  18. Sairam,

    Great Experience. You are a true devotee of Baba and a diamond yourself that is why Baba gifted you the diamond project.

    Your experience brought tears in my eyes especially the lines "But I know one thing for sure that You are the one, who throw these rocks and thorns in our way and You are the one, who convert these thorns into flowers as soon as we put our feet on that. You just check whether we change our way or walk straight onto the thorns by believing You. ". Very well said.

    Amazing is your Faith on Baba…

    Baba be with you and bless you as always! Jai Sairam!

  19. Dear SAI devotee,
    Very nice experience.Strong FAITH and PATIENCE gave u what u wanted.May BABA bless us all to lead a healthy and happy life.

  20. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very good experience. Sister, I am not sure how old are you but you have displayed a very matured approach (faith, patience, love, responsibility). You mentioned your Dad passed away. Sorry to hear that. Take care of your mother and Sai will certainly bless you with very good future.

    Sai, you are the inspiration to millions of people Baba!! Hail Hail Sai Nath, Hail Hail Sadguru Shri Sai samarth.

    Servant of Baba,
    Allah Mallik.

  21. Your faith is amazing and that itself is not so easy to get. i wish i can get the rock solid faith and mental stability like you have.

    Om Sai Ram

  22. Sister,
    Amazing is ur faith on Baba and I wish everyone of us are blessed with the same faith which gets stronger with every passing day. Thanks for sharing your experience at the right time as I am in a similar catch right now.
    may God bless u Hetal ji and wish u good luck sister.

  23. Dear Sai Sister, Very happy to read your post. Yes, one has to have 110% faith and wait patiently in our hard times. Like many devotees have expressed what they wish for and waiting, I am too facing hard time….just yesterday I was thinking how out of nowhere after 5 years of not finding any job I was offered a PT job in the same field i.e. as a Computer Technician, that I had worked for 10-12 years before coming to this small town from Atlanta. Well, I was offered 20 hrs/week….but hardly was given 12-15 hours…Well, I was happy with that as I wanted to concentrate on my painting work that I could not in my younger years because of my Full time job and household responsibility. One can understand how much household burden would be there where 3 male family members (husband and 2 sons offering no help 😀 ). Well, gradually those hours were reduced to 10 hr/week and I was requesting my employer to assign me at least 15-16 hours if not 20 hours. But it was not possible in this failing economy!
    Well, I started having right shoulder problem and that had lead to me go on medical leave since August, no pay, no work and can not work on my paintings either! I ask BABA many times, WHY BABA you are putting me in such a situation where I see no end to my misery? My shoulder problem has come to such a stage where one procedure caused nerve problem and unless and until it is resolved, artrhoscopic surgery can not be performed!
    In that case, would I be of no job…no painting work and no income and to suffer the excruciating pain?
    How would I survive?????????? Don't know!
    BABA will find a solution….Jai SAI RAM.
    Praying for everybody's wish to be fulfilled by BABA!
    Your post has boosted my faith and patience at the right time!

    • Hii Meera,
      Sai understands your problem.He is just testing your patience and faith.Try to start sai satcharitra from thursday and complete in seven days.Please make sure you are completely devoted to him and do not read it artificially.You will feel the change,If you do not find anything, at least you will find real happiness which cannot be measured.I am going to write my experience with in few days which increases your faith and trust.

      OM SAI RAM

    • Thanks Jagdeeshbhaiyaa, Jai Sai RAM. I am chanting BABA's name all the time…just as we breathe and reading Sai chartira as and when I feel like reading it. And yet, following your advise , I will try to read the way you have suggested. Thanks.

  24. Very beautifully narrated experience…brought tears reading your staunch faith in Sai Ma. Wish i too had unwavering faith in our Baba like you have.
    Baba i pray bring me closer to you so that i can always always remember your kindness to me and my family.
    Om Sai Ram

  25. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, please bless Meera Aunty and cure her shoulder problem. Bless her to do all that she wants to and be with her always. Keep her happy and cheerful 🙂

    Baba, we are all your children and need you at every point in life. So , please help, bless, guide and advice us in all aspects of our life. Love you a lot. Please keep your boon-bestowing hand on our heads always.

    Thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Dear Anonymous ji, Thanks for your wishes and prayer to BABA for my problems getting resolved! I am richer by more than millions with having well wisher like you praying for me!
      I pray too for others who are having tough time in their lives.
      Jai Sai RAM.

  26. Awesome experience! More or less I had a similar experience this month. I suppose ur working for Wipro.

    I was working in a project but my status was shown as free. The project I was working is to end and there was no hope for allocation. Counting all these free days, there was pressure from HRs and they asked me for a call on next day. I was little afraid but faith in Baba made me bold somehow…and I had all such locations constraints even if I am staying away from family. By His grace, I went to manager to inform all these and shocked to see that he allocated me to a new project on a technology which I recently got trained. Attending that training was also His Miracle and happend after many hurdles. I am very much thankful to Baba.


  27. Hi,

    Waiting for today's post. Actually yesterday, I quarreled with Baba & Scolded Him as one of my wish is not fulfilled from last 3 and half year. He testing me so much..I don't know why he is delaying that..So I told Him as I won't read your miracles tomorrow onwards, and I don't want any relation from you now onwards..

    But after some time, I read Sai satcharitra for peace of mind, while reading that He taken me in His Lap, and said that don't worry..I'm here..At morning also, I'm having angry on Him. But after 11am onwards, I'm browsing this website to see today's post..didn't find anything..Got the doubt, myself only not able to see or what.

    I don't know whats the reason behind not posting today's experience.But He considered that wish also & devotees experience not posted today till now..myself feeling low & bad.. Please Post the experience

    And Sorry Baba if you hurt by my words..Really sorry, forgive me please…

  28. Dear Sai Brothers/Sisters,

    Im feeling very very glad today.I have shared my sad stories earlier but today what i experienced was so pleasant.I went to sairam's temple very late say around 12.30 noon was standing in the queue, when i was nearing baba almost they were getting ready to wind up so i thought im going to miss his darshan and wont get prasad or sacred water.But we were let to have the darshan after the last aarthi.Then while a woman was kneeling down to baba i was praying to Sairam saying have many things to happen but now i need your blessings.You wont believe as i myself couldnt believe when i kneeled down to get his ashirvad my sweet baba blessed me with lot of yellow flowers.You people may think what miracle is this it happens to all.Yes it happens but today as i said they cleaned and removed all the shawls and flowers from baba except one mala.That mala's flowers were different it was not a yellow rose garland so it didnt fall from baba's body or from the only mala which was hanging on his neck.I felt that god threw those flowers on my head when i bowed down asking him to bless me.It could have fallen while i was standing or when other people where bowing but why when i knelt.Is this not a miracle?Wow.No words but feeling a bit because my mind didnt alert me to pick up those roses when i got up.Only while moving near dwarakamai i realised it didnt strike me to pick them up.Anyways feeling very very happy and really blessed by my sai.Im for sure something nice and good is going to happen in my life very soon.Thanks a lot Saideva.Love u.

  29. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experience dear anonymous Devotee. Baba blessed you by showering flowers on you !! Baba is with you 🙂

    Baba, may your blessings reach all of us always !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  30. VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL experience.. It is surely motivating and an inspiration to others…. This experience was a dream come true!

  31. Nice experience. Baba helped you get the job in the place you wanted and Baba was the one who arranged everything "behind the scenes" to make sure everything worked out well for you. Om Sai Ram!

  32. Such a heartfelt experience…feeling great after experiencing ur faith on our saima..u r an absolute staunch devotee of our lord…:-)

  33. Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai

  34. OM SAI RAM. Sister your faith in our SaiMa is amazing. Its His Karuna that you have been blessed with unquestionable SHRADDHA & SABURI. May Sai bless you always. My faith is definitely renewed after reading this experience.

  35. Om sai ram,
    You are such a lucky devotee,because u have such strong faith in baba,which is not possible for all the devotees.I hope i too become a true devotee like you,and its in our baba hands to do that..

  36. Awesome Experience , Now my faith has been doubled . I truly Believe you Sai Baba , I am sure now you will definitely fulfill my wish . Now i understood why that thought crossed my mind on that day .
    Om Sai Ram

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