In today’s post, last two devotees request their fellow devotees to pray for them to Lord Sai Baba to get them out of calamities of their lives.

Sai Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am from New Zealand. This is 3rd time I am writing my experience. Please post this so I can understand Baba accepted my request. Please don’t show my name and email address.

Sai ram to all devotees. As Sai Baba said two words Shraddha and Saburi are important in Life. It shows how Baba is there every time with us. I have couple of recent experiences to share. Sorry if I did any mistake in writing. Hetal Ji, can you please correct if anything not right. I am not good writer.

  • First experience happened on 2 weeks before I was to drop my son to School and was coming back to Home with my daughter. I don’t know what I was thinking in my mind and I didn’t check signal it was red and driving on Middle of road. Sai Baba saved me with no cars coming from other three sides. Next day, I was on same signal and saw missed big accident. It is all because Baba’s grace.
  • Second experience: My husband just moved to Australia and is looking for Job. He believes only little bit in Baba because of his few bad experiences. I have started Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat for him to get job. I have full faith on Baba. My husband got recruitment agency call and went for interview. He was eagerly waiting for reply because he liked this company. It was Temp to Permanent role. Recruitment agency was not giving any reply even after couple of follow ups. First Thursday (Guruvar), I said Baba, its upto You to decide, which job is good for him. He got offer from other company for Temp role. So I said to him to accept, meantime once he was waiting for other one. So he started in that company. Following Wednesday, he got call from recruiting agency that company wants to do interview with him. He said ok and gave on Guruvar at 2 pm local Australia time. That was 2nd Guruvar and I have to do pooja in morning. I was trying to do pooja, but I could not due to my daughter and i was getting late to work. So I decided to do in the evening. I think this was Baba’s wish. He wanted me to do pooja at the same time my husband was attending Interview because of time difference. It happened like that. After completion of my pooja, immediately I received call from my husband that he finished interview and waiting for reply. Baba’s grace, he got call from company to start from next Monday and he did. Now I am praying BABA before complete Nav Guruvar Vrat, my husband job should be permanent in this company.
  • Third Experience: My daughter was sick from 2 weeks because of bad diarrhea. And as I am alone with my kids, I was trying not go to Emergency hospital because no one was there to help. I went to see GP Clinic. He said its upto me to go Emergency hospital. It was around 5 pm and my son was also sick at same time. I prayed Baba saying my daughter suffering from two weeks from this. I am alone with my kids what to do. Then I decided to go hospital and ask Baba to help. After going hospital, actually it is 2-6 hrs waiting time. But my daughter was called within 20 minutes and hospitalized because she was dehydrated already. And they found Formula milk making her diarrhea worst. They changed her milk and after that my daughter got well. It is all Baba’s grace, my daughter is doing great now.
Please keep your blessing always on us. Jo Bhi Baba Karta Hai (whatever He is doing), there is some reason. Just believe Him, result will come in favor of you.

Need Baba's Blessings To My Sister

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, How are you? Thanks for initiating this kind of Sai service. We are very grateful to you and may god bless you in all your life. Don’t disclose my name and mail id. Please publish as early as possible. We are a sweet and a small family of four (my parents, me and my sister) now its 5 (including my husband). Ours is a very traditional family. My father, inspite of being poor, brought us up telling the importance of education and life. My mom really a lady, who has done everything for us, leaving their happiness. Today even after I got married she will do every household activity for our family. With one reason that we two daughters are doing job, we used to escape and leave everything on her. She never complained the same. That's true mother and we are proud to have these parents. Things were going on well till this time. My sister used to be very lovable and since has so many friends she used to be very friendly and used to treat friends also more than family members. We used to happily accept that, since I also was having fewer friends and have good belief on my sister that she has value to the family along with friends. In her friends almost all were having boyfriends and few of them got married without the acceptance of the families. We were commenting that all your friends are like that. We just didn't have a little scope to doubt my sister that she will think in that way, since she was against love marriages. But suddenly I don't know why Baba has introduced this calamity into our life and into a sweet family. She broke herself out saying she is in love with a guy, who is just a month elder to her and a senior in her college. But this happened just 6 months ago. She knew that no-one will accept inter caste and love marriage in our family and also the guy knows it. At this matured age, knowing all these things, she accepted due to infatuation. We also gave her clear answer that we don't accept love marriage. When she joked what if anyone from other caste proposes her one year back, when she was not into love? We just used to think that she was a daddy's girl and will listen to him. But now where things went wrong, she talks like a girl, who is a stranger and says that we have not given her freedom and started blaming us for not listening to her and started treating us like enemies. Their friends are encouraging her, though they left their boyfriends now. We asked the guy to give his parent's number, but he says he has not informed his parents still. Where is the world going? Why are children not believing parents and going for the people like this? This sound crazy to all of you, but if you are in the situation that my parents are now, then no child would deceive their parents in their life. When I asked Baba about that guy, He clearly answered my question saying he is not the right guy. But If I try to tell the same to my sister, she will not believe. Baba, please, make my sister realise that he is not good for her and our family. Dear sisters and brothers, please pray for us if you love your parents. I feel there is no great love at the cost of leaving the parents.

Please Devotees I Need Your Answer

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hetal Ji, I just love reading this blog. It really gives hope and relief, when we are depressive and sad. May Baba bless you with all round happiness for doing such a great job. Please don't disclose my name. I don't have any experience to share. I am crying in front of all the Sai devotees to give me an answer. I am in my late 30's married for many years and yet God has not blessed me with a child which I have been longing from such a long time. I have been praying BABA and all the Gods, but He has turned a deaf ear to my prayers. Now my marriage is also going under a rough phase because of this. I have been to astrologers, who say there is no hope as there is Paap Graha (inauspicious planet), which is denying us children. I have read in Shri Sai Satcharitra that in spite of having Bad Grahas in one’s horoscope, if we believe in Sai, He will surely bless us. But this is not happening in my case. As we are ageing, my husband also is not showing interest in becoming a father. But being a woman, I long for a child. I am asking Baba to please forgive my sins and give me this gift. I would like to know any devotees out there have any experiences of giving birth to a child in spite of negative predictions by astrologers. I am crying as I am writing this post. Please Hetal Ji and other Sai devotees, please share your opinions. I sometimes feel like committing suicide, but I am not able to do that also. Sai, please help me.
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  1. Reply to "Please Devotees I Need Your Answer"
    Keep patience SAi will bless you with a child soon.My friend had a miss carriage and was told by the doctor that conceiving a baby was difficult. I and my WIFE prayed with SAI to bless this couple a child ,they are blessed with Girl child and now have a second child in the womb and now are happy everafter.Keep faith in SAI,shradha and Saburi with repay you soon.

  2. Dear Hetalji, I hope you do not mind my suggestion here but this is another instance of people who are really depressed seeking help through this forum unable to get the help/support needed quickly.

    Maybe, you could start another section on the site where you post experiences like the above one, as and when they come.

    May Sai help ease our pain.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om Sai Ram
    Dear sai devotee pl have faith on our baba and keep shradha and saburi
    Thinking or comitting suicide is not the right way. Pl read the page no 211 in satcharitha story of Gopala Ambadekar. you will know the importance of life and teaching of saimaa. Performs 9 Guruvar vrat of sai which fullfill every wish.

    Dear second devotee I will definitely pray for your family and also to change your sister mind and way of thinking. Sai deva surely helps you in this matter.


  4. Dear Hetal ji I am Parul and my husband Manish we are the ardent devotee of Sai past 15 yrs
    Reading the above site sis problem we req you to kindly guide her to take the treatment from Dr.K.K.Sharma lady gynecologist 10,A/244, Rambagh, P Road, Kanpur – 208012


    As my chachiji and maasi had the same problem and then taking her treatmeant got baby after 9 yrs of marriage
    In case any other help please contact me on my cell 7405415277 or 8460960274

    Om Sai Ram!

    • So sweet of this sister.Im thanking you on behalf of the other sister for showing her a way.God will surely bless you for this wonderful help.

  5. om sai ram
    2nd & 3rd devotees have faith in saima….perform 9 thursdays vrat of shirdi sai baba which is very powerful and even the udi is very efficacious mix it in water & pray to baba to gift u with a child
    om sai nathaya namah

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Siaters in the 2nd and 3rd experience, i pray to Baba to bless you soon to come out of your respective problems. Baba is very merciful and he cannot see his children in pain. Just that we need to have strong unshakeable faith in Baba, that he will do the best for us. If we wait with Patience and just surrender to him, he will do the right and the best thing. We have to trust him and surrender. And we can do some good deeds to improve our Karma. So, please donate food to poor children, old people, and animals too (cats, dogs, cows .. etc). It will please Baba a lot and will add positive good deeds to your credit. I was in a very bad personal problem last year. By Baba's inspiration, i donated food almost daily and miraculously my problems were solved soon.

    Baba, please bless all your Devotees and fulfill their wishes. Let everyone be happy in this world. Make us children to listen to our parents and fulfill their wishes and get their blessings, as parents are our first God , and without their blessings we cannot be happy in this life. May all of us get your blessings always. Please do help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. We need you in every step of our life. Thanks a lot for everything Gurudeva . Love you a lot lot lot.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Sister Ji who is praying for her sister, if what I am writing here hurts you please forgive me, but I am a more practical person and I dont believe in people trying to convince others what is right or wrong. Your sister is in love with this boy because Baba made her to and there is some reason behind it that we dont know. If he is not the right one for her then Baba will bring her out of it. Let it run its course, if you try convincing her, the more she will try to repel you and prove her point. And please lose this caste distinction that has rooted deep into you. Love marriages are not bad and arranged ones are not necessarily the best. Trust me, I am talking out of experience. I have have a bad love experience which Baba eventually made me realise, and an arranged marriage which too turned out to be bad and now I am all alone. I believe Baba is doing this to me for a reason and he wont let me out of it unless he thinks I am ready for what comes next. Let your sister make her own mistakes, that realization is much effective in real life than to be told what is right and wrong. If you trust in Baba, leave it to him, he will do what is right for his children.

  8. Dear all 3 Sai devotees, read your postings. Happy for the 1st one as she is blessed and protected by BABA. Please be careful while driving.
    ***2nd Sai Devotee, I feel for your plight. A few days back we had similar discussion about girls/women falling in love that are either not good person/s in the first place or not up to the level of Parents' approval or even is/are already a married man/men! It shows just infatuation, not realizing seriousness of "married Life", sacred values of married life and they plunge in to such marriages and even have sex before marriage and create dangerous situations for themselves as well as for parents and the society!
    And once in such trouble seek BABA's help desperately!
    Than curse BABA for not helping them if "desired result" is not the outcome of their prayer request!
    I pray for all my heart for your parents PEACE and yours too! May your sister use her common sense, think in more mature way and be good.
    May your family enjoy much happiness in abundance what you had before this calamity brought by your sister.

    **** 3rd Devotee: Please have faith, get medical help as mentioned by some other devotees. And if your inner conscious agrees, nothing wrong in adopting a new born baby. some times there are cases where mother dies leaving the new born behind and that child needs "caring mother"!
    You could provide good loving care and healthy environment to that child. This is my humble suggestion, please do not feel offended.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  9. To Sai sister – Exp 3,

    Dear sister,

    Please dont worry and keep believing our sai.
    Above all have a positive attitude.Daily say to yourself that you will be blessed with a baby soon.
    Pray to sai go to a doctor and take up their decision of possibilities.
    If you have faith in fasting,try doing sai navrat with total faith you will surely be rewarded by the gift you desire.If u cant fast you just read sai vrat story and a small story followed to that which says about birth of a baby after 18 years.That will give you a positive attitude which will in turn give you confidence that you will get a baby soon.ur life will turn to be a happier one.

    Im younger to you still blessing you for a baby very soon.

  10. om sai ram
    plz bless your sai devotee 2 with a child…
    om sai and help devotee 1 with her sisters problem…
    om sai……..

  11. Jai Sai Ram! If you people come to sai..surely he will take care at any form…..Dont worry …Please baba help them

  12. Devotees answer me: Buy a laughing Buddha with kids around idol and keep it in your bedroom.Laughing Buddha is of many types. In that buy the Buddha idol which is surrounded with kids. My aunty who din have kid for 12 years now has 2 children after buying this Buddha.My aunty gifted this Buddha to one of my cousin who din have kid since 8 years from marriage.My cousin too got a child after this.I myself gifted to my friend in August and my friend is pregnent from september.So buy a laughing Buddha idol surrounded with kids and keep it in your bedroom.Our Baba will surely bless you with a Kid.

  13. om sai ram, baba there are many problems going in my life plz baba destroy all these problem and make my life very happy..luv u baba

  14. Dear Sister (post 3),

    Stay firm in your faith… Baba is testing you n He Himself will help you out through this situation….Have faith He will soon bless you with a lovely baby

    Sai ki beti

  15. Dear sister (experience 3),
    i sincerely pray that you may be blessed with a healthy baby soon..
    just keep faith in sainath..he will shower his blessings upon you. Also, follow the medical advice as indicated by some devotees. if you tell which part of India you live may get references of doctors from those cities which may then help yo.

    dear sister (experience 2)
    pls don't mind.. i suggest that you and your family first find out about the boy your sister is involved with. Don't let caste be a hindrance, provided the boy and his family is good. However, if he doesn't appear to be good..try to reason out with your sister. I am sure if she is told logically, she would understand…i pray to sainath that he gives insight to your sister to not hurt her parents at any cost..don't worry..sai will let the best happen to her.

  16. Nice experiences! 1st devotee it was Baba who found the job for your husband and also who helped make sure your daughter was seen quickly in the emergency room when she was sick. 2nd devotee, don't worry, Baba is the one who arranges all marriages of his daughters and have faith in Baba that He will take care of everything if this guy is the one for her or not (you can also do 9 Thursdays Vrat for your sister to have her marriage fixed to the right guy). 3rd devotee, don't worry, with so many medical advances now a days, it is easier for people to have babies than before, and don't worry about what any horoscope tells you, Baba can destroy any inauspicious signs in your horoscope and can also make your husband have more interest in being a father. Do 9 Thursdays Vrat and you will see what Baba can do for you, and I will also pray to Baba to help you and your husband become parents of a healthy baby very soon. Om Sai Ram!

  17. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister who is in Newzealand- You have already seen the results of Nav Guruvar Vrat and now you should just complete the vrath and pray to sai to help your family out. Baba will certainly do it. He will never leave any one behind. Sai is the Captain of the Ship (universe) Baba will make sure no one is left behind on shores (problems). All we need is to have love and faith on Baba and then wait for Patience.

    Sister who has problem with sister- Like other devotees have already adviced you please do not retaliate!! it will only worse the situation. Speak to her openly and tell her facts and just watch out. At this age, she will not listen to any one because she is lost in Love. I have gone through this and started blaming my family. But now, I am married (Love marriage) and see the real world and facing challenges but i can come out of it due to our Sai Maharaj. So, please be patient with your sister!! putting pressure on your sister will only worsen the situation and we are now going into 2013. We have to accept the world and change ourselves (of course for good) according to situation. If not, we will have no space to live in this world.

    Sister who is worried for not having a child- Yes sister miracles had happened with lots of Baba devotees and he blessed them with children inspite of astrologers speaking negative. Please do parayan of "Shri Saisatcharitra" and if possible do the Nav Guruvar Vrat. Keep your complete faith on Sai. Also some kind devotee has already suggested you to meet a doctor with contacts. This again is sai blessing.

    To all devotees, keeping Nav Guruvar Vrat and performing Parayans are really good but same time we all need to follow what Baba preached all his life- "Feed Poor" help any one without discrimination, do not be hypocrites, be kind and humble. Today our Great country is only after money and have completely forgotten the values. If we don't respect each other (indians) how will we even pass a good message to our children. Baba emphasized a lot on this, so kindly also give a deep thinking about it this itself will resolve lot of issues in office, home, society.

    Hail Hail Sadguru, Hail Shri Panduranga, Hail Shri Parabrahma, Hail Shri Akhalakot swami, Hail shri Mahavishunu, Hail Shri Jesus, Hail Shri Allah, Hail Shri Buddha…..

    My humble salutations to the Lord Shri Shiridi Saisamarth.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  18. i am doing navaguruvar vrat .i have completed the 8th week of pooja in the morning. after some time i got the period .pls suggest me can i count it or not

  19. pl. help with your valueble sugguesstion. i know its wrong but suggest as , one had sex during vart and reading of sai satcharit duing 7 days of reading ,i m a house wife its depressing me pl. help

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