In today’s post few more interesting experiences of devotees are shared.

Baba Helped Me Get A New And Better Job

Sai Brother Vinay Ji from USA says: Thank you and many blessings for you Hetal Ji for doing such a wonderful job maintaining this wonderful website and helping all of us keep our faith strong in Baba though we all may be facing difficulties in life. I have shared some experiences before. You may share my name, but please don’t disclose my e-mail id. Hetal Ji, please edit the experience as you deem necessary.

I have shared some experiences related to my job before, but recently something happened to me in which Baba really tested my faith in Him. During the month of June, my job had been going well in San Diego as I had been getting some praise from my managers for doing good work and keeping attention to detail. However, during the end of June an incident happened, where I overlooked something and a patient got the wrong medication. It was something that anyone could have made a mistake about and I was feeling a little tensed that I might be in trouble for it.

A few days passed and then I didn't hear anything about it from any of my managers, so I figured it was okay. However, about 5 days after the incident, my clinical manager called me suddenly to a meeting at the HR department and there she told me about the mistake I made and told the HR people that this is a serious mistake and I should be suspended until the investigation is completed. I was feeling very tensed at this time since I am the only person working between my wife and she is still studying in college. For almost one week, I was in severe tension wondering if I will still have a job or not, and kept asking Baba, what will happen with my job? On all the Baba Question and Answer websites and I got the answer “Everything will turn out all right”. Finally, I was called back to the HR department with both my managers and the HR department representative on Guru Purnima (so I thought it would be good news since it was an auspicious day). I was praying to Baba that I should just be given a warning or be suspended for a time then return to the job. However, when I went to the meeting, they told me that I am fired. My wife and I were devastated and felt angry with Baba as to why He did this to us on Guru Purnima no less? Little did I realize at the time, but Baba had something much better in store for me. I decided to start the 9 Thursdays Vrat regardless and pleaded with Baba to give me a job before I finish the Vrat. Over the next few weeks in July and early August, I was keeping busy applying for jobs all over California. I was feeling very tensed as to if I will get a job or what will happen to our finances. Slowly, I started getting some interviews and went for some of them. However after many of the interviews none of them gave any reply. However, during all of my interviews they all asked what my pay rate was and I told them and every single one of the managers were surprised I was getting paid so less at my San Diego hospital job. I also didn't know that my pay could have been more. Had Baba not forced me to look for a new job, I wouldn't have realized this myself. Finally, after several more weeks, I got a couple of job offers, which were pretty good (all of which paid significantly more than my San Diego job), and then I went for one job interview in Los Angeles, where I knew this would be the job that Baba had planned for me. It is a Missionary hospital and there is a giant statue of Mother Mary (another form of Baba) outside the hospital. My interview went well and within 2 days, they called me back offering me the job and they offered me 30% more pay than what I was getting at my San Diego hospital job. My wife and I have talked about buying a house and having a baby (things which need more money), so this must have been Baba's way of showing me. I accepted this job and promised Baba once I started the new job, I would write this experience, and I got this job by the 7th Thursday of my 9 Thursdays vrat. Although I sometimes feel angry about the way my managers at my San Diego hospital treated me. I know Baba always tell us never to think about revenge or having ill feelings towards others, so I just try to think of the wonderful blessing Baba has given me with this new job. I felt scared about having to move to such a big city as Los Angeles, but Baba also arranged for me to get a nice paying guest room at a discounted rate that is just a 10 minute drive to my new job. Also, every day I see that big statue of Mother Mary outside the hospital entrance and know it is just the same as Baba standing to greet me at my new job, which He arranged for me. There are also more opportunities for my wife to get a job in a bigger city like Los Angeles and much more opportunity for me to grow and develop in my long-term career at this new job. So, Baba's message on the Question and Answer website “Everything will be all right”, did come up true even though I didn't realize it at that time. So fellow Sai Baba devotees, I felt like many of you do that Baba let you down and isn't there with you, but Baba planned something even better for me and has given me more salary, so my wife and I can look for a nice home and have enough money to take care of our future baby and helped us move to a place with more opportunities for both of us. Baba plans many wonderful things for all of us if we just have Faith and Patience. Sorry for such a long experience. Om Sai Ram!

Sai Baba Passed Me In Exams

Sai Brother Varun from India says: Hello everyone, this is Varun from New Delhi and this is my first experience sharing with you all. I request to the administration not to disclose my email id. Om Sai Ram. Couple of years before, when I was in my 12th standard, I was just messed up whom to worship. I was confused. Once what happened, I was just browsing the magazines and somewhere I got article regarding the miracles of Sai Baba. I read it and I started worshiping Lord Sai. I started going to temple on Thursdays and day by day my devotion started to increase naturally. With Baba's grace, I passed 12th class with good percentage. Then I prepared for medical exams and in the middle of preparations, I was frustrated as I was finding it tough. But as Lord Sai was there, I kept everything on Him. I had complete faith on Him. I gave my exams, but I was not sure of getting success as everything was messed up. I didn't do well. I started reading noble Sai Satcharitra from the next day of exams and on the same day the result date was announced and it was on Thursday. I think it was the hint from Sai Baba that He was with me. As the day of result approached, I was getting excited what will happen. Will Sai Baba do a miracle and on the day of result? And guess what happened? I cleared exam. It was a huge gift from Lord Sai. I was damn happy. So I was sent to the respected medical college in Karnataka. Now my college life started. I got adjusted there, but one thought was in the mind where to find Sai temple here. Next day, when I was going to the market, there I saw a huge temple of Sai Baba just near to my hostel. I was full of joy. So I continued the process of going to temple every Thursday and read Sai Satcharitra at least one chapter daily. I got much peace after reading the sacred book. My internals started, but I could not pass all the internals. I was finding it very tough anatomy, biochem and physiology, all these three subjects. These were complete hell for me. Side by side, I prayed to Lord Sai to do something for this, but then also I was flunking the exams. Then on my FB wall, a message came from Sai Baba page “Sai Baba helps His devotees in very bad situations”. Now the real was coming near the final exams. I was trembling what to do as I had not finished the syllabus completely. But I had hope Lord Sai will definitely help me. The first year final exam dates were near. And my first paper was on Thursday. A smile came on my face, in the morning before first exam, I went to temple. I gave my exams with huge difficulty. After one week, my exams were over and the last exam again on Thursday, but my last exam went worst of all. I was sure of getting failed and if I would fail even in one subject even scoring more than 50 % aggregate, I would be considered fail. So I had to secure more than 50% individually. But this was not to happen as I had lost all hopes of getting passed. So I was depressed, but I didn’t lose faith in Lord Sai. I kept reading the sacred Sai Satcharitra daily one chapter. And soon after a month, the result date was announced. It was again on Thursday. Now I was thrilled and tensed what is going to happen. But suddenly they shifted the result on Friday. I started worrying again and lost the last hope. I said to SAI BABA from my heart that if He made me pass in the exam, I would write my experience within a week. The results came and I froze for a moment, when I saw my result. I passed and got highest marks in that subject in which I did worst. My joy had no bounds. I was on seventh sky everything happened due to LORD SAI. And one more thing, before the result on Friday morning, a message came from Sai Baba page on FB that something good will happens today. This was proved here "NOT A LEAF MOVES EXCEPT BY MY GRACE".

Sai Baba’s Help

Anonymous Devotee from India says: If we call Baba for help, He doesn’t disappoint us and when no one comes for help, He comes for rescue. I am student and dependent on Baba and my family for everything. My mom had to go to my grandmother’s (Nani) place and she gave me money. I had kept it in my purse hanged in the Almira. I didn’t use it. So when my mom came back, I had to return the money. It was not at the place, I had kept. I was worried. I kept delaying to give money to my mother. I didn’t tell her that she would scold me. Doubts were rising in my mind. I suspected maid to have stolen it. I prayed Baba please help me find it, when I went to Baba’s temple on Thursday. Then after couple of days, I decided to tell my mom. While I was telling to my mom, my brother came and said that he took it as that’s the place, where our mother keeps money for us to take. I thanked Baba for helping me and apologized for doubting the maids. There was a time, when I got so busy in my life that I forgot Baba. I didn’t use to read the blog every day. Then I made a friend. He was also Baba’s devotee. We shared our experiences of Baba. Then he asked me to forward me everyday Baba’s message mails. So I decided that I would read it before forwarding it. In this way what I had stopped, I started again with Baba’s grace. I am in love with my best friend, but he doesn’t love me because he had a very bitter past relationship. He is very moody and highly unpredictable. If he is good to me, my whole days goes nice and if he is upset with me, the whole days goes bad. He was upset and he was not talking with me properly. So I kept Sai Satcharitra weekly parayan and still he wasn’t talking. Just a day before my parayan was about to finish, I sat alone and cried my heart aloud to Baba. I felt really lonely and sad. In just an hour, his phone came and everything seemed alright like this things passed on fine until next week. Again he stopped talking to me. Usually when this happen, I don’t say anything. But like this 3 days passed, his silence killed me. So I said to him that you use me. When you are happy, you talk and when you are not, you ignore me. I deeply regretted what I said and asked Baba why it’s like that. Not even a week has passed, I finished my parayan. So why this. The next day, he was angry. But then he tried to be normal and soon all was right like this again everything went fine for 14 days until today. In the morning all was fine. In the evening when we talked, I sensed something wrong. He again started saying that what you said to me 2 weeks back, I remember everything. You just don’t trust me. I am heartbroken by your these words. I know what I have done and that was not to make him angry or sad, but for him I am always wrong. I have never loved anyone as I do him. But still he gets annoyed. Our happiness doesn’t last long. I really pray to Baba to bless us and make things right. Please pray for me that Baba helps me out in this. Baba, I maybe selfish. I maybe mean, but at this moment, I need You badly. If You won’t, then who will help me. Bolo Jai Sai Ram Ki.
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  1. The first two experiences really made my day. I can feel what the devotees must be feeling after what baba had done for them, truly not even a leaf moves without his grace. Do pray for me, so that I get what I desire before my Sai vrat gets completed.To the devotee writing the third experience, everything will be alright, but please do try to talk and ask ur love why does he behaves in this manner with you…Om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless all your children with good and happy relationships. Prayers for the Sai Daughter in the last experience to be in a happy relationship with the right person. Please guide us always to be in the right path Gurudev. Be with us always. We need you and seek your help, blessings,guidance and advice in all that we do.
    Thanks Baba for everything. May your blessings reach one and all.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Devotees, i love singing Baba's Bhajans and by Baba's grace i used to sing in his temple almost on every Thursday. I would like to participate in Bhajans and sing for Baba. I would even love to do album recordings of Bhajans.. however have not found any opportunity yet. So, somehow Baba inspired me to post this request here, in case Sai Devotees are looking for singers. Please do contact me at my email id (, and i would consider it Baba's blessing if i get some singing opportunities for Bhajans / recordings. Thanks.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. nice experiences…sai child in the third experience keep sai vrath and pray saima about your problems…he will deffinately bless you…OM SAIRAM…

  5. Thanks Baba for making my husband's job permanent. I really donno what is good for us so as always I am leaving everything at Your Holy Feet please please take care of us and give me good thought to realize all Your blessings and enjoy it. Thank You Baba.

  6. I really do not know what to say reading these experiences.

    May He grant faith, patience and success to students and also the sense and will to do hard work and not leave everything to Him.

    May He grant love to all and also the understanding that a person's life when heartbroken is not the end of life itself.

    Jai Sairam

  7. First 2 experiences are Amazing, absolutely heart warming. Surely all Devotees in difficult times would like to have these experiences soon.
    May Baba bless us all.

  8. My opinion on third experience is:I pray that everything should go well. But one doubt is when you are not able to adjust with him now itself, how do you hope that you can lead all your life with him whose mood changes so frequently. Is your love one side love? If you have faith in Sai, just leave every thing to Sai. Stop developing so much love for him and then crying if you are not getting it back. By Sai grace your parents may find nice match for you.

  9. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba always knows how much we will need, what will we need for and our future desires. Baba gives it accordingly. One thing we should not forget if we can remember Baba days via the holy book "Sai Satcharitra" Baba was always generous when it comes to anything. Baba always gave to every one what ever they had asked Children, wealth, healt..etc. When it comes to Brother Vinay case, Sai did exactly what he always did by showing a way to increase his salary so that he could start up his new life. When it comes to being sacked!! i think it is a warning that brother Vinay should be very carefull and attentive as his job is health related and if something goes wrong the consequences can be adverse. But if you remember Baba all time and have complete faith and love i dont think there will be any more mistakes.

    Good luck to your new life brother. Happy for you!!

    Hail hail Sai nath. You have become a real Hero!! we all love you sai and miss you.

    Servant of Baba!!
    Allah Mallik.

  10. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba you are amazing ! We Love you a lot. May your blessings reach all of us always !

    I was suffering from a bad stomach pain for a week and my stomach was also badly upset. So, i used to have loose motions frequently. But, all this while i did not take any medicines, but took only Baba's UDI with water daily and prayed Baba to cure me soon, and protect me from any severe health issues. I was completely cured the day after i prayed sincerely. It's been 4-5 days now and am perfectly fine, without any trace of loose motion or pain in the stomach. Baba's UDI was my only medicine and it cured me completely.
    I owe you all my happiness Gurudev Dattatreya. Love you a lot.

    All of us should take Baba's UDI daily with water, and apply it on our forehead. Baba's UDI will protect us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  11. om sai baba

    very good experience varun ji
    thanks for sharing
    this has undoubtedly increased my faith on sai babaji
    jai sai babaji
    jai saiji
    no leaf moves without his blessing

    om sai ram

  12. such a wonderful experiences. pls baba be with us, never leave us alone, increase our love and faith on you. in crease our patience. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  13. Baba u r always with us..u r in every can u shower ur love so much on me even though m not eligible for it..just dumbfounded by your grace and love..i cant hurt u anymore by not having shradha on u..u r my everything..pls be with us u…love u…love u a lot saima..:-):-)

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