A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 273

Few more experiences are shared in today’s post.

Please Guide Me

Sai Sister Pavithra Ji from India says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am Pavithra from Bangalore. This is my short experience on Sai Baba. I and Sonu were in love since 5 years. I met him on Thursday and always I used to meet him mostly on Thursday. Before everything was fine and well. But this year in March, we broke up because of a family problem. Only after break up, I was able to know much about Baba. I started reading Sai Satcharitra and came closer to Baba. When everything was fine, I could not realize that I was meeting him only on Thursday and always I would meet him near Sai Baba temple. Now I realize that Saibaba itself has sent him in my life.

It’s been almost 6 months and I am not able to speak to him yet. Having so much pain in my heart, I prayed to Sai Baba and started doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. After performing pooja, on the first Thursday, I was reading Sai Vrat Katha book. A postman came to my door and gave me an envelope, which had a photo of Sai Baba and a UDI packet. I had requested for UDI some 2 weeks back. I was waiting for it each day. Baba blessed me and accepted my Vrat on the first day itself by giving my prasad (i.e. UDI and photo of Baba). I felt very happy and I was in tears. I could not control my happiness. I felt blessed by Baba.

We did not live without each other even for a day. He is a Tamilian and I am a Marathi girl. We had decided  to get permission of our parents and get married with their blessing. My parents and his parents are very important to us and we lived like a family by hearts. 5 years passed and we lived happily. On March, he had some family problem and he started avoiding me. His parents were indirectly OK with our relationship, but his relations were not OK with this. So there was a big fight in his family and finally he decided to just avoid me thinking that if our love is true and if god exits we will get married and he didn’t have any contact with me. I tried to convince my parents. All my relatives gathered and blasted me nicely. I could not tell my condition to my partner because we had no contact and I suffered a lot. Everyday my parents could hit me so badly to forget him, but I could not do it as I need him as much as I need my parents. I am in such a situation that I can’t share my pain to parents or my partner or to anyone else. I was shattered completely and I could not come out of my room. I was totally in depression couldn't speak eat or walk. I was suffering within myself and yet I am suffering. I am yet getting tears typing about it. My Mamima (aunt) had said me to read Sai Satcharitra book to get any problems solved. But before this, I never know how to pray to Baba. Somehow I brought a book and started reading it, but I didn’t have Saburi and Shraddha. I just thought if I complete the book in 7 days, my problem will end. But it didn’t. I lost all my hope on all Gods and stopped praying. I was in much mental depression. My mom inquired to some astrologers. They said I will not get married to the person, whom I love. I became even more stressed and tried to end my life. Somehow I just came to my PC and started to browse about Sai Baba and Sai Satcharitra. I came to know about Sai and His miracles and started believing Sai is my only way. I started doing one more Saptah, I read that Saibaba can change our life and prove that horoscope is false. This made me to get confidence on my life. I completed Saptah. I felt like Baba is closer to me and could feel His presence. Baba always tests His devotee’s patience. By reading Sai Satcharitra, I realized Baba said His devotees to have Shraddha(Faith) and Saburi(Patience). I completely surrendered my life mind and love on Sai Baba's holy feet and I feel confident that Baba will not leave me at any cost. After this miracle, I felt Baba's presence in my life in every step of my life. My sonu, who was avoiding me, started calling me and I thanked Baba for this. I have complete faith and patience and just waiting for Sai Baba miracle in my life.

My Sai Baba

Sai Sister Prathyusha Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, This is Prathyusha from Hyderbad. This is the first time I am sharing my experience with all of you. So I am unable to understand from where I have to start. I will start my story from the beginning. I started to believe in Sai from 2003. After completion of my Intermediate, I was in depression, whether I will get the Engineering seat in a reputed institute or not. At that time, my father was given Sai Baba book (Sri Sai Leelamrutham). I didn’t have interest to read it. But I listen that by doing Sapthah, we can get the dream of Baba. To get the Darshan of Him, I started sapthah. After completion of that, I saw my favorite God (Ayappa Swamy) in my dream and Baba was in Lakshmi devi temple. From my childhood, I used to go to that temple on every Friday. Baba told me that I didn’t get the seat and His plan towards my future. So I decided to join in an Engineering college in my home town. But our family is in financial problems. I used to ask Sai about money by seeing in Sai Leelamrutham book. He had given answer that “Sit in your home and somebody will put the money in your hands”. I told this to my father, but he didn’t accept and told me by sitting ideally how we can get it. So I decided to ask my school correspondent (As I am the topper of the school). Again I requested Sai advice on this; He told me “Don’t go”. But by force of my parents, I went there, where I was criticized by them. Then My Tuition sir assured me that he could help me and said that he would try to arrange the Education loan for me. As there was only a couple of days for counseling, one fine day myself and my sister willing to go the Raja Rajeswari temple. My Tuition sir came to my house and Put the Rs.25,000/- money in my hands. I never have words to say anything. My father was very happy. And then he arranged the Education loan also with the help of his friend, who was working in a bank. His name is “Sai Baba”. I joined in my B.Tech. with the grace of Baba. I am having so many experiences with me, I will share them soon. And in this week, I am going to Mantralayam suggested by Baba. Please don’t disclose my email id.

Baba's Immense Love To His Devotees

Sai Sister Sheela Ji from India says: I am Sheela. I do not have words to express my feelings and immense love Baba has to His devotees. I am so lucky that Sai Ram has considered me as one of His devotees. Now I would like to share my experience with all. I believe Sai Baba from Past 5 years. My mom used to do pooja everyday, that's how I started believing. I was searching for one Baba locket/Pendant in many Jewellery shops, but I dint find anything, which I could just love and wear. So I was sad and decided whenever Baba wants to get me, He will do. The same day in afternoon, when I slept, I saw a dream about one Sai Baba pendent. The same day, I got similar dollar in Shop. That was the happiest movement of my life. And I will wear that daily without fail.

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  1. Pavithra ji, I can understand you pain because i am also in a similar situation. I am a Tamil girl and he is from UP. My parents accepted but his whole family denied and he wasnt able to hold them for long time. He is full of guilt but he completely gave up.He broke up on August. This is how i met sai. I read SSC but never was able to do saptah. I am keeping Sai vrat. Each and everyday Sai shows his presence some how. Just dont lose hope and faith in him. He is testing all of us. Without his wish we wouldnt have been able to read SSC or do Sai vrat. He is having plan for all of us. Just hold on to his feet strongly.

    Om siddha sankalpaya namah

  2. Some experiences appear innocent that we miss out on the genuineness of the devotee. Wonderful experiences.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    May Baba bles all his children, and show them the right path always. With strong Faith and Patience we can overome all our challenges. Just hold on to Sai Baba. We love you Gurudev, please be with us always. Help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. We love you and thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Wow..my experience is published..Thank you Hetalji..I'm so happy..I'm waiting for this from last 2 months. I thought that whenever it will be published, my wish will also fulfilled at that day..waiting for baba miracle.

  5. saichild in the first experience only the thing i can say that hold on to our saima's feet with firm faith and patience always chant SAI SAI in your heart with love read saicharitra with complete love and faith an completely surrender your problems to saima's feet…may baba bless you with your love…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU ALOT SAIMA…

  6. hetal didi can you please help in finding Sri Sai leelamrutam in Hindi.It will be a great help Didi i have searching for it since long.Even in Shirdi i could not find it in Hindi.

  7. nice experiance….

    My recent experiance. On 13th November (i.e) Diwali festival i was suffering from fever and cold. I'm not able to celebrate this diwali. I managed with medicine & other first aid. In evening i cant bear, because fever was increased. So my parents checked for doctors in nearby hospitals, none of doctors available. Finally i prayed to baba, baba please help me to find a doctor as i'm not able to bear this. Like this i went with my dad in two wheeler for some other hospitals but there also no doctors. Finally one hospital left in that area, we went there, no doctor. But a nurse was there she said she can give a treatment for me, she gave injection and medicines to me. After that only i relived little. I thanked baba really from my heart. Now after three days i improved 70%. Baba pls cure my cold, pls ma.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Sai Ram,
    All 3 post are Excellent experince… Pavitraji don't lose hope Baba will take care…. he will do what is good for you and he knows it…

    Baba Please bless me with good health Baba. I am scared of all this Baba and I am scared of cancer Baba. Please Baba Please help me to have good health with no illness Baba.
    Baba Please Baba Please excuse me for my mistakes Baba. Please be with me always Baba.
    I surrender completely onto your feet Baba.
    I Love You So Much Baba. I can't live for a second without you Baba.

  10. Pavithra ji and kiruthiga ji I am also in a similar situation.I am a hindu and he is a muslim. My only hope is Baba. I have complete faith in Sai Ram. Satcharita can do wonders. Om Sai Ram

  11. 'Saptah' is reading Sai Satcharitra continously for 7 days, starting from thursday to next wednesday with devotion and you may ask Sai baba to fulfill a wish. Sai fulfills the same, but most importantly you will get positive thoughts, gush of good feelings and immense peace of mind…Om Sai Ram

  12. OM SAI RAM
    Thank you for publishing my experience baba, its by baba's wish hetal ji has published it.. Thank you so much for the support of other devotees for encouraging me to have faith and patience on our baba.. Baba never lets us down. Just we should have faith and patience and wait for baba to bless us…

  13. Very nice experiences! Pavithra Ji, don't worry, Baba can prove any horoscopes wrong and if it is part of Baba's plan that you should marry this guy, nothing will stop Baba from making it happen for you. Prathyusha Ji, Baba did as He told you and gave you the money for your program and showed you that although you weren't sure His words would come true, in the end Baba's words always happen as He says. Sheela Ji, Baba showed you that He would give you a pendant of His and then soon it happened. Whatever Baba shows or tells us always happens so He can show His love for us, His devotees, His children. Om Sai Ram!

  14. OI have read Sai Satcharitra 7 times and also performing Sai Vart.I have completed 4 thursdays.Please pray for me that i get my love back before i complete my Nav Guruvar Vrat.I am only getting positive signals but not getting him back..
    Please pray for me…

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