A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 272

Sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Strange But Happy Experiences

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram. Today I have a couple of small incidences to let you know and you can put it on your blog where ever they fit in.

My 3.5 year granddaughter is a real gift from GOD. At this age, since she started talking, she first started talking in Gujarati and picked up very well more than above average a child would speak even in India. She is Making pun, using rhyming words and even asking us puzzles using various words. And at the same time, she would speak English too. In grocery store, she would not speak Gujarati and would not let us speak Gujarati. “Meemaa, English maan bolo”! When she is playing with characters of English story, she would want us to speak English only and if the characters are Indian story, we have to speak Guajrati only. She is fond of Hindi too and would try to speak Hindi too. She has found out general rule that in Hindi, the sentence ends with “Hai”! So she would say something in Gujarati adding “Hai”, like Daddy, chaa taiyar hai, chaalo pivaa!

Well, she even speak fluently though sometimes she cannot pronounce correct way, but Sankrit Shlokas, Prarthanaa, Bed time Shlokas like “Twamev Maataa Cha Pitaa Tvamev”, “Shanta Kaaram Bhujag Shayanam” and many more. She sings “Hey Maarun Vanaraavan Chhe Rudun” completely with her GrandPaa, without missing a word or tune. Her mom should be given credit for such a wonderful teachings. Well, they watch Religious Indian TV shows like “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev” etc. along with many other TV shows and Films. Though it is regular TV time, but it is much disciplined strict time frame for all her activities.

Yesterday when she woke up in the morning, she said to her mamma that she had a dream. And in that dream, she saw Shankar Bhagavan and she walked with Him holding HIS hands. Wow…is it possible to even figure out a dream and remember with so much detail for a child of 3.5 years of age?

I remember another such incident when she was little more than 2 years. We all had gone to Phoenix Temple and I had told my daughter in law that I could locate Sai BABA's idol in one of the big statues of other GODs. Other than that we had not talked about BABA or any other discussion had any mention of "BABA" word. While returning, I was keeping her occupied telling stories and reading from her story books, may be something I would make out just keeping the book open. And sometimes she would tell me the story the same way. The next day, her mom wanted to keep her occupied while she herself was cooking. She asked, “Hey, Priya, what did you do yesterday? Did you enjoy stories from Meemaa?” Priya said, “Haa, (yes)!” Mamma: “And did you tell stories to Meemaa too?” At that time she called herself "Piya". So she said, Naa, mamma, Piya vaartaa no'tketee, BABA vartaa ke'taa taa! (Meaning Priya was not telling the stories, BABA was telling the stories!). Her mom was happily surprised with such talk with Priya, so she told me this later on. Is not it a real Blessing from BABA to have such a child in our home? Jai Sai RAM. Meera

Sai Helped Me Clear My Exams

Sai Sister Tanya Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am a regular visitor of your blog. I read experiences posted here every day. It’s a great effort by you and your team. Please do not mention my email id, whereas you can use my name if you want. Thank you. It was the month of May. My university exams were approaching. I couldn't study. I don't know why, but I didn't feel like studying. I was having a very casual approach towards my studies. Finally exams approached. 1st was English, which was pretty easy and I wasn't tensed about it. Next exam was statistics and Math. Here I would like to mention that till 11th grade, my math was great, but in 12th grade it was a disaster, due to which I developed a phobia for math. And on my exam day also, I didn't do well in university exam. Next exam was law, which I couldn't learn out of 27 chapters. I just did 6 chapters. It was my strongest subject, but again it went horrible. I lost all the hope. All my exams went bad except English and Tax. Out of 6 subjects, I was sure about passing in 2. These were my 2nd year exams. I scored well in first year, but I lost all hope in second year. I kept praying Baba everyday that please Baba pass me in subjects. No matter even if it’s just passing marks, but please pass me. Every day went like hell. I promised Baba that I have realized my mistake. I will work hard in future. But please pass me in 2nd year, since I have never failed. 3 months passed and there was no trace of results. I was really tensed. I don't know why on 11th august 2012, I felt like watching Sai Baba movie in afternoon. I was watching the movie, but dad said that he will download it and whole family can watch at night. I agreed. At 7pm everyone sat for watching the movie and around 9:30 pm movie ended. And to my surprise at 9:30 pm, I got message from my friends that result is out. I was really tensed. I went into the room without telling my parents that the result out. I opened the result and I was passed in all the subjects and that too with great marks and overall great result. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I told my mom that it’s Baba's miracle. And next day, I went to His temple and thanked Him. It’s my request to all the devotees to have Sharddha (devotion) and Saburi (patience) and Sainath will listen to you. I hope that Baba will bless me and all. Om Sai Ram

Sai Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. It is very first time that I am here to share my experience with all of you with Sai’s grace. Please do not share my name and email id. I would like to thank you a lot on the blessed work that you do for the Sai devotees as well as people like me, who even did not know Sai's name. Though since last 3 months haven’t been able to write with my blog post also, but I often visit all your blogs and they have been my inspiration. I must say that you are indeed a blessed Sai devotee and whosoever are associated with you are indeed very lucky. Prabhu Sai, only You can help me to post this blog. Please forgive me if there is any mistake and correct me, please bless us all. I wanted to write the blog and share my experience with all before three months, but it was my fear or can say laziness that I did not do so. But today I have decided that there would not be any delay in sharing it. Only Prabhu Sai can help me to write. It was winter season of 2011, when I met a Sai Beti in my hostel. I never knew why we both felt attachment and closely knitted with each other. I used to feel upset due to my marriage, study and job. But I never showed it to anyone. I think this today that it was Sai wish that she came in my life. I used to go in her room and take Prasad from her. In December 2011, I appeared UGC-NET exam, but some people always hit me with their bitter words by saying that I could not clear that exam. On June 14 2012, I was reading experience one night and also was crying so much as if I were talking and asking to Sai Baba that Baba will there be any lucky day, when I will also write my happiness? And it was really a miracle of Sai that I have qualified my Exam in my very first attempt as result was out on June 15, 2012. It was the first miracle of Baba in my life. Another Miracle: My family was looking for a simple educated partner for me, but nobody knew why it is being late. I am 31 years old and I was also very much disturbed shattered. Suddenly before some days, we are blessed when I met my partner as we always wished for because my first marriage did not work. I really thank Sai Baba that He blessed me with this happiness and pray Sai to bless all His children. I wrote this blog because there was some blogs, which became my inspiration and made me having belief in Sai Ram. Thanks Bhagwan. Today You helped me a lot and please forgive me if there is any mistake. Hey Sai, please shower Your blessings on my family and all. Jai Sai Ram Ji.
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  1. Nice experiences…thanks for sharing with us..
    All sai children have faith and patience…"Why Fear When Our Saima Is Here To Take Care Of Us"…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU ALOT SAIMA…

  2. Meera ji, you just made my day. I was crying when I read what your granddaughter said. Absolutely blessed child. I always believe that God lives in children, this experience is like a reassurance. Thank you so much for your post.

  3. JAI SAIRAM.At present i am also tensed with my son's exam.Baba please be with my son always.Reading todays experience i am really relaxed.OM SRI SACHIDANAND SATGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

  4. God speaks through children. Blessed are you all who experience miracles on a daily basis. Oh Deva, do throw a glance a this side too 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Dear Hetalji,

    yesterday onwards, website is not working properly even in Google chrome..not able to read the other experiences..I'm using cached copy of website to read..Please do the needful..

  6. Nice experiences! Baba shows us His blessings through these types of experiences, like these devotees who received Baba's help for passing the examinations and the small child who is blessed by Baba by already having Baba dreams at such a young age. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Baba u r reassuring again and again for me..i cant insult u anymore..i strongly have faith that u ll make it happen..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

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