Following are few more experiences of devotees with Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

A Power Of Shri Shirdi Sainath Made Me To Believe More

Sai Sister Geetha Ji from India says: A miracle, which was made by Shri Sainath Maharaj to me, was made to believe at the time itself without waiting for a long period. This miracle, which was never came across in my life. He was the only Guru to show His power. For the first time I believed in GOD.

I am 30 years old. Upto my age of this time, I had passed 75% of life as sad things. One day I was sitting and thinking about the marriage problem. At that time, I was in a confused stage. Suddenly I got a thinking to test about Shri Sainath’s power. When I had that thinking to test Sairam, I thought that it was a bad habit to test Him. Even though I did not stop my feeling and proceeded to do.

It was a big miracle, which I had not seen in my life time. The test is nothing, but I thought to write "JAI SAI RAM" for twenty three times. At this place only, I came to know about Baba. That is sometimes Ram devotees will write a "SRI RAMA JAYAM" for 23 times like that I thought to write without putting any numbers and also without counting through my mind and as well as through my mouth. When I started to write, I have not counted. I thought to stop after writing few times. When I thought to stop, I had another one thinking that is I wrote one more counting. After i stopped writing, I counted. It was a great shock to me. That was the real miracle in my life, which was made by Shri Shirdi Sai Ram. The counted number was exactly twenty three. He shown me a power, that when I thought to stop at twenty second in number. But, He made me to write one more time of twenty third number. It was the real love of Saibaba which made me to believe Him more. For this test, I felt shame on my part because I tested GOD. Even though He had not shown any anger on me, instead He showed the power as a real GOD and also He showed the real love to His devotees as mother's love. This is a wonderful feeling in my life that is upto my death.

Miracles Of My Lord

Sai Sister Superna Ji from India says: I live in Chennai and kindly request you not to reveal my email address. I accidentally stumbled onto this site and the experiences of all my Sai brothers and sisters that I used to read regularly gave me so much strength and peace that I decided that my only way to salvation was to firmly clutch His lotus feet. My first experience of His grace was when I took my dad for a regular annual checkup and was informed that he had to undergo an open heart surgery immediately as there were 3 major arteries that were blocked and a clot which was life threatening. As the only sibling, a sister with small kids lives in the USA. I had to make all the major decisions and having no prior experience of dealing with such a life and death situation. I boldly went ahead with both my parents trusting me implicitly. 6 weeks after the surgery, my father expressed a desire to go to the Shirdi Baba temple in Mylapore. When we went around the temple, expressing our gratitude to beloved Baba, what should I see but a huge painting on the wall where Baba is shown curing somebody's heart ailment with a footnote saying that He had removed the disease and filled the heart with HARI. I wept on reading such a direct message and from that day decided that He was our only savior. 13 weeks ago, when my son, who is in his final year of engineering, told me that that one of his exam papers was very tough and he had every possibility of flunking the paper and this would really prove to be an obstacle for his dreams of pursuing an MS abroad. My father asked me to observe the 9 weeks vrat, which I did with devotion and true faith. The results were announced today and I never had any of the apprehension that I normally have which I totally attribute to HIM. On seeing the result all of us were overjoyed. My son has got very good grades and more important, it is Sai telling us that if we place our full faith in Him, He will lead us through the maze of life. “My bones shall speak from my tomb” He said and with deepest of love and gratitude I lay my humble pranams at His feet.

Sai Baba Helped Me With My Health Problem

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all SAI devotees and thank you so much Hetal Ji for this Experience blog. I request you to please don’t disclose my Name and Email ID. I am very small devotee of my beloved SAI BABA from INDIA. I love Him very much and I don’t know how to thank Him for everything. He is great. He is my father. I would like to share my experience with all Sai devotees. I was in office and I drank mango shake in that mango shake I saw a plastic thing, luckily I did not swallow that but after that I felt that something is there inside my throat and Physiologically also I was thinking again and again. I went to doctor he said there is a congestion. I took medicine for about 3-4 days, but then I stopped taking. After that, I ate junk food and I again had problem in my throat. I use to feel something is there inside my throat. Whenever I swallow something pinch me. I was really scared and cried in front of Baba. I planned that for one week will do Sai 108 names and will visit Sai Temple for this time period and will light diya. A miracle took place. I was normal from the day I started doing 108 name of Sai Paa. He has been there with me always and I am thankful to Him. Sai is like my father. I do not have words that He helps me in every phase of my life. I read your blog whenever I can. I shared my last experience Importance of Vibhooti. I request you please post this one. I am really sorry Sai Paa for all my mistakes. Please always be there with me. Please make changes wherever required. OM SAI RAM.
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  1. OM Sai Ram !!!! I have no words to express my feelings for Sai Mauli.We all are so fortunate that HE allows us to offer sewa at HIS holy feet ..
    Jai sai Ram !!!!

  2. Hi Hital ji,

    Namaskar, hope your health is good. I appreciate your work of posting these experiences to let all baba devotees together experience everyone's experiences. I just have a curiosity in knowing how many devotees visit this page daily 🙂

    Sai devotee

  3. beautiful experiences..reinforce the fact that we should all surrender ourselves completely to BABA and he will take care of everything. All that is required is SHRADHA and SABURI. Be patient and keep faith in him.. he only decides what is best for us.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. om sai naathaye namah..i m reading this blog from last one year.i read many devotees experiences about there shirdi visit.i used to think about the way they expressed there feelings about shirdi they really feel baba?does it really that awesome as they r expressing.fortunately baba called me shirdi and i stayed one week over there.believe me its really divine.u can feel sai baba and see baba in everything and in that period of time u feel baba is in ur heart.i cant express that feeling in when i remembering that i feel like it was a dream it has not happened in reality.i feel connection wid baba.baba plz mere dill mein apne liye bahut bahut piyaar bhar sai naathaye namah

  5. Dear Hetal ji, Your easy delivery and happy healthy baby is in our thoughts and prayers. May you be blessed with a wonderful cute baby.

  6. Nice experiences! Devotee from India, Baba was the one who removed the problem in your throat and also made sure your health stayed fine. Geetha Ji, don't worry, Baba knows how much you love Him and just showed you this miracle not to prove His worth to you, but to make your faith in Baba stronger. Superna Ji, it was Baba who has helped your father do well from the heart surgery and showed you that miracle when visiting the Baba temple after your father's surgery. Baba takes care of all His devotees and shows them how much He loves each and every one of us through miracles like these. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Whatever the mind may think, its all hallucination..only he can manifest everything..pls pls forgive me for not having strong faith in the divine msg..removed of all doubts..

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