Sharing few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Baba Stands Up To His Words When Time Comes

Anonymous Devotee says: Sairam Hetal Ji, you are doing a selfless service by posting all the divine Leelas, which will help to boost up confidence levels, patience, trust in our Guru so much, when we are low in life. Please do not disclose my name or location or my email id. Baba dragged me to Him, when I was may be 7 years old. I have countless experiences, where He literally dragged me out of dangers. Now also He is doing same to everyone invisibly. I am narrating here major experiences in my life.

When I was in my 2nd year of degree, I suddenly started getting thigh pain. It gradually increased day by day and I was literally crying with pain day and night. I used to tell my mother that my thigh will come out of my body. We went to every doctor in our place and they gave me TB medicines, did all tests, told different names to the problem and all medicines etc. So it costed us too much, but the pain is remaining the same. I had to take leave for 2 months from college. Then one day while coming from a hospital, my mother just recollected that one of her colleague told her to visit a homeopathic doctor, who gives free medicines in Baba’s temple. So we have to pass that road to our house. So I was totally vexed as the medicines have started giving me very bad effect on my body. So I mentally said to Baba that this is my last hope on You. Do whatever You want. So we went to Baba’s temple in afternoon, it was too much crowded that time. Still we waited and then our turn came. When we went into the room, doctor told her the main doctor was on leave and he is that doctor’s assistant and knowing my symptoms, told me that it is purely psyiatica, where when one goes into heavy depression the mind will gradually turns that stress on body. Even though many tests were done, nothing has been found out. But still the pain persists. I was under heavy depression due to death of my father, and not getting seat in EMCET etc. So he gave 1 week medicine and till now the pain did not repeat in my life. We have wasted thousands of rupees, but I could not find anything, but merely his free medicine cured my pain. He is guiding me in every aspect invisibly. Sometimes He wants us to get tough in life. So we have to take His hints. His sentences in Sai Satcharitra book are serious. Even though we stay in our limits in life due to our purvajanma samskara, still people will take advantage of us, harass us mentally, physically, then we need to stand up and then Baba will also be there for us invisibly besides us guiding us in every aspect of our lives.

Another incident occurred today. I want to share with you brothers and sisters. Baba miraculously made me an aunty on Maha Shiv Ratri day. Because He knew my bad phase was starting in my life. So she used to give me immense protection and guide me take care of me in my worst times. I really think her as my mother may be in my previous birth. Staying in different country and meeting someone, who suddenly starts protecting you, and looking after you as their child is not a small thing. Many chances are there that you may be duped in your life. But she stood like my mother. So 3 days back, she was hospitalised due to 2nd heart attack. From past one week, I am not in touch with her even though she called me last Saturday also as my health is not nice, so I could not speak to her. 2 days back, I got a dream that we both are going in train and I got away in middle of journey and she was on her way to her hometown. Then I called her and left her a voice mail to her explaining my situation. So today uncle left me a voice mail that she had been admitted on Monday early morning due to heart attack. I am not sure that I got this dream on Monday or Tuesday, but I felt that she is thinking of me. I was out of town for a purpose that also guided by Baba to complete my 3 saptah parayan, which I could not do from so many years. By Baba's grace today I completed my 1st parayan successfully. So today when I got this message from uncle, I was so much concerned about her and asked my brother to give uncle kumkum, which I brought from Baba's temple as in my house UDI is over. I don’t have anything left in my home. So today night when he was searching for that kumkum, he got the UDI packet under the small basket, where I put all pooja stuff. I have searched that basket so many times, but I could not find it, but he found that UDI packet and went and gave it to uncle. I am damn sure Baba has sent it for her only. I was damn sure that I don’t have UDI in my house. This proves that Baba will be coming, running to us in our most needed hour. Trust me dear brother and sisters, He will come running to us where ever we are however horrible situation we might be. But one thing, it is He, who knows when to come to us for our rescue. We are mere human beings. So we think this is our worst situation or that, but He is our guru. He has been following us from past many of our lives, so He knows when to do what. We have to have patience and immense faith in Him. Even if you are falling off from cliff also, He will come and save you as He knows when to save us. So many miracles, so much that I don’t have words to describe. Just clinging to Him. Hetal Ji, please post it making required corrections. Ever indebted to you for making me strong from inside with your website. May Baba show His immense grace to all of you, who are linked with this pious website directly or indirectly. Sairam.

Baba With Us Forever

Sai Sister Sudha Ji from UK says: My name is Sudha. I am currently staying in UK. I am Baba devotee from my childhood. I came to UK in November 2010 through my company and later my husband joined the same company in India and he too joined me in UK in February 2011 by Baba's grace.
  • First Experience: Generally no company sends wife and husband to onsite for the same place. I have a kid on 3 years. We thought of bring him to UK in May 2012. All the arrangements were made and tickets were also booked. I received the mail from Employer that my project has come to an end and we have to go back to India. This happened in April. I prayed in front of Baba to show some path and took oath of not having rice till I visit Shirdi. I applied for general visa next day, which will take minimum of two months. I just applied and came to office got the news that Project has been extended.
  • Second Experience: Luckily while serving there, I got my new visa along with my husband's dependant Visa. Now the concern is I had to leave the current employer because of Visa and it’s very difficult to get job on the visa I have. But within a month I got the Job.
  • Third Experience: In every step, I can see His presence. He is always with us. I never feel that we need any magic to fulfill our wishes. Last experience though my son is in India and I applied for his Nursery here and he got admission in the best school with no fees. But due to some personal reasons and his visa, he was not able to join. Joining date was 06th September 2012. I prayed Baba and spoke to council that his visa is getting delayed and he will be traveling to UK in December 2012. By Baba's grace the request was granted, which was never expected by us. Love You Baba. The Job, which I got, is away from my home. I need to travel 5 hrs because of which I am travelling only on weekends to home. But I got interview scheduled this Monday (i.e on 20th Aug) in same place. I am sure I will get this offer by Baba's grace. From very Long, I was thinking share these experiences. Thanks to you for this Blog which enlightens many devotees with live experiences. May god bless you.
Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namah.

Baba Always Helps

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am very pleased to share my experience on this blog. It has given me so much strength always. You are doing very noble work to boost devotee's Shraddha and Saburi. Please do not disclose my name or email ID. Currently I am going through 2nd IVF cycle. During stem phase, it was not going so good. With even on higher dose of medication than 1st one, I was not responding well. Yesterday they were only able to retrieve 2 eggs. Last time they retrieved 5 eggs and only one made it to transfer. This time both have been fertilized, which is a miracle for me. My sister asked Baba the day before about me and answer was “Surprising event will take place. You will get mental peace. You will recover from sickness. Land matters will be settled. You will succeed”. The surprising even has been taken place. Both eggs have been fertilized, which is very unlikely. Tomorrow they are doing the transfer and I am praying my Lord Sai to make everything go smoothly. I am sure both will make to good quality of embryos. Baba has given me so much. Also the day of retrieval was my last Thursday of 9 Guruvar Vrat of Baba, so I know Baba has given me gift. Oh Lord Sai, You are great. Thanks so much.
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  1. Yesterday I lost a relative so I want to pray for his gentle soul to reache Baba's feet.

    Thank You Hetalji once again for this platform. May Sai shower his blessings on you and yours and the rest of us devotees.

    Jai Sairam

  2. My prayers are with you anonymous devotee may your relative rest in peace.
    Secondly Sudhaji your wish will be fulfilled by grace of Saiji.
    Om Sai Jai sai

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, you are amazing, lovely,sweet and so so cute 🙂 We love you. Please bless us all always. Help, bless,guide and advice us in all matters of our lives.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. om sai ram
    devotee from USA may sai baba give u all the happiness of motherhood.good luck.hold babas feet tightly and always chant baba's name.

  5. om sai ram
    sai baba is always with his devotees
    and fullfils the wishes of his chelden and takes care of dovotees and their families forever.

    om sai ram

    jai sai nath

  6. Nice experiences! Devotee from USA, I am sure Baba will bless you with a baby very soon and that was just an indication of things to come from Baba. Sudha Ji, it was Baba who made sure everything with the visa issues went well and according to plan so that your son's admission wasn't disrupted and your UK plans went smoothly. First devotee, Baba was the one who removed your leg pain and it is because Baba is the Ultimate Doctor who can cure anything since He controls every small molecule in the Universe. Om Sai Ram!

  7. faith and patience increasing day by day on reading this blog..sincere pranams to hetal didi..sai is with u each and every second..

  8. Jai Sai Ram to all.

    You all are very lucky for having Baba;s Grace with you. It feels very encouraging after reading your experiences. Thanks for sharing it.
    I am also in Que for having baba's blessing and love. See when baba will do his Kripa Drishti on me.

  9. Om SAi Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Please shower on them your choicest blessings of a long healthy life, filled with laughter, happiness, joy, wisdom, knowledge, strength, peace and prosperity. Baba you know everything. There is so much stress to manage everything. Why are we not getting right people to manage ? we need your grace and blessings to run the unit. Please place your precious feet in both places and help us prosper together together as a family. Baba we are planning travel next week please take care of everything. Baba I cant see the test results oh hubby, hope everything is good and I count on you as promised to take care of my family. Take care of my kids as you are their parent, mentor , guide and Guru. Baba I surrender all my tensions to you and know you will help me through it. Help me have a pleasing personality and I thank you for the good people around me. Baba please help us with a good team and success. Baba help me complete all my daily tasks and restore the strength in me to complete all tasks. Baba saakshaat aatma nivedana to you. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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