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Wonderful Miracles Of Sai Baba

Wonderful Miracles Of Sai Baba

Sai Sister Nirmala Ji from India says: I would like to share my experience of Babaji’s love for me and my family and my son. It brings tears when I think of it every day.

I am Nirmala Subramanian. I have a son. My husband and I are devotees of Baba Ji for a long time. My son also is. My son wrote his standard twelve CBSE board exam and he wanted to study medicine in the best college. Aiming that, he gave a lot of medical entrance exams. He is a very sweet child and very brilliant. I always prayed to Baba Ji to give him a good future. Thinking of this, I took my son to Babaji’s temple in Mylapore and asked Baba Ji to give us some indication that he would get the MBBS seat. After taking Darshan, we came out. One person came suddenly and called me and gave me a coin and asked me to keep that coin safely. He said he is bringing that coin to give to me after keeping that in homam and he said that I might be having some problems, but it will be solved in the near future. I was very much surprised.

As told by that gentleman, my son started facing a lot of problems and we were quite surprised. He qualified in almost all the entrance exams, but not up to the mark. The problems became multifold. My son became very upset. We never anticipated all that. One college after another, he didn’t get. But Baba Ji kept our hopes alive. One day I was so angry and I said that Babaji’s photo should not be in the house and it should be torn. It was a Thursday. That day I and my son went to a hotel. There we saw a hawker, who was in his white and he was selling some pictures. But when we entered the hotel, that hawker waved two photos of Baba Ji in front of us. Those photos were non-tear-able. I was surprised. I took that photo. That hawker never had any other photos of any other God. After all this, one day, my son got a call from one of the top medical colleges for an interview and he got selected thereafter qualifying in the interview, which was really tough. Baba Ji was with us throughout and still with us. I could feel His presence. He brought a complete change in all of us. My pranams to Baba Ji. Never lose hope because Baba Ji knows what is best for us. He is our mother.

Mercy Of Sai Baba

Mercy Of Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, please don’t share my name or email id. This post of mine was long due, but the initial first month of my college was very hectic and after that, I somehow became very lazy. Today if I am writing my experience, it’s of course because of Baba. I am sharing three miracles of Baba. I had got admission to a good MBA institute, which I feel I didn’t deserve. But again because of Baba’s blessing, I got into it. I have a habit of asking Baba to be with me always when I go out or start something new. The students were supposed to report on two days 30th May 2012 and 31 May 2012 (Thursday). I seriously wished from inside that my new journey should start on Baba’s day. I prayed to Him that please let me join on Your day and as expected I got a mail stating my joining on 31 May 2012. Then while I was leaving my home, I told Him to enter the college with me or be there before I come. After the admission process, I went to my hostel room and to my utter surprise I found Baba’s wallet calendar. I thanked Him for being there before. This thing is similar to a chapter in Sai Satcharitra where Baba told Shama that He will reach Gaya before them. I had a very bad fight with my mother because of certain issues. My mother was so angry that she refused to talk with me. A week went by I was feeling horrible inside. I told Baba that I don’t know but before coming Thursday, my mom should again start talking to me. Sai Baba had mercy on me and my mother started to talk to me on Tuesday. I had a big fight with my best friend, whom I also like a lot. I was shocked when he said that he doesn’t want to have any contact with me and will never speak to me again in life. I had shock of my life. I loved this person a lot. I prayed to Baba and cried a lot in front of Him. I prayed to Baba that pleases return me my friend and on Thursday morning. I got up at 6 and wrote a mail to him and surprisingly he replied to that mail in the morning itself telling me he also missed me. Before that also I had sent him many messages, but he never accepted my sorry. But on Baba’s day, I got my friend back. But presently we are still having issues between us my smallest things irks him a lot and he gets angry very soon. I pray to Baba that there should be harmony, peace and love between us. But currently, nothing like that is happening. In the past, he had gone through a bitter relationship. So he doesn’t want to be in another one and I love him a lot. I tell him that Baba will do everything well and we should not be negative. But he never agrees and because of that we have a fight every other day and then he says this only happens if we go into a relationship. I have cried a lot in front of Baba. I need His mercy. I have never loved anyone so much in life and the one I do doesn’t realize this. Please pray to our Baba that Baba should bless us both, so we have a better understanding between us and he also realizes my true love for him and loves me back. Anantkoti Brahmanand Nayakrajdhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahma Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Yet Another Wonderful Experience With Sai Baba

Yet Another Wonderful Experience With Sai Baba

Anonymous devotee from India says: I have, right from my childhood, always believed that what you see is what you believe. So the first time I heard about Baba Ji was through my grandmother, who I respected and loved a lot and sad that she is no more. I never realized then that Baba Ji has started showering His blessings since then. This was way back in the year 1993. I made my first visit to Shirdi in the year 2008 and the first Darshan of Baba Ji choked my throat, to my surprise, I had these tears rolling down my cheeks. I had been planning to go to Babaji’s Darshan again for the past two years. It was last month – July 2012, that something in me decided that I should go to Shirdi again. Maybe Baba Ji wanted me to visit again. The so-called analytical brain in me still wanted to testify Baba Ji and was manipulative with the thoughts that if I see Baba Ji in human form then I will believe that my belief in almighty is true. Not knowing what’s in stock in the future, I landed in Shirdi. The same evening had a beautiful Darshan. While coming back to the hotel, there was a sudden rush with flocks of people enchanting Babaji’s name and I was wonder-stuck to see a possession, which had a man dressed up like Baba Ji. I was all in tears again. So if you use the analytical part of your brain, it would have all the justifications to convince you otherwise. However, at that very moment, the only thought that came to me was how many times would Baba Ji have to make us believe that His blessings are always with us. Believe in Him to believe in you. Ohm Sai Nathay Namah!!

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  1. Very nice experiences … dear anonymous devotee never force ur friend to be in a relationship dont fight ya, u love him a lot na jus let him be the way in which he is happy n peaceful u love him n make him feel happy if baba wants u both to be in a relationship then definitely he ll be ur's till then leave every thin on baba n without any expectations love him, i know it hurts but baba loves u na he ll do wat is right for u ok na now relax be calm n surrender to baba.


  2. What a say how many times baba proves that he is always with us?simply superb":-):-)OM SHRI SAMARTHA SADHGURU SAI NATH MAHARAJ KI JAI..

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very good experiences. I would like to address this to all Sai Devotees.

    Most of us including me some time think why Baba is not helping us in Bad times and at that stage, our minds get wavery and negative thoughts flow in, just like a devotee who wanted to tear away Baba's photo. But then she witness a man selling Baba laminated photo's which can't be tore down. This shows that Baba is listening to every thing. I strongly don't believe that, Baba will test any devotee to such an extent that each of us will suffer and have to go through worst phases. Baba will definitely test us to show a good path, just like a mother doesn't give everything the child wants because she knows what is best for the child.

    Our sufferings have nothing to do with "Baba", it's the effect of our Past and Prsent Karma's also perhaps. What we sow is what we reap. Baba always said, he cared a lot for his devotees more than himself. He repeatedly told these words and these have been also recorded in "Shiridi Dairy" by Shri Khaparde and also in the holy book "shri Sai Satcharita" by Shri Dabolkar.

    So all i want to say is that, we should work hard and do our best and of course avoid hypocrisy towards others, love every one and help to what ever we can. Sai will always be with us all the time like our own shadow following us. When we do our above part, then sai will do his part. It's a give and take!! some times, even if our past karma's were bad but because of our good deeds in this birth we will be favored.

    Hope Sai devotees agree with my thinking.

    I am in debited to you Sai to the rest of my life, for giving me this life and saving me countless time and still keeping me going and for making me think of you all the time.

    Jai Sai Samarth, Jai Panduranga, Jai Akhalkota Swami, Jai Dattatreya, Jai Parabrahma, Jai Maheshwara, Jai Mahavishnu, Jai Mahalakshmi, Jai Paravathi Devi, Jai Allah, Jai Buddha, Jai Jesus. These are all your forms Baba, but you came into this world as "Sai" a very simple and humble Sai.

    Servant of Baba.
    Allah Mallik.

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Devotee facing relationship issues.. as suggested in the above comment, please do your bit by giving unconditional Love and leave the rest to Baba. He knows what is best for us, so please do wait with strong Faith and Patience. And please do read 'Guru Charitra'. it will do good to you.

    Baba we love you a lot.. please do take good care of all your children and help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives. We need you always .. please be with us in every work we do.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Very nice experiences! Nirmala Ji, it was Baba who came as that man to tell you exactly what you would face for your son's college admissions and exactly that happened, and in the end everything worked out well since Baba takes care of all his children. First devotee from India, don't worry, Baba will do what is best for you, if it is part of Baba's plan for you to be with this boy, Baba will make it happen and nothing or no one in the universe can stop it. Second devotee from India, your Shirdi trip experience is very nice and Baba called you at the time when He decided it would be best for you to have this wonderful experience. We should just have faith in Baba's plan for us because in the end, Baba will make everything work out well for us. Om Sai Ram!

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