Saibaba Saved Life Of Calf – Sai Devotee Shilpa

In today’s post, devotee has narrated how Lord Sai Baba saved life of a mute animal kid.

Sai Sister Shilpa Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am regular reader of your blog and I feel your website is a special blessing for us all devotees from Saibaba. I am really very very thankful to Saibaba for this. I just want to tell you that you are doing great job and it gives great satisfaction for us and hope with positive energy, whenever we are depressed. I have strong faith in Saibaba and your blog is increasing my faith even more day by day. I don’t mind if you publish my name, but do not mention my email address.

Saibaba not only comes to rescue for human beings, but also of animals, when they are in problem. This miracle of Sai is proof of same. This miracle happened on 30th July 2012. As usual, I got ready and moved out of my home to go for my work. It was 9:00am Monday. Just as I was on my bike, I saw a small calf standing still at one place on the way. It was small. Maybe it was just two months old. It was full white and standing alone at one place was looking towards my house. When I reached near her, I got some very bad smell and my eyes felt on her leg and saw that big black wound is there on her one back leg and it was bleeding and was in very very bad condition. When I saw this, in my mind with great pain first word came “Sai”. I said save this poor little one. I went to office, but my mind somehow was feeling restless. I wanted to help this calf. I thought of giving call to animal rescue, but since I did not have their contact number, I couldn’t help.

After that, full day went. Evening at around 6.30pm, I reached back home from office. Just as I entered my house, my mother with pain in her heart said look at that poor calf lying down outside our house. Her leg got big wound and in great pain suffering a lot since morning. Calf’s mother cow came 3-4 times and cried loudly looking at her suffering like this, but I could not do anything to save her. Neither her owner came in search of her since morning. My mother said our neighbour gave call to animal rescue, but they didn’t respond so they were also helpless. Everyone was feeding her. Some gave bread to eat, water to drink. Now she was completely sick and was lying down on ground flat and could not even getup. Her leg condition was very bad and since it was late evening lot of mosquitoes and flies were troubling her lot. When I saw all this, I could not drink tea and eat something even though I was hungry at that time. I prayed to Sai and said hey Saibaba please please save this calf as I cannot do anything to help her and neither I can see her suffering like this. I was crying within me looking at that calf. I said to Sai that You only come to her rescue in some form. Actually it was dark and not at all possible to take that calf to hospital at that time and even after trying so much my neighbour and all could not take her to hospital full day. Then I came inside my house and my mother told me to have some tea and biscuits. Immediately a thought came in my heart “it is not possible to find God, when you are hungry – as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra”. So I had that tea and biscuits.

Immediately after this, I went outside again to see her. Same time all neighbours, my cousin’s wife came out to see her. Everyone was feeling very sad to see her lying down and suffering like this. And to a surprise that calf was just raising her head and was looking straight at me as if it wanted to say something to me. I was at a distant place, but still she was looking at me. Then my cousin’s wife said shall we try to send her to animal rescue hospital by ourselves. I got some hope. I said yes sure. We should try and leave rest on God. By that time, I started chanting our Deities name and was also calling my Sai continuously in my mind. In my mind, I said I will call Your name in my mind till the time this problem is not sorted out and God heard my true prayers. Sai came running to help His helpless child. My cousin’s wife first gave call to animal rescue and they said if it is emergency, then please bring her to hospital. Then she gave call to rickshaw driver and asked him to come to take her to hospital. He said he will come, but we waited for half an hour but there was no sign of his coming. My cousin’s wife with a doubtful mind asked me whether he will come. I said don’t worry, he will come we will wait for some time. Then thought came in her mind, who will pick that calf as we were getting very scarred to touch her also. Again I said don’t worry, we will get some one. With no time, two people came walking to us. Actually they had some work with my neighbor, but my neighbour was not at home. So they were inquiring with us what time they will come. After that they started going back. They walked just 2-3 steps and rickshaw arrived. What a miracle I said. We requested those two people to help to lift the calf and place in rickshaw and they also happily accepted our request and helped us. I had no money to give them and see here again Sai plays His leela. My cousin’s wife gave some money to rickshaw driver and told to give in hospital. After that, rickshaw left with calf and those two people to hospital. After they reached hospital, person gave call to my cousin’s wife and said who will take risk of this calf and she happily said I will take risk and if anything happens I will be responsible for same and if you want I will give in writing. Immediately they started treatment and they removed 14 big white germs from wound. It took them almost 2 hours to clean the wound and bandage her. After everything was done hospital doctor said you don’t worry we will make this calf completely alright and send her back after some days. We were all happy to see and think of this Sai Leela (miracle). Again and again I was thinking as if Sai played this Leela especially because of me to show that Sai is always there with me. Just one day earlier, I was worried due to some personal problem and Sai played this Leela to divert my mind and increase my faith in Him. My problem is not yet solved, but Sai gave me positive energy to see it in positive way and have faith in Him. It is well said “Jako Rakhe Sai, Maar Sake Na Koi” (meaning – for whom Sai saves, nobody can kill them). Sai’s 11 promises are very true. “Jari He Sharir Gelo Me Takun,Tari Me Dhaven Bhakta Sathi.” (Meaning – even though I leave this physical body, I will come running to help my devotees”). Finally, I would just like to request all Sai devotees, never lose hope. If you call our Sai with your pure heart, He will surely come in any form to help you. This miracle has proved it. Jai Sainath.

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  1. such a wonderful experience. baba thank you sooooo much. pls be with me, in each and every moment. never leave my hand. without you, we are nothing. baba i love sooooo much. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  2. Wonderful leela. I know Sai will surely help us regardless of its critical condition. He will play his leela for sure. No doubt.

  3. Hi Hetal ji,

    Might be the writer has resent you, I have seen this experience already, but as always love to read many times:)

    Sai devotee

    • Sai Ramji,

      Even i felt so but then recalled that it has been posted on another blog maintained by Sai devotee Manisha.

      Jai Sai Ramji
      Sai Ki Deewani
      Hetal Patil Rawat

    • Dear Hetalji and my other Sai devotees… yes its true I have shared same on other blog which was sent on same date to Hetalji and that other blog…

      OM SAI RAM

  4. Hi,

    I'm feeling to share you my recent experience. The last saturday, myself & my colleagues gone to my colleague mrg to Vijianagaram. After seeing the mrg, we decided to go to Vizag on Monday. At Monday morning, I got call from my parents, they told me that my brother having some problem in office. So, I felt some what tense, as He is a fresher, that to it is a MNC. I asked Baba in Sai Sacharitra (myself habitualised to carry that book while going to some other place), He said that Don't worry & gave His blessings. But my mood is not changed.

    Then we started our journey. Now see, how he changed my mind.There in auto, the driver playing Sai songs, I felt happy. Then I thought that its all are my imagination. Again feeling bad.Suddenly Auto stopped for other passengers, when I turned right side, I saw my favorite Baba Photo in a shop. I'm very shocked & He is saying to me, "its not at all imagination, I'll be with you, wherever u can go". I burst into tears & very happy.

    Then in Vizag, at each & every place, he is with me. Whenever we started our journey to the place, he shown his presence at the begining & as well as at the end to start from that place.

    I have to say one thing here, If I'm going to somewhere, I requested Baba to be with me. Then at some point, he will show his presence. Here, at each step, he is showing his presence. Then at night we started our journey to Hyderabad. Before starting also, so many times, He shown his presence. A thought raised in my mind, why he is appearing so many times to me & something is going to happen. And forgotten totally about this. We are the four members(2 girls & 2 guys). In the bus, myself & my friend quarrelled with each other to sit at window place, no one is ready to compromise. So both are sit at windows seats only. The guys sitted beside us.In my mind,I'm feeling so bad, why Baba has done like this. The Guy who sitted beside me is a newly joined one & that to very pash. Then I said to Baba, please take care of me & then I slept.

    At 2:30pm, I wake up due to some screamed voices, as the accident is going to occur for my bus.But nothing happens. Then my friends told me, i.e., 5th time and the driver is rudely drove it. They scared very much. But I didn't know all these things. I'm in very deep sleep. Actually my sleep is a fish sleep. Even for a small sound, I'll wake up. But See, How Baba done all these things..Actually I'm a adjusted one, but here not adjusted..that to sitted beside a guy,even I didn't like it in my dream..and a fish sleeper..but not wake up for at all that times..

    See How He Protects his can I explain in the words..If I sit in normal seat, definitely I'll fallen down & If I'm in concious state, I'll feel very tense & bad.. So, He totally taken Care of me. And that to at the morning, Bus stopped before a restaurant, I wake up & my first saw member is my Baba on Restaurant Wall..Thank you Baba..

  5. Blessed are those who feel the pain and pleasure of others. For they are on their way to becoming one with the universe. Empathy is expansion of heart. My you continue on your path.

  6. Very nice experience! Baba also likely gave you this experience to show you that He is there with you and helped this calf as well, since Baba tries to help all living creatures. Om Sai Ram!

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