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Following is really a heart touching experience which you will certainly end with moist eyes.

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, First of all, I thank you for such a wonderful blog, which helps all Sai devotees to strengthen their faith in Sai. I always read all the experiences and then think that yes, Saibaba is always there to help His devotees.

Now let me share the wonderful experience. I am basically from Mumbai, and was aware of Sai Baba, but not staunch devotee of Baba. I was regularly visiting Sai temple nearby my house in Mumbai, but never wished anything from Baba, as I knew He is omniscient and know everything about me. I got married and immediately after marriage, I and my husband had Darshan of Baba and seek His blessings. Though my husband did not believe in Baba, we went to Shirdi next day after marriage.

Here let me tell you one more thing. I got married to my brother-in-law, as my sister passed away suddenly and she left 2 sons behind. So to take care of two of my nephews, I got married to my brother-in-law. First 2 years I spent just to get attached with those 2 sons, one was 12 years and other one was 8 years old. So younger one was still missing his mom. In this situation, my husband was not into him, and we decided not to have more kids from me. That time I agreed, but we never know what Baba has decided for us in future. After 2 years of my marriage, i got pregnant, and it was tubal pregnancy. So I had to undergo surgery. That time we went to India, to attend one marriage. And there I came to know about my pregnancy and I had to stay back at India just for the emergency operation. My husband left me alone and came back to Canada with the kids. I was all alone during the time of surgery, and I was feeling so depressed as I lost my pregnancy. That time I used to go to BABA's temple and sob into tears, but I went back to Canada just for the kids, and again life became normal. Exactly after a year, I got pregnant again, and this time my husband had arguments with me saying he can't afford this child and I had to abort it. I was so helpless. He sent me to another city in CANADA to abort the child. The friend, whom I went, was having Saibaba's picture in her house. I don't know what happened to me and I gathered some courage and told my friend that I want this child, as one my tube had been removed there will be no chance in future for me to have normal pregnancy. There I came across your blog for the first time, and I started reading SAI SATCHARITRA. My friend gave me courage and I came back to my husband. But to my surprise, he was still the same and didn't want me or our child. He sent me back and I decided to leave him but give birth to this child. I went to that friend again, read SAI SATCHARITRA again and again. One night, I was just thinking about BABA and I felt as if BABA came near my bed and put his hand on my forehead. It was a dream or miracle I don't know, but I felt BABA blessed me. Thereafter, I had all checkups and doctor informed that my child may be small due to the stress I was going through. My amino test was done. All the time BABA was there with me in the form my friend's husband. He used to take me for all the appointments in special hospital, which was far from her house. I was chanting Baba's name all day long, specially the day when my amino test was there. I told my friend’s husband that I would like to visit Saibaba temple if there is one nearby. We were in downtown, and we found one on net. We went on the same address, but unfortunately there was nothing there, but a closed mosque. I was so dishearten that today I may not get Baba with me. But that day also, somehow my friend’s husband searched some phone numbers form the internet, which was mentioned under Baba's temple address. So he was trying, and as if Baba replied, there is no temple here in downtown. It was Sathya Sai Baba's temple, and that too was closed that time, that man replied on phone. We came home and I prayed Baba. After 2 days on amino test, I got a call from hospital that it was normal and I am having female child. Genetically she is fine. I burst into tears and prayed Baba, thanked Him. Till this time, I was at my friend's house. My friend’s husband called my husband and informed him that I m having female child and that is a high risk pregnancy. He replied that he is going to India to pick my in-laws, so he can't come to see me in that city. But if I want I can go back to home and see the doctor here. Once again, I came back to my husband. Both his sons were so happy that they are going to have their younger sister. Elder son told me, Mom you shouldn't leave this house. Dad married to you and this thing bound to happen. Why did you leave us? I was so happy to hear this that Baba really supported me through the kids. I never consider them my step sons and they also never called me aunty or masi, but Mom only. So after coming to husband's place, I got series of ailments during pregnancy, had to admit in high risk pregnancy ward, but it was good for me. I had got enough time to pray Baba. And it’s BABA'S blessing only that I got my daughter also normal today. She is 1 year old now. And no need to say that BABA is always with me and her, and she is more close to her Father. I really thank Baba to guide me, to inspire me, and to help me. Whenever I need Him, I pray to Him every day. I read Sai Satcharitra 2 chapters, and I get some peace. Om Sai Ram.
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Hetal Patil
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  1. OM SAI RAM Dear Devotees

    very heart touching experience, Can not stop my tears.

    Baba blesses everybody. Baba please bless my sister who is waiting for you and justice for last 14 years.

    Love you my Dear Deva.

    Love and Peace be to all.

  2. really nice experience. it shows that no can oppose god's will. even though you had only 50% chance to get pregnant, you still gave birth to a healthy baby while they are normal couples who don't have a child no matter how hard they try. i have to commend you that you decided to raise your sister's children as your own bc it takes a big heart to do that.

  3. Really eyes moist with tears..sai didi ur love on baba is so pure and unconditional…jai sai ram..jai sai ram..

  4. wonderful is ur heart dear sister so no wonder baba is with u, accepting ur sis kids and getting married to her husband is really great thing for me which u have done.. you will have a happy family.. may sai baba bless u

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Maalik

  5. Om Sai Ram!

    Dear Sai sister,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It shows how each of us should have Shraddha and Saburi.

    Jai Sai ram.

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Sister .. you are a blessed child of Baba .. you are walking on his foot-steps by following his principles of boundless love and care for all !! May Baba keep blessing you and your family !

    Baba please bless all your children. Baba please help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.


    Dear devotee, very nice experience! Your heart is very pure because it is not easy to sacrifice your life for others but u did it that is why BABA blessed you in such a way.


  8. SAIRAM:

    MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Even i have my NT scan this wednesday. I only pray to BABA that every thing is normal.


  9. No words…Can say,may baba bless all your children and raise them beautifully in his path…Your husband must thank Baba to have given you as a life partner….Also may Baba bless your friend and her husband immensely….

  10. heart touching experience. keep faith and patience. baba bless you and your family always. baba pls bless all of us. never leave us alone.

    jai sai ram!

  11. Dear Sai Devotee, can not stop my tears, it was rather difficult to read! Your divine decision to marry your brother in law just for the sake of kids, I have no words to appreciate you!
    It is so very kind of your elder son to show his support to be home. I am praying that he and the other son also always remain grateful to your sacrifice! When they grow up and know what LIFE is, they will have more and more awe for you. It's not that you did for show off, it requires great courage and love for your sister and her family!
    God blessed you with a baby girl is a gift for your unconditional love for the family.
    I understand your husband too loved your sister so much that it is hard for him to accept you 110%. You have shown maturity here too that you did not give up on him, but remain there for him no matter what!
    May BABA bless you forever.
    Jai Sai RAM.

    Love you so much Baba.

  13. You are so blessed.Even though your elder sister passed away she is blessing you because you have given life to her family.And the blessing is your little angel.
    Always be together.May Baba bless you with lots of happiness.

  14. Jai Sai Ram,

    When every one is busy in this materialistic world, Sai is every active to serve and help his devotees and Baba is completely devoteed to his devotees who are devoteed to him. How strange is Sai's love, just as Mother tortise protects her new born turtle's from other end of the shore just by mere looks, similarly Baba does it to his devotees. Just by one call, he will appear from no where to help.

    Great is Sai, Hail Hail Maharaj, we miss you.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

  15. Very Touching Experience.. I cld n't control my tears… hats off to you to what you have done! It takes a lot of courage and maturity!! Have a great life with your 3 children and husband.. BABA will bless you abundantly.. Your experience is very Motivating.. I am eagerly waiting for blessing from BABA to have a child.. I am holding on with lot of Shraddha and Saburi.. Your experience is truly divine!!


  16. A very nice experience..How can baba leave you when you are such a selfless person?
    May baba bless your friend's family too.

  17. Rare story of selflessness. I was reminded of my friends story. His name is Sai, his mother passed away when he and his two brothers were young. His dad remarried and passed away few years later with heart attack. The step mother brought up all there boys with lot of love and care. I saw my friend treat his step mother better than he would have treated his own mother… In her old age he would bathe her, dress her and feed her… he repaid his debt. Rare sight see that kind of love…. Wow…

  18. Dear Anonymous ji! This is called "Rinaanubandh"! Otherwise how come this lady come in the picture of this family and also these kids taking care of her as their real mother in her old age?
    Jai Sai RAM.
    We have heard a lot about a step mother always being cruel or careless person to step children but I must say my mother's mom WAS a step mother to my mom and later on she had 7 kids of her own, where the first 2 did not survive.
    My mother who is 87 years old and to our surprise she has utmost love and feelings for her 2 of her step brothers she had lost. We used to laugh as out of nowhere in every talk of my mom, she would mention these two brothers she cared for them when they were born and how she misses them. My step grand ma also loved and valued my mom much more than her own kids.
    I remember very clearly where my father at the age of 38 only was in the last stage of cancer, my grand ma and grand pa (Mom's parents) used to visit from Borivli to Byculla EVERY DAY ! They would come by 4 pm and leave by 7 pm or so! Now that I actually visualize the travel rout for them from their home, a walk of 30 minutes from home to Borivli station, travel time of 1:15 min. or so by train up to Bombay central station, climb those railway station steps , walk 15 minutes to come out of the station, wait for the bus from that point to my parents home and again walk 12-15 minutes to be at our place…it is not easy at the age of grand parents in their 70s !!
    And that too EVERYDAY! So in order to be visit my father in person they would spent almost double the time for this tedious travel! I give my pranaams to both of my grand parents for their efforts.
    Really I am not lying, I came to know about the fact that my grand ma is a step mom to my mother at a very later stage of my life!
    I had seen my grand ma making a big deal of almost quarrel when my mother could not make it to take us at grand ma's home just because at my father's parents' home my aunties are visiting during our vacation time!
    I have very sweet memories of my mom's parents' home!
    Jai SAI RAM!

  19. Very nice experience! You are lucky that Baba spoke to you through your step sons and told you everything will be okay and Baba willed it that you should experience being a mother from the start of life, soBaba gave you this beautiful baby girl. Baba blesses us in many ways, we should just be smart enough to see it. OM SAI RAM!

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