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Wonderful and very positive experiences are shared by a Sai sister in today’s post.

Sai Sister Arathi Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I have recently started reading this Blog. Thanks for giving all us devotees this wonderful platform to share how Baba blessed and is blessing each one of us always. Please forgive me if I have exceeded the limit mentioned to share my experience. Please feel free to edit or shorten or remove what you feel is not necessary.

I remember the day when Sai took me under His wings. Although I was ignorant and lost, but He never left my side. My father was a spiritual man and my uncle had gifted him a huge portrait of Sai that he had got from Shirdi. Baba resided in our Pooja room. After my father passed away, we moved to a new house where the pooja room was very compact to hold this huge life-size portrait of Baba. Baba somehow found His way into my room and the portrait was placed there. I was a completely lost teenager, figuring out the meaning of life and what the future holds for me, my sister and my mother. I subconsciously started visiting Sai Temple every Thursday. Although it was a mere ritual that I followed and nothing beyond it, who knew that Baba was making a path for me towards Him.

Over the years, my sister and myself both completed our studies with merit and found great jobs each. Later I got married and moved to a new City. The change and the new place made me very restless and somehow it struck me that I must bring my Sai along with me. On one trip back home I brought Baba's portrait with me. But the portrait started to fall apart and my mother-in-law, who herself is a staunch Sai devotee herself asked me to take it to a river and offer it to it. I obeyed, but I was upset with the thought that Sai does not want to be with me. I then totally forgot Him and life moved on until that moment, when I found my Sai still waiting there for me to catch up with life and blessing not just me this time, but also my husband. Baba You are great, who am I to describe Your doings. Hetal Ji, let me share with you and with all other Sai devotees how Baba has blessed me and my family at every step of our lives so far. A few years back my mother started looking for a suitable groom for me. She being a single parent took my uncle’s (her brother) help to find a match. One fine day, a call landed at my place and a gentleman spoke to my mother. He sounded very excited and told my mother that he was looking for a bride for his son and your daughter (that's me) seems to be a perfect match. My mother was surprised and puzzled but after checking all the details over a couple of days, it was decided that first both the boy and me should speak and get to know each other a little before proceeding further. I later came to know from the boy himself while talking to him on the phone that he had seen around 5-6 girls and none would fit the bill and his parents were worried about this. Since we had been speaking for a month then, his parents thought that they should visit my place to come and see us. In the nick of time the boy's friend dropped in at his place and suggested that this time only his mother must accompany him as we do not have any male member in the family. He agreed and came along with his mother. My mother liked the boy and his mother and the boy apparently liked me but I was in my own world, comfortably speaking and treating him to be one of my best buddies and not thinking of marriage at all. When the time came for them to leave, his mother called me close and asked my wish over the matter. I looked around for my mother and saw her happily talking to the boy, and for a moment, as if someone else was controlling me, I turned and said 'yes' to his mother. Yes, she is now my lovely mother-in-law and the boy my wonderful husband. No doubt Sairam was the one, who made me a part of this wonderful family. But Sai's leela is indescribable; it was not limited to that. My mother-in-law, who herself is a Sai devotee as I had mentioned earlier, came to my place praying to Baba that so far none of the alliances for her son worked out and hence if she sees Baba in the form of a photo at my place she would be assured that I was the one. Her daughter-in-law and she did indeed see Baba in the form of the portrait that I had in my room. Second Miracle: I am currently doing my Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat (9 Thursday Vrat) and last Thursday early in the morning, I had a dream, where I could clearly hear Someone say- “Keep two 1 rupee coins - One for Shraddha (Faith) and one for Saburi (Patience) and when you collect enough, buy a chadar (blanket) and give it to me”. I woke up startled and told my husband about this. We immediately decided to do so every day. We bought two 'Gullaks' (small mud piggy banks) decorated it and offer the coins as instructed. I would always search for 1 rupee coin a day before and keep it to offer the next day. I searched for all 1 rupee coins in the entire house, all purses, drawers, bags etc. One day when I realized that all coins were exhausted and I will have to borrow it from someone. I thought Baba was teasing me playfully and smiled at the thought and told Baba that if you ask me to offer the coins You make me the way to find them too and all of a sudden I opened a drawer and see a box full of 1 rupee coins in it. I was moved with Baba's Leela and Praised Him and sang His Glory. Many such divine interventions took place and are taking place once I devoted myself whole heartedly to the Holy feet of Sai Baba. I am sure although He puts us to test, but He never lets us down or leaves us alone. Although our heart is full of anxiety and anticipation and we wish to get immediate results every time we face a challenge. But those, who have faith in Him, He never lets them down. Bless us Sai and love us like you do. We are ignorant humans and go astray, please guide us and bring us back to our path of deliverance. Shri Sachchitananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!!
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  1. Such a divine experience.. Shows if you take one step towards Baba, He is approaching with 100.. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai…

  2. Thanks for sharing such a sweet experience Aarti ji. May Baba bless you and be with you and your family at all times.

    Om Sai Ram

    • Thank you so much Dear Anonymous.May Baba grace you and your family too with all his Love and blessings.

  3. Happy Baba's day to all! Aarti Ji, yours is a very nice & inspiring experience. Thanks for sharing.

    Om Sai Ram.

  4. nice experience aarthiji…thanks for sharing this with us…may alway saima bless everyone with withlove peace and harmony…LOVE YOU ALOT BABA..OM SAIRAM..

  5. Aartiji,thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with us.You are truly a blessed child of BABA.May BABA bless us all to lead a healthy and happy life.

  6. Excellently depicted. Wonderful experience. I had a smile all the while I was reading this. Thank you for sharing. I hope He graces me too in a similar way 🙂

    Jai Sairam


  8. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I certainly feel blessed to have found this platform and to have Sai Brothers and Sisters here.I would never feel lonely now.

    Thank a lot Baba, please keep my head beneath your feet and let it never rise up in pride ever. Please Bless all those who are patiently waiting for your caressing hand on their heads and heal them from their pain.

  9. such a wonderful experience. baba pls bless all of us. never leave us alone. without you we are nothing.

    jai sai ram!

  10. Wonderful experiences! It is Baba who settles the marriages for all His devotees and it was Baba who arranged for you and your now husband to be married. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Dear sai sister,
    Iam finding your experience a little similar to my case i am a boy and deeply in love with a cute innocent along with my mother once met her and her mother while travelling..some how i liked that girl very much and she was kind enough to be good and nice with me..we spent real good time with each other..her mom also was very sweet and spoke to my mom very affectionately…while leaving i helped her and her mom to get their luggage down…she placed her hand om my head and gave her blessings..but then we had to leave…i felt at that moment like someone is separating me from my most valuable thing in this world..i really felt like crying and it showed on my face..this girl then looked at me and smiled..this incident happened long time back..but still i have her smiling face in my mind..and cannot forget it..
    I really felt that my sai made me meet her and she is also a devotee of sairam…i do not understand all these things..but feel so much attached to her that i donot wish to live without her..i really felt so good by reading your story…dear sis, if you ever see my comment will you please pray for me to make her meet me in some sai..shri sai..jai jai sai..

    • Dear Sai Brother,

      My sincere apologies for not reverting back to you on time. No matter where you are and what you are doing. I will certainly pray for the well being and happiness of you and your family.

      May Sai always be with you and guide you always. May He shower His love on you.

      Warm Regards,

    • There are a couple of devotees who have said that i have depicted it nicely. I am not so capable dear brothers and sister.It is only our loving Baba who has written this Himself, cause whenever i read what i have written i myself cant believe that i could have done a job like this. I came here today to send this to one of my sister's who lives abroad and believes and loves our Lord as much. May Lord Sai bless us all and give us the strength to fight the hurdles that we face in our lives as we try and empty our pot of ill karmas from our past births.

      Om Sai Ram

      Warm Regards,

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