Sai Baba Leela & Kripa – Experience of Dhananjayan

Today’s experience is beautiful narration of grace experienced by a devotee during Kakad Arti in Shirdi.

Sai Brother Dhananjayan Ji from India says: Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am Dhananjayan living in Chennai, Tamilnadu. I am married and working as a web designer. I am a humble devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba right from my teen. Even don’t know when exactly I have become devotee of our beloved Baba. But I can very well say that it is Baba’s grace that He had brought me near to Him. For years I was worshiping Baba in my mind, but rarely did I go to His temple. Later on I got married to a very nice girl where I don’t want to disclose her name by this time. She and her respectful family are also great devotees of our beloved Baba.

Like others I too firmly believe that without Baba’s wish or order we can’t step on the holy Shirdi soil. I was waiting for such a great opportunity and like other normal humans when difficulties struck upon, I too spend the time just thinking and work upon to solve that. But nothing turned fruitful. In this meantime, I nearly forgot our Baba and began to live in vain until when suddenly one day my respectful father-in-law, who is also like another father to me told me that one of his friend advised him to take me and his daughter (i.e. my wife) to Shirdi and make us to get Darshan and blessings from our Trimurti Sai Mahadev.

So, last year September 2011, I, my wife, sister-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law went to Shirdi accompanied with my father-in-law's office colleagues and their families in train to Pune and from there in tourist bus arranged by our trip arranger whose name is also starting with Sai. Friday morning around 6:30 am, we reached Shirdi. All the way, I was praying to Sai to give us a good Darshan especially with Aarti. When my foot touched Shirdi, I have become emotional as if I have reached my destination. We got fresh-up in a good lodge arranged by our trip conductor and went for Sai Darshan in a very long queue. My heartbeat got increased as I was longing to see my creator, my father, my mother, My Sathguru Sai Baba. But we can able to see the morning Aarti only in temple TV and felt a bit depressed, but consoled myself that I was gifted at least to see it in TV. After Aarti, it took near about an hour or long to see our Baba's Darshan in person. I was happy at that moment, but there was a prick in my heart that we could not see the Darshan at the time of Aarti. We have already planned to stay in Shirdi that night and take to one more Darshan in the same evening and the next early morning next day. In evening, we came back for Darshan again for Aarti Darshan. We were lucky that our queue was nearing Him at the time of Aarti. Our family members were moving fast in the queue, but my wife got a little bit slow and I accompanied her where some other persons began to stand in between us and our family. Exactly 5:20 pm, the gate opened and our family members along with others in the queue went inside the hall, where Baba is sitting and the gate closed exactly 2 people before us (me and my wife). I scolded my wife being so late in walking and because of we could see the Aarti only in TV where our other family members can see it in person. I was praying like anything to Baba that this thing had happened. I thought I was not that much blessed and we waited in vain. But what happened later is simply unbelievable. Even now my heart melts in joy to remember that incidence. I can see my family members going near Sai and seeking His blessings in the premises TV in the queue hall. Then the most miraculous thing of my life so far has happened. Again the queue gate opened after 15 -30 mins and the time was 5:50 pm and the queue moved so fast near Baba and the previous crowd was sent out along with my family members before the Aarti. My joy knew boundless that I and my wife are going to see Sai along with Aarti. Now my wife joined in the women queue standing left side of Baba can thoroughly enjoy Baba's Darshan without any problem. But my condition was worse that standing right side of Baba in the queue can able to see only the pillar because there was 4 queues standing in the gents side at that time. I become too low that my mind is pleading to Baba that how I can see Him during Aarti. My mind kept on asking Baba keeping my eyes shut. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder as if someone shook me. I turned around to see who that was. He was standing and holding the queue bar where he can see Sainath very easily. He seemed to be a little short where his head can reach only my shoulder. One can easily identify that he was north Indian seemed to be like pandit wearing a saffron or yellow shawl with God’s name printed on that shawl. He pulled my hands near Him and asked to stand just before Him and watch the Aarti. I thanked Him a lot of times in English for His kindness as I know only Tamil and English, I can understand Hindi, but I cannot speak that. In reply he said that Bhaisaab, Mujhe Se Nai Danyawaad Bolna. Uper Se Humko Order Aaya, Danyawaad Usko Bolo (“Brother don’t say thanks to me as I was only carrying out the orders of none other than Sai, who had directed me in my mind). Even though my Hindi is bad, I can very well understand what he had told. Hearing these I got a heave shock and boundless joy at the same time. The person stood next behind me till the Aarti and we both enjoyed the Aarti along with the other Bhaktas. After the Aarti and Sai Darshan, I literally wept in happiness and said many many thanks to that pandit and asked his name. He said he is Pandit Narendra Sharma and we both came out the Samadhi Mandir. Even today, I can still freshly remember this incidence as it has happened only a couple of days before. Baba's grace is so obvious that He is caring for each and every Bhaktha as mother caring for her own child. Then how could it be possible that a mid-short person, who is only upto my shoulder stretched for me from behind and pulled me towards Him and asking me stand in front of Him and worship Sai without any hurdles during the Aarti. I can't forget that pandit in my lifetime for such kindness and nice opportunity. It's only Sai, who had communicated through that pandit showing such boundless love and mercy upon me. After getting the sacred UDI from Dhuni, I joined with my wife and other family members. On hearing the full incidence about my Darshan, they were also shocked and left in joy. I asked sorry to my wife for scolding her for her slow walking in the queue and thanked only because of her could get the Aarti Darshan with great experience even though our other family members and troop members missed out the direct Aarti Darshan. Thanking everybody for reading my long Shirdi visit narration with patience. Let me come back with my other Sai experiences in the very near future to come. So request each and everyone to have full faith on our beloved Sai Baba and wait for His grace with patience. He never un-satisfies His devotees. Only one should develop a strong faith and desire upon Sai and leave everything to Him completely and surrender to Him. Even now I have great problem, which is worse. But my heart always feels that my Sai is within and within a couple of days, my sorrows will be over and within the end of next year, all my needs will be fully satisfied by our Sai Karna Maharaj. Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai! © Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Hetalji,
    Your new calender format for Blog Archives is a very nice idea. It makes searching by date very easy. Thank you.OM SAIRAM.

  2. Sai Ram,
    Sai is always with us.. he never leaves us…. Dhananjayanji experience is very well narrated..
    i wish sai calls me to his darbar

  3. Om Sai Ram Dhananjayan Ji….your experience brought tears to my eyes….Baba called us to Shirdi this month after a long wait of 4 years and I felt such blissful experiences throughout our stay there…I have not been able to start writing about my experience as yet (which I intend to do asap)….May Baba bless you and all His devotees with such bliss always….

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Very beautiful experience Sai Brother Dhananjayanji. May Baba bless us all with such good experiences.

    Baba please make my Husband your Devotee and bless us with a blissful married life. Solve all issues and guide us always. We love you and owe you everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Dear Sai Brother Dhananjayan Ji, yours is truly an amazing experience. I was feeling like am standing before our Sai while reading your experience. Baba, please call me to your holy Shirdi. Om Sai Ram.

  6. Dear sai devotees,,,,,

    I have been called to shirdi by Baba on the first week of nov 2012,…it would my pleasure to take your prayers to shirdi and place it on the holy feet of baba.

    You'll can e-mail me on this id

    Kindly send in your prayers before 2nd nov 2012.

    Om Sai Ram,


  7. Dear Devotees,

    I want to say my little experience here, Tomorrow, as I'm doing Poolangi seva to Baba. I have given Rs.4000/- to Priest on 20th Oct 12. Before that I'm having only Rs.4,300/-. So, Rs.300/- is not enough to these 10 days. That to I have to pay Rs.350/- to my dress on 22nd Oct 12.I asked Priest, how much of amount, I have to pay. He didn't say the number, just told me your wish. In my mind, I'm feeling I have to pay total 4000 Rupees. Even I'm in crisis, without thinking anything I have given that much to Baba.

    Then I asked my Parents to deposit 1000 Ruppes in the Bank, as yesterday is a holiday. They are unable to do that. I borrowed the money 500 rupees from my friend. Today, when I'm coming to busstand, I saw an old man begging. He begged me, and asked me to give Rs.10/-, he will take the tiffin. I have given. One week back, I thought that I have to give 10 repees to a old man but it missed. So, I gave that to Baba.

    Today, I got my IT Returns, Rs.2040/-. I felt very happy as Baba helped me in time. He has given like 100 times of Rs.20/-. as he says every time that he will give 100 times of whatever we can give..

    Thank you Baba…I luv u so much, be with me forever..

  8. Nice experience thanks for sharing it.. I also wanted to share that I also got huge amount as IT returns by Baba's grace.

  9. very nice experience…thanks for sharing with us…while reading your experience i felt myself is watching aarti in samadhi mandir…om sairam..

  10. Dear devotees, I was s trong devotee of baba till a couple of years ago, but He hits me always. baba had tested me 10 years ago and I failed. he has then started punishing me and each time I pry to Him for something I get oppsite. If I do sai vrat for 9 weeks by 8th week I get some bad news and continue with additional trouble. He ishitting and hitting me for the last 18 years. I am now very very sick and lost my hard easnred career nad I never had apersonal life. I am 46 years old unmarried woman. I did saburi for many many yers that I lost all the happiness and whatever I get now does not make me happy sicne I did nt get it when I wanted. I am only denied by baba and I do not knwo why he hates me so much. My old parents who are also devotees of baba are so depressed to see me and they are dying every day because of my life. I am also alone i nthis world with people having chetaed me. I cannot belive at all becuae after doing saburi for 8-9 years hpopin thta my illness will be cured b ybaba visited shirdi so manty times 10 years ago I was trapped by some one and then cheated humiliated and disgraced and my hard work and good na,me in office is all lost. Today my career is finished and the person who did this to me has joined hands with others who troubled me and he started harssing me. I cannot blive when I thought visitng dwarakamai will sove my problems and give me happy life I was put to more tests failures and today iwant to commit suicied. I keepp raying to baba even now to gie me death but that prayer is also not answered. My intention is npot to fight with baba por talk ill about Him,.I al os loved Him till a couple of years ago but I cannot tolerate to seem ylife a disaster like this now. When I was only minding my business people mcame to me trapped me and cheated me. Now a days I am so angry with baba that even now I go to baba temple and only ask Him questions some tiome seven curse Him with anger for cheating me. My sabusri became meaningless. If we arre aasked to have saburi for years togetehr then it is meaningless. There is saying that justice delayed is justice denied and in my life I saw it was true. Now whatever I am getting makes n omeaning. All the hard work I did has all gone a waste my dreams are shattered my opprtunities have gone a waste. I cannot tolerate this and I am now lonely woman crying and crying with more depression and severe illness. Til lafew years ago ins pite of my illnessI was looking forward to my life hoping that baba will mke it alright today my life is finished. I am rold it is allm y karma but thta is not the solution to our problems neither is it giving us any peace of mind. I now have many many questions I want to ask baba but He wil not answer/For Him am just an atom and if I live or commit suicied oit does not matter. He has millions and millions of devotees anyway/ If i am angry with him take a vow that iwqll never go to Shirdi makes no difference. In fact today iwas narrating this to some one and tol d that I stopped believing in baba, within an hour I got a very bad news that is goign to hurt me for the nest few years. I went into acue depression again. If ispeak bad about baba He takes no time to hit me if I ask something He advices saburi. I do nt know why babaheates me so much!

    • om sai ram! pls keep faith and have patience. put your all problems one side and worship our sai maa with complete devotion. he is the only one can make impossible to possible. i have lot of experiences. pls be humble. baba never let you down. i dont know what is going on with you. but still i suggest always, chant his name " sai sai sai" he will surely bless you, and solve all your problems. baba pls bless her, vanish all her sins. pls baba. its your small daughter request. bless all who are in troubles. pls be with us always like a shadow. pls baba….

      jai sai ram!

    • Sai Ramji,

      Can you please let me know whether you are posting comment or sharing your experience through this link?

      Jai Sai Ramji
      Sai Ki Deewani
      Hetal Patil Rawat

  11. Dear sister,

    My Response to the Anonymous devotee who is depressed and sad.

    Jai Sai Ram, Sister I do not know your complete problem thus I cannot judge what is right and wrong to give you a suggestion. But reading your complete story, I can say that, you are now in a state of confusion and have started to blame Baba because people have deceived you. But sorry sister, let me speak!! how has Baba got any role in this? did you ask Baba prior to joining hands with the person who deceived you? why did the person at first place contact you? what were your interest in this? then what makes you feel that you are deceived? please don't get me wrong!! I am not pointing faults at you. All I am saying is that "If you really had" shraddha and shaburi and real love for Baba, there is no way your prayers would have gone wasted. You said, you did not get what you want when you needed the most, and you have it now but it doesn't make you happy. Life is always like this, we have to be contend with what we have and thank god every time we get some thing big or small. We should appreciate everything we see, because god lives in every one and every where. I know myself, I am not following this completely or even to a greater extent but I try a lot. Baba has given me what i deserved. Obviously, like you i couldn't get what I wanted but perhaps my past karmas are the reason but I have faith in Baba that Sai will not let me down and i put all my efforts to make it happen.

    living a lonely life is also not bad!! there are lot of things you can do….. we should take life as it comes and not run after something which is not meant for us.

    Sister, so for you. My only advice is, Sai can only be got with Love, with Pure Love!! sai is like a child. He do not like any one getting angry on him or trying to win him by being harsh and rude or in other ways. Sai needs only love. So, please try again!! forget what happened in past, start to meditate on Baba by saying "om sai ram" every morning 108 times. Speak to Baba like you speak to your mother and father. Tell him your problems and request Baba to rescue you. If you do this, see what changes will happen. Sai will appear and pull you out of your worries and sorrows for ever.

    Hey Allah, please save this child of your's. She needs your help!! you have created this beautiful world and it is you who can save any one. There is no power equal to you Baba, no gods will even raise their voice against you. Baba, you are the every avatar that people have seen so far. Hey Sai, the merciful one, please be kind like a mother and have mercy on this child of your's.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

  12. such a wonderful experience. baba pls bless all of us. baba pls be with me. i have complete faith on you. pls never leave me alone. without you my sai maa i am nothing.

    jai sai ram!

  13. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! The Pandit Ji was acting on Baba's behalf so you would have a nice and memorable Shirdi trip experience. Om Sai Ram!

  14. nice experience…BABA is always with us…he will definitely fulfill our wishes…we need to have strong faith and patience…OM SAI RAM…

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