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In today’s post an experience from a devotee sharing her life experiences with Lord Sai Baba is shared.

Anonymous Devotee from Finland says: Hi Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. You are doing a great and wonderful service. My day is not complete without reading devotees experiences. This is my second experience. I request you to kindly post my experience. Please keep me anonymous. Please post this experience with this photo. This is my favorite picture, which was taken in Baba’s temple in Bangalore.

Let me now go to my experience. Like everyone say I do have lot and lot of experience in fact I can call them miracles that had happened in my life. My childhood days were the best and I had in fact enjoyed to the maximum. My life turned topsy turvy (in fact my family’s) after our Dad’s dismissal. Everything in our life was changed. I hope one can understand the difficulties a family will face, when head of the family is no more. I was in my engineering first year. My elder brother was 21 years old. My younger brother was doing his 11th standard. My mom doesn’t know anything except my dad, dad and dad from the time she was married to him.

During those days, I don’t know anything about our Shirdi Sai Baba, but surprising things was that He was always with me in my room. I really don’t know how Baba’s idol came to my room and I always carry Him unknowingly wherever I have been (like I was in hostel for my eng and MBA). One thing I am very confident is that Baba’s idol should have come to my home via my dad and I would have taken it from him (I don’t remember). If I think of having Baba’s idol unknowing (I mean here is not knowing the value of Him) for so many years is like my dad had given to me knowing he will be not with me and Baba will take care of me forever in my Dad’s place. Honestly saying among everyone in my family, I was the one who always had the best of education, best standard of life etc. everything I can say. Actually, when I joined MBA way back 2004, that is when I starting believing in our Baba. Thanks to my husband, who took me to Baba’s temple. Everything changed in my life after believing Baba. End of my third semester, I got placed and also started working immediately before my project and then my husband moved to Bangalore and just like that I went for a walk-in to Bangalore for an Indian MNC and I got the offer (but it was contract).Then I got permanent in the same company and also changed my work area of my interest. I had always been very successful in my work in this organization and decided to quit after my daughter was born. Since I was looking for a flexible work environment and by Baba’s grace, I got into the company, where I really wanted to be. In fact initially one month was very difficult, but still I got a shift to the different team and also got work from home options. I truly believe that nothing would have been possible without Baba’s grace and blessings. All time I have been doing good in my career without any break from the time I started working. But I did have my bad time career wise. Otherwise yes Baba was always giving us the best. My husband had to move to out of country for his assignment and I had to quit my job in India to join him and thought after my daughter gets comfortable and she gets into the kindergarten I will look for a job. With Baba’s grace yes she also got into a kindergarten nearby to the place, where we stayed, otherwise it was very difficult to get a place in kindergarten, when mom is not working. And she loves to be there and she also got lot of friends now. Then it was time for me to search for a job and language was a big issue and I applied for all kinds of job, but they were looking for candidates, who can speak local language. Only response I received was “Sorry we will not be able to consider your resume”. This continued and I was really upset and then not able to be at home and thinking about our future and commitments we have, I was really going mad. Then I got admitted in local language course for beginners and I was little relaxed, since I was learning something. Then suddenly one day before going to sleep, I thought let me check if there are any opening and also prayed Baba that “Baba, if at all I get something, which is similar to my profile, then I will apply for it and I should get it. Otherwise I should not find anything, which matches my profile” and started searching. With Baba’s grace, I came across a requirement, which was more or less matching mine and then I thought ok let me format my resume and apply tomorrow. And then it was Thursday, I formatted my resume and then as usual after my prayer and poojas, I applied. On Friday, I got an email for telephonic interview and then it started this way. All this was only by Baba’s grace. Yes it took three months for me to get the offer letter, but still now I joined my work and it’s a full time job here for me. Every time, I was upset I used to cry, shout and do all crazy things thinking about my plight and our commitments, but finally I will tell my husband and mom “Baba will not let me down. He is there for me. He is teaching what life is and teaching me ‘Faith’ and ‘Patience’” and I will calm down. Dear devotees I would say just have “Faith” and “Patience” and believe in Baba that “He will not let us down” and for sure will get success.
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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experience. May Baba bless you and your family always.

    Baba.. i know that you will not let me down too .. please listen to me soon .. am troubled thinking of my worries daily ..and i really want to be free of worries and lead a happy life.. i want to feel assured .. please help Baba .. i can see the small positive improvements and i know all will be fine soon .. you are my father and i know you love me and my family a lot.. please keep us under your fortune-filled protection and bless us all with good health,long life, peace , prosperity and happiness. make us good people. Fill our lives with joy.

    I owe you everything Baba.. please come in our dreams and bless us soon. Love you.

    Ever grateful to you Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. This is a wonderful and blessed experience. It is a beautiful picture of Baba. Thanks for sharing…. The situation in this experience is so much similar to my current plight and consider this post as a personal blessing… Om Sai Ram, Shri Sai Ram…


  4. nice experience…BABA is there with us always…yes u r right…FAITH AND PATIENCE is very important in life…OM SAI RAM…

  5. Dear Sai Devotee, very encouraging experience. I am sorry for your dad leaving you all so soon! I pray for peace and happiness for all of you in your family.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  6. Sai Baba always helps His devotees who stick to Him and trust Him till the the end!!OM SAMARTHA SADGURU SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!

  7. Wonderful experience!!!!!


    I am so surprised at your way handling this world…
    how can u take care of each and every devotee so perfectly ?? Everyone is crying in this world for small small things…even then u do not lose your patience ….we shud imbibe this characteristic from you that u r so patient with your devotees…thanks for being so loving and merciful….

    Love u baba
    Jai sai Ram!

  8. Very nice experience. Kindly tell me where is the picture taken in bangalore. I am going through a depression phase and i am doing 9 guruvar vrat and reading sai satcharitra. Since i wasn't able to read now and i felt detached from him. So i prayed and asked my wish to baba in the website and i got the answer as Pray to lord krishna and donate food, everything will work fine automatically. Felt so relax that baba is accepting my prayers. immediately i searched for lord krishna's gayathri mantra and sree krishna astakam. Somebody please tell me where and how to donate food in bangalore…

  9. Hi this picture was taken in Baba's Temple near Kundanahalli Gate.This temple is very beautiful and very peacefull..I suggest you can goto any Baba's temple,get some food packets and you can give you people who are outside the temple or donate a meal in any orphange or even you can donate online in
    against annadhanam.

    Hope this helps.Dont worry Baba will take care of you.Just beleive him.

  10. @Krithi
    – you can donate food at shirdi sai baba temple in bangalore. You can approach say for example- sai baba temple in BTM and contact their office.

  11. Thanks Sai baba devotee and Pavan..

    Today morning i was praying baba to show me a way to donate food. When i went office i found that i got few credit points for completing 3 years and there were few items which i can buy. To my surprise i found a voucher to a trust where one meal for a person with my credits. I was so happy and immediately i availed that. Is that fine?

  12. Very beautiful experience! Baba was there all the time serving as your Father and guiding you towards the right destination. It is good that Baba finally gave you a good job after your daughter was well settled in school and showed you the meaning of Faith and Patience and Baba will be there with you in your new job so you will do very well. OM SAI RAM!

  13. Om sai ram,

    I completed my 9 thursday vrat. On 9th thursday(Nov 29th) , I prepared kesari and gave it to the temple near by my home after my pooja, then i went to sai baba temple in kundanhali and after aarti, i distributed food to people and completed my vrat. I was so peaceful on that day that baba made me to do everything. I have seen baba once in my dream while doing my vrat and he solved so many of my problems. After the vrat i have seen him twice in my dreams but he is yet to full fill my wish and he is still testing me. I promised baba that i will keep vrat on every thursday once my wish is full filled. Now i will do it anyway, since i have strong faith that he will fullfill my wish. He is around me, i can feel him but he is still testing me.

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