Today’s experience is really heart touching and still we can notice strong faith of this devotee on Lord Sai Baba and shows how she was hooked to Him, till she succeeded.

Anonymous devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, you are blessed soul by BABA by bringing all the SAI devotees and their devotion towards BABA together on this platform. May BABA shower His blessings on you and other SAI devotees. These experiences are just like moral support for all SAI devotees in tough times.

I was planning to write this experience from 1 year, but I was unable to do. But today by BABA’S grace, I am writing this. But before that I want to thank BABA from bottom of my heart for curing my sister from depression. My sister was very badly suffering from depression. It was very hard for me and my family to take care of her. And it was tough time to face all those situations. I and my family were completely out of mind, when Psychologist said she has to be admitted in hospital and treated with shock treatment.

In those tuff times, tears were not stopping from our eyes by listening all this and by seeing my sister doing all different abnormal things. My dad and my mom were very much worried seeing her daughter in this situation. Due to this many of our relatives stopped talking to us. Few people were telling that there was something on her/in her i.e. any ghost or anyone has done some black magic. Her treatment started, but we requested doctor to start her treatment only by medicines and not by shock treatment. It was very difficult for three of us to take her to hospital as she used to do all abnormal things at home, traveling and was more difficult for us at home when anyone came to our house. It was very difficult and very hard to see all this. All day and night, we were just worried about her. We took her to many Acharya’s, Maulvi to know is there really anything on her. It was good business for them. Whatever but I had complete trust that whatever it may be, but by Baba’s grace she will be cured. My sister’s education was stopped due to her depression problem. Though her medication was started, there was no change in her health. Doctor was also surprised that why she was not responding to medicines and doctor suggested us to admit her and start shock treatment. Dear SAI devotees, you will not believe that taking her to hospital was real pain for us as we were always scared by thinking what doctor would say this time. My family always used to cry seeing all this. I used to conceal my parents saying that let whatever doctor says let him do, whatever relatives and friends say let them. I have complete trust on Baba, that He is the real doctor and He can do anything. No need of shock treatment. Baba will cure her with His LEELA and by medicines itself. Always I used to pray Baba to cure her and applied UDI on her forehead. But nothing worked out. One day I felt helpless, scolded Baba and cried very badly as why Baba is not doing anything. My dad got heart attack seeing my sister’s abnormal situation. Dad was discharged in a day from hospital after treatment as he doesn’t Wanted to stay there. Looking all this, I scolded Baba and asked why He is not doing anything. Then in mind, I made myself strong and said Baba that I am not going to leave You unless You cure my sister and started going to SAI temple for 41days. I used to go SAI Mandir after coming from office around 7 and do SAI CHALISA in Mandir. Sometimes, I and my dad used to take my sister to SAI Mandir, but we were feeling very bad as she used to do all sort of abnormal things in Mandir also. I used to carry her medicines to Mandir and keep near BABA’S lotus feet and bring back with UDI and used to give these medicines to my sister with UDI in glass of water. Gradually her situation was becoming better and now by BABA’S grace its 4 years on medication and she has cured 90%. But sometimes she again gets problem and starts behaving abnormal. It used to be very difficult for my parents to handle and I used to run from office for home. I stopped having my few favourite dishes by taking oath in front of BABA, so that BABA will cure my sister completely. Still BABA has to cure her 10%. My parents and I are very much worried for her thinking about her studies, which has stopped and about her marriage that who will marry her. But I have complete trust on our beloved BABA that by His grace anything is possible. Baba, I love You. I am waiting for Your kripa drishti on my sister, me and my family. You also know that we are facing lot of problems for my marriage. Please arrange good boy and family for me as it is already late for my marriage. Also please see that our land problem resolves in the court in our favour and BABA show some miracles, so that we get projects to work so that our startup company and we can improve professionally. Sai Devotees, please pray for us. OM SAINATHAYA NAMAH
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  1. Dear sai sister,
    I was getting tears in my eyes as i am reading your devine experience and baba's amazing leelas and grace on your family. She will surely get well completely as she is baba's little child. I sincerely pray that you should get a very good husband and good inlaws who understands you and your family truly and stand by you in any times as a pillar of support by baba's grace. keep that faith unshakable and see how baba showers his grace .

  2. It is indeed a very heat touching experience and inspiring to see how you never give up on family or Baba….Very soon I hope Baba will cure your sister completely and bless your family with good a life.

    My prayers are with you.

    Om Sai Ram

  3. I have to say hats off to your patience bc seeing how many problems you were going through, it was Baba's grace that you remained sane and stable. What I don't get is why does your sister do abnormal things if she just has depression bc it sounds more than that. For some reason I feel that a change of environment will help your sister. Why can't your family go to a pilgrimage like Shridi, Shibpur or Kashi bc as it says in Guru Charitra, certain places have certain power.

  4. SAIRAM:

    SAIRAM must help you and your family. I can truly understand your situation at home. Please believe in SAIRAM. He will never ever forsake his devotees.

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    My Sincere prayers to Baba to bless your sister and cure her soon entirely. Am sure Baba will take good care of her future. He is always there for his devotees and cannot see us in pain. You are his beloved children and he has been taking care. I also support the above suggestion that you should try to go to some spiritual place like Shirdi as those places are blessed and have certain power. In case it's not possible, then too it's ok, as Baba is everywhere to take care of us.

    May Baba's blessings reach all of us always. Baba, please help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives and please be with us in every work that we do. We need you always. Make us do good deeds and help us to deserve your Grace. Love you Sainatha and many thanks for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Sainath will surely make your sister completely well…OM Sai Ram, Sai so sorry for I could not perform my daily puja today and don't know why feeling very guilty for not doing so, forgive me…Om Sai Ram

  7. SAI RAM JI,

    Dear devotee dont worry everything will be fine, just have SHRADHA and SABURI.

    Baba will take care all of us.

  8. OM SAI RAM!
    dear sister! keep faith and have some patience. keep praying baba with complete devotion. baba surely bless your sister with good health. don't worry. baba is always with us. he is just testing our patience. baba pls bless her sister with good health. solve all their problems. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  9. sainath will take care of all ur needs and he will definately cur ur sister,,,may sainath bless u with loads of sai ram

  10. Om Sai Ram,

    I truely agree with the above comments …pls pray to baba to call u to shirdi soon.i am sure he will definitely listen to you as is said no one has come empty handed from shirdi …so pls go there with ur parents and offer coconut to dwarkamai, ur marriage issues will also be solved.If it is not possible then pls offer puja to shibpur sai baba temple … for that visit the email to – [email protected]. Shibpur sai baba temple is a very powerful one .. thousands and thousands of cases got solved and am sure after offering puja there ur family will be blessed by baba.Also hats off to you patience.WHat more ca be wanted by baba from u ….u have both shradda and saburi …its enough thing for baba to listen to your prayer.also pls send ur prayer to shirdi via

  11. dear sai child really this experience bought tears in my eyes.our saima is really merciful whatever may be the problem just hold on to our saima's feet with firm faith and patience he will deffinately shower his blessings.after reading this i can understand the pain which you and your family had gone through.i want to you to contact SSRF team which is in can go through this site.this people are sincearly helping mankind with the blessings of god.please go through this site especially CASE STUDIES section.deep depression cases are solved after following the remedies suggested by them.this organisation is not greedy for money…hope it may help your sister i pray baba to give wonderful life to your sister and your family and everyone..please go throgh this links and…om sairam…

  12. sai sister please pray to shibpur saibaba temlpe if possible visit this temple with you sister.this kind of cases solved after doing pooja at shibpur saibaba can go through tis link after reading the 29th experience u will get to know how merciful our saima is and i am sure that baba will bless your sister with good health…om sairam..have faith and patience..thanks alot hetalji for giving such an nice platform to share devotees experience..may baba bless you always…OM SAIRAM

  13. Dont worry.Your sister will be alright soon.Have the same patience and wait.Nothing is impossible for our baba.He will definetly bless all his devotees.Om Sai Ram.

  14. Thank You Baba for making our family to visit your temple yesterday. I had a wonder darshan and thanks for that lovely rose flower from Lakshmi ma. Please bless us and be with us always Baba.

  15. Dear Sister,I admire seeing your strong faith in Baba.
    SAI's leelas are amazing and beyond our imagination.very happy to read your experience.Baba will surely cure your sister completely and you will be blessed with a good husband.Baba is happy to see your sradha and saburi.Thanks for sharing your's wonderful and boosting for all devotees.

  16. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister it was very sad to read your experience but really thank our deva for curing your sister. I am pretty sure that she will be cured and become normal. Do not worry, your sister will be cured" just say "Sai Sai" 108 times every day after shower.

    Baba is very powerful, no force or power can withstand even his shadow. But we just need complete faith and patience which you have very well shown it.

    I truly pray and request Baba that your sister should become normal person very soon, your father should be healthy and you get a very good life partner who is also a staunch devotee of Baba.

    Jai Jai Gurudev, Jai Jai Shri Sai Samarth, Jai Shri Pandu ranga, shri Akhalkot maharaj, shri Parabrahma, shri Parameshwara and Devi Parvathi and Devi Mahalakshmi, Shri Allah, Shri Buddha, Shri Jesus . You are in every avatar and you yourself is the seed to this universe deva. Please have mercy on this devotee and her family and bring peace to this family and to every one Sai.

    Hail Hail Maharaj, the protector of the miserable and master to the poor and the only hope to man kind Shri Sai Samarth.

    Servant of Baba
    Allah Mallik

  17. Sai Sister ji,Your immense faith in Baba will surely cure your sister completely. Baba will surely bless you and your family with loads of happiness. Om Sai Ram. Thanks for sharing it

  18. Dear SAI devotee,
    Don't worry. BABA had almost cured your sister.Keep FAITH and place all your worries to the lotus feet of BABA. HE will definitely take care of you and your family.

  19. I have no words to comment about your shradha and saburi. Baba will cure your sister soon. We will wait to hear the remaining magical part of the experience.

    May Sai bless you and your family.


  20. Dear Devotee,

    Our beloved Baba will surely bless u, ur sister n ur family…..He is always with His true devotees…

    Sai ki beti


  21. Nice experience! Don't worry, Baba will help us and helps us go through the bad karma we must endure. I am sure you and your sister will both find good husbands (it will be arranged by Baba). I will also pray to Baba to help resolve any other issues for you. It is good that after making that promise to Baba, your sister stared getting better. Om Sai Ram!

  22. Dear sai really makes our eyes wet when we read your experience and see your love for your family and sister..but you are a blessed sai daughter that he gave you all the strength to face all this..but please dont worry..if sairam cured your sister 90% he will do the rest too..nothing is impossible for our dear father..he will never leave your hand..never..but if possible please take your sister to shirdi and pray for her..or take nav guruvar vrat for your sister..i believe it will really help..
    i pray to sai to take away all the pains from your life and bless your family…om sai..shri sai..jai jai sai

  23. Baba please cure me completely baba please
    Make some things crystal clear to me
    Next time I'll work very hard and with full focus o. My dreams only and will clear
    Please cure me of thes GERD please
    Om Sai ram

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