My First Visit To Shirdi Experience – Sai Devotee Buvi

An exciting experience of a devotee in Shirdi has been shared in today’s post.

Sai Sister Buvi Ji from USA says: Dear Sai Devotees, My name is Buvi Raj and I reside in Atlanta, GA (USA). I would like to share with you all the miraculous experience, which Baba gave me during my first visit to Shirdi. Please hold on to Baba, no matter what. Please don’t take owner ship for anything “GOOD OR BAD” that happens in your life. It is for the same reason in my below experience, I purposely mentioned I/We/He and then (Sorry Baba), in many places, because we often think that we did or we achieved. No, it is Baba, who controls everything. All we have to do from our end is have firm Faith and Patience (Shraddha and Saburi) on Baba. Think of Him and meditate on Him all the time. The mind is designed to think of something, it cannot be without thinking even for a minute. So we (only through Baba’s grace), should deviate from our other thoughts and move towards Baba. Thinking of Baba’s stories and chanting His name is the best way to get Baba’s company and purify our thoughts. The happenings in our life are the results of our past karma and we should take life as it comes and leave the rest in Baba’s hand, by complete surrender to Him. The ability to take both “Pleasure and Pain” in the same way (just what Baba used to do) comes with constant practice. Always think, whatever is bestowed on us at the present moment is only for our good and be content with life, as it is. When we have firm faith in Baba, we should not have any fear or anxiety, no matter what happens. The more closely we get to Baba, the better we will realize this. Pray to Baba on behalf of everyone for the same. Baba, bless you all. Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Hetal Ji,Thank you so much for playing a great role in spreading Baba’s fame. Truly appreciate your work. I pray to Baba to inspire more people similar to you. Baba, bless you and be with you always.

Baba picked a beautiful day for me to draft “My First visit to Shirdi Experience”. Yes, today is Krishna Janmashtami –Aug 9th 2012. Baba had called me to Shirdi for the first time back in December 2011. Ever since, I wanted to share that experience with other Sai devotees and I guess I was blessed by Baba on an auspicious day as Krishna Jayanthi/ Gokul Ashtami (one of the special day’s for Baba) to compose the same. Also 9 stands for the nine types of devotion suggested by Baba and it is a Thursday as well. Thank You, Baba. “He, who calls for the visit, makes all the arrangements for the visit” was very true in our case. My hometown is in Chennai and after marriage, I came to Atlanta, GA (USA). We were planning to visit Chennai, India in 2011, and at that time I did not have the slightest thought of visiting Shirdi. But sometime around October of 2011, after finishing the rituals for Baba’s Punyathithi in our local Sai Temple here in Suwanee, GA, it was Baba, who had invited me to Shirdi, when a thought about visiting Shirdi arose within me. Immediately, He started to make the arrangements, we made bookings with a local tourist company (Vasantkamal Tours), since Baba made the arrangements needless to say we got a very comfortable /all inclusive package, which took care of our travel, stay, meals, anytime transportation from hotel to temple for Darshan etc. Baba made sure that even our slightest desires were fulfilled. Thanks to the motherly care and affection of our dear Sai.

Before I start explaining the actual miracles I experienced in my Shirdi Trip, I would like to share how Baba came into my life. Baba already plans everything for us well ahead, but we ignorant souls realize His Leelas only later. Most of my childhood days (before Kindergarden) were spent with my Grand Parents. I was attached with my Grandparents especially to my Granddad and used to spend more time with him. It looks like during those days, he has taken me to one the followers of Shirdi Sai Baba, (who was a saint as well) and he bit an apple and gave it to me for eating as prasad. My Granddad used to remind me about the same, at least once every time he sees me. He will say the only reason you are excelling in your studies is because Baba’s follower gave you that apple and you ate it. So you are blessed and he will assure me that I will have a good future because I have Baba’s blessings and grace. I used to take it very lightly and only used to make fun of my Granddad saying that he has been repeating the same thing several times. Nevertheless my Granddad did not cease from reminding me about Baba. My granddad just passed away recently, right during the time of Baba’s PunyaThithi. He was constantly reading Baba’s bhajans and prayers even during his last days. Baba, be with him always and may his Soul rest in peace and unite with Baba. In late 2009, through some of my friends I went to Baba bhajans and temple here in GA. I used to get lower back pain after my first delivery and used to suffer a lot every month. Once I was in that condition and went to Baba temple and looked at Baba and asked if he can bring a solution to this problem and ever since my sufferings ended, even if I get it these days it is very occasional and mild. This is the first seed of “Faith” Baba planted in me and it has only grown deeper ever since. My life has completely changed for good since 2009. I used to visit Baba temple occasionally, after this incident I started going every month, and gradually Baba drew me to a point, where monthly visits transformed to semi - monthly and then into weekly, since 2011. Baba calls me now every week and I spend minimum 2-3 hours in meditation and joining in Baba’s Aarti, enjoying Baba’s presence, the experience I get every week is divine, by Baba’s grace. During special holiday times, I try to spend a day with Baba in the temple, a simple way to thank Baba for His kindness. Also the most important gift Baba gave me in 2009 is the “Sai Satcharitra”. Again, my progress started slowly. It took me months to finish my first reading, and then I realized that my soul is attached to that book. Through Baba’s grace, I started doing continuous reading after that and since 2009 up until now finished it 18 times and started my 19th reading, last month. I made it (Sorry Baba made it a point to make me) cover a chapter during work days and during weekends and holidays more chapters so I can cover more. Baba helps me to meditate on the stories from the Sai Satcharitra and stay connected with Him through the same. As per His advice I continue with my worldly duties, but give my heart to Baba’s stories and chanting His name. Complete surrender to the Sadhguru and singing His glory and assimilating His stories in the heart where He stays is the best Dakshina for Him and is the easiest way to cross this mundane existence of human life, peacefully. I should say Baba has been very generous with His grace in making such a rapid spiritual progress in my life and drawing me much closer to Him within a short span of time. Not only me, He has drawn my family members as well. I also completed the 9 weeks Sai Vrath beginning of this year , I had been putting it off for quite some time and again Baba himself made it happen. Once I was about to begin my meditation in the temple, I noticed someone had placed a copy of the Sai Vrath story in front of Baba’s photo. Something within me kept reminding about the same and I could not concentrate on the meditation. I thought Baba was trying to tell me something, I followed Kakasaheb Dixit’s policy of casting lots in front of Baba, when in doubt. One note had “Start now”, one note had “Start later /After 6 months”, when I picked one, the “Start now” note came. As per Baba’s wish, I completed the Vrat. Since feeding the poor is very important for Baba, I was thinking how to execute the same. One day while I was in the temple, I came to know that they were going to conduct some upcoming “Feed the Hungry”, charity programs and wanted volunteers to help the program. I was glad to accept the same and coordinated couple of charity food events, again through Baba’s grace. I saw Baba, through the happiness and contentment in the eyes of those poor people, when we provided them with a nice, hot meal. There are countless miracles that I am experiencing since my attachment to Baba. Baba has used me as an instrument to share my experience with my family members, friends and relatives and has drawn them all closer to Him as well. I am really honored and thankful to Baba to be a part of it. Coming back to my Shirdi Experience, our stay was for three days in Shirdi. We took an early morning flight from Chennai to Pune and reached Shirdi in the afternoon. My husband and son wanted to take rest (jet lag due to travel from Atlanta to Chennai –just the previous week). I was tired too, but I could not wait to take the first Darshan of Baba. So I left them in the room and went alone (I did not fear about going alone as Baba is there with me), everything went smooth, transportation was there from hotel to the temple (which was only a short distance), I purchased all Pooja items and shawl for Baba and stood in line for Darshan. Since it was holiday season in December, the temple was crowded. I was a bit overwhelmed with the crowd pushing back and forth. Suddenly as I was stepping into the Samadhi Temple, I noticed a middle aged man dressed in white behind me. He was so nice to me and for unknown reason he was escorting me and asking others not to push throughout the Darshan. I remember, he was talking in Hindi and was very cheerful. He said looking at the golden pillars before Baba “Dekho Didi, Poora Sona hai” (Look Sister – This is fully made of gold) and he said “Look how beautiful Baba looks”. It seemed as though Baba came in His form and was gladly making my first visit/Darshan a great experience. Usually Baba’s Samadhi in front of Baba’s statue will be closed with glass gates, only very few times it is open, when we can touch the Samadhi and do Namaskar. Baba allowed me to touch His Samadhi as it was my first visit, not only touch I requested the priest to keep the Pooja items and not to take them out quickly and so and he kept all my Pooja items in His Samadhi until I finished my Namaskar. I bent down and did Namaskar. As soon as I bent down and placed my head on Baba’s Samadhi, tears of joy started rolling down my eyes and I started to cry, the priest seeing my condition did not ask to me to go, he (Sorry Baba), allowed me to stay for some time, even though it was highly crowded. Blessed are those precious moments! Once again thank You Baba and for the everlasting blissful memory of Your first Darshan. The important part comes now. Before our Shirdi trip, we had gone to visit one of our relatives and they (again by Baba’s grace) informed that for NRI’s they give Darshan pass in PRO office if we provide passport and we don’t have to stand in long queue. So the next day (Wednesday), when I took my husband and son they gave the pass and we had good Darshan and in fact we were allowed for Noon Aarti. Initially the PRO personnel objected to send us for Aarti. They said for only Darshan pass, but since I requested they gave Aarti pass reluctantly. At that time, I also told them that tomorrow being Thursday (Special day for Baba) I mainly wanted to go for Kakad (Morning) Aarti and wanted pass for the same. They asked me to come in the evening and will surely give, as they only issue passes few hours before the Aarti. So I went in the evening as per their advice and requested for the Morning Aarti pass, they said being Christmas holiday time, they are expecting a huge turnaround and they have special VIP reservations as well and so they will not be able to issue any passes for the whole day on Thursday and that their offices is going to be closed. I felt very sad, they mentioned if I needed, can talk to their manager. So as a last resort I spoke to their manager. I was literally in tears and explained that I am a NRI and I will not get this opportunity often and to kindly help me, tomorrow being a special day for Baba, I want to go for at least one Aarti it can be Morning, Afternoon or Evening, but he said he could not do much. So I came back to the hotel and went to sleep feeling unhappy. I did not plan much for the next day and hence did not even set a wakeup call. Baba’s miracle begins here. Will He let His child leave Shirdi unhappy? Certainly, not. As I mentioned earlier my son and husband were still having their jet lag and so they were not having a regular sleep routine. So, my son wakes me up around 2.30 am. He usually puts me in his lap and makes me go to sleep and pretends to be the mommy, so he did the same thing and I felt someone gently tapping my head. In other words Baba (My Mom, Dad and Guru) was waking me up through my son. I still did not feel like waking up, with closed eyes I asked my husband what time it was, he said 2.30 am. Something within me told that Baba is calling me. So I immediately woke up, I thought I will take a chance by standing in line and going for Morning Aarti. So I just called the hotel folks to arrange for transportation to the temple, they said the driver will be ready shortly and even without me asking they sent hot water upstairs for bath (as the heater system works in the hotel only during regular hours). I got ready quickly and the driver dropped me at the temple. I was heading towards the Darshan queue for Morning Aarti. Even if we stand in line, there is no guarantee that we will be allowed for the morning Aarti but I thought I will at least try. Suddenly, a boy whom I had seen the previous day, he was standing by one of the shops and was talking to me when I was buying the pooja items the previous day. He came to me and said that one of his friends can help me with the pass for morning Aarti. I asked him if he can really help, otherwise I can at least stand in line and take a chance. He said he can surely help, he sent me with another family who possibly can get the VIP pass through some earlier reservation. Even before few minutes before the Aarti can begin I was not sure if the family was going to get the pass, their name was called at the very end and the pass was given. There were lots of people behind us who had similar reservations but were not allowed. My joy knew no bounds when I went inside because we got the spot very close to Baba, right in the front. Even if I got the NRI pass I was not sure if I would have been that close. I should say that this pass was specially arranged by Baba for me. Again with tears of joy throughout the Aarti, I thanked Baba to my heart’s content, for His kind and generous invitation/arrangement. The same day (Thursday), I thought I will try again for afternoon Aarti in the PRO office since I had my husband and son joining me. It is again through Baba’s miracle, in spite of all the resistance shown the previous day, they gave the Aarti pass. Usually the NRI devotees who are going for Aarti are seated separately and about 10-15 minutes before Aarti time they are allowed to go inside. Since it was around 11.40 am and I did not see any devotees being seated separately for noon Aarti, I thought they are already allowing the devotees inside for Aarti. When we gave the pass to the security guard, not sure whether he noticed that it was Aarti pass, he sent us for Darshan and he also kept the pass with him, when we went inside they said it was only for Darshan and they asked us to leave, I again told the security guard inside that the PRO office had given us the Aarti pass, but they wanted to see a copy of the pass, then I realized that the security guard did not give the pass back to me. They said I have to talk to the PRO office again, there was only 15 minutes left for the Aarti, I quickly ran to the PRO office and it was closed already. I went back to the security guard and told him to check the pass I gave him, but he was not willing to listen or allow us. I prayed to Baba again, there was another officer whom I had spoken to earlier the previous day for doing Baba Pooja, he was at a different office where they issue Abhishekam/Pooja tickets. I went and requested him to talk to the security guard, he was dressed in white and white that day and even though he was busy attending to other devotees , he looked at me in my eyes for a minute, it seemed as though Baba was looking at me. Not sure what went in his mind to my surprise, he left his counter/office and came straight to the security guard and asked him to allow us inside for Aarti. This is how Baba helped us again. We went on time and joined the afternoon Aarti as well. Since it was our last day and we were leaving the next day, I had got some more Prasad for family and friends and wanted to offer the same to Baba first. So I went around 3 PM again for Darshan, had good Darshan and offered the Prasad (Peda Sweets) and since it was not peak time, I was able to stand for a while and then sit in the space in front of Baba (the pathway in between the two lines for Darshan). While I was standing and taking Darshan with the Peda Sweets offered to Baba in my hand, an old man and his daughter were also standing next to me. The old man looked at the sweets and asked me with a nice smile, if he can taste some. I thought that Baba himself came in his form, I gladly gave him some. He enjoyed eating it, right there in front of Baba in the Temple. Usually the security guards are at the back of the devotees asking to exit quickly, but none of them came to us while all this was going on. The old man then came to me and asked me where I was coming from, he also said the sweet was very good and asked me where I got it from, I gave him some more and he happily accepted and went. For evening Aarti, I thought I will try my luck again, since I was the only person attending. So I went to the PRO office again, by now all the people working there knew me well, since I have taken turns in getting the passes from all the officers. The counter, which was free, when my turn came, again was the same officer, who issued the afternoon Aarti pass for me. He asked me “Didn’t you get the afternoon Aarti pass already, if all the passes are given to you how about others?” I know I was being selfish here but since it was my last day, travelling all the way from USA, not sure when Baba will call me again, so I requested him just for one evening Aarti pass only, no doubts he was mad at me, he gave me the pass and told this will be the final one. It was very crowded that evening, I could hardly breathe, but Baba again allowed me and I got a spot pretty close, right in the front. When I was walking back to my hotel room, I was thinking, how Baba changed everything for good. I was thinking based on what the PRO office manager said the previous day, that seeing Aarti is going to be very difficult on Thursday. But, Baba was very generous and gave me a pleasant surprise by allowing me for all three Aartis on the very same day. It is certainly a special and memorable day in my life and Baba left me speechless by His grace. The next day Friday we were vacating our room, I thought since I already got all the Aarti passes , I was sure the PRO office will not give us any more passes for Aarti on Friday, so I had no plans of going to the temple and since we had to go on time to board our flight , I was not sure if we will have time to stand in line for Darshan, but suddenly a thought arose , how about getting Darshan pass?, I remember them mentioning that they can give Darshan pass without any issue. So, Baba wanted me to come again and looks like he had a parting gift for me. (Baba is always with me/us, there is no parting from Him internally, probably I should say parting gift for me physically leaving Shirdi). So we got the Darshan pass, after the Darshan, I had no heart to physically leave the Temple and Baba. So, with heavy heart, I was just stepping out, when the priest called me and gave me an “Eclairs Chocolate” in my hand. It looked like Baba was asking me to go happily. I recollected the saying in Sai Satcharitra “Everything about Baba is sweet, His life, teachings etc”. So, it looked like He wanted to pass on the same sweetness to me as a parting gift. Thank You Babaji, for all that You have showered on me. Love you so much!
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  1. What a wonderfully drafted experience Buvi ji…Baba never blessed me with a Shirdi experience after I was just 3 years old….With tears of joy rolling down my eyes, I virtually felt like I was there in Shirdi now. I pray to Baba to bless me with a visit soon too. Your experience is really inspiring. May Baba always bless you & your family and continue to make you inspire others.

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Buvi. Rightly said, Baba will always protect his children just as a Cow is always ready to nurse his little calf.

    Very Good Experience and wish you good luck and success.

    Jai Jai Gurudev, Jai Jai Parabrahma shri Sai Samarth.

    Servant of Baba
    Allah Mallik.

  3. Din want this experience to end..what a passion and love buvi ji..really u ve given so much meaningful msgs to all sai soulfully written..SADHGURU SAI MAHARAJ KI JAI..SADHGURU SAI NAMO NAMAHA..

  4. Like other anon person said, it looks like you have so much passion and love for baba buvji, even those are not so easy to get unless you did some good karma in your past life. like you said, i feel baba wants us to remember him while doing our duty as a father, wife or a mother. the best gift we can give him is not just doing poojas or vratas but to raise our children as good human beings with devotion towards Baba.

  5. Jai Sai Ram, Excellent experience. While reading your experience I was recollecting my Shirdi trip. I am following Baba since 2011. I started reading experiences in this site only from May 2012. I have a doubt.
    Kindly any devotee can clarify this.
    "How devotees are saying Baba called me to Shirdi, Baba instructed me to do this, to do that." Is that devotees mean thought coming in mind about Shirdi Sai Baba is instructed by him or what. We get some good thoughts, bad thoughts (like scolding people who are troubling us without reason) in our mind. Nothing is done by us if we think, then Baba can't give bad thoughts in our mind. Reason may be anything for that bad thought.

    I am confused on these matters. Kindly please clarify, so that I can realize what Baba is instructing all Sai Devotees.

  6. Jai Sai Ram,Wonderfull experiences buvi ji,Thanks for sharing it ..How mercifull baba to you,While i am reading your experiences tears are rolled out from my eyes

  7. Sai Ram,
    Excellent experience Bhuviji, very well drafted…
    I really wish Baba calls me to shirdi with my mom and husband…
    it may be a challenge for him.. but when i hear frm others i feel nothing can happen with out Baba … so i have faith he will surely call me…
    wanted to keep reading ur experience… wonderfull one… ;):)

  8. our baba is really great.. he will never allow his devotees to be sad….. if we have full faith on him…. baba now i can understand you very well baba…. but you" ve to give me an opportunity to visit shirdi with my family members… really you are blessed one..Thatsy baba has made you to visit more times… baba i want to ask you lot of sorry for my mistakes in my life… forgive me baba….

    You are a blessed child of baba.. Dear baba you know how im suffering please help me to come out of my situation and lead a happy life with my parents and in laws. Bless me, my family and everyone baba.

  10. Very nice, faith boosting & inspiring experience Bhuvi Ji. Thanks for sharing. tears were rolling down from my eyes while reading your experience. You are truly a blessed soul of baba. Om Sai Ram.

  11. very wonderful experience…very well merciful our saima is…he is always there for his children….may our saima bless everyone with love peace and good health…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU ALOT BABA….

  12. Jai Sai RAM Buvi ji, First of all, I was surprised to ready you are from Atlanta….I kept on reading…more surprised you are near Suwanee, GA ! I am so very happy to learn this fact as I would surely want to see you when I visit my son who lives in Duluth, very close to Suwanee. Would you please send me your e-mail address so that I can let you know when I would be visiting and see you there. My e-mail address is
    What you have mentioned in the beginning of your article is so very heart touching. I believe in the same and am so happy you put my thoughts in words here. Your visit to Shirdi is also very self-explanatory and satisfying to read.
    I have read in Sai Satcharitra that one who has climbed the steps of BABA's masjid , all his needs are taken care of, even without asking. I just came to know some time ago from my mom that my father had been to Shirdi when he went for his cancer related health check up to Mumbai.
    We all were living in Mumbai in a joint family, my grand pa, my grand ma, 3 uncles – 2 married and one was studying medicine, 1 unmarried auntie (Foi) and we all siblings…in the same flat (4 huge rooms and equally large two lobbies along sides of those rooms) that my father could acquire being in a Government job. Due to Maharashtra- Gujarat partition, my father had to move to Gujarat and upon his request to let the remaining family live in the same flat, which was approved by the than Government housing authority, releasing that flat from Government possession.
    Well, we moved there in 1960 and by 1964 my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a real shock to the family. And my father died in 1965. My mother who always burdened with household work in the joint family, never had a chance to open up her heart and we kids were too young too! But a few years back she visited me in Sierra Vista for almost a month, she talked a lot about how she misses my father,( she was just 37 years when my father died and now she is 86!) , though never had mentioned even once before! I really felt lucky to have such a conversation that satisfied me and her talking about her past days that I was not aware of. At that time she mentioned that my father HAD BEEN to Shirdi along with his younger brother and my mom was upset at that time that he visited without her being with him,(she too wanted to go to Shirdi but she was at Ahmedabad with kids at that time!).
    Now, when I look back all these years, I wonder how BABA has taken care of all of us , my mom and all of us 5 siblings, the best way one could think of! That makes me think, hummmmmmmmmm…that's THE REASON, with BABA's GRACE, WE in my father's family got so nicely taken care of by my grandpa, Grand MA and other family members as well as my Naanaa and Naani's family too took good care of us.
    WE are blessed. Just praying BABA to help me be a good loving caring person.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful views about BABA and your devotion towards HIM.
    Jai SAI RAM.

  13. om sai ram

    i am blessed by my guru,mother,father,brother,friend who is sai baba to read this sai miracle

    reading it brought tears in my eyes again and again

    jai sai baba jai sai maa

  14. Sairam,
    Thanks so much for all the valuable comments. All credit goes to our beloved Baba in helping me write this blog.
    As a devotee mentioned, it is certainly my past good Karma that has enabled me to develop so much love and passion towards our Sai Ma. In fact it is Baba who is drawing me closer to him on a daily basis and my efforts are nil.
    My sincere prayers to all Sai devotees who are aspiring to go to Shiridi that “Baba will call you soon”. The more interest and devotion you develop the closer that day would get.
    To answer one of the devotees question regarding good and bad thoughts, when we completely surrender ourselves to Baba then we should strongly believe that whatever we do/think it is controlled by Baba . So please don’t take credit for any good things you do as well as don’t worry about the bad thoughts/deeds. It is the special characteristic of Baba to suppress all the negative thoughts and encourage positive thoughts. When we start realizing we are having too many negative thoughts, that itself is a good sign. We are all humans and inclined to commit mistakes, through Baba’s grace we can slowly reduce the same and attain peace and calmness. When the mind is peaceful and calm always then it will only lead to good actions and thoughts. If at all we commit a mistake or have a bad thought then please make a small prayer to baba admitting your mistake and to help avoid such mistakes/thoughts in the future. Please keep in mind we have to be patient enough with our prayers and be faithful and might have to make several requests because it may/may not happen immediately. The results are based on our past karma. We only need to wash our sins away by constantly remembering Baba and purifying our thoughts.
    As Baba mentions in Sai Charithra we have to break the wall of difference between Baba and us. It is Baba’s special characteristic to transform his Bhaktas (if we truly attach ourselves to Baba) into him.

  15. How do we get closer to Baba? There are several ways. First when we are free from emotions such as Greed, Anger, Jealousy, Fear, Desire then we are one with Baba. I can feel his presence strongly in me whenever I am free of those feelings. Meditation on Baba and thinking of him always is the only way. It comes with gradual practice, early morning right after you wake up is the best time. If you can sit and meditate by chanting his name or thinking of the stories from Charithra for a few minutes in front of baba then the positivity will stick with you for the whole day. Continue doing your worldly duties but remember Baba always either by singing/listening baba bhajans, if you work during the day you can do the same silently (singing internally similar to a thought), chanting baba’s name etc. You have to be ever conscious about your thoughts, as Baba mentioned “Make me the sole object of your thoughts and actions and you will no doubt attain ParaBrahma”. I started a couple of years ago lets me try for 30 minutes , then it became 2 hours, and kept adding on and now most of my thoughts are about Baba.
    I do work during the day and practice the above mentioned methods, if I start stressing about work/decisions I have to make then immediately I realize that I have to seek Baba’s advise and then I look at his picture and he guides me in the right direction. In fact I cannot concentrate with work if I am not chanting his name internally on the background, then I know he is with me and things move smoothly. Baba gives me a lot of positive energy through this process.
    It only comes first through Baba’s grace and practice. Also depends on whether or not we have unconditional love towards Baba irrespective of the fact we are facing good/bad phase in life. As per Baba good/bad is all the same. There are certain rituals I do for baba without fail on a daily basis (even though baba does not expect it from us), he only wants us to remember him. I do very simple/small things without fail, lighting lamps and offering Prasad (almonds and sugar) in the morning, read blog before I start work, read one chapter form charithra every day (cover more chapters on the weekend), I feed Baba first before I eat my meals, without fail visit Sai temple once a week and spend 2-3 hours with Baba (attend Arati and do meditation). Once Baba has entered our life then he lives with us , so just like how we eat and breath, thinking of Baba should be something we practice minute by minute. After you start practicing this , then you will start feeling uncomfortable If you are not thinking of Baba, it will slowly become like breathing process. Then you will start feeling bliss and start living life the way Baba wants us to.

  16. The minute you stop thinking of Baba, Maya in the form of “Fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy” will overtake you and start threatening you. It is a constant choice between Baba vs other worldy enjoyments , if we give importance to worldly enjoyments it will feel pleasant at first but it is only temporary . But when we go closer to Baba the experience he gives us cannot be explained in words.
    Believe it or not, Baba has transferred some of his omniscience nature to me, he gives a flash of the exact words I am going to read from the Charithra and he has amazed me several times with the same.
    Saturday I usually go to Sai temple , when I was wearing the pink salwar, I thought Baba is also going to wear the same color today, I went to the temple and wonder of wonders Baba gave me a big surprise he was wearing the exact same color, I was speechless with tears of joy.
    Baba is saying there is no difference between you and me we are the same, you are born to continue my deeds and give peace to other souls who are suffering and I am going to do this till my last breath and help the miserable and needy as much as I can.
    My prayer to Baba – Not sure if my past Karmas are balanced in this life and if I will attain Mukthi and come to your lotus feet, if at all I am going to have another life then please come to me at an earlier age as I had to wait for 33 years in this life.
    Baba please help all the Sai Bhaktas to come closer to you on a daily basis and give a new meaningful life to everyone just as how you had blessed me.
    Me and Meeraji already connected via email, it is amazing how Baba brings his Bhaktas closer to each other and hopefully will me meeting soon.
    Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  17. Dear Buvi ji,
    Yes, I am still wondering how nice it would be to meet you when I visit my elder son and his family in Atlanta GA. I am really facing a tough time as my right shoulder is bothering me since almost a year and a half. Various meeting with doctors and several procedures are applied, none worked and even yesterday had an appointment with a new Shoulder Specialist. I was having a great hope he would recommend shoulder surgery, instead he gave a cortisone shot and wants me to go for my neck MRI. I am really frustrated as not knowing when my shoulder would be cured.
    Praying BABA to bring solution to my shoulder issue so that I can do my duties/jobs that BABA may have designed for me.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  18. Dear Sairam,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and great experience with all of us , even in comments you made it through and educated all devotees by sharing the knowledge which BABA has given you . BABA will ever leave us down at any cost , in fact because of your guidance I started reading Sai Charithra and became Staunch devotee of SAI and getting closer to him day by day , I have seen many changes in my life before being with BABA and after surrendering myself to BABA 🙂 .My heart is filled with joy when I am with BABA , Thanks for all your support and blessing BABA.
    Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai:-)

  19. Dear Meera,

    pl Do not worry , when "BABA is HERE Y U FEAR" All your shoulder problem would be rectified soon without any surgery . BABA will surely do that for you ,Let me add my prayers for you.

    Jai SAIRAM 🙂

  20. Dear Senthil ji, I value your feelings and I think your prayer has already started working for me. Last time i.e. in the month of May, another surgeon-doctor had given the cortisone injection but it did not work that much, but this time it seems have done the work and I can do the shoulder muscle stretch exercises. Though it is very painful, but I can do the stretches. During all this period of time, after that 1st cortisone, phy. therapy failed, than another doctor performed MUA (Manipulation under anaesthesia) but I could not take advantage of all 31 therapy sessions and I was having severe nerve pain which was not there before MUA procedure! So another MRI is done and now the doctor does not want to do shoulder surgery until the nerve pain is taken care of.
    I hope the neck MRI does not show damage that needs nerve surgery and the shoulder also gets back to normal with my exercises.
    Thanks for your soothing words and your prayer.
    Jai Sai RAM.

    • Dear Meera Ji,
      I am happy and Glad to know that your problem is getting solved day by day , it is all miracle of SAIRAM 🙂 He will ever leave his children alone at any cost 🙂 Pl have some UDI mixed in water and drink the same once a Day which will surely give you good remedies 🙂

      I wish and pray for you to get well soon 🙂

      JAI SAIRAM 🙂

  21. Sairam Senthil..Thanks so much for your comment and gald to know that Baba is bringing you closer. My hearty wishes and prayers for the same.

    Meeraji already prayed to Baba for your speedy recovery. Baba be with you and bless you always.

    OM Sai Namo Namaha Sree Sai Namo Namaha Jai Jai Sai Namo Namaha Sadhguru Sai Namo Namaha.

  22. Sairam meera ji I will also pray for you. Thank you Sai Baba for making me complete my vrat yesterday. Actually after delivery my periods has become so very irregular and I was advised to take medicines every month to make it regular. I normally get my period after two days stoping my pills. This month also I did the same but I dint get mine. I was due last saturday, but dint get any. I was worried and expecting it everyday. Yesterday being Thursday and last week for my 9-week vrat and also I was going to temple for the last 2 weeks to give tobacco and oil to Baba and this being the third week I was worried a bit. I thought maybe it was Baba's wish to complete my vrat and then I will get my periods. So I did pooja and due to busy work at home I went to temple by 8.15 p.m. and gave Baba tobacco and oil and Baba gave a big beautiful mala to my kid. I was all happy and in tears. Last night I got my periods also which never happen when you are on pills. I sincerely thank my Baba for making me complete the pooja and going to temple and accepting my prayer and also for the beautiful gift He gave for my kid. Thank You so much Baba. Please be with us and always bless everyone. Love You Baba.

  23. Dear Meera ji why don't you try alternate medicine simultaneously. Pranic healing is a good one for these sort of ailments. I personally went thro a bad phase and was cured by this pranic healing. Search in your place whether any such center is there or you can a distant healing from healers in India. Take care and may Baba cure you soon.


  24. Dear Gayathri hi, Sai devotee Anonymous ji and all who pray for my shoulder pain recovery, thanks to you all for being with me in my suffering and wishing me relief. It feels so good that I am not alone!
    Gayathri ji, I don't know such Pranic healer is available here in sierra Vista. My husband does Yoga and meditation and he will help me find such solution if at all available here. Thanks for the suggestion.
    When we are through with the problem, we realize that BABA was with us all the time, but while we are suffering, even though we know this fact, we become restless to find cure for the problem!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  25. Dear Sai devotees, all who are praying for me, thanks so much. I must say, prayers are working for me, of course I had this cortisone shot too! But my pain in shoulder that was bothering me even if I don't do anything, it was hurting constantly and my mind was swirling around thoughts of my pain only. But now I do not feel pain, though my use or arm above shoulder level is still same, very restricted movements, can not comb my hair with right hand and like wise. But not feeling pain all the time is also a very great relief to me! Thanks to you all.
    My neck MRI also shows little bit of shrinked cartilage but that has nothing to do with causing nerve pain. It will take it's own time to heal, so that is also a great relief that no surgery for neck pain is needed. I am happy BABA is testing me and also showing me that HE is there for me!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  26. Wow very nice experience…feeling like i was also there ……thank you so much …
    baba bless u with more shirdi visits …
    om sai ram

  27. What a wonderfully drafted experience Buvi ji…Baba never blessed me with a Shirdi experience after I was just 3 years old….With tears of joy rolling down my eyes, I virtually felt like I was there in Shirdi now. I pray to Baba to bless me with a visit soon too. Your experience is really inspiring. May Baba always bless you & your family and continue to make you inspire others.

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