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In today’s post a devotee shares her few heart throbbing experiences she witnessed with Lord Sai Baba.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please don’t disclose my name and mail id. Please edit below experience if you feel necessary. I prayed to Sai guru that if my son got admission for MBA in a suitable college in Merit, I will write my experience in this blog next day. My son Got admission in good college in Merit. Thank You Sai Guru. Koti Koti Pranam Guru. My English is not good so please do the necessary corrections.

I know Sai’s experiences from around 35 years. But I was discontinued in between because of some reasons. I know Sai miracle and knowing Him from around 12 years of age. That time, I knew Him and called Him as Guru, but I didn’t know its seriousness or meaning of guru.

First Experience:

At the age of 24, I got so many proposals, but nothing got fixed. Some or other reason, it went away. That time one Sai devotee, who was doing Sai Pooja, contacted us and asked about my marriage to my parents. From this uncle only, we knew about Sai Maa. At his house, there is a small temple of Sai guru. We prayed there since I was 12 years old. He told about the problems of my life and asked to do Swayambhara Pooja to God Shiva. In that Sai Mandir, that uncle had made that Pooja. And immediately my marriage got fixed with a central Government employee in Pune. My husband is a Sai devotee. So I realized that it is the miracle of Sai guru.

After marriage, I got pregnant and I prayed to my guru that I should get a smart baby boy. My husband and his family wanted a baby girl because in their family all are boys. From those 10 months, I realized that my husband’s family people are very good, but their financial stand is very poor. My husband never thinks about tomorrow. Otherwise he is very good person. So I felt very bad. I gave birth to a boy. I am very happy to saw my son and he is very cute. I went to Sai guru to show my son and he asked me to surrender him on Sai's feet and promise Him to grow him as Sai devotee. I did that. After that in our custom, on Vijay Dashmi day, first writing of a child starts at the age of 3. I did that in the Sai Guru Mandir with Sai devotee. My son was brilliant, but after some years, he was very poor in his studies. I bought a house with my parent’s help, but we have lot of financial problems. My husband drinks almost every day. Some family issues came because of this. I was much tensed for around 15 years. At home there is no peace of mind, my son became rude and was not studying properly. He failed in his 9th std. I thought of suicide so many times. Then I thought if I am not there, who will take care of my son and husband. Both will become worst. So I became a disbeliever of all Gods including Sai guru. Every relative criticized me for husband and my son's behavior and family problems. My husband never bothered about his son's studies. When he reached 10th std, I again prayed to God for a good result. He is so much capable, but every evening my husband drinks and at home and there is no peace of mind. So son cannot study and he becomes rude and does not hear me. Somehow he passed 10th with first class with the grace of all the Gods. 11th and 12th std, my son didn't study. He played computer games and did not attend college properly. I wrote his books to complete and submit it at college. He said I will fail no expectation for me. But I prayed to all God and at the result day, I expected him as a failure student. He called up and said I passed. My happiness was up to sky. I thanked for all the Gods. From That time, I again started praying to Sai Baba. In between also, I went to Shirdi, but I did not fully believe Him.

Second Experience:

My husband got promotion and we bought a new car. We decided to go to Shirdi. In between, I believed in Ganpati a lot. Every day, I started going to Ganpati Mandir near my house. Whenever I was having tension, I offered a coconut to Ganpati and it got solved. On that Saturday, we planned to go to Shirdi and I offered a coconut to Ganpati for smooth drive to Shirdi. I kept my vehicle with my purse outside the gate of Mandir and I went inside with a coconut in my hand. There I saw a man from back praying to Ganpati with a new branded shirt and pant at age of around 70. I crossed him and kept coconut to Ganpati and prostrated before Him. Immediately that person came to me and told me that you are going somewhere. You will suffer a lot in this journey, but nothing will happen to you and family. I am a Sai devotee. He gave some money for Shirdi poor people to give food. At that time, I didn't have money in my hand and in purse also 500 note was there. I had to go to office, so I didn't have time also. He came again to me and repeated it again. Then I told him that I am going to Shirdi and I planned to give it there. So I left the place. I reached office and told this to my friend and went back home and told to my husband and my son. At 2'o clock, we left for Shirdi. In evening, we reached Shani Shignapur and did Shani pooja and gave lot of people small amount of money. At last one person asked for money. That time we didn’t have change, he shouted at us. From there we started for Shirdi. On the way so many places like accident shown by God. But my husband took out of the road, so we survived once. At night we stayed in hotel and we went to Shirdi in the morning. Also we went for Darshan. Morning at 8 'o clock, we started our return journey there itself. We took some wrong turn we couldn't find main road. We asked so many people. We went through some agricultural land, some where some river crossed. We spent 4 hours to find a main road. My husband is an expert driver so he drove that rough places. Our plan was to go Aurangabad to meet my brother. We reached his town, but we cannot find the way to his house. We all came so many times to his place, but we couldn’t identify roads. Some miracle happened. At last I called up my brother and he told the address. But we cannot make out the place. Last he called his wife and asked her to pick up us. Everybody was laughing that we could not find out his house. After lunch and tea at evening 4.30, we left for Pune. On the way everybody said before night I can drive the vehicle. My husband was also tired. So I started driving. I know driving and I went to my office alone. When I started driving after one toll place, one dog came in front of car and crossing road and half the way it returned and again came back. So I thought there itself may be an accident. But somehow I managed and that time no vehicle was on the road even if it is just after toll. After that I became more conscious and drove 60 km speed. My husband went back seat and slept. My son, who knows driving, sat with me. He said after some time, he will drive. Around 6'o clock, I don't know what happened I turn the steering more or not, my vehicle went left in 4 feet down from road and went 2 to 3 kms and hit on a coconut tree and stopped. I and husband became unconscious and my son was ok. Then people came and took us to nearby hospital in a car. There, I was in ICU. My husband sat on a chair with no memory that what is happening. My son has small head injury and some hair line crack in his right hand. Someone was injecting me for blood I opened my eyes and asked where I am. Then they said we met with an accident. I called for my son and husband both immediately said are you ok. We are ok. Then my mind got peace and immediately I called up my brother. Main thing is nothing was stolen from my hand bag, which was with me. After that my brother took us home, and admitted my son for plastering his hand. After 20 days, they removed plastering his hand it didn't become proper. He cannot write properly and can't eat food properly. His joining of right palm and hand is turned. I showed so many doctors they all said it will not corrected. Other option is again through an operation break the bone and again do plastering. But we are not ready for that. I believed in Ganpati. That day, that person informed me this, before going to Shirdi, but I didn't take care of it. Only 27 days old car was fully gone. After some time, my brother went Kerala and he got the information that one Vaidhya (not doctor, but family wise doing some massaging) will cure this. He called us there. We searched for train tickets, we didn't get. After that, we booked flight ticket for next day. Next day morning, my son was sleeping and husband went to arrange the money we planned to go to Bombay by 12.00'o clock bus to catch flight. That time bell rang at my house. I opened the door one person with Sai photo and a kid with him were standing in front of my door. I asked from Iron Gate. He asked for money to feed poor people in Shirdi. I gave him Rs 50. He asked me to open the door. But I was afraid to open. We were hearing so much about bad people. He started saying that you met with an accident today. You are going to cure it his right hand got fractured with exact place. So I got surprised. He asked me to give money. Otherwise, except Sai, no one in this world can solve his problem. I called my son from there. He woke up and come. He saw him and told about everything my son also impressed by him. At last I gave him Rs. 501 and send him. He gave UDI and one Rukdrash for my son to wear and his hand will be ok. I can't believe now also. We went to Kerala. Within 3 days his hand became ok. Now he can do everything with that hand. That person from Kerala massaged his hand for 3 days and put that bone in the proper place. No doctor can do that. I showed him to Mr. Sachin Tendulkar's doctor also. This is a very big Miracle.

Third Experience:

My son is not studying properly. So I prayed to Sai about his studies. In BBA also, he got dropped his one year. I am going through site and everyday and reading miracles of my guru and about Sai Satcharitra Parayan. I read this book 7 times in seven week. After that, my son passed BBA with First class and he cleared MH-CET with good marks and he got MBA admission in a reputed College in Merit yesterday. I am thankful to Sai guru with his grace only all this happened. Thanks Baba for Your care and love. Always show Your grace to me and my family.
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  1. Jai Sai Ram

    When Sai's blessings are there we should not fear. Sai's kripa may always be with you and your family. A very touching experience showing Sai's presence where ever and when ever we need him.



  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Mother, I know how hard it is when head of the family drinks and doesn't attend to family well. I pray to Sai for your Son success.

    Hope Your son completes his MBA and gets settled soon.

    Sai will definetly protect you, there is no other power than Sai Baba. He himself is Ganapathi, Parameshwar, Vishnu, Panduranga, Shri Lakshmidevi..etc.

    The person who came to your house will be none other than Baba himself or his agents.

    Please pray to sai with Love, Faith & Patience and he will certainly help you and remove your difficulties.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba.

  3. nice experience..sorry for the accident which happened to your family…thanks saima for taking care of your family and sairam…

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Mother .. Sai is with you and so you need not fear. Baba will protect you always. Please read 'Sai Satcharitra' daily.. it will solve all your issues and do take Baba's name always mentally. He is our Big father and is always there to care for us.

    Baba, please forgive my sins and bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. This bolg is not just a blog…. It's a Platform to meet Sai… i don;t know but only one thing i would like to pen down … the day i have come across with this blog … it has changed my entire vision… i never skip even a single experience..seems like it has become a part of my morning schedule.. i start my day with reading beautiful, miraculous experiences ….i was a fan of Sai baba… but now a staunch devotee…. Thanks Baba for your love…. be with us always

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    I surrender at your Lotus feet Baba .. please be with us always.. help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives.. make us good people and bless us to deserve your grace .. am going to see the doctor .. please take good care of our health .. bless all with good health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Thanks for everything Deva .. i owe every bit of my happiness to you .. help me to have lots of patience and strong faith and am sure all worries will be over soon.

    Love you Gurudev you a lot.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. @AnonymousYes, dear Sai devotee, what you say is very correct! Ms. Hetal ji has BABA's grace for this wonderful work that she is doing and we all get benefited through it. Our thirst is quenched by reading other sai devotees experiences and our faith grows stronger and stronger. It gives us a vision to view our life events to recognize as BABA's hand when we are saved from our tough times.
    BABA bless Ms. Hetal ji and her site! Also bless all.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  8. Very encouraging experiences. Wishing your son a very bright future and may he be blessed in a way that he does not follow his father's step in drinking. Drinking is the worst enemy of one's peaceful happy family.
    Your case sounds so very similar in this "drinking " problem with my youngest sister's ! Praying for her too enjoy happy peaceful family with her husband quitting drinking habit.
    Only BABA can help!
    Jai SAI RAM.

  9. Love you Baba.

  10. Om Sairam!!
    Day by day my faith in our lord sai is increasing by reading the devotees experience.. Love you baba
    Show your blessings on all of us..

    I really appreciate Hetal ji and team for your wonderful work and dedication. Hetal ji please let me know if you are looking for a person to join your team. I would like to do my best ,atleast this helps me to show my gratitude to baba..

  11. Very nice and detailed experience! Baba helped you so wonderfully by helping your son do well in his studies and pass all his courses and also saved you from the accident where you could have been hurt even worse. Although bad things come in our life, Baba does help save us and shields us from things that He knows will be more than we can handle (everything that comes in our life is something Baba knows we have the strength inside to deal with). Om Sai Ram!

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