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In today’s post an anonymous devotee shares two of her heart throbbing experiences with Lord Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Baba came into my life very early. I was born in Sai Baba colony in Coimbatore in my grandparent’s house. And my mom must have taken me there, while I was an infant. Even from my childhood, I remember, wherever we stayed, there used to be a Sai Baba temple near my house. I used to visit it along with my mom. As a young girl, I never knew the significance of visiting a temple, but nevertheless tagged along. I realized Baba and the profound impact of Baba in my life from my twelfth standard onwards. That is when I realized him as God, and the helping hand that would never disappoint. It amazes me how he can reply to my every unuttered thought – to every murmur – to every prayer. I, like many others am very fortunate. We have found someone to bear our burden. Praise Be to Him!

Baba has answered loads of my questions – many silly ones too. Sometimes, the answer is straight from Sai Satcharitra or from this blog, or through a friend or by an email or anything else. I have two experiences, where, I believe, Baba appeared in front of me, though not in His usual kafni, but as someone else. I would like to share these two experiences with all my Sai friends.

The first experience happened sometime in July 2001, when I was just 21. My dad gifted me a new Kinetic Honda and I had given it for complementary service. I received the vehicle from the garage and was heading home. It was late evening, around seven-ish. I knew petrol was very less, and somehow prayed that it should be enough till I reach the nearest petrol station. But, abruptly the vehicle came to a stop. I was far away from where I started and equally far from some reasonable civilization. All alone on the road, all I could see was labors doing construction work in semi-finished buildings and few passer by commenting. It was almost dark, the road desolate and those were the pre-mobile phone days. I should not have taken this route in the first place, and should have opted for some main road with some traffic. But the mistake had been done. The only thing I could do was push the vehicle and go some distance instead of standing or asking for help. I saw the road ahead. Some parts had some illumination, but most part of it was dark. The other thing I did was to continuously chant Baba, Baba, please help me!” I walked for about five minutes. Then one man riding a bike came and stopped beside me. He was wearing a helmet. Hence I could not see his face. What is the problem? He asked. I said that I had run out of petrol and my vehicle stopped. He said he could give me a little so that I could reach the nearest petrol bunk. He asked if I had a bottle. When I searched and said no, he looked in his bike. Neither of us had a bottle. So, he called out to some of the construction workers. One of them brought out an empty liquor bottle. He took out some petrol from his bike, probably 100 – 150 ml and poured it in my bike. He asked me if I knew where the nearest petrol station was. When I answered in the negative, he said, just follow me. I will take you there. I followed him. As we neared the petrol station, he said that he had to go. It never occurred to me to ask him name or any other details. I thanked him profusely for helping me out. And suddenly, he put his hand on my helmet and blessed me. I looked into his helmet into his eyes. His eyes had a unique charm and had a blue-black kind of colour. I was speechless for a while. I started getting tears, I was getting choked. I looked back. No one was to be found. I was not in a state of mind to hear if the man drove away or whatever happened to him. I knew it was my Baba to come and save me from whatever the calamity was supposed to befall on me. I went home and narrated to my parents about whatever happened. They were convinced that it certainly was Baba, who came down to answer my cry for help! The second experience happened just a week back. I am now a mother of a three and a half year old girl. I had to travel from Chennai to Singapore with my daughter. The flight was at ten in the morning, and we were all set to leave by seven. My alarm rang at 4 o clock in the morning. I woke up, but, thought something was wrong with myself. I had a sudden fit of dehydration. Within two hours, I had vomited twice and also had 4 loose motions. It was doubtful if I would even start to the airport. Somehow, I managed to get into the car. I requested the staff to check in few additional hand luggage, which she agreed to do for no extra money. My daughter, surprisingly, did not ask me even once to be picked up. She walked all the way all by herself, stood in the queues without complaining. I was terribly tired and already started looking at the watch repeatedly. I was praying fervently for Baba to be with me so that I reach Singapore fine. I entered the aircraft. I was already exhausted. I thought my dehydration had stopped, though I was feeling very weak. I got an aisle seat, my daughter got the middle seat and one elderly lady was sitting in the window. I said a hello to her and told her I was unwell and that I would take her help if I needed it. She said fine. We shared some little talk about how life in Singapore is and how it is not possible to get domestic help, etc. The aircraft started and the wind conditions were bad. I started feeling uneasy. With every turbulence, I felt like vomiting. I knew I had to do it. In the four hour flight, I vomited a total of 4 times. This aunty helped me as if she were my own mother. She bought a small packet of four idlis for herself. They were soaked in idli powder. She removed the powder and gave white portions of the idli to my daughter. When I was vomiting, she helped me by handing over tissues. I was so exhausted. I could not feed my daughter. I just kept her rice in front of her and asked her to eat. Rupali, being a poor eater, did not feed herself. This aunty saw that the child was hungry and fed my daughter and helped. She was carrying a little water bottle for herself, which she gave me and asked me to take small sips of water. Fortunately, my daughter (who would usually never sleep during day time) took a solid nap for about two and a half hours. It was in this time that all my vomiting happened. About half an hour before landing, my vomiting stopped. After a long time, I was fine. Then I slowly collected myself. I felt grateful for whatever aunty had done to me. I said a big thanks to her. I told her that she was a huge source of support, she was like my mom and that I would never forget her all my life. Then I asked her if I could have her address or contact number so that I could call her when I am fine. She casually said that she did not have anything on her right now and all her things are in her checked-in luggage. She said she did not have anything handy. Then I also casually said, ‘Ok aunty, fine. No problem. For all that you did, I would never forget you all my life’. The conversation ended, the flight stopped, and we all got down and left. Somehow, after getting down, I could not see her at the immigration counters or at the luggage retrieval areas also. She was absolutely missing. This is when it slowly dawned on me as to what was happening around me. It took a long time for my luggage to come, so I had all the time at my disposal. I searched hard. She was not to be seen. Then I realized it could have been Baba who was there by my side. For a skeptic, it may look like I was helped by a Good Samaritan, and probably, that lady got her luggage soon, and left early. To me it does not appear that simple. First, immigration comes before luggage retrieval. In case there is any question about place of stay or contact numbers or anything, people are required to furnish the needed information. There is no way that someone can keep all the information in the checked-in bags and travel with no information. Also, it took forty minutes for my luggage to come in the conveyor belt, and so many people from my aircraft were waiting along with me. How could that aunty alone get her luggage and rush off? These points can be argued endlessly. But, in my heart, I realized (after the whole episode) that it was Baba, who was by my side taking care of me and my baby, ensuring that I reach safe. I needed motherly love at that time, and He had come in the form of an elderly lady. That’s it. When I said this to my parents, they said, I was very lucky. It is true that I am Sai Baba’s special child (and so is everyone else). He has helped me countless times in my life and I pray whole heartedly that Baba should hear my prayers that Baba should continue to protect and bless us every second of our lives. Praise Be to Sai Baba.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Sai child, moist with tears after reading ur experience..really a heart throbbing one..jai sai ram..jai sai ram..jai jai sai ram..

  2. Indeed a heart touching experience… Handled and taken care in such a delicate and blessed way by Lord Sai… Thanks for sharing the details… Only proves that He is always there when called for.. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai…

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  4. I think you to subscribe by giving your e-mail then you can read fully ( see the purple box above it says subscribe now). Just now I did it, I will check back in few hours to see if I can read fully.I actually liked the original blog without anything on the side.jai Sai Ram .

  5. Dear Hetalji – Thanks for your update. I was really relieved now. Yesterday and today i couldn't read the experiences fully. I was so upset. After seeing your update i am feeling really thanks a lot. I must appreciate you for your commitment that you render to this blog inspite of your pregnancy. May Baba bless you always..

  6. Dear devotee, what a beautifully narrated experience. I had goosebumps reading it and your lines "he replies my unuttered thought, every murmur, every prayer" was so touching and true. Indeed you are special…Om Sai Ram

  7. Dear Anonymous devotee, really its a wonderful experience..

    When I'm reading this one..Its just look like my story.

    Myself started to pray Baba after my 12th Standard. There he came in my dream & suggested about my future. Then after completion of my B.Tech, I'm searching for a job. Applied for a Gvmt job, entrance test is in Chennai.My father came with me, but we are not able to find the place. Then an uncle met us when we are in busstand. Himself asked us where we hv to go. My father explained. Then he asked us that he would accompany us & will show the place. He introduced himself as a lawyer(and he is a christian).He showed the place, it was very far away from city. Then he has given his details & asked us to call him after completion of my test. He kissed me on my forehead as a symbol of luv & blessed me. But we didn't call him, as my father afraid that as he was an unknown person.

    But after that, I didn't think about this. While reading this experience, my experience flashed in my mind. Now I realized that person is none another than our Beloved Baba.

    Baba, you are having so much of affection on me. But I didn't kissed me in the form of uncle & hugged me in my dream in the form of a little boy. In each & every moment, u r guiding me & showing ur presence. But still, I'm doubting you & feeling tense..I'm sorry Baba, forgive me sai…I luv u sai..I luv u so much..Please forgive all my mistakes and Bless me..

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba is amazing. Sister you are blessed. Baba.. dearest Sai Baba .. how i wish you come on front of me and i can touch your feet.. give you a tight warm hug .. and convey you all my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have been doing for me and the rest others .. you are our big Daddy .. you are so so caring and your heart overflows with love for all .. you are the best Baba .. we love you loads 🙂

    Baba please take good care of my Mom .. it hurts a lot to see her in tears .. to hear that quivering voice full of pain .. i am dying to see her smiling.. please get happy days in her life .. forgive all her past bad Karmas .. guide her in the best good path .. you are our Daddy .. how can my Mom be so sad and helpless with you in our lives . please Gurudev have mercy on my Mom. Take away all her worries .. solve all her problems. I love her a lot .. hear our prayers Baba.

    May Baba bless us all always and guide us in the right path. Love you Baba and thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. WOW, Absolutely no words to describe the divine bliss you must have felt. Very amazing experience & I am sure each devotee would surely need an experience like this to feel the internal bliss. May Baba bless us all.

  10. very nice experiences…thanks alot for sharing this with us sai sister…may our saima bless everyone….om sairam…

  11. I tried to open the blog through Mozilla firefox and i could read the whole experience …. All sai devotees pls try firefox ….it really worked for me ..hope it works for you too …

  12. I am not able to read the full experience of today. I was so excited to read full experience but I can't read. When I click on read more it came to next page. I can see comments & other info but not the full experience. Please help.


  13. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister, very good experience. It's definetly Sai who helped you twice. Only Baba can be so kind, where do we find real people in this materialistic world.

    We should think and meditate on Sai all the time.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  14. Dear Hetaji,

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    I belive that will help. Thankyou very much for your dedicated time.

    OM SaiRam.

  15. I was really anxious to read this but then had the same problem as others. One way to read it now until Hetal ji fixes it is to right click on the page and click on "View Source". It would bring up a page with html markings and you can find it there.
    Hetal ji, pardon me, no offense intended – just wanted to suggest an alternate way to read this for those who are very anxious and eagerly waiting to devour Baba's Leelas.

  16. baba please give me strength and support to recite ur name always with all my devotion and faith.. I believe without your wish nothing happens in this world, baba please forgive my mistakes and let me feel your love and presence.. U have promised me that you will always be by my side!

    Love you Baba.

  18. Om SaiRam,
    You are very very lucky.I had tears in my eyes while reading your experience.Thanks for sharing.
    Love you very much my sweetoo,cutoo baba.
    Be there always with everyone.Baba I need you vmuch.Please never forget me and don't get angry with me.Again love u so very much.

  19. Om Sri Sai Ram,
    I'm able to read the whole experience since two days,anyway thank you for your efforts.Om Sri Sai Nathaya namah!!!

  20. Om Sai Ram , Wonder why Cant I read the experiences for the last 3to 4 days .If only some one could help !
    May Sai bless all of us

  21. Very nice experiences! Baba comes to us in many forms to help us and Baba came as the man to help you get petrol for your scooter and also as the auntie in the plane to take care of your daughter although you were not feeling well. Baba helps us when we call him and there is no limit to Baba's forms, so we should be on the lookout for what form Baba will take to come and help His devotees. Om Sai Ram!


  23. I got from baba 's q&a that some outsiders will come to my house and that night itself we had some guests…

  24. I just wanted to know whether all the experiance were posted or not because… few days befor i also wrote my exeperiance.

  25. Sai I am under going some issues. I am not in Job for 9 months now. Iam qualified and I have 12 years experience and today i am not in job for 9 months. Baba pease solve my current situation. I need a job and wanted to be happy with my family

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