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Tough times in our lives come just to test our faith in Lord Sai Baba. Today’s experience by Sai sister Sowmya ji says so.

Sai Sister Sowmya Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, My sincere pranams to you. I am Sowmya from Tamilnadu. Please do not disclose my mail id. If you find any corrections to be done, please do the same. I have been reading your blog for the past 1 month and I am really thankful for your wonderful service. You are really a blessed soul and Baba’s blessings are always with you. Here I wish to share the wonderful miracle Baba has done in my life.

I am a Chartered Accountancy (CA) final student. Two years back, when I was doing articleship, most of my friends in office were Baba devotees. Particularly my close friend always shares about the greatest miracles Baba has done in her life. From that time, I was so attached to Baba. I use the word attached here since I used to chant His name and go to His temples. He is always with me, but I realized His love and power only in recent times.

I could not remember at what instance I realized Him. From that moment, I chant His name so lovingly, remember Him every time, see Him at every road, and feel Him at every difficult situation. A Baba devotee once said to me when you become a Sai devotee, you will have His Darshan very frequently. And I am witnessing it. Somehow I see Sai portrait or idol every day. No words for Sai’s love on this humble soul. Thank You very much Baba.

In CA Final, there are 2 groups with 4 papers each totaling 8 papers. When I started studying for my exams, I felt so bad of failing again as this was my 3rd attempt, where my family, friends are shedding their blood for me. I was blind fold as how to manage the 8 papers as the subjects are too vast and also there are lot of restrictions in passing a Chartered Accountancy exam. Surprisingly I got a wise suggestion from a person, who is totally a stranger to CA course. She asked to concentrate on one group and write another group for an experience.

I felt it as Baba’s words and started my preparations with a fresh will. Baba gave me every push, power and encouragement to continue my efforts. I wrote all the exams in May 2012 to my best satisfaction. And I was very happy about my first group performance. Date of declaration of results was given. Originally it was on 18th July 2012, Wednesday. And it was postponed to 19th July 2012, Thursday. After reading lot of experiences from your blog, I felt so blissful that my result is going to be on Thursday our Sai Maharaj’s day.

I was continuously praying Baba to clear my 1st group. And also I’m doing Nava Guruvar Vrat. So I completed my pooja in the morning and went to Baba temple in nearby area by 11.45 AM. This was the first time, I was visiting this temple. The temple in charge locked the temple and was leaving, when I reached the place. I was dumbstruck and stood like a statue. The person looked at me for a while and opened the temple doors. I felt ultimate, so happy and thanked Baba for His mercy and love on me. Only this thought stroked me, when I entered the temple. Sai Ram wanted to see me.

Hereafter I need not worry a bit about my result. At 2.45 PM, the result came. Hurrah!!! I cleared my first group with 207 marks. And I can’t express the power of this gracious Lord. He has put me 64 marks in one paper of the second group. So I got exempted from writing this paper again in the coming exam. In the November attempt, I have to write only 3 papers to clear CA. I have to say that I did not prepare anything for the 2nd group papers. I managed with whatever I have learnt in the classes and what I studied in the previous day of exam. For this 64 is really a bumper gift. And I am so thankful to our lovable Lord. SAI RAM.

Baba, at this point, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me wonderful and precious people for me to support and give hand at every point of time. They are not humans, Baba. You alone being there for all Your lovable children. Love You dear Baba. I assure You that with sincerity and hard work and the gifts You have bestowed on me, I will clear the 3 papers in November 2012 attempt and become a Chartered Accountant. Please bless me Baba.


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  1. Dear Sowmya ji..thank you for sharing your experience. May Baba Bless you with everything and fulfill your wish very soon. All the very Best for your exam.
    Om Sai Ram

  2. Jai Shri Sai Baba! May Sai bless u to clear the rest of 3 papers and help u become a CA… Sai Baba, please please bless my loving sister Sowmya!

  3. such a wonderful experience. do hard work. keep faith ,
    baba bless you with good results. all the best. baba pls bless all of us.increase or faith and patience. never leave us alone. without you we are nothing.

    jai sai ram!

  4. Hetal ji thanks a ton for posting my experience..m feeling literally dumbstruck..:-):-):-)thank u all sai devotees for ur wishes..SACHIDANANDA SADHGURU SAI NATH MAHARAJ KI JAI..OM SHRI SAI RAM..

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  6. Thank you Baba,

    You are with me. With your grace, today I got a good news regarding my work. But I'm expecting a different one.I know, definitely you can fulfill my wish. Today, I'm very happy..Thank you,thank you so much for this..

    And awaiting a miracle from you in this month..Please be with me..let its you have already giving signs from the last 6 months.Please help me Baba..If it happens,definitely I'll post my experience here.please sai..


  8. Jai Sai Ram
    Happy Thanksgiving day to all my bros ans sis and also to Sai Maa .
    Thanks for sharing experience. Love to read it

  9. Jai Sai Ram!!

    Wonderful Experience….
    Baba Please settle me in life perfectly..i want 2 b a SAP consultant…plz shower ur blessings and give me strength of mind, hard work and capacity to work hard so that i can settle in life.

    Sri sacchidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai!

  10. JAI SAI RAM.

    Shri Sacchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  11. dear soumya very nice experience and thanks alot for sharing with us…all the best for your all the exams..may baba bless evryone with peace and love…om sairam..

  12. Very nice experience Soumya Ji! Baba will help you succeed in your career as a CA just as He helped you in your exams. It was Baba who made sure the temple was opened for you to do pooja and have darshan. Baba helps us through all difficulties if we just see that He is there with us. Om Sai Ram!

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