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Sai Is Watching Me In Every Step Of My Life

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Hi, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to share my feelings with Baba. Truly Baba is there for His devotees who trust Him. Please do not disclose my name or mail ID. I don’t know which experience to share.

I live abroad and it was Guru Poornima. Before this day, I was planning big for Baba. Then I got a call from my friend saying me about some bad news that her friend’s husband expired yesterday and the reason not known to the doctors as well. I know that person and he is having a small baby of 2 year old. I was constantly thinking about his wife and his daughter that how could they survive without him. Really I was in that mood for at least 3 days, having some fear inside me. Then while I was cleaning my house in that set of mind, I found a locket which I didn’t even see it before in my house. I don’t know it was under my couch and in that locket it was Baba with His Abhaya Hastam. Believe me I have no words to express. I felt as if He is saying that I am there to save you devotees from any kind of danger. And after that scene, I took it and put it to my chain and this incident happened approximately in 2008 and it is still with me. Thank You so much Baba.

My 2nd experience was in 2009, when my parents were experiencing lot of family problems. I was searching in internet for Baba’s poojas, which are effective. Then I saw this Sai Vrat and so many devotees telling it is very powerful. So I was searching for that Pooja Method, but I couldn’t find any. I was searching throughout the day till late night and slept in disappointment. The very next day, when I woke up early in the morning, I've got a habit of checking mails, then I saw this wonderful mail from my college friend telling that I have got Sai Vratha Katha for you. I actually felt like sending you. Oh my God, I didn’t even ask her about it, but what do you thi nk isn’t it my lovely Baba Leela? Thank You so much Baba. I am suffering from a big problem now. I know that You are always there beside me. Please cure that Baba. I beg You, Baba. I don't have any other choice more than You, Baba.


Sai Brother Sai Krishna Ji from Nigeria says: Dear Hetal Ji, This is Sai Krishna again. Thanks for publishing my experience (Part 78). I was due for my vacation to travel to India after more than a year away from family. As I was on my way to the airport, I thought that I should see a photo of Sai Baba or at least His name somewhere. Sai Baba’s pictures or names are common in India, but how can you expect in Nigeria? I thought I was being very unreasonable with Baba, asking Him for something that is impossible to happen. As I was just thinking about Baba and looking out through the car window for possible pictures or names, at the same time thinking that I will not be able to see Sai’s name or picture. I turned and started looking ahead of our car. We were behind an oil tanker. As we got close to the tanker, I noticed the name of the oil company written on the back of the tanker. And the name was Saipem. Saipem is an Italian contracting company catering to the oil and gas industry. I was pleasantly shocked. I continued to stare at the name till we overtook the tanker. Sai manifests Himself in so many ways just to fulfill the wishes of His devotees. This is a classic example that He listens to your innermost thoughts and reciprocates His love in response to our deep longing for Him. Sai Baba is very much there, everywhere. He proves this again and again. He is there to listen to all you have to say. He fulfills all our righteous wishes and suppresses bad desires through appropriate experiences and makes us realize the futility of those bad desires. OM SAI RAM

Sai Came

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a housewife with two kids. Today I am describing here what my friend has narrated to me. Jai Sai Ram. To all people reading this, may Our Beloved Sai shower HIS Blessings on Us. This experience has been felt by my friend at her home, which she narrated me and I felt instantly. I have to make known all Sai Bhaktas about HIS Miraculous Blessing. My friend is also an ardent devotee of Sai Ram. It was on Guru Pournima Day this year, when she was doing pooja, and the Aarti was not done yet. She had accordingly instructed her daughter to play the DVD of the Aarti as she gets done with her pooja. But Baba's presence was felt by all there. Before touching the remote or even getting up to play the player, this TV's mode had to be changed. But how things went on to happen nobody can explain. But one will have to believe that the Madhyana Arati began to play on its own and Baba was asking her sing the Aarti. She was amazed to see her daughter sitting by her side. Who played or changed the mode of the TV is unknown as all other people were sitting near to the pooja place. Presence of Sai Ma was felt. Hearing this, my eyes swelled with tears with goose bumps all over. I felt what more a devotee can ask other than HIS Divine Presence. As I end up for this post with the prayer that may our belief on YOU grow stronger day by day. Om Sai Ram!

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  1. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless us all always.

  2. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experiences. baba pls bless all of us. baba never leave me alone. i need you the most. pls be with me. you said"everything will be alright" . i have complete faith on you. pls be with me to solve the problem. i want your blessings always. without you i am nothing. i know, your word never be false. yes. i know, my wish will fulfill. till my last breath pls be with me. never leave your small daughter hand. pls baba. you are everything to me. you can only solve the problem smoothly. koti koti namaskar baba.

    jai sai ram!

  3. very wonderful experiences …these experiences only make us more close to our saima…saima please bless always with love and peace…LOVE YOU ALOT SAIMA…OM SAIRAM….

  4. Very nice experiences! Baba shows Himself in many ways to His devotees and showed Himself that He is there with us to guide and assure us in life's journey as He did by showing the message through the found locket, the sign on the oil truck (similar to the Saia message many in USA have found) and the DVD that turned on itself. Baba uses these experiences to show us He is there with us and everything will turn out okay with His blessings. Om Sai Ram!

  5. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai shiva, jai hanuman, dattatreya, baba ki palkhi, tirupati balaji, jai muruga, jai durga,

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