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Baba Is Always There With His Children

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji. Jai Sai Ram. Thanks for all your efforts for bringing all the Sai devotees together. We all are blessed to have you, helping all the devotees to seek Baba’s blessings. I wish to share one more experience with our beloved Baba. Kindly keep me anonymous and post it when possible.

I have a young boy around 19 months old and he is very fond of watching cartoons. Few days back, he was watching cartoons and suddenly he started blinking his eyes a lot while watching the TV. I observed him and realised that it is not stopping. Initially, I thought that he is doing it for fun, but when it continued I was worried. I prayed to Baba that please help my son and give all his problems to me. In my heart I kept on praying and asking help from Baba. I told Baba how can you see such a young baby like this? I also applied UDI on my son’s eyes.

After that my husband called the doctor (family friend) and told him about the situation. The doctor said that there should be no problems with the eyesight and he should stop blinking his eyes soon as it could be just a habit. He also said that if this continues for days then it could be a problem. I was tensed as to what will happen if this continues. I prayed Baba again and told him that please make my eyes weak, but please cure my son. As we all know that Baba cannot see His children in pain, and soon my son stopped blinking quickly and was back to normal. I was quite relieved and thanked Baba a lot.

All I can say that is Baba is always with all of us. When we can’t see our children in pain, then how can Baba see His children in trouble? I pray to Baba to please bless all the children in the world so that all the parents are happy. Jai Sai Ram.

May Baba bless all.

Sai My God

Sai Sister Mandira Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I consider myself blessed to come across this site. Om Sai Ram. I want to share my experience long time back, but due to some reason I was not able to. May be it was my God Sai’s wish to be posted now. Dear Sai, bless us, draw us near and cradle us in our love.

I am a doctor by profession. I completed my MBBS long time back in 2009. Since then I wanted to prepare for my PG. But due to some personal problem, I was in depression and cried almost daily and couldn’t study and clear my MD/MS exam. I was going through bad phase of my life then. In 2011, I left preparing and started working. I was not happy working because I wanted to do post graduation. Then one of my friend told me to prepare for one last time for at least few months before exam. So in the month of September, I left and prepared again. And my friend helped me a lot. I am thankful to him and consider him to be sent by my Sai.

I gave exam in Jan, but I was not selected. But again my friend encouraged me to prepare, so I left my home and joined coaching. When I went there after few weeks, I got the news that new extended list of candidate result has come and I was selected. But since my rank was very far away, I was sure I won’t get anything. I was staying alone there. It was then, when I came across this site. I came closer to my God Sai. Since my childhood, I was God fearing, but lacked complete dedication. I used to pray all Gods, but never attained peace. Through this blog, I knew about Sai Satcharitra. I downloaded it and started reading. “Sab Ka Malik Ek” As Said By Our Beloved God Sai holds true. I started remembering my Sai.

I started being calm and happy. Sunday, I was thinking of doing Thursday fast. But it was not for any motive of being selected or not. And to my great surprise, my friend called me that night itself and told that I was selected. And it is all because of my Sai. Sai gave me the branch, MD microbiology, which suits me because I have tremor problem, which no one could diagnose the cause. And I am sure my God will cure this too. And before Thursday, I reached my college and Thursday I did fast and still continuing with my fast. Thank You Sai for everything. Though I am Sai believer since few months only, but still I am so much blessed and He has given me so much. So Dear Devotees, just believe in Sai completely and all your unsaid and unfulfilled wishes will be fulfilled.


Jai Sai Ram

Sai Sister Kavitha Ji from India says: Hello everybody, It’s my pleasure to share this to you. My husband is in navy. One year back, he was in ship at that time. He was mostly in sailing. I got fedup about his routine. I am having 3 year old son. We two love him a lot. We two want to spend our time with him. He is such a lovable person.

One year back in the month of March, he came back from sailing. He told me that within 10 days, he again want to go for sailing for 4 months. I got fedup and I cried to Sairam. Daily I went to His temple and I took 9 week fasting (Vrat). The last day came and upto that no miracle happened. But I didn’t lose my hope. My husband packed his luggage and he started from house. At that time, one of my friend came to my house. She advised me to go for Baba temple. She too came with me. Finally I prayed to Baba if my husband went to sailing also, I will not lose my hope on You. Whatever You do is good for me.

After an hour, a phone call came from my husband and he told me that they drop him from sailing by seeing his face. One of the officer saw my husband face and he asked him why are you dull. At that time, my husband replied that he is not interested in that sailing. Because of that he was dropped from sailing. This was never happened before in navy. All this happened because of Baba’s blessing. Thanks to Baba. I am sure that he will solve all problems of His devotees. Don’t lose hope on Him upto last second.

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  1. AS a Sai devotee myself want to ask SAi and his devotees is there any remedy for removing blackmagic/vashikaran

    My husband is under my mother-in-laws spell and is threatening seperation from me.I love him a lot but my husband is going away from me.Please Sai come to my rescue.

    sai ram


  3. Thank you Sai Babaji and all team members,from today I could read all the experience,OM SRI SAI NATHAYA NAMAH!!

  4. Hello anonymous devotee dont worry about spells or black magics. Recite SAI KASHT NIVARAN MANTRA everything will be alright and nothing will harm you.

  5. Very nice experiences! Shows how Baba is with us all the time and how Baba helps his children when they are in pain and helps arrange things that work out in our lives the best for us and our family members. Om Sai Ram!

  6. Sai your devotees are always in ur need, nthng more is there for us then ur blesses. We are very happy to have in or lives.

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