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Sai’s Mercy On Me And My Family

Sai Brother Krishnan Ji from India says: I would like to inform you that I am Sairamani Krishnan, who was born on 18-02-1972. I did my BCOM and Diploma in Foreign Trade. I am working in freight forwarding industry. I got married in the year 2000 and got a lovely baby daughter in 2002 named Mahalaksmishruti. Her date of birth is 09-05-2012.

Immediately after my marriage there has been misunderstanding by my wife and my in-laws. She left us around 6 times and out of which 5 times she left us without informing leaving the child with us after fighting on petty issues. We got a job in a school, where she discontinued as she was not interested. Before marriage she was interested, but after marriage she was not and hence we left as it is. Even at my house, she was hardly helping my mother in home activities such as cooking, teaching the child etc. Only one thing she liked is to speak to their parents and sister.

We took her to doctors, who asked for marriage counseling and asked to take some medicines, which she directly rejected since she was saying I am normal. Now she is not talking to my child and in fact my child calls her. Even her parent doesn't speak to me or my child. I, my daughter and my parents were totally dejected since we have not done anything bad. Even I offered her that we will go to separate place and stay alone for which my wife is not ready and wanted to stay with my parents. This is what she has been saying due to her conditions. Since seeing daughter's future, I asked to continue medicines with physiatrist who gave very light medicines for her mind and asked for marriage counseling, which she rejected straightly. Now I and my parents are taking care of my daughter and she wants to stay with my parents only, but her mother should join us. My father is heart patient and short tempered and mother is working in school as well as taking care of us very well. I am Hanuman devotee and now become a staunch devotee of Sai Ram. Now my dad has also become good devotee of Sai Ram. Also my daughter is devotee of Sai. At this state of mind, Sai Baba is giving us power to handle the situation. Now my dad has become balanced and he has left to Sai only even though he is bit aggressive. Finally I have thought of mutual divorce since it is affecting my daughter's life as well as ourselves and my wife has left us abruptly many times. I pray Sai Ram to get this mutual divorce without much hick-up and help my family i.e. my daughter, my mom and my dad to handle the situation. Also I pray my Sai to take care of my beautiful child without any problems and be with her forever like mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, teacher etc. She should continue her higher studies with Sai's flying colours. In fact for me also even though I am having good experience and knowledge I have not been able to get in good standard companies. My career is so so only, but recently I was supposed to join one good company and got the appointment letter with all facilities, but I didn't join. Actually now the people, who joined that company previously, could not run the business and left the organization. This is also Sai's wish that I should not join that company and face this big problem. Even though my current company is not very good company I have total faith with Sai that He will get me good job at right time and that is going to happen with Sai's Grace soon, which I have left to Him. He knows what is in my mind for the future and where I want me and my daughter, parents should settle for forever with Sai's Bright Future. This way if you totally believe Sai Baba everything will come true. He will test you and definitely will be with you forever if you surrender to Sai. Om Sai Ram. Sai Bless India Always and the whole world. Om Sachidhananda Guru Sainath Maharajki Jai.

Baba - Guide Me During These Confused Times

Anonymous devotee from Singapore says: Dear Hetal Ji, thanks for this wonderful forum. Sometimes I feel that I am reading a modern version of Satcharitra. I would like to congratulate you on this noble deed and request you to please publish this post at the earliest as the prayers of other Sai devotees, I feel, will help me cross this tough period. Please do not disclose my identity. My earlier post is Baba’s Presence. My life now is full of uncertainties these days. My health is not good. I have a lump, which I am scared will be cancer. May be I am worrying too much, But somehow, I wish Baba makes it go away. The Visa approval for bringing in a caretaker maid for my son, who is three years old has been rejected for a silly reason. I have submitted the re-appeal but no word yet. Though very young, in his own kiddish way, he is a strong believer in Baba. Somehow Baba should grace him with a good caretaker. Currently my father is caring for him, but his visa is there only for the next few months, No chances of extension. At work too, I have not had a promotion for the last 5 years. The company first told me that I went on maternity leave then they said that they gave me International transfer and now they are saying global slowdown. There are some serious issues at office, impending job cuts at both my husband's and my office. It is so frustrating to work and prove yourself over and over again and then gain nothing. I have performed at least 9 week Vrat at least 3 times and currently also observing a 9 week Vrat. I am not sure, why Baba is not showing His mercy Yet. Please Baba Help me. Give me some sort of message that You are there and will take care of me.

My Protector My Sai

Anonymous devotee from New Zealand says: What to say about my Saibaba? He means everything to me. Hetal Ma'am please do not disclose my name and email id and I thank you and your team for wonderful service you are doing. These posts help many people motivate them to struggle with difficulties of life. It also strengthens the faith of devotees toward our Sai that He is with His devotees in every situation and difficulty of life. Since childhood I am a firm believer in Saibaba. My parents used to take me Shirdi since the time I was a kid. I came very close to Baba since 2010. I have so many miracles in my life this one post is not enough to explain and bottom line is that Sai gave me whatever I asked for. Another reason I am writing is that my Baba cannot see me crying or any of His devotees. I was on a work visa for a long time and was having troubles with immigration. I wanted to pursue my further studies and paid my fees and everything. But the problem came with my student visa. Here I want to tell everyone that I always like doing anything important in my life on Thursday. So I paid my fees on Thursday, but I applied for my visa on Friday due to some missing documents. Now here the miracle that starts on Monday my university got an email from immigration on my behalf that I have to apply my visa manually rather than through university. However I didn't check my email until next week Thursday and when I went to university to inquire about my visa status, I got to know about this. Therefore I quickly made all preparations for required documents and applied my visa on that same Thursday. So Baba fulfilled my wish of applying my visa on Thursday. For few days, I waited a reply from immigration regarding any update, but nothing was happening. I was much tensed. Yesterday I cried terribly blaming Baba that I am good for nothing and You go away from my life. Today in morning as well I was crying in front of His photo that why are You doing this time. Can you believe that very same moment, my case officer rang me and made some enquires and said that the decision will be made by end of the day. I was very scared and prayed Baba and immediately within an hour, I checked my mail that my visa has been approved. I couldn’t believe my eyes tears of joy were rolling from my eyes. I am very grateful to my Saibaba. He solves every problem of my life. Only He is the one in this whole world I can look upon. My Sai, never ever leave me. I am Your small baby. Please be with me and bless all Your devotees with health, wealth and prosperity.
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  1. Krishnan Ji,
    Divorce should be considered in the very worst case. And you have a little daughter and growing up without her mother will be very tough for her. I can understand 12 years into marriage this way is hard. My spouse left me stranded within a year and a half into marriage for petty reasons and I know how hard it is when I am trying to work things out but my spouse is ignoring. Please try to read Satcharita regularly and do 9 thursdays vrat. I know you have been patient for a long time but faith and patience are the only medicines Babaji prescribes to his children. He is the greatest Fakir. Please try these before you take any big decisions.

  2. All the experiences show that Faith and Patience are very essential for Sai's blessings. We as His devotees have to always remember that situations could have been even worse without Sai's presence in our life. Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai…

  3. Yes I agree that I always felt as if I stumbeled across this modern Satcharitra. I am an absolute believer. I am nothing without babas grace. Please Sai do not leave me.

  4. Sairam:

    Can someone please help me how to navigate to the older posts? I missed going through few 'August' postings. Before I was able to navigate to monthly posts, but now it seems site has been changed a little bit. Probably it takes time to get used to this. If anybody, already found this, please do let me know by commenting here.
    I also used to see "quote of the day" before which I am not seeing. I am trying to find if I am missing something in this site.
    Hope to find some help here.

    Thanks in advance.

    • If you have a Google account (i.e Gmail) then you can use Google Reader to subscribe to this blog. Google Reader automatically arranges the posts chronologically.

    • Om Sai Ram,
      If you scroll up to the top of the page and on your right hand side you will see a calender under the calender there is a subtitle called view archive click on the arrow next to it and you can go to any month and then click on the desired dates to see that day's posting. 🙂
      Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram,
      Actually it is just easier to click on the arrow next to the today's date on top of the calender. You can just easily scroll through to find the posting in August.
      Sorry for the confusion.
      Sai Ram 🙂

    • Sairam…Thank you all for your responses…Till yesterday I was not able to see that calendar…Anyways, now I am able to see older posts..

      Thank you very much.

  5. Om Sai Ram,

    Can anyone suggest me how to view life shirdi darshan ?….since few days i am not able to open the site.

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba my prayers for the devotee in the first experience. Please do something miraculous and bless then with a happy married life.. they have a small daughter Sainatha.. so please have mercy and guide them all in the right path. Baba why is it that so many people are facing difficulties in their married lives. Please bless each one .. bless all with good relationships and give good life-partners to all. Make my married life happy too .. make us both to measure upto each others expectations.. make my Husband your devotee soon.

    Love you Baba and owe you everything.. please bless usall with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We need you always, so please be with us in every work that we do. Help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. Hear our prayers Gurudev. Please groom us and shape up our bright future.

    Surrender at your Lotus feet.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Dear krishnan ji,
    Please have faith in Sai he will bring back your wife , mother of your daughter soon.Just have saburi and shraddha.
    Your daughter will have a tough life without her mother so don't go for divorce that is not the solution,Try to convince your wife more lovingly everything will fall in place
    All the very best and i pray Sai that you should be united with your wife soon and your daughter should get back her mother soon.

  8. Krishnan, Please do not go in for Divorse, as it is not a solution. You have a daughter, extremely difficult for her to bear this fact for her entire life. Pray regularly & let time take its own course. Baba knows all & will surely find a solution. May Baba bless us all.

  9. Dear Krishnan ji,
    It is so sad to see someone can be so cruel to her own family, I mean the family after the marriage, and above all, cruel to her own daughter! What's her problem? IF she has something against you, she should not have married you in the first place! But now marrying you, she must be there for you, your daughter and for your aging parents too, just as she loves her own family. There is nothing wrong her keeping live communication with her own parents and sister, but over the period of time she must have developed emotional relationship with
    this new family. I feel sorry for your daughter. At least she is getting taken care by Grand Ma.
    We all Sai Devotees pray for your happy married life where you all enjoy life at the best.
    Jai Sai RAM.
    Hello Sai Devotee with a lump and looking for a nanny for your child…
    First thing I would say have your lump checked instead of keep worrying about it and pray BABA to cure you. In this modern living, Along with BABA's kripa one has to depend on new medical technologies too! May you fine peace with your health as well find a good nanny for your child. Where do you live? Have you tried giving classified advertisement in local news paper for Nanny who speaks your language and perhaps she might be living close by and belongs to the same part of country that you come from.
    Wish you good luck and I shall be praying for you.

    Please do not take divorce Krishnaji.
    Have some patience and please show love to your wife.
    Baba please help her to become good wife and good mom and good
    daughter in law.
    Baba please bless the second devotee from Singapore to solve her problems

  11. OM SAI RAM!
    pls krishna ji, have some patience, and keep faith on baba. pls do sai satcharitra pararayan,before taking any decision, our father sai will surely help you to take good decision. baba pls blees him, with ahappy married life.

    baba help another devotee from singapore. bless him with health and wealth.

    baba pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  12. dear KRISHNAN ji,
    sai takes care of all like his own children…I WOULD REQUEST YOU TO DO SAI 9 THURSDAY VRAT….so that your situation would surely giving problems saima is making you even more closer to him…please perform 9 vrat and pour unconditional love on sai…Even I could experience miracles after 9 vrat…
    sairaam is always with us don't worry….OM SAIRAAM

  13. Nice experiences! Krishnan Ji, do not worry, Baba will make sure your daughter is not affected by the marital troubles of you and your wife. Baba will do what is best for you and your wife, and Baba wants you to have patience before He will solve your problem. Devotee from New Zeland, it was Baba's miracle that got you the student visa, and Baba likely wanted to test your patience first. Devotee from Singapore, do not worry, Baba will make sure your child is taken care of and ensure the visa for the new caretaker is completed soon. Om Sai Ram!

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