Following are few more experience which denote how Lord Sai Baba gives timely help and protection to His devotees and in the last experience the devotee requests all of us to pray for her marriage.

An Experience Of A Car Accident

Sai Brother Chidambar Ji from India says: Dear Sai Sister Hetal Ji, I am an Engineer by Profession in Hydropower Sector and M. Tech from IIT-Delhi. I was attracted towards Shri Sainath since the year 2008 for His utter simplicity and Loving and Compassionate nature guiding us in even mundane matters.
Can you believe we (I, my wife and Son) had similar experience of the Car crash on 30th June 2012 and we are still not completely come out of the trauma. I was driving and the accident happened near Chandigarh on a flyover while we were returning to New Delhi. A speeding car from the opposite side jumped off and hit the median and badly deforming/destructing the metal electric pole in the median along with its massive concrete pedestal. And then it hit our car on the bonnet toppling further on our side of the road causing two deaths on the spot of the occupants of the speeding/errant car.

In such a Devastating incident, Sai Krishna saved us due to His causeless mercy with only chest internal pain to me, broken ribs to my wife spared with his grace a possible fracture in collar or spine and minor injury to my son sitting in the back seat. In the split second of the moment of the accident, my wife cried “KRISHNA, KRISHNA and Sai Sai”. That’s all I could hear only to realize and cry that Sai Krishna showed His causeless mercy to save us.

I want to share following points because of certain similarities of our Sai family experience/thoughts and to seek guidance from my Sai sisters/brothers: I was an atheist converted to a THEIST by the grace of my professor, who is instrumental to enlighten me to lead a Krishna/God conscious life. Although I am not a devotee of Krishna in it's true sense - I revere Krishna as God and fear Him because I believe He takes away everything material whereas I love Sai because He is Love and Compassion Incarnate. I am a confused individual as far as the philosophies of personal and impersonal feature of God. I love Sai because Sai does not like useless discussions. I love Sai because He is a Guru, who guides us to know each one's mission in Life. He says His Fakir does good to us. His Fakir is, I believe, Lord Krishna himself and Sai the SatGuru is not different from Lord Krishna himself. Right now there is Economic recession and I am jobless at present."Could you please tell me How to perform 9 Thursday vrat". We had kept the photo of Lord Radhe-Krishna on the car Dash Board. Sai-Krishna my Father, our savior saved us by taking the impact on himself as the portion of car on the back of Krishna (i.e., the bonnet/engine etc.) is damaged and we are safe. Anything would have happened, had the speeding car hit us directly instead of hitting the pole OR if the car bumped upon us instead of bonnet in the fraction of second. On one side two deaths on the other three lives saved."BIRTH, LIFE OR DEATH everything is in the hands of the Lord, the Malik. Nothing is Accident in that sense. Our beloved Sai Krishna has truly drawn us from the jaws of death. We beg to guide us now. We now know what the real value of life is. Let us pray our Sai, to help/lead us in our life's journey all the time. Let us not forget this "ACCIDENT”. We get lost in the mundane activities of this life and go far away from the attaining the true purpose of our life. Jay Sai Ram Jay Sai Krishna

Sai's Endless Miracles

Sai Brother Laxinder Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the devotees. Hetal Ji, may Lord Sai bless you for the wonderful work you are doing. I was born in a family that believed in Baba. I am reading this blog from the last two years and amazed to see Baba's Aseem Kripa (endless love) on His devotees. It was posted in 2009 in this blog that a devotee lost his purse and after praying to Baba. She suddenly got a call from someone saying that wallet has been found. I lost my wallet in fair (mela) and prayed to Baba to get it back the same way I read the miracle. Surprisingly, I got call on 9th day that my wallet was found. I thanked Baba. The following week, it got lost again. I was tensed as it had enough money this time. My friends said that it is not possible to find it again. But Baba again helped me to get without loss of any single paisa in it. Jai Sai Ram.

Waiting For Sai Baba's Blessings For Saving My Marriage

Sai Sister Moumita Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram, My name is Moumita. I got married to my boyfriend last year April. He is a wonderful man. I was very happy till May this year, and then suddenly my husband’s behavior started changing. Ours was an inter-caste marriage. I am a Bengali and he is a Punjabi. My parents accepted the marriage with whole heart, but his parents were not so happy with this marriage. They wanted a bride like them. My husband and his parents started talking less over the period. His mother used to accuse him of being a bad son, and changing after marriage. She used to use words like “I'll die because of you”. All these things started making my husband sad and slowly he started disliking me. All of a sudden, about two months back, he said he wants divorce. I was devastated to hear this. I was very happy in my marriage and I love my husband madly. He used to love me madly too till a couple of months back. I did everything for my husband starting from cleaning his clothes to cooking for him to supporting him in everything he did. I am a working woman, and I earn more than my husband. Most of the household expense was borne by me. My husband took a loan (without telling me) because the family wanted an opulent Punjabi marriage reception. As a result half of his salary goes in loan repayment. I have been his rock and supported him mentally, emotionally and financially without ever asking anything from him. This is Sai Baba's forum and not one word that I have written here is false. In spite of all my love and devotion, he is leaving me. He says he's not attracted to me anymore. He says I have taken him away from his family and that' why he hates me. He says he wants his freedom. He has accused me of a lot of things that I have never done. My Sai Baba knows, I have never tried to take him away from his family. If anything I have always helped him and his family, whenever they were in need. Such false accusations kill me. Last two months, I have gone through pure hell. I have still continued loving him and doing everything like a good wife. I took him to a psychologist, but he stopped going there after one visit. I did tarot card. We went to many temples. I am doing Sai Baba's Vrat, Sawan Monday Vrat. I have also done two Sai Satcharitra Parayans and last week I also visited Shirdi. But so far nothing has been able to change my husband. My husband has already taken a flat somewhere and has shifted some of his things there. Yesterday he started packing his suitcase too. This broke my heart. If Sai Baba would not have called me, I could have never been able to go to Shirdi. It’s thousands of kilometers away from where I stay. Then how is Baba letting my husband leave me? I know Baba listens and that's why my husband has still not able to leave home. I am in the biggest problem of my life. I request all of you to pray on my behalf. And please let me know what I should do. Maybe Baba will speak though one of you and solve my problems. Om Sai Ram Moumita
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  1. Dear Moumita Sai ram It will most defiantly a very difficult time in your life ,you will try and understand and ask WHY ?Please don't try and stop him….things will work out if it is meant to be ….it is not your fault …so don't blame yourself ….obviously u have tried very hard ….let go for now hopefully he will see sense ….and come back….

  2. Why people who are closest to you often are the ones who betray you . Something in you dies… every waking moment we try to understand … My relationship with my father has always been very difficult … he adores my sister will do anything for her ….. I always try and build bridges but it does not work … should I give up ? I live in uk ,he lives in India … last week he tool ill one early morning i got a text from him saying his balance was not good , asked me if i could fly to india…I left the next day … after 2 days he was much better … i realised that he had e mail my sister 4 days before i arrived telling her that he would rather die of illness than me looking after him … without his knowledge i had read some of his mails …also i discovered that he had gifted her the house he lived in to my sister… when confronted he denied but i know he lied … it has been hurtful …have returned to uk and made him aware of what i had read …but he has not replied … one comes to stage in life where the events in ones life is baffling …. soul destroying …

    • hey,
      i feel your pain. but the best thing to do in this situation would be to forgive him,he is like a thorn, even when you touch it with love it pricks you because that is its nature. Completely trust in anything that you believe in and hold on to that faith,the wounds of your heart will heal.
      May God bless you!

    • Hello Sai Devotee, I have tears reading what you are going through. It is so sad, the most respected person in a daughter's life A FATHER is being partial and treat his daughter like this. You might be paying back your past KARMAs it seems because how come he treats your sister with love and give her inheritance and hate you so much. I really feel sorry for you and pray to BABA to bless you with his bountiful treasure of LOVE, PEACE and happiness.
      Jai SAI RAM.

  3. sai help me u sai..
    om sai shri sai jai jai sai!!
    om sai shri sai jai jai sai!!
    om sai shri sai jai jai sai!!

  4. @Post 3:
    Dear sister,I can understand your plight..It hurts a lot.Do not worry.Please keep faith in Baba.SAIMA will never leave you and let you down.Sometimes we cant handle the situation and beyond human capacity.I prayed SAI and asked about your situation.Baba showed "Do not worry.Remember Shri sai".I know what you are going through.I can feel your pain.Things seem to be hopeless now,But SAI is with you.HE will surely help you.You are in my prayers dear.

  5. Dear Moumita,

    Dont worry, sai is with you. Just have faith everything will be ok. You are an independent women so stay strong. Regarding your husband, have a good talk with him. Tell him clear cut god is watching and it is not fair to act this way.I will keep you in my prayers. If possible talk to his parents also and ask them what exactly they expect. Marriage is over and they can do nothing about it, it is your right as a wife to stay with your husband. I hope everything happens as u wish. Stay strong. om sai ram.

  6. Jai Sai Ram,

    Brother Chidambar, you were very lucky that you had escaped without any major bruises or fractures. Recently a car banged us from behind while we had stopped at the Red signal, the force was so hard that we hit 2 cars infornt of us. By Grace, none of us were hurt. It is was Sai who saved me and my family.

    Baba even saved my dad from a major car accident, but my dad was unhurt even without a scracth. For your concern regarding Baba, I can say only one thing. Baba is very powerful and no power can stand infront of him. He can take any avatar (Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Devi Lakshmi and Devi Kali) depending on the circumstances. I will not insist that you should only worship Baba because that's your belief. But for me, I only call Sai,only worship Sai and only meditate on him. I do have pictures of other gods, but i still take them as a different avatar of Sai Baba.

    Sister Moumita Ji,

    Jai Sai Ram, what you are going through is an unfortunate situation. But I can tell you, do not be afraid and threatned. If the guy wants to leave you, let him go. True Love will always win, just like Baba says "Truth will always win". Do not ruin your life, life is just not Husband. Pray Baba from your heart to change your husband and leave it to Sai. Baba will definetly give you justice.

    Take care of your parents.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  7. Jai Sai Ram Sister Moumita

    I can truly understand what you are going through but sometimes even after loving and knowing someone for a long time does not help us understand why they make such decisions. The only thing I can say to you is even though your husband is moving to another place and since you still want to be with him keep in touch with him. Show him you care but don't push him to change his decision. In the meantime you continue with your job since it is important to be independent. Keep having faith in Sai.

    I know sometimes its feels after doing everthing ex. sai vrat, reading sai satcharitra and going to temples still things don't change and you feel helpless, frustrated and angry. But no matter what keep your faith in Sai. Time never remains the same but you can say due to our past deeds or call it the circle of life we all go througfh various ups and downs in life. Sai is just testing us and be sure he is always there to guide and support you.

    I will pray to Sai to solve your problems soon.

    May sai shower his blessings on you. Keep faith.

    Sai Devotee

  8. Sai Sister Moumita Ji…

    Don't loose your hope…Please start Nav Guruvar Vrat and….Believe me…If you earnestly with a deep devotion ask any thing from sai…It will be mercifully given by sai…..As said in sai satcharita….Our past karma is responsible for the agony that we go through but only Merciful Sainath can sail through this mundane world….So Keep faith and patience and above all…..Pray sai deep down from Heart….Sai never lets us down…

    I wish sai's blessing for you and soon hope to see your experience here in this blog….Om sai ram….

  9. Dear Moumitaji,
    Like others said, if your conscience is clear, you should not blame and be harsh on yourself. Baba will never do injustice to a good person and a good wife like you. My mom's friend also had a similar situation like you where her husband always had suspicion on her. She couldn't take it anymore and left him and lived with her mom and her son and had her own job. She just prayed to God and did her duty as a mom. After six years, her husband's parents came to her doorstep and begged her to accept him. Until your husband is away from you, he won't realize what a good wife you are.

  10. Dear Chidambar ji, here in this blog, there is a heading Services and under it the sub heading Sai guruvar vrat, hope you will get the requisite information from there. Dear Moumita ji, as you said your husband did not leave because of Sai baba and believe me he will come back to you because of Sai baba. He won't let you down. You shall soon reap the results of parayan and Sai vrat, it takes some time before your prayers reaches him and his bestowing you with happiness. Do let us know when your husband takes you in his arms…Om Sai Ram

  11. Sai sister Moumita ji,
    I can understand the pain you are going through. I really feel pity on your husband who is not able to see the love and care you are providing. There are similar situations like yours or even worse in many cases where the marriage is from different cast and religions, but still the couple are getting along well and facing together the society and family issues. Your husband is educated and he should understand you and support you. If he is not doing that means he is fool. You don't have to worry at all because baba is with you as well as the prayers from all of us. Things will go fine. Just wait for the time. I am sure baba has some plan for you. It may look painful right now but I am sure whatever he has for is well planned and the best choice for you.

    Baba bless you always. OM SAI RAM.

  12. Sai sister Moumita ji,
    Please don't loose hope on Sai Baba.. Have faith on Sai ..
    Please Pray Baba to show up in dreams why Ur husband is suddenly changing.. As you said his parents are not happy with you people marriage. So there are many chances of they do something to take away Ur husband love from you- by means using Black Magic. why i am telling you is i have suffered from this.. so please please do pray Sai.. Am not trying to tell that only this should be the reasons, but people changing all of sudden and that his parents are not happy with you, so there are chances they want his son to leave you with out his will…
    i hope you can understand.. they can't take away your husband without his wish cox you both love each other , in this case Black Magic works and i am telling this because i have suffered badly..

    Please do respond me…

    • Om Sai Ram … i truely agree with you on the point that black magic sometimes takes away happiness of life.Nowadays this modern society never believed in black magic as i too never did but the one who faces it only knows what black magic can do.I am 35 never able to get married because some relatives always creates obstacles by applying black magic on me or the alliances that approach.this balck magic have taken away my job,and everything.i have lost everything in i have nothing means nothing.still i have faith in my sai and i know he will definitely help me out someday.

    • Dear anonymous ji, very sorry to hear you have to suffer like this. Is it possible for you to move out of town and be away from those evil people who try to harm you? Start your life anew! Do not let those people know where you are and seek co-operation from your immediate family too and get settled in remote place, finding a job as well as finding a life partner. I know it is easy said than done, but give it a try!
      I will pray for your peace and happiness.
      Jai SAI RAM.

    • Dear Chdamber ji, I had tears of joy reading you were safe in such a dangerous accident! BABA is great! And I am amazed to read your feelings,love and attraction towards BABA as I too have very similar feelings for BABA and love his simplicity and all HIS teachings to help us in day to day life.
      May you be blessed. Praying for your wife's speedy recovery from the accident impact. It is requires a strong patience and endurance to heal such impact on muscles and bones though it does not show up outwardly.
      Take care.
      Dear Maumita ji,
      Had tears of sympathy and seeing your LOVE has taken a thorny route. It is so painful to see the person with whom one has tied the knots is turning away for no fault of one's!
      One can fight against all odds sailing together in such cases. But here your in-laws poking holes in your life boat and your life partner wants to sail in different direction altogether!
      Sometimes the cause of such problem that you are facing has nothing to do with you being of a different cast. It is just that "mother" can not accept the new role of her son and being jealous of the new comer , blaming her to be the reason why her son is not available to the family or to her as before….and slowly the flames of jealousy touches the roof burning the whole family.
      As you said you had been helping your husband's expenses,
      and yet he wants to move out? Let him go and let him face the situation at all fronts. Do not show any sign of anger but at the same time do not offer any financial help.
      Your in-laws hate you so there is no point talking to them to resolve the issue either. That will prove only you being weak and you may give them a chance to ridicule you more.
      I can not imagine him asking for "divorce"?
      Even for Divorce he may have to prove in court, I believe, that his/yours is the case for it! What sort of incompatibility he would bring on the table? You keep all your records up-to-date how you had been supportive to him and his family to prove in court that you are not to be blamed at all!
      Wishing you a winning smile at the end of this test. May BABA bring your husband's senses in tune and you enjoy wonderful married life with positive relations with your in-laws too!
      Jai SAI RAM.

  13. Thank You Baba for helping my anni (babhi) deliver her girl baby safe. Though she suffered a lot and finally had a cesarean I from my bottom of my heart thank You for saving them. Please take care of all of us Baba. I am sorry for what I said in the morning. Still don't know what I'll do but at the same time it is not right to point fingers on You. I am sorry, but please please bless my baby to drink milk from feeding bottle. She is 1.2-1/2 months and she still not drinking anything from feeding bottle and everybody criticize me for that. I can't take it anymore. I am feeling so so bad. I prayed You so much please show me some miracle and make her drink properly she is underweight and I have to stop feeding my milk and no one is here to help me out with this except You. You are my mother, father and everything please come and be with us. If I say anything wrong and did something wrong please accept my apologies Baba. Moumita I prayed for you and Baba will show You the right path. May Sai bless all of us.


  14. Dear Moumitaji,

    Please don't worry. I can understand your situation bcoz my sister also facing same problem. He married my sister for sake of money only. We knew this after their mrg only. From last 5 yrs, she suffering a lot. We, family members really hurted a lot. I felt very bad about this. Really my sister done so many poojas, as she is a elder one, she got so much of affection from my parents. Now she is in difficult situation.why some times, baba don't take care of their children. Is he not known that for a girl, mrg is a life. we have to live with that person our rest of life. After this only, my father facing health problems. But still, we are having failth on Sai. As per his guidance, I'm going to do Poolangi Seva(Seva with flowers) on this Vijaya Dasami.(As previously, my sister requested Baba, if he has given a PG Seat, she will do that seva. She got the seat but totally she forgot it.) So now I'm going to do that when I'm in a Baba temple, that thought flash in my mind. Then I asked poojari regarding this before one month back. He said that we can do it on Vijaya Dasami(Baba Maha samadhi day), an auspicious day. May be after this, some change will be there in my brother-in-law.

    So, Moumitaji, once recollected have you debted anything for Baba. And that too, I prayed Baba for you & asked Him in sai baba questions & answers, he replied me as " Meditate Sri SaiBaba thereby on the next day morning you will get the results. Sri SaiBaba knows everything. Hence do not worry."

    So, don't worry. He will take care of you. Definitely your problems will be vanished..Take care..Expecting that miracle in your life..and post it here..Om Sai ram..

  15. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Sister Moumita Ji .. my sincere prayers to SaiNath to help you in this crisis andbe with you and bless you . I too faced a similar situation last year when my boyfriend of 5 years refused for marriage. I tried to convince him a lot but nothing worked. At last i left it to Baba and surrendered to him, and prayed to Baba to do what was right for me. I just wanted to marry a good guy. FInally after 6 months, my boyfriend realized his mistake and now we have been happily married .. been 3 months now.

    So please do surrender to Baba and he will do the best for you. You surely are his adored child and he will help and guide you always. Baba always solves our problems at the right time. We need to have firm Faith and Patience. Keep reading 'Sai Satcharitra' daily and whenever you feel tensed keep writing 'Sai Sai' in a notepad. You will feel a lot better, it will ease your worries and you will earn good Karma. May Baba bless you and solve all your worries.. may you be happy always and lead a happy and blissful married life. May your husband and in-laws and everyone realize what is right.

    Baba takes very good care of all his children. May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  16. deva help moumita ji….she is your daughter…people do beleive in you… don't turn them away like this…come and save her marriage…

  17. Dear Moumita ji,

    Just have SHRADHA and SABURI or say SAI SAI SAI in your heart and then see the miracle believe me i have experience the magic of SAI in my love life for getting my partner back. I didn't stop him when he went from my life but just because of SAI now he is with me now with more pure heart and love. He has been changed now.

    Saying SAI is always fruitful, just do it sis.


  18. Moumita ji feeling really sad for you …pls offer puja to shibpur sai baba. Shibpur sai baba has helped and saved many marriages.You can visit for offering puja.Call Amitji for offering puja.He is a very nice person and his sincere prayers have helped lots of people.I am sure he will be able to do something for you.Also as one sai devotee said sometimes black magic is the cause for a sudden change of life.pls do not neglect it.Call Amit ji to help you.My life is also at crisis.this black magic have completely ruined my life.AM 35 years of age but some relatives is not letting my marriage happen.i dont even have job.I lost everything in life.I lost all hope of life.nothing is there in my life for which i should feel happy.tears has become my only friend.No one believed in black magic in modern days.i too never believed in it.but now when i faced and got the prove that it is the effect of black magic on me i started believing that something like black magic prevails in earth.i surrendered everything to sai baba and am sure he will definitely help me out someday.though for marriage 35 is too late i might not get married but at least sai baba will give me a job to survive. Pls visit and offer puja.its my request.

    • Yes, Its true..Shibpur sai temple is a powerful one like Shiridi. I gone to Shiridi in June. Before going there, I thought that I might be get some vibrations if I see Baba in Shiridi. But I felt as normal. I thought a lot why I didn't feel so much of happiness when I seen Sai in Shiridi. And when I asked baba in Sai questions & answers website, he given me that there is some gain on Ram navami day. I didn't understand that.Later while reading experiences here, known about Shibpur Sai. When I saw that Baba Idol, really I felt very thrill about it. I thought that its real Baba(Man kind). I Read Entire story of temple, That temple built on day of Rama Navami. Thats why Baba given me answer like that..

      So, please Moumitaji..offer pooja there..definitely your problems will be solved..I'm not Saying that Baba is there only. But that place having some power just like Shiridi..Thank You…

  19. Dear Moumita,

    I am also going through exact same situation as you are in today infact mine is worse since his family gotten him married to some other woman forcefully after making him divorce me and even though he realised his mistake they have been somehow influencing him to stay with them though he opposed that marriage and refused to stay in it. Even I am at a loss to understand how cheap and ruthless people can be and why does baba let such cruel and wicked people look so powerful and let love lose the battle…may be he has a way of teaching everyone and so all these incidences are a part of the big plan so dont worry I am sure baba has planned something to make our husbands realise their mistakes and remind them of their duties. I just pray to baba that he gives some sadbuddhi to such people like your inlaws to atleast fear god and stop creating so much trauma and drama in their kids life…all they shud be bothered is that their son shud be happy in his own sansar why do they want to have a control on their son to an extent where it is affecting his married life is this wat a mom shud do? Anyways I just pray sai baba that he soon makes everything smooth in your life and blesses you with a very happy married life with your love your husband and protects you both from any evil intentions of other people. My heart goes out to to you moumitaji and I have prayed for you dont worry just concentrate on making yourself the best person and leave everything to baba you deserve the best and baba will give you the best. Just keep remembering and praying to baba and focus on yourself only. Let baba give you immense happiness and peace.

  20. Dear Moumitaji, It is great that you have acknowledged your issues and cried them out in front of Baba. As long as he is there, he will not let your marriage fail. However, You have to let him help you. There are various people who will come into your life just because they have been unknowingly directed by Baba to do so. Has your Psychologist prescribed some medicines to calm him down first? Why don't you visit a private, qualified counselor and discuss the matter with Him/Her (please make sure that the counselor is qualified and that it is a counselor and not a psychologist).

    You do need to know why your husband is doing whatever it is that he is doing. Maybe he wont tell you, but he will speak to the counselor. Don't ever feel helpless, because whatever Sai does is for the best of his devotees. Things don't change magically. You have put in efforts, and you will continue to do so. He will give you the results. Faith and Patience. Sai is with you even now. Om Sai Ram!

  21. Dear Moumita:

    Do not worry of anything and leave everything @ Baba's feet. Please apply udi on your forehead and try to apply to your husband too.

    Pray to Baba wholeheartedly.

  22. Experience 1 – Absolutely amazing just shows how powerful & merciful the Lords above are. Just a small remembrance of their name can change Life /Death etc. Hopefully this incident has strengthened your faith.

    Moumitaji- Please have solid Faith in Baba (i know it is extremely difficult in situations like yours), however you do not have much of a choice. If you truly love your husband hang on & he will surely come back to you again. Tough times do not last, tough people do. My suggestion is not to resort to any kind of Black Magic etc as Baba knows what is happening & nothing can be above him. May Baba bless us all.

    • Moumita ji … though we have shared with you about the effect of black magic but to clear enough we never suggested you to resort to black magic … you can find that in my comments above … i requested you again and again to pray to shibpur sai baba.but i never mentioned anything like resorting to black magic. i have mentioned black magic above is just because whatever the evil effect was ….only sai baba can save you from all the evils.i faced the evil effect of black magic but i never resorted to it …in fact i surrendered everything to sai feet and only sai can save pls do not misunderstand me if i have mentioned anything to you like black magic.we just felt like sharing with you how we suffered so that u can get strenght from it and surrender everything to sai.only sai can take care.

  23. sai sister moumitaji really sorry to read this experience.have firm faith in baba.i request you to just chant the mantra KLEEM..This really works.It heals relationships..So just chant this mantra as much as possible..This mantra will surely help you..Please try this and surrender to our saima completely you will get your husband back..if this mantra really works for you too then i will be happy…om sairam…

  24. moumitaji yes shibpur saibaba temple is very can contact amitji and ask him to pray behalf of you and donate some money to temple..deffinately your problem will be solved.I am just not telling that i have experienced miracle after pooja done there on my behalf..will post my experience regarding shibpur baba in this site whith baba's grace when baba permits..please chant the KLEEM mantra and if possible shibpur baba can go through this site for more details..

  25. Dear Moumitaji
    Baba's ways are unique.He will never let his devotees down.At times we suffer due to our past karmas but will help you in the right time.So as Baba says always try to chant SAI SAI….and read SAI SATCHARIT as many times you can as it gives us peace of mind and we feel like Baba is with us.Always remember Baba;s words "HAVE FAITH AND PATIENCE THEN I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU".JAI SAIRAM….

  26. Dear Moumitaji,Have faith in Baba, never loose faith or doubt SAI, be bold, Concentrate on your job (I mean because of all this frustration you might not be able to concentrate on it). What is good for you will happen if not at this moment, but soon. So just be brave and continue to have faith in SAI. My prayers are with you.

    Dear Moumitaji,
    Baba will take care of you and he'll be always
    With you to hold your hand.Surrender completely
    To Baba and see the miracle that will take place.

  28. Very nice experiences! Chidambar Ji, it was Baba who helped save you from the accident and Baba who brought you to become a Baba devotee. Laxinder Ji, it was Baba who brought back your wallet both times and made sure you did not lose any money. Don't worry, I will pray for your husband to come back and for Sai Baba to help you. Baba will always be there for us even in difficult times. Om Sai Ram!

  29. Hello Moumita,Sainatha answers your prayers,may be it takes little more time and he can change mind of your husband and cause miracles ,do parayan consistently

  30. Jai Sai RAm,Please surrender all your problems whole heartedly to baba,He will definetly answers your prayer.Pls hold his feet very strong ..Surely your husband should answers to baba .Don't worry

  31. Hello Moumita ji,

    I can feel your pain but you should stop worrying, let your husband go when he will be alone there in the flat then he will realize how much love and care you gave to him , leave him for some days n let him realize. He will come back to you with more love and devotion. Sai is just testing your patience. Have faith in him , he will solve your problem beyond your imagination. Om shri sai nathaya namah.

  32. Jai Sai Ram Moumita Ji,

    Tears dwelled up in my eyes when I read about your pain. I understand what you are going through. But, one thing is for sure. Our SAIMA will never let her children suffer. This maybe is a lesson, for your husband to realise your true love when he starts living all by himself. SAI will tell him, what he is missing in life by taking this harsh decision. As one of SAI's devotee said, life is full of ups and downs..It's not always going to be this cycle of pain for you. I am sure, Our SAIMA is very busy working on settling things right for you..Just keep up ur faith please..BABAJI will definitely embrace you and bless you with abundance of his love and blessings, strength, support and care. SAI says, "WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE". So leave it our SAIMA. SHE will take care.

    I have got couple of prayer suggestions for you. One is : In the month of Karthika this year, which is supposed to start in November, please try to Pray to Lord SHIVA and perform Karthika Somavar Vrat on Mondays. This is very special when you do it in this auspicious month of Karthika. During the vrat, you can have liquids (milk, juice) or fruits throughout the day and then have a normal vegetarian diet without onion or garlic for the night. Please if you have time, listen to SHIVA RUDRASHTAKAM and also please chant the following mantras :

    1. "Om Bhavaaya devaaya namaha" "Om sarvaaya devaaya namaha" "Om Ishaanaaya devaaya namaha" "Om Pasupate Devaayana namaha" "Om Rudraaya devaaya namaha" "Om Ugraaya devaaya namaha" "Om Bheemaaya devaaya namaha" "Om Mahato devaaya namaha"

    2. Om Mruntunjyaya Rudraya Neelakantaya Sambhavae, Amridesaiya Sarvaya Mahadevaiyathey Namaha

    The second suggestion is the stotram or mantra of SRI SAMMOHANA KRISHNA: Chanting this mantra 16 times will bring peace in married life. The mantra is as follows:

    Shri Krishnam Kamala Badratcham Divya Aabarna Booshidham
    Thribanghi Lalithagharam Athisundara Moganam
    Bhagam Thatchinam Purusham Anyastri Roopinam Thatha
    Sangam Chakram Saangu Sancha Puspha Paanamcha Panakajam
    Eetchi Sabham Venu Vadyamcha Tharayantham Poojaashtakai
    Svade Kandhanu Lipthangam Pushpa Vastra Tvaguchvalam
    Sarva Kaamaratha Sidyartham Mohanam Sri Krishnamaashrayae

    I am sure you these prayers will definitely help you. SAI will be with you always as all avatars !!! Don't you worry Sai Sister.

    Forever in our LORD SAI

  33. Dear sister moumitaji,

    The level of problems you are facing even i am facing same, but in your case you are married , in my case we are loving each other from deep of our heart, all of sudden from month of august all these problems started. U have tried ur level best, let him go, u cannot do anything if he has makeup his mind to go, but do not loose hope have faith in baba, he will surely do something and bring u together. may be baba want you and ur husband to be apart for some time and face all the bad karma form ur past life and from ur this life to go once and for all ( as written in sai sat charitra) and after that time i mean after the bad phase he will bring you and your husband together with greater bonding and even closer than before,,, just have faith in him and he will solve all ur problems at a perfect time.

  34. I'm a sai devotee. I'm going through worst phase of my life at present. Daily I used to read the devotees experience. Today I just randomly searched for ' sai experience part 254 ' . I was stunned because tat was exactly matching my situation at present. I don't know whether the person in tat experience named Moumitaji got her husband back or not but I'm sincerely praying for her . Because I'm in the similar situation right now. I'm in a relationship with a guy for 5 yrs. We told about us in our home. My side is accepted. But I really don't know what happened to him . suddenly he is saying tat he s not interested in our relationship and he started liking another girl. But I definitely know about him . he is not of that type. As we both are living in different cities I cudn meet him and talk. Though I know well about him I was really afraid about what he said. So I went to baba temple and asked him to tel whether he really has another affair through chit. Answer came as no. I believe only in baba. Actually his side s not accepting and I know only due to this he is saying such things. Please baba help me . make him understand my true love and bring him back to me… I don't know whether the devotee named Moumitaji will see my comment ..I hope she is fine now. Because this experience is posted on DEC 2012. So by now I hope Sai would have solved her problem. I wish she sees this comment and reply me . and I will take that as my answer from baba.. I request all devotees to pray for me .

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