In today’s post few more experiences are shared.

Baba Can Read What’s There In Your Mind

Sai Brother Udit Ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, Many Thanks for this wonderful blog and all the good work you have done. Whenever I read your articles, always remembers Baba’s saying, “I drag those people near to me, who either listens My Leelas or discuss My Leela’s with others”.

Really reading articles everyday gives one kind of pious feeling, which cannot be much expressed. Let Baba bless you and everyone always. Whenever I am sad or in tensions, I go through your blog and it gives me immense pleasure and happiness. We really regain our lost faith if any after going through. Every day I go through the blogs and read one and it’s really awesome. Even I experienced such incidents, which I am highlighting below:

  • Incident 1: I was staying in Mysore for the last one year. After coming to Mysore, I never go to temple, which is hardly 200 meters from my house. My faith in God was reducing day by day. Still every day I used to lit an agarbati in front of my God in my house and then go to office. I remember Shivratri in 2011, when I went to temple, but it was rush so prayed from outside and without having Darshan came back. I met my friend and after that I used to go to Shirdi Sai Temple and praying Baba every day. This year, just before Shivratri, after praying Baba, I encountered one incident after which my faith increased. I was coming from Office one day and that to on Monday, When the bus crossed the Shiva Temple heard a bell ringing. I don’t know what stuck my mind, I decided to go to the Temple on that day and have Shiva Parvati Darshan. So on next stop, I got down from the Bus and went to the temple. Before entering the temple I thought, If there would have been a Baba statue inside the Temple how good it would be. Thinking of that, I hold my hands and prayed in front of the Idols of Hanuman, Ganesh Ji and Shiva and Parvati. After praying when I woke up, I found an old lady sitting in one corner of the temple reading a book. Suddenly my eyes were stuck to see a nice photo of Baba smiling in the right side of the book. What I was thinking about Baba, just Baba read my mind and came in front of His Photo. What a wonderful experience was that! I am staying alone and whenever I am tensed feel like Baba is with me and taking care of everything and guiding me in the correct path. Thanks Baba for everything.
  • Incident 2: Baba takes care of his devotes and always ensures everything happens at the correct time. From the day I came to Mysore, I badly wanted a bike. Since we are from middle class background, we have to take care of our families and finally we think about me. Because of lot of liabilities, I couldn’t buy. Finally, with Baba’s blessings and taking salary advance and some loan I finally took a bike. I brought my bike on last Saturday. My friends knew that I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and they told me that you will be bringing and doing pooja on Thursday. But when on Saturday I went to showroom, they told me that there are some issues and the slot is filled for Monday in RTO Office and they will be giving the bike on Tuesday. Tuesday, I had lot of work in Office and I couldn’t go. Later on Wednesday, I went to the showroom to get my bike and kept in my house and gave the key and decided to come early and do the Pooja. But, when I came back from Office found that Aunty was out. So finally I decided that will do the Pooja on Thursday. Then I remembered my friend words and really felt happy that I am doing Bike pooja on Baba’s day.
Baba very well knows what needs to happen and when it will happen. We just need to keep your faith intact and keep on trying. Rest He will take care. Om Sai Ram

Baba's Experience

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, thank you for giving an opportunity to post this experience. May god bless you and your family. Please do not disclose my name and my email Id. I want to share two experiences. First I want to say how I Baba came in my life. We live in Sydney and we got Indian cable connection. When we started TV, the first serial was Sai Baba on star plus. On that day, I saw Baba and got addicted to Baba’s serial. I remembered that my mum in India used to watch Sai Baba serial and she use to ask me to watch. But I used to refuse. Now I feel bad why I never watched then. May be I had to suffer all the karmas that’s the reason. Today I want to share two experiences. As we came to Sydney on student visa with two small kids, it was very tough life here. As we were international students, we have to pay for our fees as well our kid’s fees also, which is too very high. After finishing studies in 2010, we applied for permanent residency and then everything was going as usual. But my husband job contract finished and he didn’t have any job. I was also not getting job, but with Baba’s grace, he got two day job by which we could take our living expenses. In 2011 my daughter was also going to start school and we both were worried that it will be very hard to arrange for both children fees as it was $9500. But I knew that Baba is there and He will arrange something. We put an application letter for making installments. We didn’t enroll my daughter and I remember that from Monday she was going to join the school and we were thinking that first NSW education will pass our installments and then she can go to school. I started Sai Satcharitra on Thursday. I finished and prayed to Baba and on next day. Our agent called that we got our residency on Thursday. Only he got a mail in evening and he informed us on Friday morning. We were so happy. We were thinking how to arrange the fees, but Baba had other plans. When I am writing this experience, my tears are flowing that He is always there, but I still sometimes doubt on Baba sorry. Other one is small, but I want to share. I had corn on my hands ring finger first. I didn’t find out what is happening then doctor told that its corn. Here my friend also had same problem, but the doctors here made it worse. So I was afraid of doing the treatment. But it was becoming more pain full day by day. So I prayed Baba please cure in one week. My friend came home and she gave me corn removal bandage, which she got from India. With Baba’s grace, in one week I was cured. Thanks Baba for everything. My humble salutations at Your lotus feet, Deva. I just want to write one Gurbani line (bahut janam vishre te madhav eh janam tumhare lekhe) meaning that from many life we haven’t met, but this life is yours. Thank you Hetal Ji. Please forgive me for any mistakes while writing.

Sai Baba Saves His Devotees Always

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My name is Shalini. I am from India. Kindly please don’t disclose my mail id. I love Saibaba so much. I can’t find any word that describes my love on Him and how great Saibaba is. He always take care of His devotees all the time. Even sometimes I can forget Baba but Sai will never forgets about His devotees and always saves them and fulfills their desires. How much I say about my Saibaba, it is very less because Saibaba is that much of great. I thank and love Baba so much and also I thank you Hetal Ji for this wonderful platform where anyone can know about Sai and because of Saibaba only I came to know about this website. One day we (I and my dad) were going to shopping on a bike. Then suddenly while going in the traffic, a traffic police stopped us. I felt so scared and taught that he is going to take money from us and then only he will leave us and told to park the bike a side and then I chanted Sai's name that the traffic police should not take any money from us and should leave us then immediately. The miracle happened. Saibaba saved us from traffic police. He did not take any money from us and told that we had started even after the red signal. He had shown and told nothing that to us. He did not take any fine from us and left us. Saibaba saved us. Saibaba always saves us and always takes care of us. I love You so much Saibaba. Always be with me.

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  1. such a wonderful experiences. i too liked the that excellent say….FOR MANY LIVES WE HAVN'T MET AND THIS LIFE IS YOURS.
    really heart touching. baba , am your daughter, this life is completely yours. you are the one who understand each and every thought of mine. i want to be a good person, not to hurt anybody, not to aggressive. pls baba, help me. i want to love people, without any expectation. i want to be real daughter of yours, by following your path. without your blessings, it is just impossible. pls be always with me. without you i am nothing. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    To all the Sai Devotees above. Brothers/Sisters, I know life is not as easy as we see in movies. It's very different and very practical. Having said this, SaiBaba constantly guides us, help us and saves us from many miseries.

    Let's be good, Lets do good and Lets always hope good for every one. Sai will protect us, lastly, lets always pray and remember our Deva, Shri Saisamarth.

    Allah Mallik,

    Servant of Baba

  3. @Anonymous
    Jai Sai Ram

    All of you are truly blessed to be able to read the experiences but for the past 4 days I have been unable to read the experiences fully. Could anyone please tell me how I can read the experiences completely.

    Sai Devotee waiting to read Sai experiences on this site

    • Dear Anonymous ji,
      Sorry for you are having problems reading experiences. Question:(1) Do you have problem reading only this site only or you have problem browsing other web links too?
      (2) Do you have up-to-date anti virus protection on your computer? If not, than there might be a virus problem causing you not being able to browse through Internet websites.
      Take help of some one you know has experience in finding out this problem and solving the problem too.
      I am a computer technician and I have dealt with several such cases, and that made me write you like this reading your problem.
      Jai SAI RAM.

    • Sai Ramji,

      When i checked in chrome, IE, opera and firefox, all blog posts are coming up easily. The template which has been chosen is compatible in all browsers. This was checked before installing it. So i guess this issue is through google blogger where the blog has been hosted. In morning there was some issue with blogger's official widget of page views too! I wish this gets resolved soon and each of our fellow devotees should be able to read experiences smoothly as earlier.

      Jai Sai Ramji
      Sai Ki Deewani
      Hetal Patil Rawat

  4. same thing for me as well…even couldnt read the whole experience…might be some issues with the site…
    Baba , please help us read the whole experience….

    • Even I encountered with the same problem when using Chrome, it is browser compatibility issue try with IE or Mozilla.

  5. Dear Hetalji, true problem still persists. I use a Kindle tablet and have not been able to read the complete posts. I think a new template would be a good idea. Let me know if you need help there.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Sai Ramji,

    Dear All devotees,

    I hope you must have noticed new look of our blog. I really thank Lord Sai Baba Who helped me to work untiringly for changing the template at this stage when i am 31 weeks pregnant and not advised to sit for long. Though after finishing this task i noticed my swollen feet and tired body. Still i am satisfied that i could finish this work in just 2 days and now i would be resting for next 2 days! Hope you all like new look of our blog and also please report if there are any bugs reading experiences.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

    • Sairam Hetalji,

      The look is really good… is very well laid down….thanks so much…..nice i am associated with this blog for past few months only, i browse to older posts through monthwise categorisation as to not avoid any post….but with this new look i cannot see posts monthwise….for instance how do i reach December 2011 posts in this look…..kindly guide me….

      Please take care of your health….my best wishes !!!

    • @ Anonymous ji who responded me,

      Sai Ramji

      Few features are yet to be added to our blog which will be done today. I am sorry for inconvenience caused.

      Now the blog is working fine in all browsers including IE. Only thing is that it may take some time to load fully. If problem still persists i guess the version of IE should be upgraded.

      Jai Sai Ramji
      Sai Ki Deewani
      Hetal Patil Rawat

  7. Dear Hetal ji,
    Good job! BABA is with you and HE is behind all your good work. See, how BABA reads our thoughts and answers our queries? I was thinking Hetal ji never replied me when I wrote her my reply and asked her when her due date is? And LO! here you gave me the answer!
    May you have a safe and easy delivery. Praying for you and your baby a very healthy days.
    The changes looks good so far. Not found any errors browsing your other links. Thanks so much for all your efforts.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  8. Cant read this exp,came back here after a gap n when i click on read more it reaches to comments section ,no full exp.,plz anyone help….

  9. Om Sai Ram ,I too have not been able to read the experiences on Saturday and Sunday ,because the whole article does not open.If some one could siggest and advice any way of opening the full article properly. Thanks Jai Sai Ram

  10. Hi Devotees, those who are able to read the full experience. pls copy and paste it in the comments, as iam having problem to see the full page,

  11. Hello Hetalji,
    I do like the new layout on the webpage. When first it was all black background, I was a bit apprehensive bc it was hard to see words and pics. However, after it completely loaded and saw the white background, it looked much cleaner. Also, good luck on your pregnancy.

  12. Om Sai Ram.

    Have a safe delivery Hetal Ji. Baba bless you with a health and sweet Baby, he will take care of your health too. Thanksa lot for this blog.

    Love you Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  13. Dearest Hetal JI,

    May you have a smooth delivery..YOU are already blessed for all the good work you have been doing for BABA…he will protect you always..All his devotee's prayers are with you..
    Thanks for this lovely blog,you help us by getting more closer to our SAI..
    Iam sorry Hetal Ji of late aim unable to read the whole experience…PLEASE HELP…!!!

  14. Om Sai ram Hetal ji and all baba ji devotees. Hetal ji can't read full blogs and monthly/yearly experiences of devotees are missing too.If you could also put the devotees experiences next to "submit your experiences" that will be easier for devotees to search, as the website is about saibaba experiences. Hope you have a safe delievery by grace of sai baba ji.

  15. sai ram , Hi Hetalji, how is your health ? Thank you so much for all your effort to fix the problem but I am still not able to read completely. I was thinking it's the problem with my I phone but even in the computer I am not able to see the whole experiences. could you please fix it, it has become my daily routine to read this.Thanks again , take care. good luck with your delivery, as you know Baba is there with you all the time.

  16. Dear Hetal Ji,

    May our LORD SAI's blessings be with you always. I pray to our SAIMA for your safe delivery, good health and longevity for both you and the beautiful little one who is going to arrive soon..


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