A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 249

Few more experiences are shared in today’s post.

Why Fear When I Am There

Sai Brother Kishor Ji from India says: With this experience, Baba gave me the message “why fear when I am there”. Please do not share my email address though you can share my name and please feel free to make any changes, if required.

From around 10 years, our family is facing lots of problems, mainly problems in family, social relations. To face these problems, we got strength from Sai. During this period, we knew Sai Baba. But from around a year, this feeling came to mind that, Sai Baba is taking care of us and our faith is increased. In a recent experience, I got this message from Baba. Because of such long period of problems, struggle, insecurity, our style of thinking was so changed. Very poor confidence, too much thinking, thinking of failures always, etc changed the lifestyle of every family member.

I am the elder son of this family. Some days ago, I was given a responsible job for which I was very tensed. But even in such a difficult job also, I didn't want to speak lie that I am not feeling well and avoid the work. I could not sleep 3-4 night well. I was praying Baba to get any solution on this. Because of this sleeplessness, there was a problem of acidity. I could not do the job. Now I was tension free. But I was thinking now, whether Baba helped me or myself I got the solution? By taking tension and lost the sleep, that created acidity, and the result was the job was avoided. On the next day, I went to Sai temple. For the first time, I went there on the time of AARTI. After completing the AARTI, the priest gave me something. As I was not wearing glasses and tension in mind, so looking something white on my hand, I thought it is sugar as PRASAD. I put that in mouth and I came to know that it was rice, which priest gave me to put on the lotus feet of Baba. I came to home, and was thinking about this whole day. On the second day, it came to my mind suddenly, that Baba gave me message. I was not wearing my glasses, so I could not notice that it was sugar or rice on my hand on AARTI. It means we have no vision to look at our problems, wishes and all the things. Now on, you don't take any tension, do not make any plan, even the wishes. Just put all to Baba's lotus feet. Baba says “WHY FEAR, WHEN I AM THERE."

Sai Baba Came In Dream

Sai Sister Neha Ji from India says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I have many experience of miracle, but for now, I will share one. You can make required modification if you want. One night, I had dream that I am in Derabssi (Punjab) and someone told me that there is a temple here and you should go there. I went there. After going in temple someone told me that there is a Sai Baba Murti and you should go there also. All this I was experiencing in my dream. After waking up, I called up one of my friends, who lives in Derabssi and asked him whether there is any such temple or not and he said he will enquire than tell me. Next day, he called me and said yes there is a temple of Mata and in that temple there is a Sai Baba Murti also. I was very happy to listen this as I believe Sai Baba wants me to go there. That’s why He made me saw such dream. Then on Saturday, I went there and you will not believe it was the same temple as I saw in my dream and Sai Bab Murti was at the same place as I saw in my dream. I was so happy that Sai Baba himself called me there. Sai Baba always made His devotee realized that He is always around them. Sai Baba is everything for me like my mother, Father and my brother. Love You Sai Baba. Please always shower Your blessings on Your children. I have a wish and I know Sai Baba sooner or later will bless me with that. Jai Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is There Where There Is Faith And Devotion

Sai Sister Nivedita Ji from India says: I have been following Baba's principles of life by reading Sai Satcharitra of Baba and trying to imbibe the values He always has and wanted His devotees to follow. Baba has been there whenever I needed His help and guidance. There are many instances to prove this. But I am posting my recent experience only here. My son has been trying for his job in USA and waiting for the work permit to be extended. Those who have applied for the same have already got, which caused him to worry more. Recently he has got a good job offer and the company wanted him to join before 20th July. We were worried as the work permit has not been received by him and he can't join without that. I have told my son not to worry and said that I will pray to Baba and ask Him to help Him out. I have been sincerely praying to Baba and pleading to get the work permit of my son to be released. I even told Baba please stretch Your hand and do some magic so that the work permit is released before the due date of my son's joining in the job. I didn’t know, what made me say this to my son that wait is till 19 July, which is a Thursday and you will get your work permit. Baba will send some news regarding the same. My son and my husband did not understand what made me say this. It was 19 July, Thursday morning 2 AM. Suddenly my mobile rang and I got up with a jerk .It was my son, who was on the line saying in excitement that he has just received his work permit and also two more good job offers. I woke up my husband, who was in deep sleep and told him about this news. He could not believe and said “My God! Your Baba has done it again”. My heart filled with over joy and I have no words to thank my Baba. He has helped my son and this is an instance that proves Baba's saying “where there is faith, I am there. Why fear when I am there?” Koti Koti Namaskarams to Baba. Baba, I love You. Please excuse our mistakes and be there to guide us. Om Sairam.
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  1. Sai Ram Nehaji,
    what a wonderful dream. it is really true that Baba has its own way of calling his children's to his place..

  2. Feels so good to keep reading Baba's miraculous experiences… Proves again and again that Faith and Patience are the ingredients that we need for Baba's offerings. Om Sai Ram, Shri Sai Ram, Jai Jai Sai

  3. All three are beautiful Experiences. thanks for sharing it.. Kishorji I got answer to my question after reading ur experience.thanks. Om Sai Ram


  5. Jai Sairam. Jai Sairam. Jai Sairam. Help us control our thoughts, help us in thinking only good thoughts.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Namo SaiBaba Thandri Narayana
    Confidence and shradda are inbuilt in a person, who has merits and potentialities blessed by SaiDurgamma. But some people are jealous of that and guilty.

    A health problem with genuine reason in recent times is portrayed and canvassed in a bad manner, with out any practical approach is sheer shame on them to do it.

    A success attained with truth and commitment will go ahead in coming years also.
    Tough times will not last long, but tough people with unethical attitude and words both in deed and behaviour will be around.


  7. such a wonderful experiences. baba pls put us always on right path. never leave us alone. pls increase our faith and patience. without you we are nothing. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  8. Baba is always there even we are not aware of him.he is our mother, father, friend everything..om shri sai ram..om shri sai ram..

  9. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai always resides in devotees heart, this is a sheer proof for the mother who instructed his son to wait until july 19th.

    Sai always walks along with people who are going through tough times and ensures that our karma doesnt affect us too much. Sai always protects and safe guards his devotees even in times of our past karmas. When person is suffering too much, it means his good days will approach soon.

    Lets bown down to the holy feet of our parabrahma shri sai samarth.

    Jai Jai Gurudev.

    Allah mallik.
    Servant of baba

  10. Amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing. Nivedita Ji, like you, my husband also says many a times, "your Baba listens you very fast. You have some kind of 'Tanka' with HIm."

    What a nice dream you had Neha ji.

    Om Sai Ram

  11. Wonderful experiences! Nivedita Ji, Baba likely wanted to test your patience for your son's work permit, but in the end Baba made sure everything worked out well for your son and even gave more than he wanted (the additional 2 job offers). Neha Ji, you are very lucky that Baba showed you in the dream the exact temple He wanted you to visit and likely wanted you to come there and do pooja there for Him. Kishor Ji, don't worry, Baba is with us through all the difficulties we face in life, and Baba also showed you that we sometimes see only difficulties in our lives, but with Baba (like your glasses) we can see more clearly and things are not always as bad as they seem with Baba by our side. Om Sai Ram!

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