In today’s post few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba are being shared.

My Experience with Sai Appa

Sai Sister Sowmiea Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sairam. I am Sowmiea from Chennai. I heard about Baba and went to His temple in Mylapore, some 4 years back. From that day, the only person, I trust and worship, is Sai. I would like to share some of my experiences with Sai.

Because of the field of work I chose, I did not get any job for the past four years. I lost hope and left the prayers. But, without my efforts, I got a job in Pune from a very good reputed company, which offered the best package too. Everyone at my home were, too confused to send me as I don’t know the language or the place. But I thought it was Baba, who did the plan to take me near to Him and I went there trusting Him. Life is good from that moment. If you trust Sai, He will be with you in any situation and guides you on the right path.

I am in love with my friend for the past three years and last year his parents fixed up his engagement. We both loved each other, but since we are of different caste, we were not able to convince parents. My only hope at that time was Baba. And I use to pray Sai without food and water and visited Shirdi for the first time, to give me back my love. I didn’t see any possibility of getting him back. He himself called and asked for my forgiveness and left me. I was so sad and closed Sai Satcharitra book, which I was reading at that time. I closed the book, cried and slept. To my surprise, I saw a old man in my dream, standing in my car parking with a book in his hand. I didn’t recognize him till I saw the book. He was holding book in hand and that was Sai Satcharitra - A red colored labeled book. I got back in the midnight, cried with joy and started reading the book without any percent doubt on His grace. I just left my prayers at His feet and did what I had to do. All of the sudden, within few days the engagement got cancelled and I got him back. This incident made Him to believe Sai more and we both went to Shirdi again to thank Him for His blessings. Another time, my boyfriend wanted to catch his train to Coimbatore and he got it at the last moment. Since he ran and got the train. He was so thirsty and had no water bottle with him. He called me, when I was reading Sai Satcharitra and he told me that he is thirsty. I asked him to get water bottle, but he said that the train will not stop in any nearby station and it will take one and half hour for the next station to arrive. I prayed Sai and I told that don’t worry, Papa will arrange something for you. So trust Him. I did not think anything, when I uttered the word. I just told Sai like Papa, he is feeling thirsty, if you could give him water now. He will surely trust your presence and start believing you. Within 15 minutes, the train stopped in a station because of some rail track problem for 10 minutes. He went out to search for shop to get the water bottle. He saw a guy carrying water bottle, so he enquired about the shop. The boy said that the shop is on the other end of the station. He came back to the train, since he was not sure whether he will have enough time to go and get the water bottle and come back. The guy came back to his window and gave the water bottle and told I have time for my train to arrive, so I will go and get the bottle. You can have this one". He didn’t even take the money from my boyfriend. He just gave and walked away. All these happened when I was in the call and I didn’t have words to explain my happiness. This is to tell people that, if you fully trust Sai, He will do everything for His devotees. Now, again, I am into trouble. Again, my boyfriend parents have arranged for his marriage by August end. He got engaged too. I still trust Baba that He would stand by me. I don’t know why Sai, made all these things to happen. But, I believe that He will be on my side and hear my prayers. I have placed all my prayers on His holy feet and expecting His Leela to happen. I kindly request you all to please pray for me. Pray to Sai, to unite me with my boyfriend. Please include me in your prayers. Regards, Sowmiea

Sai Always Gives Right Direction

Sai Sister Meenu Ji from India says: Namaste. My name is Meenu and I am from Saharanpur. Firstly thanks for the wonderful site. My English is not so good, please do some necessary correction. Please don’t disclose my email id. I have lots of experience in my life. First of all, I saw Sai Baba temple in Kankhal in Uttrakhand. That time, I feel peace, but I was not aware of Sai Baba powers and Sai Leela. After sometime, my cousin sister told me about Putparthi and told about Sai Baba and Vihbuti. But I was not interested to listen anything. After sometime, I saw Baba idol in my friend’s home. But still I was not interested to listen about Sai Baba. After 5 years approx, I know from someone that Sai Baba temple is now in Saharanpur. Then I wanted to go, but I didn’t know the way to go. I talked to my friend mummy and she said that she will go with me. First time, I visited Sai temple. Sai Baba was always with me. He always saves me by bad thinking. After that my thinking started to change. Whenever I visited Sai Baba temple, my body feels such vibration that something is pulling me. That is Sai power. Actually we have lots of financial problem, but now I and my brother both are Sai devotees. Now I feel lots of change in me. First Experience: My face was totally disturbed. It was full of pimples or acne and after lots of treatment, there was no solution. Everybody in my family and my relative told me that your face is very dirty and I cried very much in front of Sai Baba because after lots of doctor treatment and home remedy there was no solution. Then one day, I visited to doctor, but due to absence of doctor, I did not get appointment. After two times, there was same process. I was fed up and asked Baba why doctor is not there. Because this doctor was well known and I wanted to take treatment only from this. Many people say that he is skin specialist and definitely I will be ok. But after two times, I tried another doctor. After one month, there was not so good result. But one day, when I was in doctor’s cabin, he attended me very well. He asked to me every problem that why it’s growing my pimples day by day. Then he recognized the problem by Sai Baba’s grace. After 3 months treatment, now I am ok. My face is glowing and every one gives me compliments that you look good. All happened because of Sai. We faced all problems because of bad deeds. But Sai is always with us. Sai please forgive my all bad deeds and keep blessing on Your devotees. Jai Jai Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram.

Sai Is Everything To Me

Sai Brother Shyam Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram, Sai Baba is everything to me and my family. He has always been in my life in some way but recently I have been a more ardent devotee and the numbers of experiences are too many to describe, but I will try to narrate a couple of them.
  • Experience 1 : I work in management as part of the Tata group. Last year, due to some people playing the usual corporate tricks, it was a very difficult situation for me. I just prayed to Baba, left everything to Him. Normally in these situations, you have to leave, but amazingly because of His grace, post the re-organization, I found myself in a very comfortable role. Also when I was down and out last year, through a contact I met a Sai devotee (which I came to know later), who has become a mentor for me, helping me through the process. As a final step, I just got exactly the job I wanted in a new bigger role with L&T, when I least expected it. Baba Ji really takes care of you if you surrender to Him, keep faith and patience.
  • Experience 2 : My wife was getting back to the workplace after several years bringing up our small child. She completed a teachers training course and applied for jobs. With weeks going by, she was getting frustrated with interviews, had the fear that they may think she is too old. I told her that lets just keep faith in Baba. I was continuously praying to Him that she is a pure person, help her out. Amazingly in a couple of weeks, she got not one, but 3 job offers.
Sai Ram. I am sorry that I could only describe 2 of Your Leela's. You are beyond description and are truly the Saguna and Nirguna Brahman. Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki ji.
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  1. Sai is the one who gives bliss and blessings every time..jai sai sadhguru nath..baba love u soooooooooooooooooooo much….

  2. Dear sowmea
    baba will bless you the best. trust him whole heartly he will give you best of best to u. i pray for you. dnt worry.

  3. Nice experiences thanks all for sharing.@Sowmiea ji Dont worry have faith in Sai he is always there to help his children, he will never let you down. Om Sai Ram

  4. @Sowmeia as you told that his parents arranged marriage by August now you must be knowing whether he got married or not?
    I have gone through the same experience, i was in relationship with boy for last two years. He himself took me to his house to show to his parents and his mother approved our marriage and told me to inform my parents. Then our engagement called of by him without giving any reason and then again he came to me like that for two years it continued many times, sometimes boy was too emotional and sometimes he was distanced himself. I was confused and asked Baba for help. But he got married to someoneelse in April 2012 without informing me. And it was too with his own choice. He informed me only after his marriage took place. I am not able to get answers why he did it to me when both of us was in love with each other since last two years. Both of us were independent and i dont think there was much difficulty in getting married. But his family always raised some issues and boy used to listen to them.
    I am asking Baba when he was not in my destiny why you keep him with me for last two years? I have prayed you wholeheartedly for this boy then why you made him someoneelse destiny? Baba not giving me any answer to my questions?
    So be prepared for everything, otherwise you will suffer like me. IF boy himself is not determined for marriage no one can help you.

  5. It is very very sad / frustrating to see most of issues are around relationship (esp love marriage). Im male and i get very upset when boy loves and goes back to his mom for arranged marriage. To all those boys – my message is – you don't have balls if you love and re-tracts and goes back to arranged marriage by ditching loved one. it is SIN.

  6. such a wonderful experiences. sowmiea ji dont worry. keep faith and patience. baba will soon bless you with the best.
    leave all your doubts and burden on his lotus feet. he will take care. baba pls bless her. bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  7. Even i feel the same.The boy you love is engaged for the second time shows he hardly cares for you.So come out of this relationship which looks one sided.Even if he loves you he does not have the guts to go against his parents wishes so
    he looks like a coward. So better ditch him and marry someone who really loves you and respects you.
    May Sai bless you with a better life partner.

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless all your children.. help us to do good deeds and in turn deserve your grace. Make us good and deserving.

    Please bless Sowmiea sister with a good life-partner soon. Bless her and her family.

    May Baba bless us all always and take us in the right path.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Sowmeia ji,

    Now-a-days youngsters are not able to analyse a person's mentality because of their blind love towards their loved person. Please get up of your deep slumber, do not get ditched by such persons, please try to analyse whether the loving person loves you or just spend some sweet moments with you.
    In your case your loved person has gone for a second engagement by being in love with you, and without realizing the fact, you want to share your life with such a fickle-minded person. Thank Baba for protecting you from such a dual mentality person. Let Baba help you to settle your marriage with a good guy.

    Jai, sai Ram

  10. Nice experiences! Sowmiea Ji, don't worry, Baba will arrange the best for you, and it's nice that Baba made sure your boyfriend had water when he was feeling very thirsty. I will also pray to Baba to help you and your boyfriend. Meenu Ji, Baba probably wanted to test you and also test your patience to make sure your faith was very true, and then Baba cleared your face instantly. Udi is also the best medicine for any maladies. Shyam Ji, no matter what corporate tricks people play, they have nothing compared to Sai Baba, if His devotee needs help they cannot do anything to stand in the way of Baba's Will, and Baba also nicely arranged for your wife to get nice job offers as well. Om Sai Ram!

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