Sharing few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Baba’s Help During Travel

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks for giving us hope to live in this world full of troubles. My day really starts with reading experiences of Our Baba. Please do not publish my name or email id. Baba has helped me lots of times in my life, once I came to His Sharan. But still sometimes, when difficulties come in my life, I lose my Saburi, my faith shakes and keep doubting Baba. I know I am hurting Baba, I apologize for the same. This experience is lengthy. Because I felt Baba’s presence throughout and did not want to miss anything. This incident happened recently.

Since it is school vacation in USA, we decided to go for a vacation. First time, we were traveling, by car to a place called South Padre, TX. I got severe stomach upset, due to acidity and badly wanted to use the restroom on the way to some gas station. But our road got blocked due to some accident, nearly 30 meters we were on the road, with no way to get out fully packed with cars. I was praying to Sai ma to let me out of this mess. Mean time I saw a car on the next lane right side of me, has a picture of Jesus moving a herd of cattle. I usually feel relieved when I see a picture of Jesus on the cars. I was feeling better, and within on time, somehow the traffic got cleared and we were able to catch the next restaurant and able to eat food, and use their rest room. I thanked Baba for His help.

The next surprise was we booked a lodge to stay, and when we parked the car I saw a church on the opposite side of the lodge. And by the time, we got the key to our room. I saw that our room was just facing the entrance of the church. I felt better, as if Baba guarding us all the time. Our second trip was for a week, to fly to Washington, stay there for 3 days, take a rental car, travel to New Jersey and New York. In Washington, there was another surprise, the hotel people had a shuttle to the nearby subway station, so that we can catch the train on time and go to our destinations. When we return back, they gave their number to us asking us to call them, so that they can send the shuttle to pick us up. In the evening, we were tired by our trip, and when I was sitting in the train, I was telling Baba that I am so tired. I wanted to go to the hotel soon, and take rest. But again I have to call the hotel people and ask them to send shuttle and wait in the station till they come to pick us up. But when we got down from the station, as a surprise the shuttle was there. It came to drop some guests there, and it was about to leave, and my husband waived the driver. And so he immediately stopped for us, and without any waiting, we reached to our hotel. Same thing happened in New Jersey hotel. We thought of visiting New York by catching train. Parking in New York is great difficulty. Here also the hotel provided the shuttle. In the evening, we got out of the train, and saw the shuttle waiting in the station. We thought as usual it came to drop guests from the hotel to the station. But I was surprised to hear the driver telling us he was send to pick someone up. And he was waiting there for a long time and could not see anyone, and he was calling the receptionist staff asking her why she sent him to the station. But she said, I told you to pick some guests from the hotel and drop them to the station. But I did not ask you to go to the station. But he was telling us that I am not able to understand. I heard clearly asking me to go to station and pick the guests. Now she says different. But I know who was at the back of this. Another incident happened is our flight ticket had different seat numbers. Since the flight was full. My husband, before the time of the boarding, requested the staff there to please change the flight seats, so that we can all sit together, with our child. But she said, we will see. After sometime it so happened, we heard an announcement that, something happened to their computer, the seats numbers are messed up. And you know Hetal Ji, when we got our new tickets, seat numbers were all together. And my son never allows me to sit near the window seat, but this time he never made a fuss. He said mom you can sit near the window and I am fine sitting in the middle. Also in New Jersey, we searched GPS for Indian food, since we were tired eating burgers. We found one Indian restaurant and we ate nice dosa and my favorite tamarind rice. Also I saw the picture of our Baba. Again Baba saved my Husband from car Accident. We hired a rental car during our trip to travel within the states. Also while returning from our trip, to our home, there was some storm. Actually the storm started while we were inside the flight and when it was in the runway. So we had to wait to get clearance to take off. One point, the captain said that sometime we may have to cancel the flight, and will let us know. But after waiting for 45 minutes, our plan got rerouted to our home place. Thanks Baba for helping us, saving us during our trips.

Miracle At Office

Sai Sister Divyaa Ji from India says: I am a staunch devotee of Shirdi Baba and off late have seen so many miracles happen to me. After marriage, my husband, who was not known of Baba, started going through so many miracles of Baba. He too joined me in believing Him. Shirdi Baba has been with us in every move we make from the day I vision Him. I have plans of visiting Shirdi in September and off late I have joined work in a MNC and undergoing training for 6 months. I was advised not to take any holidays for that period as I might lose many training sessions and was told that I should not. Since I joined only in July last week, I was not ready to talk to my manager about leaves on the first week. So I left everything to Baba and requested Him with my prayers that my team leader, whom I had not met till today, should be able to understand, who Baba is. When I told him that I need a holiday for 3 days, he should know who Baba is and how important it is that one travels to go meet Baba. I also wished and told Baba that he should be His devotee. I happened to meet my team leader yesterday, did not get to talk of Baba or anything related to God nor did not see any pictures or statue of Baba in his cabin. So I kept quite. But behind my head, I was still praying. And today, after days of discussion was over, my team leader told me that he will be late tomorrow to office. I asked why and he said that tomorrow is his father’s birth day and would want to go to Baba's temple. Oh My God, I was taken back with shock and asked him if he was a devotee of Baba. He was so strong in his comment that he said “I am a staunch believer of Baba”. I am not still able to believe this and have started feeling like Baba is my friend and I am living with Him day in and day out. I pray that He blesses me and my family with all happiness and He lives with me forever. I surrender to Him with all my faith and believe that He is the doer. He is just simply cute and miraculous.

Amazing Experience While Travelling To Airport

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Helal Ji, I am an ardent devotee of Baba and would take this time to thank Him for blessing all of us and being with us steadily. Please do not disclose my identity. The experience, which I am going to describe, is a short one. I request you to post it. I reside in Bangalore and had to travel to Delhi on a business purpose. Usually I take an airport bus to reach the airport. I had to catch a flight to Delhi and the departure time was 11:40 AM. I left my house at 9 AM, that day it was raining. So I hired an Auto to reach the airport bus pick up point, but I was stuck in traffic and I was tensed about reaching the airport on time. I had lost all hopes of reaching on time and thought I will miss my flight and meanwhile I was praying to SAI and kept telling myself that He will take care of. The time was almost nearing 9:45 AM and I was 30 kms away from Airport. So I had lost all the hopes of reaching on time and thought I will definitely miss the flight. Finally the Auto driver dropped me to the airport bus pickup point and the time was 9:50 AM. I got down from the rickshaw with the pale face and was stood there in the bus stop. I don’t know from where an airport taxi popped up. The driver came and asked me whether I am going to airport. I was stunned for a moment. I said YES and asked him how much and by what time he will reach me the airport. He said 500 RS and will reach by 35 minutes. I thanked SAI and just got into the cab without speaking much and wasting no time. Then the driver dropped me to the airport. I just kept on thanking our SAI and thought that this taxi was sent by our beloved SAI. I reached airport by 10:30 AM, 1 hour before the departure. This was just another unbelievable experience to me. He is there everywhere and all the time besides His devotees. SAI's Devotee.
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  1. SAI is there everywhere and all the time besides His devotees. I need you SAI desperately,give me one last chance, save me please. come SAI.

  2. Sai is always there..guiding us protecting us..our bharath bhoomi is so blessed to have such a sai ram..jai sai ram..jai jai sai ram..

  3. Nice experiences….May SAIBABA bless us all to live a healthy and happy life.

  4. Happy Baba's day.
    I really get amazed by reading such experiences.
    I am going through tough time right now. I always wish – one day Baba looks at me and listens to me. I want to share my experience with all. I want to write. Hope Sai does a miracle in my life and gives me this opportunity.I have never asked for myself from Baba. This is the first time, I am asking him. Hope I am fortunate enough to get it. My hopes are upon you only SAI. – Sai Ram.

  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba has become a Hero and Model in the real world. Today Baba is been worshipped in most parts of India and sooner Baba will be known in Entire India.

    Just as Baba told to Shri Ramchandra Tarkhand while he was still living, "People will come to shiridi like Ants in future". Baba knew Past, present and future and he even perhaps knew the extinction of this planet and thus he also said, let the world become topsy turvy, i will protect my devotees and they will be harmless. How Powerful are Baba's words and all the experiences are happening just as what Baba has said.

    Hail Hail Maharaj, Hail Hail Shri Sai Samarth. Hail Hail Shri Shiridi Sainath who is the protector of the Poor and the hope to all distressed devotees.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

  6. It was nice to read all the experiences, and the second one was really awesome. To the anynomous devotee, after reading your words felt like it were my words.I too going through a bad phase, but I am sure baba will listen to my prayers and one day I shall post my experience in this blog as I have done earlier. Baba will surely listen to your prayers, he won't let us down…Om Sai Ram

  7. Hi,

    I want to share my little experience. Even Baba can fulfill our small wishes. Here it is.As a Baba devotee, I'm getting his dreams continuously. Today also, I got a dream. But that is a different one regarding my future. I want to share my previous one. In that dream, I'm sitting in front of shiva lingam. I didn't know whether I'm in a house or temple. Suddenly a little boy came from shiva lingam. I thought that He is a little sai Baba. That boy(Sai Baba) asked me that he wants to hug me. I didn't say anything. That little boy hugged me, I felt very happy. And afterwards, he said that he was hungry. Then I requested my mother to brought sme food. He is not visible to her.So She thought that it is for me. She has gone to brought tht.At that point, my dream ended. I felt very hpy. But one question raised in my mind, why Baba hugged me?, I thought a lot. Then I remembered. The before day, I'm chitchatting with my colleague. And myself said to her, if Baba appeared before me, what I'll do? then I told her, I'll hug him and cried a lot.(As I'm in tough phase, I thought like tht). That's why he hugged me in my dream. As I'm a lady, he came in the form of a little boy to feel like my baby. Really a wonderful dream. Really he will bless all of us..Luv u Baba so much. I want to be with u forever…

  8. @Prathyushawow! You are so lucky! May you remain blessed. You should not loose your faith in BABA now onwards witnessing BABA is with you caring for you. BABA shows such miracles and want us to believe in HIM. Doubtful mind shows our shaky faith that BABA does not approve.
    May you be blessed ever. Jai Sai RAM.

  9. Dear Sai devotees, all postings are very heart touching. BABA is with all of us and it only requires FAITH to SEE HIM.
    Jai Sai RAM.

    Wow you are so lucky Baba hugged you.
    Baba is not at all coming into my dreams.
    It's been very very long time that he came into my dream.
    I don't know what wrong I did.
    Of course I am very stupid in all things .
    Baba you know me very well and you know what am I upto.
    Baba I am totally confused.
    I am blaming myself for a very single thing and I am tired of myself Baba.
    I need your help Baba to lead this life as per your path.
    Please help me baba Please Baba.

  11. Jai Sai Ram,

    Response to Sister Prathushya on clarifying dreams. Baba always gave dreams to his/her devotees and they really meant something. In your case, since you wanted to hug Baba, he came in dreams as a Child. So do not worry our Sai will certainly bless you and your worries will soon vanish.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  12. @MeeraDear Meeraji,

    Thank You. As present, I'm in tough phase.I felt that he is not with me.But every point of time, He shows the sign of presence. Wherever I'll go, definitely he will be there.In my previous dream, I saw shivalingam. For everything, what He will show in dream.Definitely there must be some reason.He showed me the shivalingam in dream, recently this monday, I have gone to Srisailam with my Parents.

    That is also a very big miracle. As I'm in Hyderabad, Saturday we are having Ganesh nimanjanam & Sunday evening, Telangana march is there.Some quarrels also occured.My father very much afraid, so he said to me that no need to come.But already I got blessings from Sai regarding this. So I thought that y it is happened like this. But again my brother called me & said that I'll accompany u monday to busstand.If any Quarrels are going on, we will return back. I said ok. That monday morning, nothing happened. I started my journey.Upto srisailam & in that place also,the weather is so nice. And had nice blessings of Lord Shiva. And as usual our baba also given darshan when I'm going to leave srisailam.

    I luv Him,I never lost my Baba even my wishes are fulfilled or not..Thank you..

  13. @AnonymousDear Anonymousji, don't worry. Some times, Baba tests our faith & Patience. Definitely he will cme in ur dreams..shows the right path and helps you.

    All the best..

  14. @AnonymousDear Anonymousji,

    Thank you. Yes, you are correct. For everything, what he will show in the dreams, definitely there is some meaning..we have to understand that..

  15. Very happy for you. Keep walking on the path of FAITH with PATIENCE. Do what your inner voice tells you to follow, because THAT is BABA telling you to do.
    Take care and have a blessed life.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  16. Very nice experiences! Baba was the one who arranged for the taxi to the airport and Baba also called Divyaa Ji to Shirdi and showed her not to worry as her superior was also a Baba devotee, something Baba already knew when He chose this job for her. For the devotee from USA, it was Baba who called all those buses at the right time and also made sure your travels were safe since after all, we are Baba's children and won't He look after His own kids and make sure they are safe and well taken care of? Om Sai Ram!

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