Today’s experience are real faith boosters and shows how Lord Sai Baba has always shown His presence in lives of His devotees.

Sai Baba – Our Doctor

Sai Sister Shilpa Ji from India says: This happened in the year 2010 April. I had promised Baba to share this experience. Baba, please forgive me for delayed posting.

I and my husband used to stay in Canada then. We planned for a vacation to India in the month of April and May. A day before the journey, I got to know that I am pregnant. This was indeed great news as we were planning for a baby for quite some time.

We reached India in the last week of April, visited my in laws place and came to my mom’s place. My husband was complaining of back pain and pain in his right arm. He went for a check up to an orthopedic doctor along with my brother. I was at home and after some time, my brother came home alone and informed that doctor has suggested my husband to undergo biopsy and has referred an oncologist. This was an utter shock to me and I was kind of shattered. Apparently, doctor had found some lump (swelling of lymph nodes) near his neck and he immediately asked my husband to get it examined.

I rushed to Hospital with my brother and carried Baba’s photo praying that everything should be fine. The Oncologist ran number of tests and did FNAC test to find out about the lump based on which they would decide about biopsy. They were suspecting some kind of tumor. I was waiting for FNAC report outside doctor’s cabin with Baba’s photo in my hand. Finally the report came out to be Tuberculosis of lymph nodes and suggested biopsy to rule out any kind of tumor.

This was just a little relief. Biopsy was scheduled on the same day and report would be given after four days. One can imagine how we would have spent those four days. Biopsy was very painful. My hubby was in pain whole night and could not sleep. During these four days, I tried to think positive and had faith in Baba that He will take care. Finally the report confirmed TB not lymphoma. We were happy that at least it was not what doctor suspected. We thanked our Baba for taking care against the bigger problem.

My hubby was referred to a physician and was administered 6 months antibiotics course. We went back to Canada after this. Here I would like to mention that Baba knows everything and He takes care of His devotees. If these things happened, when we were in Canada, it would have been difficult for us manage everything alone that too during my pregnancy. All the tests, doctor’s appointments would have got delayed as we will have to wait weeks for specialist doctor’s appointment in Canada. But even this was experienced once again in Canada.

When we returned to Canada, I was in my first trimester and pregnancy was smooth because of Baba’s grace and delivered a baby girl in December. When my daughter was 5 months old, my hubby again got back the lump in the same place. By then he had finished the medication. This time, I was really worried and went to our family doctor. She referred to a physician and luckily we got the appointment within 15 days. The doctor asked to get the CT scan done and also biopsy again. He himself called up the surgeons office and booked an appointment, which is little unusual for the doctors over there. I was once again terrified thinking of the results. I had faith in Baba, but still I felt bad thinking of going through the same situation again.

Our friends in Canada helped us during this tough time (May Baba bless them). Finally the biopsy was done report was normal. Again Baba came to our rescue. This period was not very easy. But Baba helped us to sail through. Baba, please take care of Your devotees always and thank You for everything.

Udi Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. Thanks for your great service. I have so many experiences with Sai. He is with me all the time. It doesn’t mean I don’t have problems, but He is always with me no matter what. He is my only support. Here goes my recent experience.

I was at work one day. My colleague had to go to field for some work. I don’t have much to do and I went along with her just to kill some time. It was raining that day, and her work is in some woods. We were there for 5 minutes. Within those 5 minutes, mosquitoes bit me so bad. I immediately had so many hives all over the body. Everybody got scared looking at my body. The reaction was so fast where ever the mosquitoes bit I had severe rash. I got scared. I thought I may have to go to emergency, or I will get some type of west Nile fever or dengue. I thought of calling doctor and I remembered I have UDI in my purse and I just took it and prayed to Baba that I am scared please help and put it all over the body and put a pinch in my mouth. Can you believe it all the swelling, and hives reduced within half an hour. My co workers were surprised, how could so much rashes go away in 30 minutes. There was some itching there, but the rash, hives, swelling immediately went down and I felt normal again. I did the same thing in the evening also and no trace of the mosquito bite or rash was there. I think it was a true miracle. People may think it is mosquito bites, no big deal, but looking at my body rash and hives developed within seconds, I got so scared that day something really bad is going to happen. Om Sai Ram. Baba, please stay with us all the time.

Lost Photo Of Baba Is Collected Back Mysteriously

Sai Brother Krishna Ji from India says: I was in Kualalumpur and this incident happened last week. Before going to office, I kept a photo of Baba (Pocket size original pictures of Baba) in my front pocket. I took breakfast and wore shoes and left home. My office is just next building, which I take 5 minutes walk. I just opened my laptop in office and my phone rang. It was call from my wife. I wonder why she is calling just now. She asked me, I see you kept a photo of Baba inside your pocket this morning. Do you still have it? She asked. I checked it and realized that I do not have it my pocket. I told my wife that it seems I lost Baba’s photo. Then she started telling the miracle.

Soon after I left, she suddenly felt to go out of home for throwing the dust bin in complex bin area. Usually she does in the night and not in the day time. So, she took the dust bin walked in to the complex dust bin area and there she found the photo of Baba that I lost. She is surprised for that and called me back.
It may appear as if mere coincidence. For me, I believe that Baba is always watching His devotees, where ever they are. The moment I lost the photo, Baba reminded my wife and let her collect the same within minutes. I would like to share this experience of me with other devotees of Baba.

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  1. wonderful experience..please any one let me know how to publish mine. thanks in advance. May Sai bless us all

  2. Really wonderful experiences…jai sai ram..jai jai sai a wonderful news from my sister that v r planning to go to shirdi in is ur plan baba..u'll make everything happen..u r always with us..jai sai ram..

  3. Thanks a lot!I love reading Sai Devotees experiences.It not only boosts energy but also fills in me more and more confidence and courage.It reminds me that we all are in safe hands of Baba and He takes care of all our worries.OM SAMARTHA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!!

  4. To the anon who wanted to publish his experience: on the top right of the webpage, you can see a button saying publish your experience. If you click on that button, the directions are easy to follow.

  5. Shilpa – I went exactly over same experience. Was shocked to read. Had tears in my eyes. it was like reading my own experience. Mine was in August 2010. I had small lump (over neck) and did Biopsy/FNAC and finally glad it turned out to be only TB. Was on 6 month medication and by sai baba blessings im fine. As you indicated – during diagnosis period (4-5 days) until report came out- life was miserable. Entire family was praying.

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba is great .. he is our Father and yes..we are always in his safe hands ..and he plans the best for us always. Baba please be with all your children and keep us in the right path of karma and help us to deserve your Kripa. We need you always besides us. Keep your boon-bestowing hand on our heads always Gurudev. Help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. Thank you for everything you have been showering on us and love you a lot lot.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    Heart touching experiences…so rejoiced while going through the experiences.I know how hard it is to get an appointment with specialist in USA also.I'm going through such a tough phase with my health and waiting weeks together to see the specialists.Meanwhile health becoming worse and suspecting that I might have cancer.I have faith in Baba that HE is taking care of me.


  8. Dear Shila ji,
    Happy that dark cloud of anxiety and fear of unknown in case of your husband's health is over and you are also blessed with a wonderful baby girl!
    May you and your family enjoy good health and happiness.
    Dear Sai Devotee from USA, I do recollect such an incident happen to my nephew's son. They were visiting us just for a few days while we were in Atlanta. My nephew's 4 year old son was thrilled to see our huge backyard with apple trees and so many pine trees. He wanted to go and play for a while before they were to depart. And lo! we received a call from my nephew while we ladies (myself, his wife and my sister in law) were at shopping (very common, huh?) to return home immediately as his son has severe skin rash, hives out of nowhere and is having lot of trouble with itching!
    We soon came back. They packed all their stuff, on the way to airport, they stopped by the Drug store, and got some medication with the help of the pharmacist that gave some relief to the child. My brother in law, who is a doctor and his home was also on the way to airport, we stopped by to have his opinion. He gave more effective medication. The child was by now feeling some relief and when they reached home , he was almost normal.
    We don't face the mosquito bites problem in USA as the homes and apartments are with no open windows…but outside in the garden and in open woods, there are such mosquitoes that can create such an havoc!
    Happy that you got relief with UDI. BABA's kripa!

    And the 3rd Sai Devotee getting intuition of taking garbage during daytime and finding BABA's lost photo, amazing!
    Such incidences do make us feel BABA's presence and make our lives filled with happiness.
    We are to move from my current apartment in November and we have started packing up things that anyway we have not used and know that if we pack up these things, it would make our packing before moving, easier. So I was just talking to my husband while he was about to leave for his work that I will try to get some empty boxes from a store where they do not mind giving me empty boxes.
    Well, there are a few things to place in his car, so I stepped out with him to help with carrying things. And LO! my husband noticed a large number of very sturdy boxes in our parking lot only as there solar panel system is being installed on all of 8 apartment buildings, and today they were placing the items that came out from these boxes.
    Till now I had not seen such empty boxes on our premises even though the work is going on for almost a month!
    Won't you think this is also BABA's helping hand?
    If we try to count blessings we can find several in our day to day lives! That keeps our positive attitude towards life.
    Jai Sai RAM.

    I love you Baba.
    Please be with me always Baba.

  10. Hello Hetalji and readers of this forum,

    I want to make some donations to Shirdi Sai baba temple in Shirdi. In case any one from this forum knows the authentic website to make online donations to Shirdi Saibaba temple, plese include details here in this forum. Thanks for your time.

    Om Sai Ram.

  11. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai is the most kindest. Baba set an example to man kind on how we have to live on this earth and carry our duties.

    When every medicine fails in the world, the only medicine that works us is "Baba udi". Even science is not able to explain how isash able to cure so many diseases when researchers have spent millions in inventing new drugs.

    It is the kind grace of baba that cures us.

    Hail hail sainath. The king of kings shri sai samarth.

    Servant of Baba

    I pray and wish all devotees that they have good health and suceess.

  12. Please go to shirdi sai sansthan site google it thats all there is an online donation link,it is authentic they send you a sealed envelope with udhi and prasad from shirdi i have done it many times dont worry use it.Good luck

  13. Sai Ram

    Is today's experience has posted . am waiting from morning not able to see post for Oct'3.. Please let me know if there is any problem

  14. Very nice experiences! Krishna Ji, it was Baba who told your wife to go out and get that misplaced Baba photo and wonderful that Baba ensured you got it back. Shilpa Ji, Baba knew what was going on with your husband so called you to India so you would have more help from friends and relatives. It is wonderful that Baba ensured it wasn't something very, very serious and Baba also ensured you have a very healthy baby. Devotee from USA, your experience shows the effect Udi has when combined with faith and wonderful all the rashes were gone soon after applying Udi. Baba sometimes puts us through difficult situations, but He knows deep down inside we are capable of handling them since we are Baba's children. Om Sai Ram!

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