Saibaba Can Deter Death – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Our lives are smooth because we remember our Lord Sai Baba every now and then. In this process we skip many small or big difficulties beyond our realisation. Following experience says so.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Thank you for posting my last experience. I would like to stay anonymous Sai devotee and hence please don’t disclose my email id or name. Here is my previous experience.

I once again whole heartedly thank you and the team for this effort. This is a great platform, where entire Sai community is able to share their thoughts, experiences and provide guidance to each other as needed. I have got so hooked to this blog that, whenever there is delay in posting new experience, I really get restless. I live in USA and sometimes I check, re-check and keep checking site for next experience in case of delays in posting. Thank you for all your effort and entire virtual Sai community for your sweet blessings and comments each time any devotee shares experiences on this site. Some of you have enlightened me in many ways.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, which is a long weekend here in USA, we planned to visit Poconos. On Thursday, before weekend, I visited nearby Sai temple. I am going through lots of problems on career front and my personal life is almost on hold due to various reasons. I have been seeking Baba’s blessings for some time to overcome this adverse situation. This temple has a big Sai Baba idol and few other idols. They have Swaroop Sampradaya as well. While I was standing at Swaroop Sampradaya and offering my prayers, a flower dropped from somewhere. At that point, I considered as blessings and kept wondering where it fell from. Later I forgot about it and we started our long week end plans. I got some wacky feeling before leaving home, so I stopped my preparation and stood in front of Baba with folded hands. Still this feeling would not go. I picked up small photo from temple and kept in my wallet. When I stepped into kitchen, I smelled gas. Now, none from family had been to kitchen that morning and not sure how stove knob turned on. I turned it off and before leaving I again prayed Baba to look after us. We reached safely, but the day was full of struggle as the weather was not appropriate. I still had that wacky feeling with in me. At night, while I was trying to sleep, I kind of got a flash of vision, I saw a big truck (those giant container trucks) coming my way. I slept remembering Saibaba later as I was tired. Next day morning, we planned to do boating. My husband and kid both were in boat and while I was trying to ride the boat, it turned upside down. The water was only 2 feet deep and I am glad that my kid did not fall in water only her pants got little wet. All our belogings fell in water, but I was sure there was something much bigger in store and Baba showered His blessing with that flower, which saved all of us from much bigger impact.

It has been few weeks already of that incidence and we almost forgot about it by now. Last Sunday, when I turned on my computer to look for jobs, a message was wired to my brain cells. It asked me to go to Saibaba questions and answer site, while the site was opening I got a vision of number 311. This number kind of flashed in front of my eyes, and I got a clear vision of that number 3…1..1. If you open Saibaba question and answer site – the answer to this number is “Death will be avoided, remember Saibaba.” I got little worried and at the same time I trust my Baba so I kind of chilled. However, at night while trying to sleep, I got same vision – a big cargo truck coming from front. I slept remembering Baba.

Next day, my husband was flying to Canada for work and I had to reach my work too. It poured all heavens open that day and now I got worried as my husband was flying at the same time. I prayed Baba and got engrossed in my work. He messaged me upon reaching Canada and I kind of chilled and completely forgot about it. In the evening, I left work, reached station, pulled out my car and hit the road. I was waiting at red light, remembering Baba, begging Him to get me out of this work situation. Music system was playing Saibaba Bhajan at the same time I was thinking of my little one, can’t wait to pick her. Again mind is back on Saibaba and “Boom” and one more “Boom”. I was hit from behind. As a result, I dashed into car ahead of me. Oh my god. I was hit. I stepped out of car, trust me the impact was so much that my car got hit from both sides and the damage. I was struggling to find the one. Few scratches under 500$ worth of damage (not on me)? The guy behing me did not see the red light. He was driving on road with 40 miles/hr limit. All the time while Cop was reporting and interrogating the other person, who was at fault, I was thanking baba. The Cop gave me that look, when I asked for report and I know Cop must have been thinking – “why is this woman insisting on report, where the damage is almost none”. But in my mind, Oh baba, this is what you meant, and thank You for saving me. The only hurdle as a result of this accident was that I reached late and my kid had to wait 30 minutes more at daycare. As a result I will end up paying late fees in the region $100.

I am sure there was something MUCH BIGGER in store for me that day. What if my car had totally crashed? Without Baba’s blessings, magnitude would have been larger. Baba ensured that my kid was not with me at the time of accident and do I really need to say more? Remember my husband was out of country, when this happened. What would have happened if Baba was not around me?

To me – I am going through bad time and the situation I am in. I could have been much more intense considering I faced these accidents, which could have been life threatening in last two months twice, with all stress at work and personal life on hold due to uncertainties. I can’t thank enough to Baba for His blessings. Baba talks through question and answer book if you believe in it and follow what it asks you to do. Don’t play with it, but follow all Baba ask you to do through it. May Baba bless us all and give us strength to go through roller coaster rides in our lives.

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  1. Beautifully described experience…. sometimes we are so engrossed in only the minor current situation resolution that we ignore the big picture… Baba ensures us the outcome considering the vast array of happenings. Thank you for sharing this…. Having faith and patience on Baba always have positive outcome. Om Sai Ram

  2. Dear Sai daughter, really feeling blessed after reading ur post. Only baba has the power to change our fate. Jai Sai Ram..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

  3. The title was impressive and the post too. Undeniably, without his blessings the magnitude would have been much greater…Om Sai Ram

  4. thanks to saima for protecting you from danger situations..he is always with his children watching rver us with love and care..may baba bless everyone with good health peace and sairam.

  5. Wonderful experience…thanks for sharing it. Your faith in Baba will never let you down. Just as Baba saved your family from these calamities, he will surely resolve all your problems with professional and personal life.

    May Baba bless us all!

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Dear Sai devotee, I am so very thankful to BABA to be with you in your difficult time and saving you ,protecting you making your difficulties to the least intensity!
    This reminds me one such incident that happened to my son. He was driving to his work place. My husband received a call from my son that he met with an accident but he is safe. He was waiting at the red signal and similar to your case, one lady could not stop, may be she was also on the cell phone and hit my son's car at 50 mph ! My son saw her car dashing towards his car in his rear view mirror but could not do anything about it as there were other cars ahead of him waiting at the signal!!
    Though, the airbags inflated saving him from his head banging on the dash board, and the car had to be totaled by Insurance company's decision,he did not get even a scratch on his body! The police came, did the reports , the other driver went to the hospital as per the accident involved need to go for check up, my son did not go and waited outside for my brother in law and his wife to go pick him up! My son should have gone to the hospital as if you do not go for check up and you suffer any pain or injury due to this accident afterwards, it is not covered by the Insurance! WE really felt that he should have gone to the hospital!
    But BABA's grace has saved him from any after effects whatsoever!
    I truly believe BABA is taking care of not just me but my whole family!

  7. Baba never allows his devotees to come to any harm.My recent incident with by son shows how Baba takes care of his devotees .JAISAIRAM

  8. Very nice experience! Baba is there with us always even if our family may not be there all the time. Baba protected you in the car accident and also with the boating accident. You are lucky that damage was minor and also Baba was there with you to ensure nothing happened to you, your husband or kid. Om Sai Ram!

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