Few experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba are shared in today’s post.

Sai Baba Gave Me My Desired Job

Sai Sister Sweta Ji from India says: Namaste to all the devotees reading this blog. This is Shweta from Bangalore and this is my fourth experience, which I’m sharing with you all. Hetal ji, please don’t disclose my email id. The purpose of writing my experiences is that my faith in Saibaba is diminishing. I’ve started doubting His words. This scares me and I don’t want it to happen. The two utmost things required for the devotion to Saibaba are Shraddha and Saburi. My Shraddha is thinning and Saburi, I’m losing it day by day. That’s why I’m writing my experiences one by one so they might help me in rejuvenate my trust in Saibaba. Maybe, this is also Baba’s wish.

My experience goes in this way. When I reached the fourth semester of my MBA, I was supposed to do a project. The topic, which I had selected, can’t be done in the current company, which I was working in. So I quit the job and I joined some other company as an Intern just to do my project. They were not paying me.
Since past one and half years, whatever I used to earn monthly, from that I used to donate 5% of my earnings. Sometimes I used to distribute pens to children in government schools or donate food items in old age homes or used to donate money in ‘CARE’ or ‘RESCUE’ foundations or at times I used to pay medical bills of some poor people. But since I was not earning for 6 months due to my internship, I was in a bad state. I had my other expenses also, which I was not able to manage. So after completion of my MBA exams, I was badly looking for a job.

My desired job was to work in an IT company, which will give me a good fixed salary and also there should be a scope to earn incentives. I shared this desire of mine to Baba also. So after completion of my MBA exams, I took a break of 1 week to relax myself at home and then I started for job hunting. My first preference was to look for job near my locality itself, so that I don’t have to spend much on my traveling. On a Wednesday, I decided to go for Walk-in Interview in my nearby companies. I went to 1st company. They grilled me for 2 hrs. My interview was taken by 3 people one after another. As I had come from Non-IT experience, I’ve to convince them that I’ve those capabilities to perform well in IT field if trained. Finally, they told me that the feedback is partially positive and they will get back to me in 2 days. I was happy as it was a good company. In the meantime, I was searching for some sign of Baba, a photo, name, something that will show that Yes, He is with me. I went to the 2nd company. There I was interviewed by the Manager of the company just for 10 minutes. More than him, I was asking more questions. At the end of the interview, he told me that he will get back to me in 1 week’s time and if I got some other job in this week’s time, then I should inform them. I felt it little weird. I thought in over confidence, I became too open with manager and spoke too much with him. I felt, I’m definitely a reject. When I came out of the office, behind a car I saw words, “Om Sai Ram”. I felt happy, finally I got the sign that Baba is with me. On the same day, I went to the 3rd company. While interviewing, the manager told that there is no vacancy in this branch, but they have opening in Mysore branch. But I was not interested to move to Mysore. Disappointed I came back home. In heart, I told Baba that why I had such a disappointed day today? For the next 2 days, I was waiting for call from 1st company. Even after 1 week, when I called them, they told me that Yes, it is positive and they will get back to me in 2 days. So I started searching for other companies, which were in far off places. Finally I got an offer in an IT company, but it was very far. They were giving less salary and also no incentives. I’ve to travel for 2 hrs to reach the office. I was badly looking for a job as I was already broke. I also decided to look even for a BPO job as a last option, but it would have been a waste as an experience due to my career which I was in. Somehow I wanted to join some company in a month itself. I was depressed. I don’t want to be a burden on my family. I’ve spent enough during my project. At last, I got a call for 2nd round of interview from the 2nd company. I went there. They were happy with me and wanted me to join immediately. The salary was OK and there was an opportunity to earn incentives also. It was also an IT company and nearby to my house. Finally, I got my desired job. I remembered that words I saw when I got down from the office building. I felt so happy that I got job because of my Baba only. When I joined this company, I saw a photo of Baba in one of the desk. I asked that girl, “Do you have one more photo of Baba, so that I could keep it on my desk as well?” She told me that even she recently joined and she didn’t get that photo, it was already there on her desk. I said, “Good, you have Saibaba with you’. After few days, one of my colleagues gave me a small photo of Baba, which I pinned it in the soft board of my desk. After 2 months, we had an award function to felicitate the performers. That girl got the Fresher’s Performer Award. I know the reason that because of Baba only she got it. Right now, I’m doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat for my job as I’m facing few challenges as it is a new field for me. I hope everything goes well. I’ll continue to share my experience further. Shri Sachchinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!!

Sai Baba Answered My Prayer

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am Sai Bhakt. I always try to chant Sai Naam. I would like to share an experience with you. Although it’s a very small thing, but still I feel like sharing it. One night our neighbours organised a Jagran. My mom and brother went to attend that and I was at home. After mid night, our neighbours came with two kids. As there were many guests at their home and those kids were not able to sleep, so they came to our home to sleep. After the kids slept, their moms went back for jagran. The kids were sleeping on the same bed, where I was sleeping. Out of those two kids, one was of around only 1 year old and again and again he was waking up out of his sleep and I was trying to make him sleep as if he would have got up than it would be difficult for me. So I got in half sleep. I was trying to make him sleep. I got fed up of this as I was not able to sleep properly due to that kid. So I said Sai Baba that Baba Ji, please make this kid sleep, so that I can sleep. You would not believe that after doing such prayer, that kid did not wake up. He slept till morning and I could also sleep properly. Sai Baba answered my prayer immediately. This is how Sai Baba helps His children even on such small things. Jai Sai Ram.

Miracles Of Sai Baba

Sai Sister Sangeetha Ji from India says: I am Sangeetha Mohan. I am working in school as accountant. My husband is also a master in same school. Three months back only, we got married. I have seen lot of miracles in my present life. In Sai Baba means I don’t have words to say. We both had love in past 6 years. In my family, they won’t allow to marry him because of some caste issues. But we both are stubborn and eagerly fight with them. Every day, I light two lamps in front of Baba statue. In my office, Revathy Mam is there. She is also a Baba devotee. She guides me every day like to do like this, don’t leave your soul. Every time, I should think of Baba. Baba will do something for you. Whatever you asked, He will give you definitely. Every day, I prayed Baba. My mom came and scolded me “He will give you, what you asked”. Every day was like this only. There was no peace, no enjoyment, nothing. Finally, I had some hope. I came out of my home. In my family, they were searching me. I was in my uncle’s home. Same day evening, my uncle called and informed to my home. Suddenly they took decision and take me back to home and finally our marriage was fixed for Feb 6, 2012. I thanked Baba. Same time, I told to Baba “Whenever I get married, same day I will come and meet You, Baba”. I said to Baba. I will do the same. My marriage is held in 5 star hotel because of Baba. After finish my marriage, in afternoon, I went to Mylapore Saibaba temple. Om Sai Ram. Thanks Baba. Thank You so much. © Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. Sai Ram !!
    Shweta ji..it was a nice experience !! Please stick to Baba's feet with all love and devotion, His words are never untrue !! Baba always puts us to test, for self realisation! Winin the test or loosing the test isn't a matter !! Shraddha and Saburi be always with you !!
    Sai Ram !! 🙂

  2. We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed. We must take care that our love and trust should not decrease by not getting the desired results early. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results. Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion and Saburi is the time taken to walk on that path.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Very nice experiences! Shweta Ji, it is nice that Baba gave you the job that was good for you and not too far from your house and don't worry, Baba will provide everything for you even if the salary is only okay. It is very nice that you donate some of your salary to charity and Baba knows that. Devotee from India, it was Baba who helped put your neighbor's kid to sleep even though you weren't able to, Baba told him to go to sleep and he went to sleep nicely. Sangeetha Ji, it was Baba's plan that you both should get married so that's why it went off well and I'm happy that you and your now husband were able to get married despite some family issues. Baba plans many things for us in our lives and we just need to have faith in Him and His plan for us. Om Sai Ram!

  4. very nice experiences.shwetaji have faith in saima love him like a father.beacause recently i was also going through some rough phase but i hold on to our baba and never left him i read saicharitra and now i am getting some positive signs so never loose your shraddha and saburi just face the problems with courage beacause baba is there to take care of our problems he will surely solve your problem you are a very blessed soul beacause you have that helping nature nice to hear that you are doing some wonderful donation to the poor by baba's grace.may always saima bless you and everyone with health peace..om sairam.

  5. All three experiences remind us that no matter how small or big the wishes/problems are Baba will always take care of us. Thanks for sharing them.

    Shweta ji..Baba is with you. Don't lose hope..just hang in there a little longer though the path is tough and when the time right Baba will bless you with a bright future.

    Sangeetha ji…So glad to hear that Baba blessed you to be with your loved one forever. I'm also hoping for a miracle in my life to get married to my loved one. I pray that you have a happy married life.

    May Baba bless us all

    Sai saranam

  6. hi shweta our saibaba will surely answer your prayers.I Myself passed through very bad phase of my life this jun10.blv me,its our SAIBABA ,WHO HELPED ME OUT,i came more close to my beloved father.so sister don'nt doubt baba's words,just have shraddha n saburi.read saibaba's staban manjari and kasto nivaran mantra.tough time will surely go away with baba's blessings.

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experiences !

    Dear Sai Sister Sweta Ji. please have a little more patience and strong faith .. Baba is there with you too.. as you got the job only because of him.. so he will take care of you always.. he will only guide you to perform well in your work.. Baba is really sweet and nice.. he cannot see his kids in pain and he answers all our concerns .. just that he does it in the right time and makes us strong to face all issues andin that process Baba makes us skillful, patient and good human beings. So just hold on with faith and patience.

    Baba, please take good care of all your kids. Help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives. We love you a lot and are thankful to you for all your grace and blessings. Baba, it really hurts to see my husband not heeding your UDI and i am sad t see his weak faith in God and you. Please do something nice, so that he becomes your staunch devotee for life. Make him love you and please accept him as your devotee.

    Love you lots. May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Dear sangeethaji,
    I am so happy to read your experiences…you are so lucky sister that baba has gotten you married to your loved one and solved all the family issues that were keeping you guys away from each other…I really feel immense satisfaction when i hear stories like this coz i feel this is one area of life here you only need good fortune and gods grace to succeed since you can hardly do nething with only your efforts. Unless you get the required support and determined stand from your partner and cooperation from family marriage and life becomes miserable and I really pray from the bottom of my heart to our baba to help all such genuine couples who are suffering in this matter coz I know how painful it is to be seperated from your love your husband. If possible pray for me as well since my situation is extremely critical and just waiting for babas grace now only he can bless me and help me.
    Wish you a very happy and peaceful married life with your man sangeethaji.
    Om sai ram

    I Love you Baba.



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