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Sorry for posting today’s experience lately. I was not feeling well since morning today. But now i am feeling somewhat well and started to post today’s experience which is a prayer from an anonymous devotee.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, You are a blessed soul. Congrats and let Baba bless you and your family always and have a safe delivery. I have already posted my 2 experiences. One is Very sad experience and other is Baba got my money back. I cannot post it through website and hence I am emailing you. Please post this ASAP. I need your help.

Please pray for my family. I am writing this email full of tears in my eyes. I recently lost my father. I really don’t know whether I can share all this things or not. But we are in completely sorrows. The moment I faced the problem yesterday, I thought to share it here and had confidence that I will get some solutions. Please pray for my family. My father lost his life by himself. Once upon a time, we were very happy family, having peace and love at home. Believe me, now no peace at all. Everyone at our home talks about going away from home. We are 3 daughters and a brother at home with mom. Mom is basically from village and she is great because she knows how to speak with the people. We are very traditional and cultural. My dad was very great. Thought he studied till 9th std and with 3k salary/month. He has made enough properties and he was able to give everything to us. Dad was very nice human being. Really he was helping all the people around him and even animals.

Two years back, our family was nice family and good hearted people, where people say you are here because you help to the people and the way you take care of the people. My dad was always down to earth to people. Two years ago, mom met with minor accident. From that time, bad time started. Dad was addicted to drinking. We have been searching for a groom for me, but no good match. I was 23 years then. Things went on like that where my dad was fully drinking and mom used to tell what to do if you drink like this. If anyone comes at home, what to do if they see you in this way, where my dad has very good name among people. He earned people like anything. We were so proud to be dad's kids. We were also like that. If we bend our head near home and walking like that till we reach the destination place. My dad has brought up like that. For that last 2 years, we literally saw the hell, fighting for small things. On top of it, dad was in frustration because everyone was asking him about my marriage. I am the eldest daughter at home. But in our community, It is very difficult to get educated boys. And in my family, I am the first person to be an engineer. Everyone was speaking highly to my father that he got a nice daughter, who is educated and simple and down to earth and responsible. People were jealous on my family. My dad was getting income from many sources. Dad was always down to earth. Day went on like that with dad's heavy drinking and day by day he was losing his thinking capacity and I was worried about dad’s health and asked him to go to doctor, but nothing happened. He was 51 years old. One day, he left all of us and went to God's place. It happened 5 months ago. Our problems still got worsen. Dad and mom helped many people (father's side and mom's side). Now no one is coming ahead. They don’t even care how we are. They are thinking that we have money and so we are happy. But we are facing toughest part of life. Mom was searching for a boy, but nothing was clicking. I was also searching thru friend, but not clicking. And they say that no one belong in your caste very minor. And it is difficult to get people in your community at home younger brother and younger sister. On Sai Satcharitra, I came across one paragraph saying something “haravilla sowndarya, malkkallida mane nishprayogaka” (“A beauty without big chain and kids with house are waste”). Our house has become like that (without marriage at home). I was praying Sai continuously and relentlessly with having faith and patience. But really I don’t know. Frankly speaking, I started worshipping Baba since 2007 mid. I don’t go ahead anything without asking Baba. Professionally Baba has given me everything. But when it comes to marriage, I really don’t know why Baba is testing me so much. Where people say that I am very nice girl and good hearted girl and helping like my dad and it is difficult to see girl like me. But still I don’t know why Baba is testing me. Frankly speaking, I am 5.7 feet and 25 years in my community. It's very difficult to find educated boys and on top of it I am tall. It's very difficult to get taller educated boys. It's only Baba, who can do the miracle. Baba, only your miracle can save my family. We have already lost my father. You are only one, who can direct us and guide my family. My mom says if one gets married, then our house will have peace for sure. Please, Deva, make me to get married to nice partner. Please, Deva, we have to be proud of my dad. Dad's soul rest in peace Deva. Please, Deva, we have to take our dad's name to peak point. We have to serve poor and needy people in the name of dad, Deva. Please make us like that. Please sisters and brothers, pray for my family. We have no one to help us except God. Please pray for my family. My eyes are just full of tears. My mom just called me and said “yesterday, which is Sunday, one family came to see me and we liked it as they were from very nice traditional and cultural family. Boy is also highly educated and travelled many countries and now in Singapore. I was telling mom that this match should get fixed. Since family is also very nice, they spoke without arrogance and heartily speaking. Now they called my mom and told her that “They liked me so much and girl is nice, good hearted, hearty gal and nice behavior. Family is also very nice. We liked it so much. We have fixed this match. We will not go and search other proposals. My son also liked it”. They said they liked the way I emailed my pictures. Really Baba is showing good signs. Baba let this match fixed and get married Deva. Please, Deva, it seems like they are very nice people, traditional and cultured people. My mom just called me and told about this. Believe me, when I was speaking with mom, my eyes were full of tears. I was literally crying by listening to my mom. Please pray for me and my family. Whole family is completely dependent on me and my marriage. Everyone is teasing at my family. My dad and mom lived well and were “Adarsha Dampati”. Sai, please bless us.
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  1. Sai ram will surely take care of you and get u married at the right time…besides u r only 25 yr young..y are u getting hyper?theres plenty of tym.Dnt lose faith in him.he is almighty and he loves you

  2. Respected Sister,
    Dont worry. Our sai baba will definitly fulfill all your wishes and I will pray for your family too in my pooja. Always chant "Jai Sai Ram" & baba will help.

  3. Dear Sister,
    Om Sai Ram. Never worry and be calm.Baba is surely with you as you mentioned that the groom's side liked you. Have faith in baba. Have Shradha & saburi(as baba said) and you will surely ferry across all your troubles. Do not bother about what everyone is saying and gossiping about your family. It doesn't really matter. What matters is unshaken faith on our beloved baba.

    Baba takes test everyone whom he loves to make them a better person and fills up all the voids in our lives. If he will not test, then you will never grow. Just keep your cool and be calm and keep reading Sai Satcharita and follow baba's principles.

    May your father's soul rest in peace and be his soul with baba. You and your family will get happiness, peace, love, prosperity and wealth. Baba is great and he is our sole protector.

    Do not worry and smile always and keep chanting Sai's name.One thing i must tell you. Do not have expectations.Do your duty in the name of sai and leave everything to him. He only knows what is best for you and you will get better than expected.

    I wish from the bottom of my heart that may your dreams and expectations come true. Om Sai Ram.

    Om Sai…Shri Sai…Jai Jai Sai…

  4. Good luck Sai Sister. May Baba's blesings be with you and your family. Dont worry about marriage, Sai will show you the path at right time.

  5. Hope you get well soon hetalji. Dear anonymous devotee hope your marriage is fixed by now and hope you and your family live happily here after. Please baba bless this anonymous devotee and her family and guide people with your blessings

  6. Om SAi Ram
    Do not worry sis, i strongly beleive that baba ji will help you and make your family happy. Only thing you have to do is just wait for good time to come with baba ji's kripa. As baba ji used to say that we have to pay for past deeds. May be your family is paying for, but baba ji will reduce that time period and will help you soon. Baba ji please help them and give them patience to face this difficult period.
    Jai Sai Ram

  7. Dear Sai Sister,
    our Sai Baba has blessed you after testing your saburi. It is a great & heartening news that your dream is going to get accomplished. Sai Baba pls look after your other devotees also who are in deep trouble.
    Debashish Roy

  8. Sai Ram SaiDevotees,
    I need help to interpret my dream. I had dream of snake with3 or 5 head I do not remember, it was silver in color. First it stood next to ShivLing (like we have snake around ShivLing) then it started moving when it started moving I did see black lines around it like it has one silver patch and then one black it was think , then it looked like it is my dad and Mom where there I was scared then snake started to move to balcony I was scared as I said so I closed door and then snake started to come in beneath balcony door, it looked out old apartment but not exactly I could not remember anything else or may be I woke up after that
    Please explain to me what does this mean or it was just Baba gave me darshan in form of Snake.
    Sai Ram

  9. Sai Ram SaiDevotees,
    Oh.. I remember one more thing as I was scared I started to put towel on bottom edge of balcony door.
    I am thinking now that I was not allowing Baba to enter our apartment (it does not look apartment we live in but it was home in my dream )

    Sai Ram

  10. My dear sister, dont worry all will go good.. we will soon get a good news from you.. Dont forget to post your good news to us… sai is blessing and be with you always.. I will go sai temple tomoorow and will surely pray for you.. dont woory keep cool… Dont cry or feel.. be bold and help your family..


  11. Dear Sai Sister,

    Dont worry baba will definitely bless u and ur family peace and happiness..he loves u a lot..dont lose faith on him..JAI SAI RAM..

  12. Dear Devotee,

    You will surely get a lovely partner…just have patience…Baba has planned a very nice partner for you….n its a request, pls don't restrict yourself to get a groom only from ur caste…keep some options open…..dear even i have turned 27, but still unmarried…the reason is a boy & his family cheated me for 4 yrs… the thing is i am not able to trust anybody…but i still have emmense FAITH in OUR Beloved BABA…dat He has surely searched a nice partner for me….so m waiting with FULL FAITH & PATIENCE…..

    With this message I am praying for u to Baba….my best wishes are always with u…..Do post when ur marriage is fixed…and hey…pls do pray for me to get a good husband (whom il like alot)….

    Sai ki beti

  13. Please dont worry.Baba is always there with his devotees.Baba has brought this good proposal to you.wish you all the best.

  14. Dear devotee, don't worry, just have Faith in Baba as He will arrange for the perfect boy to be your husband, you are after all Sai's daughter, isn't it? I will also pray to Baba for you to get married and for your family to be happy. Sometimes we have to go through very difficult times because of our past karma and Baba too feels sad about seeing us go through difficult times, but all the difficult times will pass soon and you will be happy. Baba will also take care of your father and your father and Baba will be there with every step of your life watching and smiling over you. Om Sai Ram!

  15. Dear Sai sister,

    very sad to hear about the loss of your father. May his soul rest in peace. I pray to our beloved Sainath for his blessings on you and your family and that you find a very good life partner. Don't get hyper. I read a beautiful excerpt today . " When people hurt you over and over think of them as sandpaper. They scratch and hurt you , But in the end you are Polished."

    Look at it this way. Our Sai is polishing you at this moment, making you work out all your bad karma so that you can have a beautiful life ahead. The night is darkest before dawn, but there will be a sunrise and soon there will be light. Similarly you are going through a very bad time, Hold on to Sai so hard and never let go. Chant Sai Sai and it will make you calm. He will surely bless you with a good married life.

    Do let us know when your marriage is fixed. God bless !

    Om Sai Ram

  16. Hope you get better soon Hetal ji..Baba is surely with you at all times.

    Dear anonymous sister…Whatever happened to your family is really very sad and is nothing but the result of past life deeds. May your father's soul rest in peace.

    Felt really happy to hear that a nice groom came to see you and you both liked each other. This is probably Baba's sign to indicate that things will get better. If you wish take Baba's blessings and start Sai 9 Guruvar Vrat. It has helped many devotees including myself. I pray to Baba that you get married to a nice person very soon and hope to read about it in your next post.

    Om Sai Ram

  17. Om Sai Ram.

    Take good care Hetal Ji. Baba is there with you always.

    Dear Sai sister.. sorry to hear about your Dad's demise.. may his soul rest in peace.. Baba is there with your family always. Do not worry for anything.. Baba will arrange the best groom for you .. he will bless you with a blissful married life .. he is our big Daddy and he loves us a lot .. just have a little more patienceand firm faith.. Baba is there to help and guide you and your family always. Please do read 'Sai Satcharitra' daily and it will be really nice if you start '9 Guruvar Vrat'. I got married while doing my 9 Thursday Vrat.. it brought immense developments and good things in my life.. am sure you will also be benefited by doing it. Just seek Baba's help and blessings in whatever you do and he will be there with you always. My best wishes to you and your family and hope to hear good news from you soon.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  18. Dear sister,
    You need not worry at all. Baba will surely listen to your prayers. Just have faith and patience. I can understand your problem very well. Your good days are going to come. Always keep Baba in your thoughts.

    Baba bless all.

  19. Saibaba knows what is good and bad and he will do right things at right time.baba will take care of you all keep faith in him.
    Jai Sai ram

  20. Dear Sister,

    Don't worry. You will get all things as well. You will get marry with that nice person only. BABA will be there with you in front and back of you. Once you got good news please don't forget to post it. we are awaiting for that.


  21. Dear Hetalji,
    Sai is there to take care of your health. Definitely you will get well soon.
    Dear Sister,
    Leave everything into Sai's hands. Sai will bless you with a very good life.
    Don't worry sister, we all are praying to Sai Deva.

  22. Dont worry sister..Sai will surely bless you and ur marriage will get fixed with the same guy….om sai ram..

  23. Dear pls don't worry..everything will come to an end in a good way when u have Baba in ur heart. Wish u all the best. Don't forget to post the good news in this page sai sree sai jai jai sai..:-)

  24. SAI Sister,

    Please dont worry. We will all pray for you and your family. BABA will surely help you. Infact the boy saying Yes is the first sign of BABA's approval.



  25. @Anonymous
    Respected Sister, I have prayed to our Sai Baba & he will definitely fulfill your wishes. Don't worry. You will get a very suitable match for you.

  26. hi dear sister i think you are form bangalore.i am also from bangalore after reading this post i had some mixed feelings of happiness as well as sadness.sorry to read about your father demise.happy that groom agreed and ready to marry you.dont worry sister i have read all the experiences of yours.even i am also facing same problems.we are also once avery happy family but now even at my house also there is no peace at all.we are facing probems in all areas of our life and there misunderstandings between family members for small small reasons.even my and my sis's marriage is getting delayed why we dont know.after consulting many astrologers and all finally we came to know that somebody has done some evil thing on our we are facing lots of problems.after worshipping sai we are getting some peace and we are leaving only because of saima.he is the only hope dont worry saima will take care of you and your family.hold on to him like your father.have shraddha and saburi.saima will bless you with good husband.will pray for you and your family.dont forget to post your experience here after getting married all the best.may baba bless you and your family with good health peace and good relayionships..all the sairam..

  27. @Anonymous
    I emailed this to hetal ji to post it on monday.where the previous day one proposal came.on monday ,once after emailed hetal ji.i got a call from mom that that guy's side is very happy with us and guy's parents and aunts liked me so much abt my humbleness,eyes, nose.when my mom was saying this i was dumbstruck.eyes were full of tears with the happiness and thanking baba.i ever felt such a exp.thanks baba.

    Firstly,Thanks a lot to everyone for praying for me. I feel very happy that u were all praying for a sai devotee who is in need tough time in her life. i really have no words to express my happiness. thanks a ton and thanks a and my family are here just becoz of baba and ur prayers to baba.that guy is very nice and takes care of me very well.i never expected such a life partner.very happy with me baba is one who made it happen. i knew very well.baba it's u who made it.really if we keep all our probs at his feet and having faith and patience and continuously praying him and chanting his name.he'll be with us always.thanks baba.u made it happen.their family has called mom and said that once we fixed this proposal, we are getting gud things at fiance's elder sis is not married.after our proposal got fixed, she started getting gud proposals and almost in verge of fixing. they are happy.baba u made it happen.

    trust me, my home is very happy.everyone are happy.we never thought we would get a such proposal. where some ppl came and they knew that my father is no more. but then they were asking where's father.i was thinking how dishearty the ppl are.I faced lots of things from relatives and everyone.I thought posting into blog but was waiting for my engagement to happen. it will probly happen in all my relatives are talking to us and feeling jealous.

    baba i know it's only u made it happen.u wiped out my tears.u know how my family was in.thanks a lot with me and my family always.. let our marriage happen with out obligations.let me get a job there.pls deva.let my engagement happen with out obligations jai sairam..

    Hetal ji really thanks a lot for such nice blog.may baba bless u and ur family always.

    my family is very happy now it's becoz of baba.but really we were missing my dad a lot. if my dad was there he would have felt so happy.becoz he always wanted the best for me and wanted me to be happy always.baba let dad's soul rest in shud feel very happy from there only..

    I will soon post my exp.bless my marriage happen with out any problems and get job in singapore soon with out any problems deva.

    baba he also has lots of responsibilities deva.. he has to make a house and manythingswith single person earning is not sufficient. pl deva bless me to get a job in singapore.I need to get job which i am deserved and can learn the things.jai sairam.i need to get a job there. he says there r lots of things dependent on my job and need to help my family. since i am the eldest daughter and can think of financial situation after i go out of homePlease deva bless me with a nice job there.

    i am sorry to post it here. if any of u working and know ppl in singapore please help me. I am a s/w engineer working in Bangalore having almost 5 yrs of exp in Embedded systems and Telcomm as C++ and unix developer.currently working in reputed MNC here. I am looking for IT job there. planning to go there on employment pass than dependent pass since we get very less pay if we work on dependent pass. you were with me till now.

  28. May ur father's soul life is full of ups n down should have attitude of happyness ,and Happyness cant be conditional.u believe that ur marriage will fix all problem then in world all people will be happy whose daughters are married but its not so ….some other problem may come n again u will do like this…u said u r Engg hope u must be working smwhr have some broad vision for life One person is there for u God must have selected early or late never matters ,n u r JUST 25 there are people dont find their match till 35 or so…how do u compare ur Saburi with them?.??Om Sai Ram may god bless u.

  29. @Anonymous
    now at home all my family members are became dvotees of baba.they used to say , u worship baba like anything why he's not helping it's baba who made it happen. with out him it would have been impossible..they know that it's baba who made it happen.hey sai u r everywhere. u show the ppl that u r there with us..never want others to make fun of ur devotees..

    my family is very happy now it's becoz of baba.. but really we were missing my dad a lot. if my dad was there he would have felt so happy.. becoz he always wanted the best for me and wanted me to be happy always.. baba let dad's soul rest in shud feel very happy from there only..

    I will soon post my exp.. bless my marriage happen with out any problems.. and get job in singapore soon with out any problems deva..

    baba he also has lots of responsibilities deva.. he has to make a house and manythings..with single person earning is not sufficient. pl deva bless me to get a job in singapore.. I need to get job which i am deserved and can learn the things.. jai sairam…i need to get a job there. he says there r lots of things dependent on my job and need to help my family. since i am the eldest daughter and can think of financial situation after i go out of home..Please deva bless me with a nice job there..

    i am sorry to post it here. if any of u working and know ppl in singapore please help me. I am a s/w engineer working in Bangalore having almost 5 yrs of exp in Embedded systems and Telcomm as C++ and unix developer. I am looking for IT job there. planning to go there on employment pass than dependent pass since we get very less pay if we work on dependent pass.

    baba you were with me till now and will be with me .. pl deva i need to get a job there.lots of things dependent on it now..pls deva.. bless me.

    may baba blessings shower on u and ur family always..

    baba there are lots of girls who are facing what i went thru. please deva bless them with nice hearty and understanding life partner deva..if i think of any unmarried girl, i feel very sad abt her state. pls bless them deva..take them to brighter place and give them a light..

    om sai sri sai jay jay sai
    om sai sri sai jay jay sai
    om sai sri sai jay jay sai
    om sai sri sai jay jay sai
    om sai sri sai jay jay sai
    om sai sri sai jay jay sai

    jai sairam…

  30. Dear Sister,

    I would just say onething, I very well know how the words of soceity hurt us, but nothing is more powerful than Baba. I now itself pray my dearest Sainatha… Please help this girl get married soon and be her beside always. We all are your dependents and I am very well sure that you know better than us what to do and how to take care of us. Please Sai, help her.


  31. OM SAI RAM…!!!

    Dont worry dear everything will be fine……….. Have faith and patience and surrender yourself in the hands of Sai and see how our Sai creates wonders in your life.. If possible donate food to poor and do parayan of Sai Satcharitra with full faith… Nothing is impossible in Sai's world…. Take care and stop crying now. We all will pray for you. Hold on for little longer…

  32. Dear baba will definately listen your prayer for u n your family.may be baba is testing u people.keep remeber shradha n n downs always comes in everyone sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram.

  33. Om Sai Ram,don't worry dear when sai is here ,i would suggest you to offer sai nav guruwar vrat and trust me things will become favorable for you.You will get peace and happiness again.Godbless you ,Om Sai Ram .

  34. Dear SaiSister,
    Sorry to hear about your father may his soul rest in peace. I am very happy for you and hope and pray for you, I am sure your engagement and marriage will go well .
    I am sure baba is with you always

    Sai Ram

  35. om sai raam,
    dear sai sister,baba would definitely give you a very good partner.wait patiently,with shraddha and saburi…baba will test his devotees but will NEVER LEAVE anyone….dont worry..I would suggest you to do a nav guruvar vrat…you will get peace…

  36. oh mother!! do not loose heart. every Sai devotee has to face some test to move closer to our lord. sometimes the test can be severe that we may loose faith soon. hold on to your faith and love for Baba and just leave the situation to Him. If you keep on thinking about the situation then you will not be able to think about Baba. He is watching and guarding and will present you the best future. He turns the situation into His children's favour by His unending powers very easily once the time is right for you. He has turned an atheist like me to firm Sai believer so his powers are vast do not labour under any doubt just keep loving Him.

  37. I'm Sorry for your dad, may his soul rest in peace.

    Don't worry dear, baba will take care everything, u said got a good proposal. Baba please get a marriage of this girl with that proposal itself. And please wipe her & her family's tears. Again they need to live with the same happiness as like before.

    Please bless us and always be with us, show ur guidance always.

    Om Sai Ram

  38. Baba please humari help karo, Baba mera pura ghar bhikhar gaya hai koi rasta nazar nahi aa rha hai, Sirf sirf aur sirf ek ek raaste ki umeed hai woh aap ho sai baba.
    Mein aur mera parivar apka intezar karen rhe hai baba please baba ab agar thodi bhi der hui to sab khtm ho jaega phelen hi mera hasta khelta ghar khtm ho gaya hai. Baba please ab aa jao pure 10 saal ho chuke hai mushkilo mein jeete hue, Darr lagata hai mere mumi papa ab aur sehan nahi kar paege please meri nahi to unki khatir sahara do baba.


  39. Sai has already shown you the way, best wishes in advance for your marriage. Please tell baba he listens to my prayers and I get married soon to my love.

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