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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, thanks for creating such a great site, where all Baba’s family can share their experiences. It is such a pleasure to read the experiences every day. I have shared two posts earlier in your blog: A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 196 and A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 199. Please do not disclose my id or name. Sorry for the long post, but the visit to Shirdi can never be explained in short I feel.

I always had a wish to visit Shirdi from the past six months, but nothing was materializing. My sister came to India with my nephew and we all decided to visit Shirdi. Though we tried to book flight tickets for more than two weeks, but nothing was working really and we were confused if we had to take a flight or train and many other confusions were there related to the ways of reaching Shirdi. But as the saying goes, when Baba calls, He arranges for everything. It all got fixed in less than 24 hours on a day and we were all very happy. Reading many experiences in your blog, I had a wish to visit Dwarakamai and Prasadalaya at any cost, when I go to Shirdi this time. This was my third trip to Shirdi, but I never got a chance to visit Dwarakamai before and I used to feel bad and cry many times thinking Baba does not allow me to enter Dwarakamai, since I have done some bad deeds in this life and previous life so the right time has not come.

It was only me, my sister, my nephew, who is five years old, and my mom, who were going to Shirdi. My brother-in-law and dad could not accomanpany us due to some work, but we didn’t want to postpone the trip as we badly wanted to visit Shirdi as soon as possible. To start with the journey, we took a flight to Pune and from there booked a taxi to Shirdi. We were thinking, where we should stop for lunch on way, but Baba planned a wonderful meal for us in some friend’s friend’s house, whom we have never met before. After lunch we started our journey and the road was good so we reached by evening to Shirdi. It was a pleasant drive. I had booked hotel online and was happy that it was not a bad choice. We wanted to have Darshan of Baba at Samadhi Mandir and then visit Dwarakamai and Chavadi, but the timing we reached was during evening aarthi time, so we could not go for darshan. We decided to see Baba from outside near the Mukha Darshan window and proceed to Dwarakamai and Chavadi. Finally my sister’s and my dream came true of stepping foot into Dwarakamai. We had a great darshan.

Unexpectedly my mom fell sick upon reaching Shirdi due to the AC and perfume smell in the car. She was suffering badly from vomittings. After we came out of Dwarakamai, she was not able to control it and we had to run from shop to shop asking for a polythene bag but none of the shop keepers were ready to help us with just a polythene bag and that too for a health reason. I and my sister felt very bad thinking what kind of people are these. They stay so close to Baba’s temple and they don’t want to help people, when we are seeing we need a polythene cover. Since we don’t have time to go in search of restrooms and spoil the environment by puking near the temple. But finally with Baba’s blessings one small boy gave us a polythene cover and my mom was struggling by then to control her vomitting. But I had a strong feeling that my mom will get well soon since we just came out of Dwarakamai and as per my belief, Baba did help my mom. Since after that she was perfectly fine.

I and my sister then dropped mom and nephew at room and went to have our quick dinner at prasadalaya. We had to be back in less than an hour as we had booked for Shej Aarthi and the reporting time was 9.30 PM. Seeing my urge to go to prasadalaya at any cost, my sister and I rushed to the place thinking we shall go late for Aarti, if we have to. But we will have prasad at Baba’s place. We took the tickets for the dinner and the lady in the counter said it would take an hour. We went in rushing and to our luck everything got over in 20 minutes and again Baba made my wish to have food in prasadalaya true. Then we took some medicines for my mom after a great search for medical shops and reached room on time. By then my nephew had finished his dinner and my mom said that she won’t have anything that way and she will be fine.

We then went for Shej Aarti and as always my whole body had goosebumps upon seeing our Baba and my happiness knew no bounds. Aarti went on very well and we had good darshan. After that we came out. Then we did pradakshina to Gurusthan. It was strange to see people trying to pull the neem leaf lying on the pavement with their dupathas and handkerchiefs, but none of them succedded in getting even a single leaf. Since Baba did not wish for it to reach them I felt. Then they were distributing prasad near that Udi distribution counter, so we all took the sweet and enjoyed having it. Our day ended perfectly and we all could sleep peacefully having seen our Baba.

Next day being Wednesday I had booked for a darshan in the morning at 8.30 AM. We went at the described time and had a very good darshan again and came out in half an hour. Again I could see people near Gurusthan trying hard to reach to a leaf on the pavement, but then the poojari there told them that it should not be got this way and the leaf will come to you if Baba wants it to reach you, not otherwise. I felt what a wonderful lesson the poojari said and felt happy to have known that. I badly wanted in my heart to receive a leaf from this neem tree or some money in Dwarakamai as a mark that Baba is listening to me. But none of those happened, so felt a bit bad on my way back home. But then after some thought, I felt Baba is testing me and that I should have Shradda and Saburi, then some day these wishes of mine will come true. I should be happy that I was blessed to even step my foot in Shirdi. I thank our beloved Baba to have blessed me with such a great trip. Thanks Baba.

After the darshan, we did some nice shopping and paid some money for Annadan and started our journey back home. The journey back home through the cab and flight were good. Overall it was a great trip and Baba kept up His word, which He had answered my question a few months back on Baba’s answers site saying that I would visit Shirdi soon. Thanks Baba for the great trip and taking care of everything. I was a little scared before starting for my trip, since it was all ladies, who were going. I prayed to Baba that if everything goes fine during my trip, I would share my wonderful experience with everyone and here I am doing the same. Though I was scared some part of me, I always knew Baba will arrange for everything and indeed He did. I did not know where to start and what to say about my trip since its so good, but again our Baba has helped me write this post.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Beautifully described experience… As mentioned, we can only set foot in Shirdi only when our call comes. I am eagerly waiting for my turn too, which I am hoping is soon enough.

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Great Experiences Sister. When Baba himself calls to shiridi, he will make sure that everything goes well and devotees return safely.

    Reading your post, I was missing shiridi-Dwarakamai, samadhi mandir and the vincinity of shiridi. I am sure I will visit shiridi soon.

    I agree with Sister, regarding the business people and shop keepers in Shiridi. These people are not honest and also not polite. I was also fooled once. Devotees do be careful when approaching these shop keepers as they will do anything to sell garlands. "Temple" will not accept any Garlands during the "Kakada Arati". This happened to me during my visit in "April 2012" to shiridi. Shop keepers lied to me and my family and sold big garlands and later we were stopped by "Temple Authorities".

    There is a medical shop in the newly opened shopping mall opp to Temple. I don't remember the name.

    Devotees can always approach the temple authorities or the Guards (at all entrance gates) and these Gentle man are really helpful and devoteed to Baba.

    Let shiridi grow every day by Baba Grace!!

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  3. Dear Saichild, tears rolling down after reading ur experience..really blissful..OM SAI RAM..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM!!!

  4. i myself imagined that now am in shirdi itself. such a wonderful experience. really shirdi experiences always are nice ones. today is my bday. i am happy to read this beautiful experience. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  5. really a nice shirdi trip experience.i m eagerly waiting for my turn to go shirdi and to have divine experience.OM SRI SAI NATHAYA NAMAH.

  6. really a nice shirdi trip experience.i m eagerly waiting for my turn to go shirdi and to have divine experience.OM SRI SAI NATHAYA NAMAH.

  7. Thanks Hetalji for posting my experience. I have to say you come up with the most apt pictures as per the experience. Just seeing the photo which you have added to my experience makes me feel as though I m in Shirdi yet again. Thanks Baba. Om Sai Ram

  8. Dear devotee,

    Can you please share the name of the hotel and cab service which you hired.We are also 3 ladies wanting to visit shirdi.
    And where do they sell the shej arati tickets.Please give me the information it would be useful to us.
    And nice soothing experience of your visit to shirdi.


    Wonderful Experience.

  10. Jai Sai Ram. Nice experience, can someone please tell me how to book tickets for Darhsan and for arthi at Shirdi. Thank you.

  11. Devotees if u want neem leaf as baba's blessings thn just tell it to baba n start t prdashina for 11 rounds around gurusthan neem tree n keep chanting sai. Sai. I also got few leaves on thursday whn i was in shirdi last year on wednesday i was looking for it but i cant a devotee there only told me to do t same but again not a single1 nxt day i holehearedly pray to my deva n u wont believe on entring there a leaf just droped infront of me i was so happy to get it thn i got few more. Thanks alot my deva plz b alwaz with me n bless all . Om sai ram -saipriya

  12. For the anonymous devotee who wanted the details about the cab and hotel. I made my booking for hotel through make my trip online and also booked the tickets for Aarthi and darshan online. You can check make my trip or other sites to get the best bookings as per your budget. As per the cab details it was arranged through some third person but I can give you the phone number that is – +91-20 – 66409792/66409793/64001943 (Pacific cars). He is a bit expensive so you can enquire from the airport also they also provide taxi's at reasonable price. So check at the airport I would say. Hope the information helps. Hope you have a great trip.

    Om Sai Ram

  13. Very well drafted experience. I always enjoy to read shirdi trip experiences. Baba please call me to your holy & divine adobe.I am desperately waiting for my turn.

    Om Sai Ram

  14. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! Baba gives each devotee who comes to Shirdi a unique experience and it is wonderful that He helped your mother who was feeling sick, and also made sure that you got to have a nice Darshan in Shirdi and experience everything. Don't worry if you didn't get a neem leaf, Baba gives us many things in life, so Baba will give you a gift sometime soon (that will be the neem leaf you were seeking in Shirdi). Om Sai Ram!

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