How Sai Showed Me Light In The Time Of Darkness – Anonymous Sai Devotee

After many disappointing and incomplete love stories, here is an experience which throws different light on this matter and how Lord Sai Baba helps to get middle solution in relationships.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Please post it because I am a new member of this site and not able to post it in on my own. Thank you so much for providing us a wonderful platform, where we come to know more about our Sai Maa. Along with this, we also find the solution for our problems by reading devotee experience. I am not good in English and my vocabulary is not much fine. But I had promised Sai Maa that I will share my experience and His grace with other devotees. You are free to make necessary changes if you find any mistake. I am not able to post it that’s why I am mailing you my experience. Please keep me anonymous.

I know about Sai Maa from last 3 years. I used to pray Him as I pray other gods and goddess, but not much believer of Him. God has given me everything to live a good life. Three years back, one more thing happened with me that love knocked in my life and I was very happy because we both like each other from last 1.5 years. But we had no dare to say this. Finally, the relation starts, when our institute trip went to Mathura. 

After coming from there, we started talking to each other. My happiness knew no bounds. We were deeply in love, trust blindly on each other and wanted to spend our whole life with each other after approval of both the families. So, we talked to our families and they rejected our proposal because we belong to different casts. His family started him pressurizing for marriage. His mother is a heart patient. She already had one heart attack and had bypass surgery. So, this was the main reason that we could not force our parents. We were in the situation of dilemma. So we decided to break down our relationship and he agreed for marriage with heavy heart and knew that she loves me and will be hurt badly. So he decided to make me feel that now he doesn’t love me anymore just because with this I will be able to forget him easily and start hating him. So that she would live her life happily, but I didn’t know about it. Time passed and fights increased between both of us. After that, the time comes, when I broke this relation and started hating him and felt cheated, but from my heart I still had love for him. He got married for the sake of his family. After being separate, I used to cry in front of Sai Maa that why did he fight with me. I know we can’t go against our parents, but why this fight? Sai Maa, why he broke my blind faith on him? If he loves me, he will come back and will say that sorry I was wrong. Sai Maa answered my prayers and after marriage he came back to me and said sorry for all his mistakes and answered me all my questions, which were in running in my mind, even I didn’t ask any question. Then we decided that what happened if we could not be a hubby wify, but we can be good friends just like a strong pillar for whole life. But we want Sai Maa’s acceptance for this. So we went to SAI Mandir for the approval. There we prayed to SAI MAA that if You are agree for our friendship, then please give some sign for the approval. After taking Madhayahan Aarti we offered Prasad to Sai Maa and we got three roses from HIM. Two were red roses and one was yellow, which is a sign of friendship. There we understood that red roses for the husband wife and one for my friendship. We were so happy that Sai Maa has approved our friendship. We both got tears in our eyes and felt blessed by HIM with the friendship. So, we decided to be friends together for whole life with clean and clear relationship. Here I would like to mention one more thing, I became an ardent devotee of Sai Maa in the period of our fights and he didn’t believe in HIM and used to say that don’t do this drama of bhakti of your Sai Maa. I cried for the words he used for Sai Maa, but now after separation, he also became an ardent devotee of Sai Maa. Thanks to Sai Maa, because I know I could not live without my boyfriend I would die and one day I decided to do this. But Sai Maa stopped me to do this and gave me strength because HE knows what will be the next chapter of our relationship. I am happy to have a good friend may be HE wants this for us and HE know what is best for us. Sorry if I made any mistake and pardon me for such a long experience. Love You Sai Maa. OM SHRI SADGURU SAINATHARPAN MASTU SHUBHAM BHAVTU. OM SAI RAM
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  1. Dear Anonymus

    Thanks for sharing the experience and appreciate your honesty, regards for the friendship. Babaji has given you red and yellow flowers and you have intercepted its meaning as per your convenience that you shall be continuing relationship of friendship. Highly appreciated but dear anonymus betaji, you have come into this world and as a living being need to contribute towards jeewan chakra. I am writing this because you have mentioned that you will be friends whole life but what about your marriage etc has not been mentioned.So please be positive and pray and understand what I mean to say.

    Thanks and Regards


  2. Dear Sister I donno whether I can say this but I wanted to..please ask Baba directly about ur friendship with ur ex-boyfriend once again, maybe in saibaba question and answer site, I am concerned about ur life because sometime we may interpret things wrongly as per our wish, ur friend is anyway married and settled in his life, he will be fine in due course though he dint like this marriage, but it is always better to move out of ur past relationship and move on with ur life as an individual. You should also think about his wife's situation. What will she think etc? or what will ur future husband think about ur friendship. you can pray for him and it is time for you to move on and get settled in your personal life and career. Ask Baba one more time, sorry Baba if I say anything wrong. Take care.


  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experience. May Baba bless us all always. Thanks a lot Baba for everything, please be with all always. Help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives. We need you by our side always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. SAI RAM

    Thank u so much Hetal ji for posting my experience. I would like to tell all sai devotees that as we have decided that we will be friends and our clean and clear friendship is continue. The other thing is my marrige so i will marry with guy of may parents choice and they are searching a boy for me.

  5. Why it is always girls who suffers ? In 99 % cases the boy get married to someone else leaving the girl in distress. If it is past karma then why boys are not suffering ? its girl who get emotionally involved and always loyal to her relation despite whatever happens. But boys changes their feelings as per their /parents convinience? BABA why you are not giving punishment to those boys who plays with girls sentiments. In fact girls get depressed and spend her life regretting her luck whereas boys enjoy their married life blissfully./
    Please Sai Baba give punishment to those boys who betrays girls

  6. Why in most of the cases girls suffer ? whereas boys change their mind as per their convenience or parents wish. Still they live blissful life and girls get punishment of their loyalty.
    Sai Baba Please punish those boys who take advantage of girls emotional involvement.

  7. Om Sai Ram
    I think i agree with u gayatri dear friend try as much as possible to stay away from ur ex,jus be a good friend n help him in need and show conecrn for him by praying but don talk daily coz he is married now n he needs to spend time with his wife and that might some where hurt you.. but if u think from his wife's perspective she doesnt know all this, i wish ur ex-says every thin to her, take her permission n then continue to be in touch with u as a friend.. If u still think u ll be peacefull by being as a friend with him then ok at the end i don want u to loose ur peace of mind.. but what happens is if u still be in his life u ll become always the first person with whom he can share his joys n sorrows but i feel that place should be his wife's.. see think calmly being in his wife's place and do the right and Baba toh is always with u..


  8. Dear devotee,
    I really like the fact that you moved on and looked at your life from a bigger perspective. I see people from love marriages and let me tell you that they are not rosy and beautiful afterwards bc people change and small things like food habits become huge issues. Overall, reading this experience, you seemed to have become a better and stronger person and Baba aided you instead of you falling into depression, etc.

  9. Om Sri Sai Ram,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Trust me i am going through a break up. Fell in love with my best friend both were extremely happy and when we told about our relationship. My parents accepted but his parents didnt since im a south indian and he is a north indian and we both belong to different caste. We tried a lot but at last he gave up for his parents sake. Though he loves me he decided that he have to forget me. We are not in contact for the past 1 month. I cried, prayed to every god and finally Sai showed me a way.

    I went to temple near to my home and talked to the poojari regarding my depression. He told me regarding doing sai vrat and reading sai satcharitra. I told him that i dont have the book. Next day he borrowed a book from another devotee and gave to me. Asked me to pray to Sai with full heart and he will full fill your wish.

    I have completed 2 thursdays and started reading sai satcharitra for the second time from yesterday. Praying baba everyday to make his parents to see his pain and convince for our marriage.I read this blog everyday and when i read baba's miracle, my love for him increases and really hope that he will forgive me for my sins and will bless me. Baba, you know what i wish for and I will do everything i promised you. Pls baba..Bless me..

  10. Baba I am scared with things going on in office.
    Baba you know about me I cannot bare if anyone hurts me.
    Baba is she shouting at me. May be I am not working hard.
    Baba I think I am not opt for anything and I am most stupid girl
    In the whole world.
    But I love you Baba. I need you Baba.
    I am loosing confidence on me Baba:(

  11. @AnonymousDear Sai Devotee, it is good to accept our life as it comes and keeping positive attitude. Once his wife and your To Be partner are aware of your "clear" friendship, your life , even married life will be happy. In this life it is very difficult to find a good friend.
    Marrying to a person you love or to fulfill parents' dream and marrying to the candidate they choose, is a personal issue. No arguments or question at all.
    Jai Sai Ram. Have a blessed life.

  12. SAI RAM

    Thank u sai devotees for reading my experience, one thing i would like to tell u all that we will not hide our friendship from our family, his wife and my would be. Clean and clear means clean and clear. One more thing is that i have asked questions regarding our friendship on sai baba question answer website and the outcome is always positive. I know about his wife's situation very well we are not cheating her she is a nice girl and i respect her and now her place is first in his life and i am on second place. I think it is difficult for people to understand friendship after love and it is difficult to maintain but by BABA's grace i m able to do it.
    BABA i know it is possible only because of u thank u so much baba for giving me strength.
    Sorry if i hurt someone.

  13. Om Sai Ram
    very good dear go ahead.. when baba has given acceptance to your friendhip then who are we to judge.. sorry if our comments have hurt u.. All the best may baba shower all his blessings on u.


  14. Anonymous Ji, May Baba shower His continuous blessings to you and give you a caring and loving life partner. OM SAI RAM.

  15. Very nice experience! Baba wanted you and him to at least be friends and ensured that you both still have some connection. Perhaps Baba knows some time later on in life you or him will need the other person. Friendship with others is the greatest gift in the world. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Hi,what do you mean by friendship?daily speaking or daily meeting?what do you want from your friendship?
    what will you tell to your would be that he is your ex boyfriend and you expect your would be to understand you right?

    i am a married women i cant tolerate if my husband talks to any women daily or closely and after knowilng she is ex girl friend.

    first why do u want to continue your friendship?if u are in any problem or happiness you feel like to share with friend who understands u …… that case both of you can speak yearly twise thats enough…….

    you need to understand your feelings correctly:you are not able to move out from him so only all these topics…….there is no concept of friendship with ex are convincing your soul with frindshiop word…

    sorry if i hurt you….but it is not good and nice to have friendhip with your ex-boyfriend…..take these words as baba words………..

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