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In today’s experience the devotee has beautifully narrated how Lord Sai Baba accepted his small offering on the day of Guru Poornima.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji and the rest of the wonderful team, I’d want to pen down a small yet beautiful experience, that yet again, shows to tell how our Dear Lord Deva, Sai, is guiding us at each and every step that we take. This experience might sound a bit trivial but for me (I am going through a few challenges as of now) this is another indicator from Him that He’s looking out for me too. Kindly do not disclose my name or email ID. I wish to remain an unidentified devotee of our Deva.

I have been a devotee of Deva since the my schooldays (early 90’s), but I have been an ‘ardent’ devotee of Deva only around 1998, when I ventured out of my hometown to a different city for reasons of employment. Being alone in a different city, away from the family, would have been difficult, but I can say that I was not alone all the time, thanks to our Deva.

I am from an orthodox family. So I do follow rituals and traditions, but I start my day with prayers to Sai Deva. I frequently visit Sai Temple every Monday and Thursday and do a Someshwara and Sai Abhisheka on my parents name every week. A Sai devotee and friend of mine taught me the fact that it is but fair that our parents, who have been praying for all-through also need prayers and who better than the kids. I usually visit the temple before it gets crowded. I feel that I can connect to Deva better, when the temple is not chock-a-block, where people are jostling each other and concentration on Deva sometimes lapses. This is of course only my experience and how I connect to Him. Coming to my experience, 2 weeks ago, I realized that Guru Pournima was fast approaching and I expressed my desire to the Temple Priest that I would want to give a Shawl to Deva to be worn on this auspicious day. The Priest mentioned that as the Temple association has already bought a Shawl the one I would give would be used for the later part of the day. I was glad that my proposal was accepted and the Priest was also kind enough to pick the Shawl (A Silk Saffron Shawl). Yesterday (Monday), I went to the Temple and asked the Priest what time would be a good time to be there to see Deva adorned in the new Shawl. The Priest answered that 1.30 pm is when they would dress Deva. So I should come then and look for Him once I enter the Temple. The Priest also said that he will not be available on the phone as he would be busy. Today is Guru Pournima and I reached the Temple by 1.15 pm and from the outside itself I could see a large queue for Darshan as well as the Annadaana. I decided to walk around a bit and come back in 15 minutes with the hope that crowd will lessen and I would get to have a peaceful Darshan. I walked for a 100 yards, when a sudden desire arose in me to go back to the Temple and brave it out in the crowd. Back at the Temple, I see that the crowd has reduced a tad bit, but still going strong. I go along to leave my footwear, when I hear my phone ring and I see that it is the Priest, who asks me if I had reached the Temple yet. I told him that I am outside and he told me to come on inside and that he will get me through the queue and into the sanctum-sanctorum. The Priest comes out, takes me via a different route and guides to me to take the Darshan and kneel at Deva's Padukas all in a matter of 2 minutes. Then I find a place with a perfect view of Deva, sit, close my eyes and pray to my heart's content and thank Him for enabling this. By the time, I was done with my prayers and opened my eyes I could see a smiling and beautiful Deva clad in a Silk Orange Shawl. It was sight to behold for me. As I mentioned earlier, Life has thrown a few challenges and I have been feeling a bit down off late. But by the sequence of events - from the moment I had the urge to go back and to the Priest calling me and getting me inside - I knew He was there with me. I feel blessed. Very blessed. Here's wishing all of Deva's devotees a blissful Guru Pournima. Sorry to have kept going on like this, but I do seem to have lost control when narrating this experience. I sincerely appreciate the effort that you and your team put in. I would consider it an instruction from Deva if I can be of any help here.
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  1. Amazing and blessed experience… What better way can there be than getting a personal invitation inside the sanctum by the Priest himself without pre-planning and expecting this. Om Sai Ram …

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Beautiful experience. Sai Baba always accepted small things and in return gave ten fold.

    This shows how great deva was and his kindness.

    All of us are blessed and indebted to sai as we are participating in this website. Unless we have done some good deeds in past birth and also in present birth we will not have this great opportunity to discuss and share about deva.

    Hail Hail Parabrahma, Hail Hail Sai Samarth.

    Servant of Baba.

    Lets bow to the

  3. Dear Hetalji, thank you for publishing my post. Just a minor correction, it should have been accepted "his" offering and not "her" 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I'm also want to share my experience happened on Guru Pounima. At that time, I'm doing 41 days pooja(Offering Coconut in Dhuni-Prescribed by Baba). Before Guru Pournima, I thought that, It will be fully crowded, I will face the problem while offering cocunut in Dhuni. So I requested baba, the temple person must be accompany me while offering it. Then next day(Guru Pournima), I have gone to temple. As usual, it is fully crowded. Even no place to stand there. I asked the temple person, for dhuni keys. They are saying lies to me, that smebody has taken keys, not given in return. I'm very worried about this. On the auspicious day of baba, i'm unable to do the pooja. They said that just put the cocunut and all at another location in the temple, they will offer it on Evening.

    In my heart, I'm saying to baba- This Pooja is prescribed by you. I came here to offer you. I'm leaving this here, just take care of this. I'm really hurted by you.By saying this, I reached another temple person and said all about this, and leaving the things there. That person told me, wait 5 mn, I'll come back. Mean while, I got answer frm baba in my heart saying that he will speak with higher authorities, they will give the keys. I felt sme wt happy. That temple person came with the keys and asked me to offer the cocunut in Dhuni. And he accompanied me while offering what I requested baba that before day. Really I'm very happy that day.

    I luv u baba, be with me forever..

  5. Prathyusha or Hetalji,
    could you pls give information of 41 days pooja of baba .i am trying to have a child may be doing this baba may listen to me

  6. @Anonymous Dear Anonymous & Sudha,

    To fulfill my wish, baba prescribed that. I don't know, it will be useful to u or not. Becoz, depending on past deeds & circumstances, Baba will provide the guide lines. Eventhough, I will tell you, how to do it. Its a 41 days pooja, Every morning, after head bath with cold water, in sai temple, do 27 pradakshina around the Dhuni with Cocunut(Please ask the person in shop_that you are offering the cocunut in Dhuni, he will give you the different one, not used for Archana) and Nava Dhanyaas, dhoop sticks & Camphor(Karpuram). And then offer it in Dhuni.

    But don't do it in the Evenings & do this as a vrat. But first please take the permission of Baba before doing this.

    Thank You..Om sai ram..

  7. Thanks Prathyusha,

    How Baba indicated to you? and how will know what pooja we will have to do?
    It would be wonderful if you could let us know.

  8. @AnonymousDear Anonymous,

    Baba indicates this pooja in my dream.Whenever I felt bad or needs his blessings, He will appears in my dream in any form and suggests me what to do. Only one sign, whether it is baba dream or just a dream, I woke up immediately after the End of the Baba dream. Baba shows his blessings differently, previously I used to ask him in Parayana Book. Later when I have connected Him closely, He is suggesting me in my dreams.

    So, please pray to Baba..He will suggest you..All the best..Definitely, Baba will bless you.

  9. Very nice experience! It was Baba who made sure you got to have Darshan of Him in the shawl you donated (and helped you get through the long queue). Baba is there with us even when we feel alone, so although you have had to go to a new city and feel you're alone, just remember, Baba is sitting there right next to you, so there should be nothing to fear when we have Baba right there next to us. Om Sai Ram!

  10. I am waiting for sai baba bless and his miracle to me
    bai baba you are my father and mother please keep on your eyes on me and my chiled
    I love you sai baba

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