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In today’s experience the devotee wish that readers should interpret various dreams she saw.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, Please post my experience. You are doing a wonderful job of spreading BABA’s message. May BABA bless you with immense happiness. I always look forward to your mails. Reading the devotees experiences, brings us even closer to our beloved BABA. Please keep me anonymous in this mail. Please edit it if it seems too long.

Hello All, I posted my experiences previously. It was published on Dec 05, 2011. Here I am, to explain my dreams and want to know whether the dreams are the dreams really from Shirdi Sai Baba or my subconscious mind.

I told in my previous experience that my parents are searching for an alliance for me. One day, a guy mailed me that he likes my profile and wanted to know if I am interested in him. I replied him to approach my parents. He used to ping me, when I am online. As I am always reserved and strict with strange guys, I did not use to respond him well. I don’t know what and why it happened, but I developed a kind of liking towards him. But I managed not to reveal my feelings before him. Every time my ego used to obstruct me from expressing my core feelings to him. I feel this is the biggest mistake, I ever made. On Oct 13, 2011, my uncle spoke to him regarding alliance and he told that he was really interested. But even before he came to our home for wed looks, I had a dream that he would not accept me because of his mother and sister. But I ignored the dream because while chatting he has already hinted me that he is in love with me. I had a strong confidence that he would not miss me. He came to see me on Nov 6th 2011. Wed looks were over in the morning and I happily visited Baba’s temple in the evening. But when I came back home from temple, to my dismay my Uncle said that the guy mailed him saying that he is not interested in this match. He mailed that he doesn’t suit our family and that I will get a better guy than him. That is the day, when the happiness vanished from my life. From that day, he never used to chat with me. I used to cry like hell and asked Baba to show some mercy.

One day, I got a dream where running race competition was going. I was there along with three girls in the competition. I was confident enough that I would win and suddenly one more girl came there to participate and I was scared and I was thinking that she is strong competitor and I would surely not win if she participates. I was praying Baba saying that I would not win if she participates and suddenly I saw something written on paper "I my your savior" and after that she changed her mind and said that she is not going to participate. As she dropped out herself, I won the game. I really did not know the meaning of this dream. I used to get wondered what the dream could mean. Later on Dec 28th 2011, I had another dream, which clarified the previous dream. In that dream, my guy is getting engaged to some girl. I was there watching him and my heart somehow strongly felt that he did not like her. I got up and cried like hell and prayed to Baba. I begged Baba not to make this happen in reality. I cried for quite a long time in the midnight and slept. I again had a dream in which my guy sent me a mail saying that he is ordered by Baba to marry me and he indeed likes me a lot. This was the first positive dream, I got and I was happy for that. After this happened, One of my cousin suggested me to do Saibaba pooja for 41days, so that I will get to know if I will get married to him or not (via dreams). I performed the pooja for 41 days. On Jan 2nd 2012, the last day of my pooja, I got a dream. In the dream my guy came to see me along with his mother and sister. I was in our prayer room, holding Baba’s statue and requesting Baba saying that he should not reject me this time as he did for the first time. I went and sat in front of them and they liked me and told they would fix engagement date. This was my second positive dream. On jan 3rd 2012, after many days, my guy pinged me on online and wished me on the occasion of new year. I was very happy with all the positive things that happened. However, I was worried about the engagement and running race dreams I got. So I decided to start 9 weeks guruwar vrat. Though I started it with lot of confidence, I got vexed and stopped it in the middle. One day, I got a dream where Baba started speaking from picture. He said that if I really want marriage to happen, why I am not willing to do vrath. He asked I should continue the vrath. In the course of completing the vrat and after completing the vrat, I got many dreams, which I would like to mention here.

  • My guy called up and told me that he wants to marry me and wants to meet me once. I was very happy and was telling my brother see baba had told that he will marry me and it is going to become true.
  • I don’t exactly remember, but i felt that Baba had come wearing purple kafni and saying I am there to mingle you both.
  • I was going to temple and there I saw Baba in bodily form sitting in the front of the temple. I asked Him something (I don’t remember what I exactly asked for), He gave me 2 things and I went home and told my mom see I asked baba for two things and He has given it to me (the two things what I think is job and marriage).
Mean while I used to get frequent dreams of my guy getting engaged to other girl. But every time the engagement doesn’t proceed up to marriage. The girl drops out at the last moment claiming that she likes some other guy. On the other hand, my guy never used to ping me after he did on jan 3rd and he did not reply me even when I pinged him. With all this, I was completely depressed and asked Baba to show me some god idol in dream, if he is in my fate. That day, I got the dream, where I saw idol of Lord Krishna and a priest tied rudhraksh to my hand saying that there will be no problem for your marriage. I was happy. But still I was in panic about the engagement dreams I got. One day, what I feared has come true. On march 25th, my guy blocked me and even removed his profile on matrimonial website. I suspected that he would have got engaged as per my dream and my suspect has become true. He indeed got engaged to someone. I came to know about it on May 3rd, when he uploaded his engagement picture on his profile, in a social website. I became helpless. Few days back I was depressed and thinking that all the dreams will never become reality and same day I had a dream. In the dream, my dad was saying that Shirdi Sai Baba words never become untrue and even His dreams will become true. I am leading my life with these dreams and faith on Baba. Actually practically, I don’t have any hopes but my only hope is Baba and His dreams. So I believe that my guy will surely be back. I wish that the dreams, where the girl herself rejected to get married (as she likes some other guy) would come true. I hope BABA will bless me. So please sai devotees, give your own interpretation of these dreams. Are these dreams really from Sai Baba? Am I foolish in thinking that he comes back even after getting engaged? Please help me to understand myself. BABA please give us all SAI devotees the strength, and patience to go on in this BHAKTI path. No matter how adverse the situation may be. Please be our side always. Jai Sai Ram.
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Hetal Patil
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  1. hii dear.. one thing i wanna tell u, y u wanna marry a guy whoz already engaged twice??? if u start expecting n desiring for smthng, der the problems n tensions starts.. live life in reality yaar.. accept evrythng watever comes in ur way..

  2. Dear Devotee,
    It seems that as per your faith, the circumstances are also going back and forth from positive to negative and so on. If you have strong faith in him, your results will also be quick. If you want to do a vrath, you can do lakshmi or santoshi maa vrath on Fridays as it is considered auspicious for things like marriage.

    Hetalji, sorry to hear that your grandpa passed away but consider it as a good sign that he passed away on Thursday, Baba's favorite day.

  3. OM SAI RAM…If it is Baba's WILL it will happen.If that guy is not good for you,Baba will not let it happen.This is my personal experience.Even I cried for a guy day and night and prayed Baba to get me married to him.But he ended up married other girl.Things were very positive initially, after that dramatically he got married to other girl.It was like beyond the imagination.

    Dont worry.Leave it to Baba.HE always protects us from evil and gives what is best for us.Even dreams come true when baba wants to show us through the dream.So completely leave it to Baba.Dont think too much about him.If he comes back, it will be good.If it is not Baba's will and he will get married to that girl you should not feel bad.keep chanting Sai's name whenever you are not able to avoid these thoughts.
    Baba will bless you with a good guy.All the Best..
    OM SAI RAM..

  4. First thing – be happy that sai baba is with you. I read somewhere, don't go to sai baba with problems, show to the problem that sai baba is with you. Whatever happens is best. Sai baba will do good for you in what is best from long term perspective. Cling on to sai feet- during bad time AND GOOD times as well

    • hii friends,

      I got a dream like i went to shri sai temple prayed my wish to come true and i gave him 116rs to donate to some people what is meaning of this dream can anyone tell me???

  5. Hi,

    myself also got so many dreams related to Baba from last 9 years, but i don't remember, whether they came true or not.I'm also in same thing. I loved a guy who is a muslim. we first met at before sai. After three years, recently I had a dream that baba said that don't marry that person. My love really a nice person. I cried a lot before baba. I knew, why baba told me like that becoz of my parents. They never agreed a guy from another religion. After tht my frnd criticised me regarding this. I felt very bad that day. Again I got a dream,in that Baba blessed me & my luv. I don't know, which dream I have to consider.

    But main thing is, we have to keep faith on Him. He knows that what is good & wt is bad for us. Accordingly our wishes will be fulfilled.Om sai ram.

  6. Dear devotee i understand ur state coz i am goin through the same.. Dont pester baba to do some thin coz he kno's what to do.. just pray once whole heartedly to baba to get together with that guy n stop thinkin positive or negative if baba wants it he ll change that guy n get him back els accept it as baba's wish n just pray that let him be happy with whom eva baba wishes.. i kno its the most painful thing but jus think u love him a lot na pray baba to do in what he is happy

  7. Om sai ram,

    First of all be very happy baba is coming in your dreams, don't you think that it is very divine experience, we people are doing lot of sinful stuff every day.. but the alimighty sai deva.. still treating us as his children, taking care of everything our lives.. we are still suspecting him.
    In dreams, they may turn to any form, but it is not possible to take LORDS and GURU's form. So whenever sai comes in your dreams be very happy because he treated you as his girl.
    So now coming to your dreams, see baba's messages are very cryptic, we guys are not able to understand the full meaning of that. In sai satcharitra only you can find this type of confusion among devotees, for example of one guy with 'KSHAYA' disease, baba said that he will get new life from tomorrow when he was in last stage, his relatives thought that his disease may come to end. But he died on that day.. and rebirth also happened to him. But baba said it in the context of new birth. Only thing one can do is told to baba – " these things are not in my hand.. i'm hand over all this stuff to you.. you can handle this.. " and be calm.. just look what is happening.
    If there is a previous karma relation with him, you will get into some relation. If not no.
    All these relatives are happened around you because of karma relation with them. After that karma over.. every one will get rid of this relations. So trust baba. Just pray him and follow him what he said… take parayana of satcharitra.

  8. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Hetalji sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away but donot feel bad sad as he is with our baba only. May his sole in peace.


  9. What I personally feel is you are too confused and worried about personal life, also u are having a wavering mind because of these problems, and hence u are continously getting all sorts of dreams (both positive and negative).Im not saying that your dreams are false but please don run behind it.I would say please be calm and have faith in Baba.All things are decided by Baba already and he knows what is good and best for you. so leave everything to him he will take care. I may be wrong but just shared what I felt after reading your experience.OM Sai Ram.

  10. Dear Devotee,what i like to say you is, you are really lucky to get baba in your dreams.I feel all these dreams show positive sign that you will have a good married life,it may be with the same guy or someone else.Baba is with you and he will choose you a better guy whom you deserve.So dont keep worring about the guy.just pray to baba.om sai ram.

  11. just believe Baba , his dreams are really true..you are a lucky person
    we think only for the present problems but Baba knows our whole life b4. so what is good and what is not good Baba knows and will take care. just free your mind, it is hard but it really works. pray sai like this – 'please take care of me and don't let me in wrong hands Sai you are everything me always be with me..' have full faith on him..

    • Hi ma’am I wanted to know what happened later on in your life .did dreams given by shirdi sai baba ji come true and are you leading a happy life because even I got a dream in which there was some competition being held similar to dream you got and I was surprised reading your experience. so kindly reply if I should believe in the dream I got that it will come true in the future or not .

  12. Hi,
    First of all I am not sure if he is best match for you or not. So take off your feelings for him. If you beleive in Baba just beleive in him and think whom ever you will get married to is your guy chosen by Baba.
    Dreams showered by Baba are always correct, but your love for the guy also is making you get many dreams which may be correct or wrong. So take away the feelings for a guy who is not related to you, just develop Shradda for Baba and what ever comes into your life is Baba's GIft.

  13. @Anonymous
    I am not sure whether you are getting the dreams from Baba.This could be manifestations of your sub conscious mind because Baba will never try to misguide you. Forget this guy and surrender yourself at the lotus feet of Baba and he will ensure that you get married to a deserving person. Shraddha Aur SAburi rakho aur sab kuch Baba pe chod do. Having said this I know it is not easy but if you take the first initiative of trying, Baba will do the rest

  14. Please don't torment yourself …one thing I have learnt from life is that u will get only what is in your destiny …one will not also not live a day longer than what is written ….. sai ram

  15. You r Very lucky that baba comes in your dreams. I have seen so many miracles in my life done by Sai Baba. Ya baba's dreams always come true. Baba will do best for u. Don't worry. Sometimes baba test our faith. Your Future is going to be very bright.

  16. om sai ram….you are realy a lucky person that ur getting sai baba darshan in dreams.juz pray day n night..his words are always true..i think baba is testing your patience and many more who are suffering from the same phase.

  17. Dear Hetal ji,
    Sorry to hear about your Naanaa ji passing away. He is with BABA and surely he will be taken good care over there. Our prayers are there to bear the loss and be blessed by BABA always.

    Dear Sai devotee, do not get anxious over one candidate. If he is right person for you as per BABA he will get interested in you. There are many more profiles on matrimonial websites, why don't you SELECT what you LIKE ? Why you have to be dependent on "somebody" contacting you reading your profile? In married life it is always good FIRST to "be independent" and than start your life with submission to your life partner to bring out the best being together.
    You will be blessed with the best partner with BABA' grace. Be relaxed and enjoy life in BABA's name, do what BABA would love for any devotee to lead the life in HIS name.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  18. Dear Hetalji..so sorry to hear about your Grandfather..His soul will surely rest in peace with Baba.

    Dear anonymous devotee..Do you even know how blessed you are that you are getting all these blessings from Baba in the form of dreams. Being such a blessed child why worry? We are all human beings. No one knows what our future is going to be. Just because you think you will be happy by getting married to this person doesn't mean that it will be that way. We may or may not know what is best for us but Baba always knows what is right for us.

    Many devotees like me are praying to get atleast one dream or sign from Baba that he is with us. You had so many, even after that you are worried. Sister.. please remember once you wholeheartedly surrender to Baba, he will take care of everything. Once you do that you will receive peace and all your confusions in the form of dreams might stop.

    Lastly, I thing I read this somewhere and I keep saying this to myself whenever I'm stressed "Either you are nervous about your circumstances OR you have Faith in me – they both can't be together – Sai Baba". If we truly have faith in him, just leave it on him.

    In your next experience I really hope to read about the miracle of how you surrendered to Baba and how he got you married to a wonderful person.

    Om Sai Ram

  19. You are lucky you are having baba guide you in dreams, I am still awaiting the day he would come to bless me in my dream and give me strength in this form to help me get through situations. Have full faith. Om Sai Ram

  20. We all spend time asking for things from god, but he's the one that does the most for us and has loved us the most. Yet we spend the least amount of time thanking him, and most amount of time asking things. I too, make this mistake but am trying to stop. Trust Baba, take each moment remembering him and watch the show in front of you with a calm mind. Everything in this life is temporary. Om Sai Ram

  21. Hi, please wait for BAbas decision..just keep quite and wait ..don't make your analysis..Let baba decide what is good 4 u..on sai ram..

  22. ~~OM SAI RAM~~
    ~JAI SAI ~

  23. Dear Anonymous ji, you are so very right! Without our knowledge BABA has always protected us and guided us to a righteous path. But when we learn about BABA and appreciated what HE is doing for us, that's where our FAITH comes in the picture. And that FAITH is proven strong only when we develop the virtue of SABOORI.
    I have read somewhere that there should be no "WHY?" or "WHY ME?" to GOD. Because we do not know the beautiful way of LIFE unfolding for each of BABA's creation. HE knew everything even before we were born what is going to happen in our life. And yet, we are given a gift of "Freedom of choice". And when we put that gift into action, there are consequences too! And BABA is never angry with our making CHOICE. HE than changes accordingly what unfolds in our life.
    That does not mean that we should be passive. But doing our BEST in the given circumstances and let BABA take care of us. Once we do what we think is "RIGHT" in the given circumstances, there should not be any guilt or grudge. Or lamentation that oh, I did this wrong!
    Even if we have made mistake while doing "RIGHT", THAN BABA stands by us. HE takes care of us.
    It's good you brought out this topic and I could share mine. May BABA bless every one.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  24. Om Sai Ram!!!

    Dear Sister,
    Why you are testing baba so much ??? Baba loves you so much and how he can see you in trouble. Have shradhha and Saburi and see what happens in few days…..
    Instead of thinking about that guy all the time think about Sai… Chant his name .. say OM SAI RAM all the time in your mind with faith ansd see how your mind becomes cool and calm and you will get positive energy to face the situation. Time heals everything. Its your testing time so give your best to fight the situation by taking Sai' name all the time.. Unless and untill you dont take two steps ahead how Sai will come for your rescue. SO pray pray and pray all the time. Prayers can change our life anytime. You will shurely marry your dream person if you fully trust Sai. Whenever any negative thought comes in your mind just think "SAI is with me and he will take care of all the things". This realy works. Think only in positive way and everything will workout to be positive. Also doer is Sai so leave everything in his hand. Sai has already given you hints in your dream but you are not trusting Sai with full faith thats the reason you are so restless.

    Do some good things that pleases Sai like donating food to poor, reading SaiSatcharitra in weeks time, Sai vrat. This should be done with full faith and not just for the sake of doing.

    Atlast final result will be best for you….!!!

    Have faith…
    OM SAI RAM….

  25. All dreams n positive signals n seek favours ….All is Extention of Mind,baba there to give us mental support but not to change the destiny,i also got so many signals from baba but nothing happened as per my wish so question mark is obviously on ourself.mind see always what we wish,if u will calm urself,i guess no boy no dream.just live in present,ACCEPT the situation As IT IS.

  26. I think the dreams signify that Baba is there for you to hold on to Him in this uncertain times till you come to the realization that this person is not the right one for you. He has His own way of getting you to understand and in this process get you the one destined for you. Om Sai Ram.

  27. dear Sai Friend-After reading your experience, i would like to say have blind faith & put all your burden on Sai's shoulder & see what will happen. Definitely miracles will happen when without doubt you will have faith & patience on Baba.

  28. Nice experience. Don't worry, Baba always guides us along the correct path, many times we may not understand the meaning of Baba's directions (just as devotees in Shirdi didn't when Baba was in mortal form), but as Baba always stated "My words are never hollow, but always pregnant with meaning." Baba will arrange for the best guy for you (He is the best matchmaker in the universe). Just continue to pray to Baba and have faith in the direction which Baba is directing you. Om Sai Ram!

  29. dear devotees, From my personal exprienece whetehr you believe in baba or not whatever has to happen only will happen. Howmuch ver faith you have in baba bad things still happen to you and you are ruthlessly destroyed many times. I have prayed and prayed and ended up only with no help from baba for the past 18 years. I am tired of all these belief that baba will do only good for you, baba knows wht to give and when to give, etc. All these words are only to console ourselves. I have experoienced in my life that baba has denied me many things and now I am totally destroyd. If He wanted to do goood for me He would not have harmed me so much. Many people who visit shirdi die in accidents on the way. Is Baba doing good for them also? I was a strong devotee of baba oce upon a time amnd today I a ma destroyed unm arried woman of 46 years age. All my hard work struggle have all been washed off since I was chetaed by people. all these happeed to me after Iwas lying t baba's feel hours togetehr everyday!

  30. Dear frustrated Sai Devotee, sorry for your hardships and suffering. I will pray for your peace of mind and happiness. It is said that "we have to pay our dues of past Karmas, but when we surrender ourlselves to BABA, these sufferings and pain are reduced quite a bit" Do not loose FAITH in BABA.
    It is easier said than done, but I can feel your pain and with my utmost sincerity praying for you to BABA to grant you LOVE and PEACE at heart.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  31. hello dear…. Really you you are a lucky person.. that sy is coming in your dream every dream… metoo has faced the same problem in my life….but now iam living a happy life through the blessings of Baba….i Have loved a guy deeply..but he did not love me … i Have cried a lot to baba to make him to love me.. but Baba knows very well what is good and what is bad for us….Baba has made me to live my life for my parents…. Dont lose your patience and faith on Baba….. everything will be alright… he will make you to understand the reality… jai Sairam

  32. You are very fortunate to get such dreams bestowed by Almighty. BABA Himself have come to you for updesh. Don't be so vexed about every minute details. BABA will always help you in driving your worries away…I must say that even i didnt get such a dream till date and am so unfortunate that BABA didnt come in my dreams…. I must say you are very lucky my dear sister…

    Om Sai Ram

  33. Have faith in Sai Baba, meditate on his name whenever you feel alone or depressed….leave the rest to him. Not sure how to interpret dreams as i too have gone through similar things in past few months…but remember one thing…do not lost faith in Sai Baba no matter what.

    Om Sai Ram

  34. Yesterday night i got a dream on saibaba, my room has been filled with sai feets with vibhuthi's .

    What does it mean. please suggest.

  35. Today early morning i got a dream on saibaba, where my room has been filled with Sai feets vibhuthis.

    What doe it mean.

  36. Dear Sai Devotee,

    It has been 2 years,since you posted your experience,just wanted to know if everything is fine in your life now?? Kindly Reply..

  37. I think by vrath he meant 9 guruvar vrat. You can Google Sai Baba 9 guruwar vrat not sure though if your dream refers to that only.

  38. hi..m in confusion too like u..was looking for the answers in google and found ur shared experince..its been 2 years ..did u get him back?

  39. Well hopefully he breaks up wid her n marries u . I also luv a guy and m going thru a similar scenario. We r married in my dreams but in reality, we have not talked for more than 3 months .

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