In today’s post three very brief yet interesting experiences are shared.

My Experience With Sai Baba

Sai Brother Arulmalar Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai Devotees. I happened to hear all about SAI only by 2012 January. First I was gifted with Sai Baba’s Appam, which brought in drastic change in my life. Only after that, I took decisions of my own believing SAI would guide me in all my pursuits. Everything went on well thereafter in my life. I would definitely say all went on well only because of SAI.

I basically love kids a lot. Only because of that or not, I was there without a child even after 3 years of my marriage. Then I came to know Sai Miracles. I then remained 9 Thursdays Vrat very devotedly keeping faith in Sai. He too blessed me with that good news even before I finish my 9 Thursdays. I was that much happy, but that happiness didn’t last for many hours. 

The very same night, I experienced a bad moment in my life, but still then I never lost my hope. I kept on praying; nevertheless Sai Baba kept His love and blessings on me. My little one started growing well. It’s only because of Sai, but again I am in trouble. I am sure Sai would never leave me deserted. Definitely my little one would come to this world without any hurdles and sure I would name him SAI undoubtedly. I also assure as long as I am in this world, I would spread Sai Leelas and miracles to this world and help the needs.

Miracle In My Life

Sai Sister Dhivya Ji from India says: I am really very glad to post my experience with my Baba. I am here to tell you all about what Baba make my grand ma to get back to normal situation from illness. For the past one week, my grand ma is suffering from disc prolapsed and she is not able get up from bed. We were shocked and my father, mother and I took her to one surgeon. He told that there is a critical situation and we need to operate her. I prayed to Saibaba and put UDI and a piece of cloth on her spinal where disc prolapsed. And next day, we saw an improvement in her. We took her to another hospital. In there we heard good news of the doctor that she doesn’t have any problem and asked her to do exercise daily and tablet for five days were given and we need to take her to physiotherapist. Then after this, she has recovered a lot. I thank Saibaba for everything happening in my life. Only because of Saibaba's blessing, my beloved person has called me and talked to me suddenly with care and affection. Saibaba is a great soul. I thank Saibaba to be with me for the situations and circumstances. I always visit Saibaba’s answers and get cleared of my doubts. I believe that Saibaba will bless me with all needs. I like Saibaba for endless reasons. And I had faced many good deeds after worshipping Saibaba. Because of Saibaba only, I have cleared a big problem in my college. At first our staff members have decided to cancel our final year project. I and other two friends suffered a lot. Because of Sai Kripa, our project is selected for best project award later. It all happened because of Saibaba only. He is an endless soul, who has blessed all of us with our needs.

Sai Presence

Sai Brother Manohar Ji from India says: I saw Sai in dream and His hand touched my head. I have many experiences, but I like to share a recent one. I have seen Sai many times in dream. But recently, I saw Baba on a rainy day. My father was also there. It was raining heavily, but there was no drop on Baba. I was having a plate with flowers and roli. When I prostrated on His foot, He said why you do this again and again. Then He applied a Tilak from my plate on my forehead and when His hand touched my head, I felt a current of thousand volts in my body and got up. I felt His presence many times in a day.
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Hetal Patil
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  1. All the three experiences are truly wonderful.
    Arulmalar Ji – Babaji is always with you and your little one too will grow up to be a true devotee of Babaji. Keep your faith and devotion towards Babaji ever alight.

  2. Om Sai Ram!

    Dear Arulmalar Ji,

    Definitely our Sai Deva will bless you and your little one.

    We all pray for you.

    Om Sai Ram!

  3. Interesting experiences. Manoharji, you are blessed to see Baba that often in your dreams. You must have done lot of penance or good deeds in your past life to get such close contact to Baba this life. I think Baba is trying to keep you on a spiritual path through his dreams.

  4. All are nice experiences. Arulmalar Ji, Have faith on baba. Baba definitely care of your little one.
    Manohar Ji, You are truly a blessed soul to feel Baba's presence around you and have darshan of Baba in your dream.

  5. i have a question…sai devotees help me…earlier baba manifested himself everyday to me in some form or the other…but it has quite some time…i feel disconnected…why is this…is my baba annoyed with me…

    Wonderful Experiences.

  7. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences..Manohar ji you are really very blessed to feel Baba's presence in such ways.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Dear Sister Arulmalar,

    What is that Sai Baba Appam meaning? I also heared some wonders here in appam. That is, by keeping one appam in closed vessel after few days it will get double or triple(or it will come as 10 or more than that) depends up on our deeds. Is it true or it is fake news. I heared this wonder happened in near by home in chennai. At that time i didn't believe that what is the use of that one? Is it true or not?

  9. Baba you know for what I am praying and I really don't know whether it is right or wrong for us…but I totally surrender to You. If my wish gets fulfilled I will surely share it Baba. I am so confused but I trust You fully, please be with us and whatever is good for us, grant us that and make us accept it and enjoy it wholeheartedly. Left everything under Your Hold Lotus Feet Baba, bless us and be with us always, we need You…Gayathri

  10. Nice experiences! Manohar Ji, your dream of Baba is very nice and you are lucky to have so many nice dreams of Baba blessing you. Dhivya Ji, it is Baba's grace that helped cure your grandmother and shows what Udi can do when combined with faith in Baba as he helped cure your grandmother's back problem. Arulmalar Ji, it is wonderful that Baba blessed you with a healthy child, and Baba will also be there for you during all your difficult times, just remember, Baba is standing there right next to you (or sitting in the chair right next to you), and Baba will help to guide you through your difficult time.

  11. Thank You Baba and sorry for saying this thanks very late. Please forgive me and accept my apologies Baba. Thank You so much Baba for giving us darshan yesterday on my husband's birthday. Thank You for everything Baba. Please be with us always and keep blessing us Baba. Please bless my anni who is going to deliver her baby soon. We have only You please be with her. Please bless all of us and be with us always Baba. I love You.

  12. om shri sai ram
    om shri sai ram
    om shri sai ram
    om shri sai ram
    om shri sai ram
    om shri sai ram
    om shri sai ram

  13. thank you for ur gracious presence in my life baba 🙂
    guide me hereafter too..respect you a lot baba
    om shri sai ram
    jai sai ram

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