A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 239

Three more experiences of Lord Sai Baba to share.

How Baba Felt My Sorrows And Miseries And Blessed Me To Overcome All

Sai Brother Saroj Ji from India says: I was totally unknown about Sai Baba. But my situations someday compeled me to go to His feet and beg blessings. BABA, who always cares of His children, blessed me to overcome my sorrows and distress.

I feel proud and happy to share my experience with my BABA. Wrong friendships totally ruined the career of my elder brother resulting loss in business and disturbances in the family. Someday, one of the money lender (they used to come 2 to 3 times weekly and scold) came our house and scolded my father heavily (As my elder brother was not at our home). My father is really a very simple, innocent and humble person. I also could do nothing. We all looked helpless and it was out of our control. I saw the condition of my father, who was just so scared and shivering in distress. Even he could able to neither talk anybody nor take his breakfast in anguish. As if he is needing some bodies help and of course there was no one except GOD.

I went office after finishing my daily activities and the whole day I could not work as I was just recalling my father’s face in the morning. It was so sorrowful day for me. In the evening while returning home, suddenly I recalled my father on the way and though my father is innocent, but why this misery happened to him? I stopped the vehicle on the road and cried a lot just like a child by looking out BABA's photo in my cell. I just could not control myself for more than five minutes. Oh BABA why You did this? Please save my father and our family, who are really very innocent and in trouble. They need Your help. Now I can realize that evening BABA listened to me and was with me the whole night and suggesting not worrying. Miracle happened. Not a single lender arrived our home to make disturbances from the day I cried in distress and it is already three months passed. I had another wish which got fulfilled by BABA’s grace and blessings. I was worried about my Son’s admission into any DAV school in Bhubaneswar. I failed in one session as that was "game of chance" (lottery) system. I was helpless, but I used to recall BABA to bless my Son. For that, I went to Tankapani road Sai BABA temple and purchased a coconut as "Prasadam" to offer at my BABA’s feet. Miracle happened and suddenly some flowers dropped from BABA’s photo in Dwarkamai, to which I and my wife noticed clearly. We got confirmed that BABA has accepted our prayer, gave His positive indication and will bless my Son definitely. Finally BABA, who always takes care of His children, blessed my Son. He got admitted into one the best DAV school in Bhubaneswar this year. Oh BABA, you are great and please show this small creature, how I could submit my DAKHSINA. I totally surrender to You soulfully and unconditionally. You are great. You are great and You have always been great to all. Please be with us because You know we cannot live without You and Your blessings. Thank you BABA.

Miracle - Shirdi Sai Appears In Deepam

Sai Sister Shirisha Ji from India says:
My Dearest Shirdi Sai devotees,
He is my morning, He is my evening.
He is my day, He is my night.
He is my love, He is my life.
He is my guru, He is my deva.
He is my soul, He is my everything.
He is the one to listen to me, He is the one to show me the spiritual path.
He is my Sai. He is my Sai. He is my Shirdi Sai.
This is my recent experience and time and again He proved that He is with me every single time. Attached is the photograph taken on Tuesday 2nd July, 2012. I took random pictures on that day. But it was on Gurupurnima day. I noticed this miracle. While I was going through the pictures my focus shifted on a photo with Deepam in Shirdi Sai Baba's shape. Such is His magical Darshan. I was in tears, when I saw this, I felt blessed and blissful. I did not spend $10 billion to see His presence as God Particle. All I can say is if you believe in Him, He will take any form. This is my experience and I live my whole life with more such experiences to come and share with you all. His presence gives me strong hope to lead a successful life. I love my Shirdi Sai.

Baba, Please Be With Us

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Sister and team, Thank you for your wonderful service thru this blog. Whenever I feel sad and low, reading the devotees experiences help me to come back and increases my faith in Lord Sai. I am a very small devotee of Saibaba. Please keep me as Anonymous and request you not to disclose my e-mail id either. Thank you. I have lots of experiences small and big, have shared a few and happy to see they were published. This one is very short and sweet one according to me. I am very worried about something about a very important person in my life since June 21; though the person assures me everything will be fine. I pray and beg Baba to give all the success and happiness and not to let down this little sweet person. On the past Gurupoornima day (July 3, 2012), I had picked him up from the airport and he told me on the way home that "I have some Prasad for you from Shirdi. Aunt gave it because someone in their office went to Shirdi". I just could not believe it. On the Gurupoornima Day, I got Prasad from Shirdi. I am sure that Baba listened and accepted my prayers to give me Prasad. On the same day, I must tell you that I have tried for online Darshan for about 4 - 5 hours in the morning. I even called up Sansthan and they connected me to their IT person, who was very sweet and patient with me. Finally, he had asked me to wait to retry the URL link. At that point, I realized because of the load on the servers, I was not able to see BABA online. But in the afternoon, after I came home, I could get the connection. I was very thrilled to see Baba and also received the Prasad and shared it with everyone in the family, The Prasad, which had come from Shirdi. I eagerly wait - may be another week to hear all the good news about this person of my life. May Baba bless us and do not leave our hands ever.
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  1. Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to all devotees. May Sai Ganesh Bless all of us.

    Dear Sirisha ji…I'm speechless. Its really amazing and you and everyone there are very blessed to be able to experience it. Thanks so much for sharing the photo.

    Anonymous devotee… Hope Baba blessed you and that person by now. Don't lose faith, he is always with his children.

    Saroj ji…Baba showed already that he is with you. Once he blesses his devotees, he will never leave them.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Nice experiences Sarojji and Anonymous devoteeji, thanks for sharing it.
    Shirisha ji you are really blessed, thanks for sharing that pic with us.Om Sai Ram

  3. Happy Ganesh chaturthi hetalji and everyone…nice experiences…thanks for sharing with us…love you a lot saima…:):)

  4. sainath…sairam
    HAppy "SAI GANESH CHATHURTHI" day to all SAI devotees….
    please be with all of us to come out from all obstacles in our life…
    jai sai ram

  5. Dear Sirisha ji,felt absolutely blessed and ecstatic..thank u so much for giving baba's blessings to all sai devotees..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

  6. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi everyone,'
    Saroji, you don't have to worry about your son. Baba gave his blessings by showing the miracle at the temple and also your experience is posted on Ganesh chaturthi, the god for education and removing obstacles.

  7. Baba,

    u r blessing each and everyone. But why u r playing with me. Everytime, you are showing the sign, that you are with me. I can't bear this pain Baba, please do some thing. I can't live with another person. Please show me your blessings. Please bless me sai..please…

  8. Jai Sai Ram,
    Thanks dear for sharing experiences and pic with us.
    I will appreciate this as we also get darshan of Sai Baba
    You made my day. I am going to my job and feel lucky to have Sai darshan in this shape. Again thanks a lot.

    Om Sai Ram

  9. I am in a deep sorrow for my family is been tested by baba these days. I was thinking baba in my mind and tried to see him in the clouds, but was not able to figure out for 10 minutes. After that I was praying like you give darshan to so many devotees in different forms, why can't I get the same atleast once. Then I looked at the clouds, I could not believe my eyes, it was his complete face darshan in the sky with sun in his right eye the clouds were in baba's form for half an hour. I thought it's my imagination, but baba was there till half an hour to say that he is there for us to save our family from the disaster. This feeling could not be expressed in words. All I can say is baba is there everywhere, but we should be able to see his presence.

  10. Very nice experiences. Shirisha ji, you are really blessed with Baba's grace. Thanks for sharing the pic of Baba.

    Anonymous devotee in comment box you are also blessed to see Baba in clouds. Om Sai Ram.

  11. Very nice experiences! Devotee from USA, I hope your friend will also be blessed by Baba so he does well and you are lucky that Baba arranged for prasadam on Guru Poornima itself. Saroj Ji, it was Baba who helped your family and kept those creditors away from your home, and it will be Baba Himself who can help any financial difficulties; although your family had to go through a rough time, Baba will help carry all of you over this river of difficulty. Shirisha Ji, thanks for sharing the wonderful photo, you are very lucky that Baba showed you his form in the flame. Baba comes to us in many forms, we should just keep our eyes open enough to see it. Om Sai Ram!

  12. Om Sai Ram, I had very good experience in my life before 2 months. when i had some allergy on my face during my wedding time, i am strongly believe in sai baba's blessing and prayed him very very deeply. After few days, that allergy has gone suddenly. i am very happily gone to sai baba temple and thank him.. JAI SAI RAM

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