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Need Your Suggestion

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi accidentally I met your blog while browsing about Guru Poornima and spent a lot of time forgetting that I am in office. I spent 3/4th of my working hours reading the wonderful experiences of SAI devotees. Well I welcome, in fact, I need Sai family advice for my issue. A bit bigger story still I tried my best to cut short. Please do not post my name and ID.

I have become a devotee of Baba only since Jan2012. I am a very go happy girl kind of person. I have faced some bitter experiences in life in my childhood. Still I stood strong.

Later I have met a person and we were in love for 4 years. Everyone in college and personal life knew that we are happy couple (though misunderstandings were there) and will be getting married, once we are settled in life. Our parents accepted, but not from the other side because of Caste. We both were settled and that is the early stage of settlement, where misunderstandings crossed the normal line (all are about life settlement and marriage).

When this was going on, we went to Shirdi with friends and after a month we were departed. He said A big no to continue the relationship with me as he lost his patience and was so upset with our relationship. He lost confidence that we will be happy even if we get married. Meanwhile some discussions against this within the family also happened. I urged him and I tried convincing him a lot. I cried, spent sleepless nights, which went on for 5 months. From Jan - Feb 2012, I started worshiping Sai Maharaj and did Parayana 3 times. During the 1st two times, Baba came into my dreams. I did parayans to patch up, so that he will come back with lots of love, which he used to show. He and even I changed and almost back to normal like we used to be before, but he always used to say “No this relation will not work out”. But still he says I love you, but love alone is not enough for a better life mentalities and understanding should also match. He is a very good person by nature. During the 3rd parayana, my parents brought a match for me .When I said him the same thing, he became still strong and said “No still I am not getting confidence that this will be good for us”. It is better, at least at this stage, we should not be even in touch through calls or messages. I cried again, but even my eyes heart and mind also dried up. I am undergoing a deep pain but no tears. He completely stopped contacting me. I tried calling him twice later. I myself cursed “why I became like this? Why am I begging him?” Even now I became Silent completely. I don’t understand really what he was thinking in his mind and came to this strong decision. As Shraddha and Saburi are foremost things I am still waiting with patience and confidence on Baba that some day he will come and accept me. Please suggest what else I can do for the fulfillment of my wish (i.e. to get blessings of Baba). Will he come back and will speak with me again? Will he come back to relation to marry me? Today On July 3rd, in my dream Lord Shiva (as Shiva lingam in temple some holy place) and Baba (just as a kind of photo printed on paper, He gave His Darshan) in my dream. Sai Baba, I have full faith on You. Please I have vowed a lot. I am praying You daily. Please shower Your blessings on me. You know everything about me. When can I experience Your miracle. Really this would be a biggest miracle Baba. I am waiting Sai.

My First Trip To Shirdi

Sai Sister Pavithra Ji from Singapore says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you so much for giving such a great platform for all the Sai devotees to share our experiences. Let Baba bless you and your family always. It will be great if you can share my experience in this blog. This is my 2nd posting in your blog. Please do not share my email id. Feel free to edit wherever required. When I want to share my experience with our beloved Baba, I am running short of words. I don’t really know where to start. I am in Singapore. I am working for MNC as a part time employee on a contract basis. Everybody knows how difficult it would be to take vacation break for a contract employee. I wanted to go to India for one main reason to go to Shirdi. I prayed to Baba that if I am going to travel to India, then please call me to Shirdi. Otherwise I don’t want to go to India. Most importantly I have not been to Shirdi before. Being a Sai devotee, one can imagine how desperate I will be to go to Shirdi. So daily, I use to beg Baba to invite me. Unfortunately my contract is also getting over on 30th June 2012. I was so tensed to ask for leave to my manager. Once Baba blesses you and plans for you, nothing can stop you. I prayed to Baba and went and spoke to my manager about my contract extension and also about my vacation plan. She happily agreed for both. It was real surprising to me because practically it’s so difficult. I don’t know how she agreed with a cheerful face. I was so happy that I am going to see my Sai soon. I booked my tickets to Mumbai. From Mumbai, my sister said she will take me to Shirdi. I thanked her so much. As planned, we started to Shirdi on 9th June Saturday. Night 9:30pm, we reached Shirdi. I was so happy and tensed at the same time on seeing the crowd. I felt some butterflies on my stomach. It’s really mixed emotion no words to describe. Finally I was going to enter the Samadhi Mandir. My sister is a government employee, so she got a free pass for Darshan. She told me that I can accompany her. But something strange happened. The security guard allowed my sister and the kids, but he refused to allow me and he started shouting at me. My sister got really tensed and she requested the security to allow me. The guard strictly said no he was arguing with my sister and suddenly he kept the gate opened and he went away. My sister went and asked another guard, who allowed me to join my sister. Somehow I was not tensed at all on seeing the whole episode. I was so calm. All of a sudden, where did the security guard disappear? From there we went straight in front of Baba. I felt like I have done some good things in my past deed to stand in front of Sai. When you stand in front of Sai, what can you ask for? You don’t want to take of your eyes even for a second from Sai. The guard allowed me to have a peaceful Darshan. I stood there for 15 minutes. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. There is no word to describe my happiness. Thank you so much Baba for giving me this wonderful Darshan. One more thing, the day I came back to Singapore, I got a call from my manager that my contract has been extended till end of this year with a pay hike. Even though I couldn’t ask for anything at Shirdi, Sai knows what to give to His children. This life is really Baba’s Bhiksha to me. Thank You Baba for giving me this opportunity to share this experience. Jai Sairam

Sai Always Fulfills His Devotees Wishes

Sai Sister Shalini Ji from India says: Om Sai Baba. My name is Shalini. I am a devotee of Saibaba. I love Saibaba so much. He is everything to me. Without Sai Baba, I am nothing. Hetal Ji, thank you so much for this blog. You are doing such an amazing work. Today is Guru Purnima and I really thought that I cannot go to the temple due to a reason. I felt that Baba, will You not allow me to come to our temple? Please make me to come to our temple have Your Darshan and Your Prasad. But I felt whether I can go or not and the miracle happened. Saibaba made me to have His Darshan in the morning and by Sai’s grace, I went in the evening and had a wonderful Darshan of Saibaba and also Saibaba’s Prasad. Thank You so much, Baba. You are amazing. You always fulfill Your devotees wishes. I relly love You a lot. Always be with me. Let me always have pure love on You. Please always forgive my mistakes and always bless us and save all Your devotees. OM SAI BABA
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Hetal Patil
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  1. @Post1 ..OM SAi RAM

    Probably that is not Baba's will.If your love is not the one chosen by Baba, Please accept it.I know it's hard to see our love going away from us though you amdly love him.Believe that Baba always protects us and does good for us eventhough we are averse to the Baba's decision initially.We dont understand why Baba is not fulfilling our wish but Baba always does what is best for us.Be calm and leave it to Baba's will.I promise Baba will never let you down and bless you beyond your imagination.Keep chanting sai sai sai..HE will take you to the places which is best for you..I bet you will see miracles in your life if you continue the same faith in HIM.
    All the Best.

  2. To the Ist Exp- om Sai Ram,my sincere advice to you plz dont spoil ur future just wating a guy who himself not sure about this can u rely on a person who even for a minute thinks that he wants to walk away,no relations can be made by bagging n u urself wont forgive for this to u.Baba is there to support us but its not like u can change ur destiny by imposing things on baba too,dont demand just surrender.and for ur past u will spoil ur future too,i know its not easy to do but come on sis u can do it,if not u will remember me n once u will miss good proposals n when he wont cm bk.-ur sis

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Hetal, sorry to hear on the demise of your beloved grandfather. I am sure he has joined Baba's courtyard, so you should be happy.

    Great experiences. When Baba himself is willing to give and help his devotees who can stop or reject. Approve, disapprove is in hands of Baba, humans are only his instruments and Baba himself is running the universe.

    So, lets keep our faith and patience at his pious and holy feet and rest with ease.

    Let's bow to the Holy feet of our king of the kings Shri Sai Samarth.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  4. Dear anonymous devotee, you can do Sai 9 guruvar vrath with full faith and I am sure baba will listen to your prayers…Om Sai Nathaye Namah

  5. Hetal ji – Very sorry to hear about your grand father may his soul rest in peace. Thank you so much for taking time in updating this blog everyday. This blogs means so much to me.. And the experiences are really great to read and feel.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Dear Sister Hetalji,

    Sorry to hear the demise of your beloved grandfather.His soul rests in Baba's Charan!

    All experiences are great!

  7. nice experiences..but for the devotee who mentioned in first experience i know its very hard to let go your guy.even its difficult to lead whole life with another unknown guy.i really feel very bad when this kind of experiences are posted here.i kindly suggest you to donate some amount in shibpur saibaba temple and ask amitji to pray on behalf you.beacause many love marriage cases have been solved there..hope you also get positive answer and blessings for baba.u can go through this site foe more information.may baba bless you with your love sairam

  8. such a wonderful experiences.
    to the 1st experience person, i am suggesting you to never try to solve this problem by yourself. put your whole burden on baba's lotus feet. soon he will take care of you and solve all your problems. he only knows when and how to give.
    keep faith and patience, pray our baba with complete devotion. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  9. hello first devotee
    Even im in similar situation from march 2012 till now, im suffering a lot with out my guy. Belive sai baba he will do good to us. today is my 6th anniversary and its so hard to be alone. SAI BABA PLEASE HELP US.

  10. Nice experiences thanks for sharing it. @devotee1 Please have complete faith in Baba he knows what is good and best for you. He will surely bless you with a happy married life.

  11. My Dear Sister,

    I, can understand your situation as I, have myself been through all these once. Do, not get restless when your prayers are not answered. I think BABA is giving you signs, through the boy who himself is denying to carry on with the relation, that you are so desperately want to bind in. I, dont want to disappoint you but what ever Sai does will be the best course for you. Trust in your Gurus judgement… Never leave your Guru what so ever it may be and trust in His instincts…You will get the Best of All. I, am telling this as I, experienced this ..All you have to do is remember Sai Sai and chant His name when ever you get time, while traveling, while walking , while being idle. Believe Him to be the only doer. Trust Him with all your heart and soul and never get tired of waiting on Him. He is the one who fulfills His promise by giving you the best you deserve. Always remember , He will provide you with what you need and not with what you want….

    Your Brother,

  12. Hi,

    Life is all about facing challenges in each and every moment. Do your best and leave the rest to Shirdi Sai. He knows what is best for u. Might be there is a better person for you in your life. So wait and leave it to Shirdi Sai and your parents.

    They know what is the best for you. They love you the most and will always keep loving you forever and ever, so leave your decision to your parents.

    Meanwhile, take the marriage proposals that you are getting and find whats the best match for you. Also get a horoscope match (kundali match) before you get married to the right guy.( U never know when luck might change for you ).

    All the best … Never get depressed … May Sai make your life easy and smooth.

    Jai Shri Shirdi Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai !!!

  13. First devotee,I know its very difficult to forget the guy.But baba knows what is good for you.Baba gives you what you deserve.It may be painful now,but later definetly you will realise that what all happend was for your good.Once you keep faith in baba,he is not going to leave you.Belive baba,keep firm faith on him,then you will have wonderful life.Dont keep thinking about the guy who has no feelings for your sai ram.

  14. Nice experiance…. For 1st experiance don't worry baba will take care.

    I want to share an experience of baba udi miracle. My parents arranged one pooja, for that I have to go temple for 12 days and on 12th day the pooja should get done. I went to temple as like that but on 9th day I got a stomach pain (coz of monthly reason). I worried & mom ask me to take tablet but I refused for 1st & took udi. Next day my pain increased little more I worried if I get my periods the pooja would not happen & something could happen. Finally I took tablet as well as udi and prayed to baba, baba I took tablet but I know apart from that udi is best medicine & I don’t want to get my periods till pooja. Pooja is on friday, before day (thursday) i got a dream in that i seen a baba. Because this pooja is very important as you know baba, as well in my heart I’m saying ‘Om Sai Namo Namaha, Sri Sai Namo Namaha, Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Namaha, Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha’ till pooja, I didn’t get my periods. In pooja they ask us to tell mandra what they are saying. I become very surprised they saying mantra & gods name, in that he said shirdi sai baba name also I’m very happy. While doing homam inside the fire we have to put things what priest giving. And in homa kunda they started lighting fire,. priest ask us to pray, I just closed my eyes baba & dhuni came in vision, I opened my eyes a taught came that this (homa kunda) is dhuni and baba is there. I became speechless. At the end they ask to go to temple for 2 more days & ask to distribute Prasad on last day. I become little worried abt the same reason, this time I didn’t took medicine instead i took udi & prayed baba for the same. Miracle udi works there. I didn’t get my periods and pooja get done well.

    Thank you so much baba. Please take care of us baba. Saima I’m getting fear ma about my future, you have to take care of my life ma.

    Om Sai Ram Sri Sai Ram Jaya Jaya Sai

  15. you should stop calling him and stop messaging him. be practical. that boy wants to give you pain because you love him. forget about him.
    he's making you cry as you are calling him everytime and he knows that you'll call him everytime. now you should also stop calling him. then he'll come to know. if he dont want you seriously then leave him. there are thousands of good boys in this world.
    after reading this it might hurt you or your heart will not accept this but you have to be practical.
    I'm telling you this because it happened wit me also and
    i did the same mistake like you calling him, crying to him, begging him. he insulted me all the time but with gods grace i got a loving partner. one day my ex came to me after realising his mistake but i ignored him.

  16. Hi,
    As you told us that your boyfriend said BIG NO after Shirdi trip see baba have already given u his msg, means he is not a right guy for u and for your future Om Sai Maa .

  17. Dear Sai devotee who is crying to have relationship worked out, but as most of other sai Devotees suggesting, I too think that he is not a right guy for you. You may think you had relationship for almost 4 years, everybody knew you would end up in "a happily married couple" but now he is changing his color. What type of a person he is, where he keeps relationship with you when he strongly believes this thing is not going to work out? He is just taking advantage of you soft corner for him, playing with your emotions and your heart. Once you know he is not serious about this relationship, don't you understand as a mature person, getting ready to get married, that some one is playing with your emotions? You should let him know that "we are FRIENDS and nothing more. Do not keep close attachment to him. Keep distance from him as you would do with any other male-friend.
    Have faith in BABA, keep looking for a nicer partner who is ready to marry you accepting you as you are, not looking for, of what cast you are!
    Have a wonderful life partner with BABA's blessings, till than enjoy each day thanking BABA for all good that had happened in your life even if you had not asked for!! It just had happened in your life.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  18. for devotee in experience 1 here is the story read in shibpur temple website
    There were two childhood friends who loved each other dearly. After growing up the girl got a job in a local university in Kolkata and the boy left to work in another country. After some time a misunderstanding arose and the two broke their relationship. The girl depressed agreed to marry a boy of her parent's choice. A few days after her wedding the misunderstanding were suddenly cleared. The girl felt guilty for the losing the love of her life for something so trivial. She was depressed and called Amitji for help. Amitji disapproved of her request but told her she is free to visit Baba at Shibpur and put her grievance before him and that Baba alone is the one who can best decide for her. The girl and her mother visited Shibpur and the girl prayed to Baba from the bottom of her heart and pleaded to Baba to solve her dilemma. Later events unfolded such that her husband requested a divorce from her in a months’ time. The girl divorced him and later got married to her child hood sweetheart. The two are very happy and thankful to Baba for taking care of them.

  19. In the above story i m sorry if i m wrong ,but wat i understood 1. The girl should not have married to other guy.2. If married she should not have concentrated on her previous boy friend (after marriage thinking of sm1 else not good ).3. May be because of this only their marriage broke.4. Now they both happy but wat abt that guy who got divorce wat happen to him.5. How many persons are here who r babas divotee n still hav courage to be happy by giving pain to others.
    Conclusion is that whatever we receive good r bad is result of our past sanchit karma(at least hindu mythology believe so), n we cant move againt nature so if destiny has decided smthing not to give u respect it u r not bigger than God.

  20. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Congratulations, your comment is the 10,000th comment on this blog. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that our blog's comment count has crossed 10k. This is presumely highest comment count on any blog of Lord Sai Baba. I do not wish to be in competition of such nature, but just to bring to notice that with blessings and grace of Lord Sai Baba this could be achieved. I thank Him, all commentators and readers of this blog to make us cross this milestone.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  21. Hetal Ji, Congrats to cross the comments count till 10k .
    All are nice experiences. Thank for sharing. Devotee in 1st exp. have faith on Baba and accept whatever He gives you this is for you best.

    Om Sai RAm.

  22. @devotee in first experience : Please follow your heart and do what your heart tells you to do coz it would never let you down since baba resides in our heart. Stop asking people for any advice since they have not walked your journey and hence they are absolutely not fit people to give you any suggestions. But I simply dont understand why people take the liberty of judging others whom they dont even know…I could read comments from people here that he is not the right guy or do this do that…and also one person commenting on a successful love story that it is wrong inspite of baba blessing them…who are we to decide right and wrong?…if two people are in love and want to spend their life together let them do it instead of being dishonest with themselves and other people in their lives then how does it matter whether the gal who prayed to shibpur temple was married to someone and then had to walk outta the marriage after realizing the mistake its good atleast she is being honest with herself and the guy in her life than dragging something which she is not convinced about and end up spoiling 3 lives…again i dont wanna give any opinion here all i feel is people should refrain from asking for any advice from the world about your personal problem trust me you have all the answers that you need if waiting for him feels right do it if moving on feels right do it. just follow your heart and you will be happy alwaz.
    I can only pray to baba to heal you help you love you and bless you with all the happiness that he can. Dont worry etal.
    Om sai ram

  23. for the above comment ya i agree no one has right to comment about others personal life.the devotee in 1 experience is really going through rough phase of her i just mentioned about shibpur baba's miracle here so that after reading this experience even i felt that there is nothing impossible for our saima in this whole if we surrender to our saima with full faith then saima will take care of our all i posted that story here.i dont have any intension of judging her situation or anything.if i hurted feelings of the devotees then sorry saima.please forgive sairam.please give the courage to that devotee to face all problems..please bless her

  24. I m sorry -yes as the divotee said " two person are in luv n want to spend their life together …great they are honest(?) but why on earth this honesty came in their mind after marring to someone else? That was the only querry,i guess u didnt read my lines properly,the question is not on being happy yes everyone has d right to marry as per their wish but for this is it necessary to ruin sm1 life,actully what i m writting here is not story but an actual case ,this was on newspaper also few months back,a girl married a boy under parents pressure n then again she get divorce n marry to her BF n that x husband suicide,how do u take it …yeah sorry at least she was honest na n she will be happy ultimately she didnt took his my line was how many of Sai divotee can be happy by hurting others if u can …Good,at least honest n selfishness has sm difference i think.Sai Ram

  25. So many stories n comments here for the 1 st exp.- Om Sai Ram,by the way my question to above persons here " as d story says because of their misunderstanding (? ) so when there is misunderstanding between luvers Why its price to be paid by other guy? Luvers are made for this they spoil themself ,its none of our business,if boy spoil girl or vice versa then in a way they spoil socity ,so there are suicides n murders n heart attack to parents….n so we react i think thats what commented on story by some1, i want to say if luv is there good its personal affair n no one has right to comment but i should remind here the girl herself asked Suggesstion.
    Further there is some problem in this kind of luv boy leaves or girl ,n so the 1 st exp divotee only wants it to be discuss,now comments will be both + ve n – ve ,why all u want to listen is good,that snot life n thats not the way gentlemens/ ladies

  26. @ devotee who mentioned the shibpur temple…I dont think u did nething wrong infact that story was absolutely amazing and it just shows how wonderful baba is…and he does value true love so how does it matter what other people think of the story. I am the one who mentioned to the devotee in this experience to not ask for any suggestion just coz it wont help in any way since she knows the situation and even that guy much better than wat we can tell her. but yes praying to baba is the only thing we all can do and that we should continue let baba bless all such couples who are in trouble and bless them with a happy married life.
    Love u baba

  27. Om Sai Ram-'all lovers trust baba i guess good work,but when there is trust ,why lovers are down ,in this forum n in socity also we have seen discussing love so some where deep down they are not trusting baba i think allmwill agree with me in the fact that baba doesnt give us everything but gives us what is good for us n for our destiny,may be some believe fate n some free will but fact is that everyone receive whatsoever thats not in their hand n u must have seen all murderer theif terrorist pray god that i should steal good or success in evil paths so the question is " Should all prayers to be answered by God" then one can achieve anything but its not so.i will give simple example If ur mom is cooking something for u daily in kitchen what is real bhakti u will eat happily what she cooked n other way u will daily bother her asking new thing to give u.Choise is urs ultimately Acceptance is biggest thing to overcome miseries.
    N someone is giving suggesstion to not give suggesstion 🙂 come on grow up buddy.

  28. The only thing I want to tell the devotee mentioned in 1st experience is that whatever be the situation may be you just hold on our baba's feet with full faith..don't be get confused..let the saima decide the best for you..he knows what to give you and what time to give…just love like him like your father mother guru..put burden on saima..surrender to him..he will take care of your worries…even I will pray for you…u can also do sai vrat with complete faith…om sairam…

  29. Ya completely agree for the above comment..that girl(devotee) only know her guy..I am the one who posted the miracle of shibpur baba so that after reading this she may get more faith on baba..I know if love is really true then it's very difficult to quit and marry other guy or girl…she posted her situation to ask for some valuable suggestions and let's do not discourage her by commenting this and that..I just ask all the devotees to pray for her and pray for all the couples who are facing this kind of situation…let the saima decide best for her…may saima bless all with peace good health and good relationships…om sairam…love you alot saima…

  30. I agree with the story ultimately it is all about lovers who any how wants to achieve love,n wants to ba happy,it is also true that we dont know that guy n so we should not comment on it,But dont u think all my dear friends its not the comment on the guy nor on the girl Its Situation we all are talking about ,i guess we dont know personally each other so nothing to humiliate each other ,but why all such lovers ,failures n boy dump girl n girl dump boy….things,is Love all about achieving ??? N when its not happen dont u see Murders ,crime throwing acid ,n other ugly face of socity,i m the same who raised the question on story,n i said sorry also if i m wrong but i guess luvers n their supporters are with narrow mind they dont want to see the other side.,question was plz dont go crazy on achieve ur luv on any cost,then it becomes sickness n i think all u know the bounderies love,madness ,crazyness n Sickness my thought is God made our body n there place of Mind is above plz keep ur eyes wide open either luv someone with whole heart he/she meet u or not leave on destiny keep loving in all condition like we do to God,as Sita loved Ram,she accpted all decisions of lord Rama including when Rama left her,that is divotion.Then no complaints or luv someone calculate it as all lovers does ,they find better option they leave girl sometimes excuses of parents sometime caste n sometimes kundali ,what u will call it Love?? In this case also then why u complain if ur calculation fails?

  31. @devotee who is worked up on the gal who married her bf after marriage :
    The intention of my comment was not to hurt anyone but I was not getting something when baba himself had reunited them inspite of that mistake/marriage then who are we to tell that it is wrong dont you think he must have weighed that and seen to it that he would give the other guy someone who will keep her happy…and if someone commits suicide just coz his wife told him the reality and doesnt want to live with him then does he even understand marriage? is marriage trapping someone when they are not happy with you and have someone else in their mind just coz you did some rituals together? Sorry but i feel marriage is not that…and i dont think love is such a dirty thing that people start looking at lovers as selfish…I would say neither should parents force their decisons on kids and allow them to take sound decisons and whenever they feel they are ready to take those decisons.
    So the point was not to trigger any unnecessary discussions but was just that when prayer in shibpur temple were answered it means baba has reunited that couple so there is no question of any analysis. May everyone get happiness in life and let baba not put people through such difficult situations. We cant keep everyone happy all at the same time. Right now I can only say lets all pray for the gal in the first exp and leave the decison to her.
    Jai sai ram

  32. Yeah ,i m sorry my post was only for those for whom Marriage is NOT JUST RITUAL,those who really believe in Hinduism n the very cocept of Hinduism…..For d sake of ur happyness if u can hurt d just rituals go ahead….Be happy n my sincere advice to all lovers here plz go to the temple suggessted for ur wishes, take my words if u can get anywhere more than ur Destiny.

  33. @devotee in above comment – If as per you noone gets more than their destiny then where is the problem in that post of the shibpur temple? Why is it so hard to accept that even watever happened in that case was destiny…and it was destyned to be like that and hence good for all the three people involved in that story.why is that poor gal in the story singled out simply isnt she driven by destiny too?.I think we should respect all religions and rather all people in this world. We are all one.

  34. I think u not read my post properly ,i already explained about FATE n FREE WILL ,if u understand the separation line between these two then there is no need to write this n that….its not question on one or another case on one n other lover,i wrote in very broader term for all baba divotee specially lovers who luvs but still remain in pain,i think beginning of luv is to luv urself n if all lovers are Sad n unhappy there is some Mistake in understanding n applying the basic fundamentals.we are representing a family a socity n a nation here ,if my question n comments can awake the lovers above their miseries the purpose is done,ultimately we are helping each other the problem is that u r pampering n they will move from one temple to another,i want they should stand on same place firmly ,face the situation accept it n be happy.Luv Here n now.

  35. To Define destiny is double edge sword,n it is misinterpreted as u did,Murderers can say to socity that it was destiny u killed by me ,no any bad thing i did….a theif will tell people its ur destiny i will steal ur precious things…in same way u r utilizing the term here.deep inside people know that they may be caught by police or so…so then Free will come into picture,u wants to take destiny in ur hand …then the purpose of life is gone…purpose of surrender,purpose of trust Shraddha n Saburi,my dear sis/ bro i m not against luv n i also want all luvers to meet their respective luv .,but the question was What after they dont receive it ?(thats what suggestion asked by sis exp1 n any wrong msg here can turn their life so we have a big responsibility in a way…because lovers keep their mind aside they r simply blinds i guess u too have some1 in ur life so whats the problem if a comment seems negative ,ultimately it a reality one should face n all spiritual practices all religion all saint what they teach u- Emotional Balance, if people learn this art no pain, no miseries,they themself can take decision n no one can fool them .)

  36. this kinds of post i daily see-i think someone like u must have suggested that girl also 🙂
    My first marriage is broken. As my wife loves some body else. I feel that it was a force marriage on her part.

    I Hereby Request you to kindly provide predection regarding my second marriage.

    Will be glad to provide any personal details and events and timings if that will help.

    21:14 P.M, Yavatmal( Lattitude 020 55 N Longitude 070 23 E), 28.09.1980. Vrishabh Lagna, Vrishabh Rashi.

    Thanks & Regardshsumit80
    Newly Registered User

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    Joined: Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:39 am

  37. I think people here are simply cursing lovers and tagging them as blind n bla bla…the way murder, theft are sins even forcing marriage on someone is also a sin so does that mean in that case the people trapped in such situation should ruin their life just to make the society happy? comparing relations or marriage issues to murder and life taking crimes is simply illogical and like comparing apples to oranges…I dont understand why the society has such negative view on love. marriages and love are most personal decisons in life and noone other than the persons involved can decide right and wrong for them its high time our society learns this simple thing there will be less problems. N yeah as baba's devotees we all should be able to surrender to him. If he decides to break our marriage we should be able to believe that he will set us with a person who loves us and if he decides to reunite people in love we should be happy for them…if he decides not to get people in love together then also we should surrender to him. when in other matters of life we are giving credit to baba for watever good n bad happens then y simply when it comes to relationship issues doership is given to the people involved. accept everything as baba's will only na dont blame neone. funniest comment was lovers are blind i guess baba teaches all of us to be blind to others mistakes and be forgiving am happy atleast some people are able to do that.

  38. 🙂 i guess my dear divotee is not good with languages,Love is BLIND ,its a PHRASE n its not having any literal meaning ( n i guess enough times i mentioned i m not against love,as far as severity of crime is concerned,u cant discrimante between two, both apple n oranges are in category of Fruit only 🙂 in same way crime is crime it may be hurting anyone ,or killing anyone, only in one its physical pain in other emotional,so will u say one is good as compad to other,one term i m using i beg ur pardon if u dont understand meaning,Qualitative n Quantitave analysis,so sometimes emotional pain is too much that mostly person unsuccessful in marriages n luv make suicide,n it is a Violence on themself ,killing other is a simple job as compared to killing we were discussing luv problem so i mentioned those things,undoubtly its applicable in all aspects.

  39. I completely agree with the Term Love is Blind its a Phrase,n divotee used this term ,as she already said we dont know each other so even if someone is blind how we will know.
    All will be surprised to know that among all crimes (theft,drug,racism,violence,terrorist),in India Family crimes dominate this that includes love affair failures,its not my data,u can google it,

  40. And one more thing Luv is personal its True,Until it remains between lovers,its NOT personal when it is on such forums,news paper ,websites…where it is personal,when lovers has no dignity n bring it in socity ,my boyfriend left me ,my girlfriend left me,its not ur fault .u r biased n so not understanding the Facts ,its not question of forgiving n all big words ,its just a healthy discussion we were doing what is good for lovers n what is not ,but u wore glasses of luv n so cant see anything what i tried to say,i again repeat its not Luv its the condition when from one end luv is finished that we are talking about,whether my boyfriend will come back? Whether my gf will come back this we are discussing so here its not love we r talking about ,we are talking about Dhokha ,dump, a condition where love is no more there,this simple thing if u dont understand then i m sorry ,i though i was talking to intellectual.

  41. The very fact that you are so agitated with people having a different view than yours itself shows how healthy a discussion you can have.When you can hurt others by saying statements like people commenting are not good with languages and they dont have analytical abilities and bla bla then how different are you from other people commiting emotional crimes as per you…what if we say you are commiting a crime by giving emotional pain to me by saying all this will it be just will you buy it? So my dear devotee being judgemental is also against baba's teachings. If someone having a different view than yours on relationships agitates you so much then where are we following baba's teachings of being egoless. If people talk about healthy discussions and assume themselves that they are INTELLECTUALS then let them be happy doing that. I dont think I as baba's devotee should involve in pointless discussions with such self proclaimed 'Intellectuals' we are happy being non intellectuals :)You can continue with your analysis of dhoka dump lovers…how lovers are adding to crimes in society and how intellectual people like you are adding value to the society by giving people free advice. Be happy paralyzing a situation by over analyzing :)all the best for that 🙂 May peace be with you

  42. Oh really u gor hurt 🙂 Thats what i was teaching u how to overcome with Hurt to u n all broken hearts…be bold face it dear,I m not judgemental i wrote i GUESS n accept it if u didnt understand the Phrase whats wrong in that,the first line only i wrote -"may be i m wrong "but some persons like u dont understand the zeal n goes on n on…ultimately we all have rights to write in comments section (until its approved ).
    Yes dear i will continue my analysis n contribution as an Intellect because i believe i take so much from Nature n socity n i should try my best to give back to uplift the things,u can follow my blogs which i use against social crimes n U know recently There was media hike on a case Paras bhaseen from Delhi,i think he died because of some person must have adviced her wife ,Marriage has no value just a. Ritual,if she would has been supported this would not have happened,Now i know the secret of why marriage runs for 52 hours ,n 72 hours n like that well i feel pity for those persons who doesnt ask anyone when they fall in love but when there is failure in love,they go to every person for advices n if they listen any story that time they just follow it :-), now that dude's wife will marry someone else …this is Love n these are our great lovers n their supporters.Great job keep it up.

  43. hahahhahaa….chill dear social activist and social worker i think all the readers on this blog should give you an award atleast then you would calm down 😛 and stop torturing people with your essays on lovers. and since you think you are so good with phrases I am sure you must have heard of the phrase "grapes are sour" 😛 looks like you have got that syndrome. newaz be it all the best…be happy 🙂

  44. Thank u my story teller,U keep continue misguiding people,yeah i m good with Phrases n happy that u also learnt smthing now ,at least outcome of all this.:-)

  45. Hi,

    When I have seen comments on this, I'm feeling very bad. here, we want to express our baba grace, but fully the comments are out of the topic. Baba knows what is gud and wt is bad. Some other blogs are there in internet to discuss about crimes, social activities & etc..etc…A devotee who is in trouble and wants to get the faith, grace & blessings of Baba, really will disappoints by seeing these comments. Please stop this discussion.

    My sincere request to all devotees, who we are to discuss about OTHERS.. please express the things related to Saimaa..U People can ask me, who r u to questin us like this. May be the thought has given by Baba, may be in my form, he is already disturbed with the discussions..Please stop the discussions..I'm sry if anybody feels bad about my opinion..Thank you…may be smebody will understand my opinion..And one thing, Baba knows what is right to that girl and he will give that blessings to her..Om sai..

  46. Very well said Prathyushaji,only would like to add few things if u understand-Who is discussing crimes or other activities,they were examples madam,a divotee asked suggestions n so everybody giving that,so dont say who we are to discuss,n there is a story n i have all rights to agree or disagree with that ,i just wrote my comments that i m disagree,it doesnt mean that the storyteller should tell everyone to stop giving advices,n only her advice to be taken forward its not monopoly,yes true express the things related to baba then why u dicussing boy friend girllfriend here,
    N lastly may be all these thoughts expressed by me are given by Baba.:-)
    Still i appreciate ur view n so u should.

  47. Sai Ramji Dear All (and specially discussing commentators),

    Now i guess this discussion should be stopped. I wanted to remain quiet being a witness to all your discussions thinking that all have a right to share their views in the comment section. Thus all comments were also approved. But now it is crossing limits and i am blocking any new comment to this post. Also no further discussion will be entertained in comment to any other post. It be directly deleted upon review.

    We are posting and sharing experiences as they are received. Their sequence sometimes get changed but other than this only spelling and grammatical mistakes are checked and edited. We have our own schedule of posting experiences wherein experiences are read only while editing/posting them. We do not make a sequence of any similar experiences nor we try to omit any experience unless and until they are too difficult to understand. So if any issue is getting repeated consecutively that is Lord Sai Baba's pure will.

    We all discuss all problems with our Lord Sai Baba and so we all devotees of His are free to do with each other too. If someone is having objection regarding the content of the experience, it should be directly emailed to us instead of using comment section and creating unnecessary discussions. I hope this will be taken care in future.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

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