Few more experiences of devotees to share with you all.

Sai Is With Us

Sai Sister Taraka Ji from India says: I am Taraka from India. I want to share my wonderful experience with all Sai devotees. Hetal Ji, please post my experience. If you want to edit, please make changes in it.

Hetal Ji, 2 months back, I faced tough phase in my job. I prayed Sai to help me. I resigned job and I was at home for 1 month alone. I felt sad and I used to cry a lot in front of Baba idol. After praying to Sai seriously about my job, the very next day, my friend told me that there are openings in some company. I went for face-face interview for that company. There I saw Sai Calendar. I felt happy and thought that I will get that job for sure. But I didn’t answered few questions there and I lost that job. We felt very sad and later I got 3 more interview request from other companies.

In that one of the companies is what we are waiting for. We felt very happy. Last Friday, my face-face interview scheduled. I don’t know address of that company. My husband told that I have to go alone as he told that from that address his office is very far. I asked Baba to send my husband along with me and we slept. After 2 hours, we got a call from my in-laws that my father in law is not feeling well. We have to go to out of station. I thought that I may miss this opportunity as I have interview in the evening. At last, we went to in-laws place and I put message to my manager that I will be coming to face-face on Monday. While going to in-laws place, I was remembering Sai name and singing His songs. I also called him, when I was on the way to City. He told that Monday he will not be available and I have to attend on Friday itself. He arranged at 9:00 PM IST. We reached our home at 8:30 PM and I reached office at 9:15 PM. At last, I got success in Interview. July 2nd will be start date. Secondly coming to my father in law health point, we were very tensed about his health whether he is facing any issue with heart problem. I prayed a lot for my father in law and left it to Sai. After all the tests, we got reports and in that Doctor Name is SAI Mallikarjun. I was in the air, when I saw that name. Sai is there for us. There was no heart problem for him. It was just minor problem. And today I went for documents copy. I took all documents except Pan Card. There the manager is very strict. If I forget anything, he may scold me. There one boy came in hurry and asking shop owner to get copy of his pan card. That time, I remember that I have to get Pan Card copy too. See Baba is there in every step. In that shop, I saw Baba’s picture and I know that He will take care of me in my new office also. Please, Sai devotees, pray for me. I have some commitments to complete. Om Sai Ram. Thanks,

Baba Shows His Presence

Sai Sister Pooja Ji from Nepal says: Hello Hetal didi, I am really grateful for your site as it has been helping me and consoling me at times. I am 23 years old and a medical student staying away from home. I have been reading all these experiences day and night. I have no words to thank you and everyone else here. I hope you forgive my mistakes and edit if there are any. I and my family were never a devotee of Sai Baba. We are hindu and my mother is a very religious person. We heard about Sai Baba, but somehow we never prayed to Him or had any photos of Him. But things started changing after one of my uncle got married 5 years back and my aunt was a Sai devotee and all her family too. She used to keep repeating leelas of Sai Baba, but I was never interested in any. One of my cousins also gifted me Sai Baba’s photo and watch, but still I was untouched. But 2 years back, when I went home in my holiday, my aunt was going to visit Baba. So my family decided a trip to puttaparthi too. I was shocked since we never went anywhere for a holiday before. We felt amazing after we reached there, so much bliss and comfort made us forget everything else. Then we also visited Shirdi after 10 days. On the second day, we went to visit Baba’s mandir and joined the bhajan too. I felt so blessed and couldn’t stop looking at Baba statue. Then later at night, we thought of going to Baba’s canteen, where they give food to many people at once. We went because we heard a lot about it. But we were told that all tickets were already sold at the counter. We were 8 of us. Just when we were about to leave the place, one man said he has 9 spare tickets and he could sell them to us. We were thankful for Baba’s grace and happily bought it though there was one extra ticket. We showed our tickets and was about to enter, we saw a poor crippled old lady had lost her ticket and they did not let her enter. We realized we could help her because we had one extra and we did too. It was really wonderful feeling that Baba did not let us leave without eating and at the same time let us help someone. There are many experiences I could describe, but it would be very lengthy then. I wanted to write since few days, but I was postponing it and I was lazy to do it. Yesterday was Thursday. I was about to post my experience, but something came up and we went out. After we came back, I saw Rs. 9000 were stolen from my room. If I had posted it yesterday, maybe it would not have happened. Maybe Baba punished me because I never had anything stolen from me before. I am sorry Baba. I have lot of faith in You and from now on I will follow the path You show me. Please always stay by my side.

Lord Saibaba Has Changed My Fortune For Better

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, This is my second experience on your blog. Thanks for giving me platform to share the experience and offer my gratitude to Lord. For years, my family was waiting for me to get married. But for some personal reasons and experiences, I could not convince myself to get married. I was waiting for the right partner. Days passed on, but I did not find the right partner. Meanwhile situations at home became very troublesome for me, but I did not lose faith in Sai Baba. I prayed to Him day and night for years. My mother visited a number of astrologers and they all gave disappointing comments about my marriage. But I had full faith in my Lord Sai Baba who is the supreme ruler of this universe. All this while, it didn't occur to me to do Sai Nav Guruvaar Vrat. Suddenly in Jan 12, I thought of doing Sai Nav Guruvaar Vrat. After I completed 5 weeks of the Vrat, I met a guy, whom I really liked and God signaled me that this guy was the one for me. After completing 8 weeks of my Vrat, my engagement was done. And I got married in a beautiful and graceful manner last month. I am grateful to my Lord for granting me such a loving and caring husband and such nice in-laws. My life has changed for good. Lord Saibaba has helped me and made impossible to possible for me. I am grateful to God for granting me a beautiful life.
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  1. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower them a good healthy loving long life, bless them with happiness, joy, supreme bliss of love, faith and devotion, arm them with courage, wisdom and knowledge and earn a respectable living with the ability to help and do good and be prosperous always. Baba thank you for your support and helping top control the fever of my son. My husband has been coughing and please help him regain his health to normalcy. baba health is wealth and I surrender to you to protect the health of my family. Help me also conduct myself in such a way that I do not cause stress to anyone. around me. Help me stay strong. Help me look good baba i am putting on too much wight. Help me do exercise. Baba help me use my talent to something use and earn something that can make my family proud of my achievements. I would wish my husband appreciates my Endeavour and recognise my abilities. Baba please hold my hands and guide me. Baba please protect my children and husband always. Forgive my mistakes Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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