Sai Miracles In My Life

Sai Sister Geetha Ji from India says: Jai Sairam. I have come to know Saibaba since the year 2007. I work in Delhi and have been here since 2006. Please find below a few of the miracles I have experienced.

My first miracle was immediately after I came to know about BABA. I started reading 9 GuruVar Vrat Katha. I stay in Delhi and my mother, who is more than 60 years, stays in Chennai. At this time, I had plans to bring my mother to Delhi and was thinking how to bring her considering the high flight fare.

I was making a trip to Chennai by Spicejet flight. When I got my boarding pass, my seat was in the aisle, but I wanted a window seat so I can work or sleep undisturbed. The executive at the counter said that all window seats were full. As she was taking a print out of the boarding pass another passenger said he wanted an aisle seat. My boarding pass was swapped. It was their anniversary week. I was not aware of this. The flight attendant announced lucky draw for celebrating their anniversary with free tickets for roundtrip for two people. I did not pay any attention as I have never won a lucky draw. I was reading a book and did not pay attention to the results until the passenger in the next seat pointed out that I was one of the lucky winners and had to pay only Re 1 per ticket. Thanks to Baba I was able to bring my mother and she enjoyed the stay. The second incident occurred in January 2011. I was travelling in an auto to the temple. I was also listening to Sai Baba's Aarti songs as I do most of the times. We were travelling on one of the major roads in Delhi, when a cycle rickshaw suddenly came in between. The auto driver lost control and the auto overturned. No one came to turn the auto back and help us. It took some time and with Baba's grace, there was not much traffic on the road. Also there was no big injury considering the fact the auto toppled. Thanks to Baba for being with us always. I have lost my father and being a girl at 30 years people think twice before anyone comes forward to marry. People have asked so many questions - a lot of which are uncomfortable with regards to our wealth, profession and dowry. This is also impacting my mother's health. Many people say they want their son to get comfortable with the girl. After chatting for a few days, they do not tell us if they are interested. This is something that is really difficult for me too. Sometimes parents say that their son has to take the decision and the son says the parent has to take the decision. Sometimes after chatting for a few days, they say that I am not good as I am not a software engineer or I am not too good looking or I am too old. I do not know what to do. A few of my relatives also keep scolding me and my mother. Many people say that because I am the only daughter to my mother, it would burden their son too if he marries me. My mother and I do not need any financial assistance - but still people do not accept this. This is becoming really difficult for my mother and me. All of us love our parents. Why should my mother feel bad because I am a girl? I am always praying Baba to find a nice person for me and solve my problems. Hetal Ji, I will be very happy if you can publish my blog and waiting for Baba to solve my problem in life. Thanks for your great work Hetal Ji. It helps me to go ahead with the day whenever I feel dejected. Om Sairam Geetha


Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am student from India. I regularly read your blog first thing in the morning. I just want to say that you have provided a very beautiful platform to all Sai devotees. Keep up the good work. May Sai bless you with His very bestest. Please do not disclose my email id and my identity. I am a student and stay in hostel. Due to some changes in hostel rules, I had to move to a new hostel and the room number allotted to me was 9. It was my close friend’s unlucky number. She told me be careful. It’s not good. I was very worried and scared. Then recently, I started reading your blog and later I came to know through your blog only that it is BABA's favorite number. My eyes were filled with tears and I had a broad smile on my face, when I read that. This shows that as long as Baba is with us, we should not worry or doubt about His presence in our life. My Second experience is as follows: I visit Sai temple on regular basis, but I never take Prasad from Pandit Ji. And one day during my visit, I was standing in front of Baba's beautiful picture and suddenly this thought cross my mind that I never get Prasad from Baba's temple. The thought came and went, but I don’t know that day, I, after offering flower to Baba, went straight to the Pandit Ji and I asked Prasad He took out a small yellow dupatta and gave me one full packet of Prasad covered in the yellow dupatta. That Prasad was kept aside from rest of the Prasad as if He was waiting to give that particular packet to me. I was amazed by Baba's Leela and smiled that Baba listens to each and every thought of ours. Same way, my third experience follows here. Long back in 2009, I was a new devotee at that time and this experience is very close to heart. I was standing in queue to have Darshan, and I was seeing that few people were getting beautiful dupattas by Pandit Ji and I said to Baba that I never got that dupatta from You. Believe me that day, when I went to give my flower to Pandit Ji, he gave me a very broad smile and then gave a yellow dupatta to me. I was very happy that day. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Healed Skin Problem Of My Mother

Sai Brother Rajesh Ji from Australia says: Dear Hetal Ji, many thanks for posting experiences of Devotees. God Bless you Hetal Ji, you are doing a great Seva in establishing faith in the devotees. This is a brief experience of how Baba healed my mother's skin problem, which she was suffering from the past 1 year. Our family is in Sai's fold since last 35 years and had been visiting Shirdi since 1996. My mother had an ankle fracture in February 2011, complicated fracture with multiple traumas. She had undergone surgery and with Baba's blessings she was operated and now fine. Though she is suffering from osteoporosis, it took a while to heal with the support of stainless steel plates joined to her bones for the support. In April 2011, she had a skin irritation which caused itching all over the body. With the result she had pimple formation all over the skin. She was taken to the GP and later to the skin specialists who prescribed her medicines, but to no avail. The itching was so intense that she couldn't sleep during the nights. She had itching marks and blood marks all over the body. She was even embarrassed to come out of the house as her hands were full of pimples and visible. Last year in November, my parents came to me to Australia, where I showed her to the doctors and specialists, who prescribed her medicines and all test were done. The blood tests showed no signs of anything. Everything looked normal and doctors understood it was more of an auto immune disease and will remain there forever but off and on. We were so depressed that we didn't know what to do. We tried all option, but didn't work out. My mother wanted to go back to India as it was getting uncomfortable for her to stay here. One day, I was reading your blog, where I came across a similar experience of a devotee with the skin problems. Sainath indicated to the girl that she should drink UDI with water and apply it to the parts of her skin, where she had problems and within 7 days she will be cured. Needless to say that the girl was cured in weeks time. I thought that this experience, at the right time when I was praying to Baba about my mother, was an indication that my mother needs to drink UDI with water and apply on the affected parts of the body as well. I asked my mom to start applying UDI and also drink it with water and read Sai Satcharitra in 7 days after relating devotee’s experience. Nothing changed in 2 weeks the problem looked as it is. Days passed by and I asked Baba how much time she needs to wait to get cured as you have indicated 1 week time. But deep inside my heart, I had a faith that Baba is going to cure her soon. In month and a half her irritation started diminishing and in two months, it was 90% gone. In the third month she was fully cured. Baba has blessed her and cured her of something, which could have remained there for the rest of her life. Baba has showered His blessings to her. This only happened when she read Sai Satcharitra in 7 days and took UDI with water and applied on the affected areas of the skin. Later she found that she was going through a bad period in life, when she showed her horoscope to an astrologer. But by Baba’s grace, she was cured in couple of months with the problem that persisted since last 1 year. Where medicine fails, Baba’s grace pours forth. Jai Sairam
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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful experiences. Baba always takes care of even the smallest wishes and cures the most impossible ones. His leelas are just truly mesmarizing. I feel so blessed to be able to read them.

    Dear Geetha ji..The society is sometimes cruel towards nice people but with Baba's grace any worst cases could be turned into beautiful miracles. Please don't lose faith on Baba. Just surrender to him and he will surely take care of you and your mother and get you married to a very nice person. I pray to Baba for this to happen very soon. Just keep praying to him with immense faith. This Vrat is something that I came across If Baba wishes it might help you. Hope to read the miracle about your marriage in your next post.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Nice experiences thanks for sharing it.. Geethaji,Please Dont worry, Baba is there to look after you. Trust him completely and surrender to him. He will take care.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Very beautiful experiences.

    Dear Sai Sister Geetha. Baba loves you a lot and he is with you and your Mother always. Am sure you feel his presence always. One of my friends was in the same situation as you are and she started praying to Sai by doing the 9 Thursday's Vrat. And i recently heard good news from her about her marriage getting fixed. It wasa little late but the groom is nice and well settled. so i do believe that when things happen late t is always for the best and Baba is planning something for you and will bless you soon 🙂 Please do read Sai Satcharitra daily and if you can, do read 'Vishnu Sahasranama'. I just started reading 'Vishnu Sahasranama' .. it's an english translation one with meanings explained by Swami Chinmayananda.. it's a good book. My best wishes to you .. you are a nice loving daughter and with your Mothers and Sai Baba's blessings and grace, you willd o good in life. My prayers to Baba to keep you happy always 🙂

    May Baba bless us all always 🙂

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Dear Geetha,

    Don't worry baba will send u a nice person who is going to take care of u & your mother.

    For 2nd Experiance:
    I feel happy that u got yellow shawl from baba. You are lucky to receive the shawl.

    Third experiance also very nice the UDI miracle.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  5. Dear Geeta ji.. i understand ur situation since i am going through the same, but dont worry Baba will find u a nice life partner but just dont shake ur faith n patience in him

  6. Sai Sister Geetha ji please do not worry everything will be fine with the grace of Baba.

    Sai Brother Rajesh ji your experience made my hairs to rise and water came from my eyes. Really great is the way of our Baba.

  7. Dear Geetha,

    Nice experience, do not get dejected for your marriage. Think of he positive maybe Baba has planned a great, loving partner for your life & also it is not that you are not good looking – Think that you are too good to be deserved by them.

    May Baba bless us all.

  8. Sai ram Geeta ji,
    I am 100% sure Baba will give you the best husband in all respects.Just keep faith in Sai and pray.My own sister got married @ 34yrs.My parents tried very hard for her marriage but many obstacles came,no relatives help,people making fun who will marry her at this age.But we prayed to Sai and kept faith that he will make miracles happen And touchwood you would not believe she found the best mate good looking,highly educated,looks after our parents like his own parents,jovial,wealthy and modern outlook .Helps my sister in all ways.Now he is Sai's prasad to our family.So just keep Sai close to you and you will find the best life partner. So you and your mother should not worry when you have the great father as Sai.
    All the very best .Om Sai nathaya namaha

  9. 2nd experience anon student devotee u r very lucky to recive yellow dupatta frm deva. N u will b very happy to know yellow is baba's colour. Hav a broadest smile with happy heart. May deva bless all. My sai plz bless geethaji with wat u kept for her soon.. OM SAI RAM .. -saipriya.

  10. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Hetal, hope you are keeping well and thanks for posting these wonderful experiences.

    Sister Geetha, please do not worry and get dejected. Baba himself is with you so ignore the rest. Each one of us are going through a journey in life and everything will get better soon. Do not give an ear to people's words. Just continue with your life and pray Baba. Baba will soon bless you with a very good life partner. Baba knows what is best for us.

    It's a shameful thing that people these days do not have any concern for parents and have started to think that they are of a burden. Those who think aged parents are a burden, will soon face the reality when they themselves get old. It's like cutting down the Tree which had given shade for years.

    Brother Rajesh, very happy that your mother is cured and keeping well. I can understand the agony and pain she would have gone through. But when Baba himself is willing to protect and help, who can stop? Baba's udi is very powerful.

    I take Baba udi every day morning after my bath and prayers. By Deva Grace, I have not fallen sick (bed ridden) for the last 9 months. Earlier, i was sick atleast 2-3 days every month.

    Lets bow down to the Holy feet our Shri Parabrahma "Sai Samarth".

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba.

  11. dear sai sister geetha,
    he has something best for you…have faith in baba…baba tests but never leaves anyone…OM SAI RAM…

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