Following are very light hearted but interesting and inspiring experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Feeling So Blessed By Baba Miracles

Sai Sister Shanthi Ji from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, you are doing such wonderful job. Thank you. As this is my first post, please disclose my mail id. I have come to know Baba very recently through one of my friend. I know Baba from my childhood, but not too much. I have visited Shirdi twice as normally with parents.

Here comes my miracle. I am married and we stay in UK. After 3 months of my marriage, I came to UK. My husband is doing a very normal job, because of that our financial position was not good. I and my husband both were looking for a good job, but we could not get till 1 year. After that one of my friend told about Sai Satcharitra. I don’t know much about the procedure and all those things. I searched about it.

When I thought of doing Sai Satcharitra, we saw a same vacancy online what I and my husband were hoping. Without any doubt, we both applied for the same position. Only 50-50 chances were there for the job. But we threw a stone. For that job, the recruitment process took nearly 2 months. So we lost our hopes as it was a government job. After 1 week, I started Sai Satcharitra. On the 1st day, we got mail regarding the application was success and invited for an interview. We were so happy. At least we got something. We had an interview meanwhile my Sai Satcharitra got completed. Next Thursday, we have been passed the interview and we got the offer letter. My husband joining date was earlier than me. His joining day was Thursday, again Baba day. Now we both have a very good job. It’s all Baba’s miracles. My husband was waiting for this job from past 2 years. But it all happened by Baba’s grace. Om Sai Ram. I have also experienced many miracles in a very short span. Thanks to Baba, who is always besides me and guides me in each and every situation. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Made Me Respectable

Sai Brother Mayank Ji from India says: I was thinking myself very much poor and I was very abnormal at some time around when I was of 12 years. My father had expired, when I was in 3rd class. Since then I had experience loads of sorrows and pains in my life and after that the sorrows increased more. My mum and I were living on the financial support of my NANAJI. From 7th class sorrows got bitter, when I abused everyone. I didn’t study at all. Lots of sorrows had happening in my home in 8th class. I first became to normal, when somebody my neighour told me to read Sai Baba’s eleven Vachan. Then my life became good in 9th. I had made some friends due to SAI KRIPA. In 10th, I scored well due to Sai Kripa. In 11th, I earned good due to Sai Baba. In 12th, He gave me lots of powers to think like bigger and made my personality reformed me to the good and gave me good marks, make me help to chose many lines. I have lots of fears regarding my mom’s age and life, my age and life, my love, my livelihood, my education and lots of things. I can’t tell all. He promises me to do the same even I forget everything. MERE SAI KA VACHAN KABHI JHOOTA NI HOGAA. LOVE YOU BABA JI!!

My First Baba Experience

Sai Sister Shakthi Ji from India says: Hi, this is Shakthi. I am a new devotee of Baba. I wish to learn more about Baba and how to pray to the Lord. One day, I was in a desperate situation in my relationship and I have no clue about Sai Baba. But I have just heard people chanting Sai Ram Sai Ram and I have heard it. I don't know how it happened, but out of desperation I began chanting mentally, Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram and within a few minutes, I was no more in distress. I reflected on what had happened. No one in my family is a follower. We are not against, but not following Sai Baba. I told my mother, who was also a little interested in Sai Baba a year ago, but didn't have the guidance to follow it. She gave me the Sat Satcharitra and I also read a lot online and again in a couple of situations, I kept praying Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram. I felt I had more peace and sense of confidence that Baba will take care. Now I am awaiting results (Which I couldn't clear past 2 attempts) and hoping with Baba's blessings this time I will clear and I seek everyone’s prayers and His blessings for getting into a good job. Om Sai Ram
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  1. Om Sai Ram

    Baba truly is with all his devotees and takes care of them if we believe in him.

    Dear Shakthi ji and Mayank ji: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I pray to Baba that you both be very successful in your studies, career and lead a happy life. You have a long way to go, have faith in Baba and he will take care of everything.

    Shanthi ji: Congratulations to both you and your husband. The power of Sai Satcharithra is really miraculous. May you and your family always be blessed by Baba.

    I myself have been very low the last few days with similar issues such as job, study and marriage. Reading your experiences today felt like Baba himself is addressing to my concerns and increasing my faith. Baba please forgive my mistakes and be with me. All I believe is I have surrendered to you and you will take care of me no matter what and bless me with everything when the time is right.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Jai sai Ram,

    devotees from UK, very good and happy that you both have jobs and settled down. Baba always said to believe in him and leave rest to him.

    The holy book of Baba Shri Sai Satcharitra, is very powerful and if read with complete belief and love desired results will happen. However, we should never forget what Baba said- People should never be greedy, jealous and hypocrites. Rich should be humble just like the tree bents down when its branches are full of fruits.

    Brother Mayank,

    I will take this liberty to say a few words since you are much younger to me.

    You said you lost your father when you were young, but as you grow older you managed to get on right track by Baba's grace but is it not your responsibility to take care of your mother now. You should not get diverted into girls (love). You have lots of time for this brother. If you get distracted now, it can ruin your career. So please stay focussed, complete your studies, get into a Job, make your own living, make your mom feel happy and proud. Then, you have lots of time for your private life. Trust me brother, i also did go through lot of hardships since i was young.

    Work hard, be good. Baba will certainly bless you.

    Sister Sakthi,

    do not worry much. Even if no one believes Baba in your family thats ok. But atleast you belief and have faith. Rest of your family members will follow you slowly. Please keep your faith on Sai.

    Baba never said he was a god, he said he was only a Obedient servant of God. But people in shiridi has seen his real form- Shri Ram, Shri Hanuman, Shri Panduranga, Shri Akhalkot swami, Devi Lakshmi, Lord Jesus and Lord Allah.

    Thus Baba is conveying that god is only one.

    Lets bow down to the holy feet of our Parabrahma Shri Sai Samarth.

    Servant of Baba.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experiences.

    Dear Sai Brothers Mayank Ji and Shakthi Ji. You both have had good experiences of Baba's blessings and grace. Please do not be worried for anything at all, because Baba is always there with all his children. He takes all our worries on him and he guides us always. Just pray himto show you the right path always, and surrender to him entirely. He is very merciful and once we trust him with all our heart, he will take good care of us always. I have experienced it personally. I was worried about my personal issues for a few months, and one day i surrendered to him entirely. Believe me, it gave me so much of peace. I prayed Baba to do what he thinks is good for me. and in a few months my problems were gone. With Baba's grace al the problems had a happy solution and everything is good now.So, trust Baba always and let him decide everything in your life. That way, nothing will go wrong. Our prayer to Baba should be just that, to guide us and take all decisions of our life. And once we trust him totally and hand over all our life to him, we need not fear for anything.

    My best wishes to both of you and i pray to Baba to take good care of you and your whole family. He is our Big Daddy and is very kind, loving and,merciful. With Baba's blessings all will be ok. Please do read 'Sai Satcharitra' daily .. at least one page, and do try to follow the teachings. It will make us good human beings.

    May Baba bless us all always. Love you a lot my sweetest Deva .. and thank you for everything .. every single moment of our lives is your blessing. We owe you all our happiness.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Very nice experiences! Shanthi Ji, it is Baba's miracle that soon after you started reading Sai Satcharitra that you both got good jobs, it shows the power of Baba's works. Shakthi Ji, don't worry, Baba will take care of you and it is good that Baba wants you to follow His path now. Mayank Ji, don't worry, Baba is the one who will take care of everything for you (financial, family, job, everything); just have faith in Baba and He will watch out for you and take good care of your whole family. Om Sai Ram!

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