Following are few more interesting experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Showed Up Looking Like Santa Clause

Sai Sister Deepti Ji from Australia says: Thank You Hetal Ji for providing us platform to share our experience. My name is Deepti Sharma and I am living in Melbourne from last 6 years. I don’t mind if you want to share my name as I have already shared my experience on this site before too. I want to apologize to everyone and Sai for any mistakes in my writing. Sai talks to me on day to day basis. Some or the other way, He conveys the message.

We all know about the question and answer websites. There are number of websites, where this is available. We ask a question and think of Him and a number. Write that number and ask Baba and you get the answer. There is one special site which I use to talk to HIM.

This site actually has a defect that you don’t need to put the number, just click “Saibaba Please answer my question” and you get the answer. Baba has always correctly answered all my queries through this website. I just ask HIM the question in my mind and without any number just click Saibaba Please answer my question and He answers me. One day, I had some issue in my mind and as my usual way of talking to HIM. I did the same clicking the Saibaba Please answer my question button and He answered Miracle will happen, chant Ram name and remember Sai. So as Baba told next morning, I started chanting RAM name. After this incidence, I had a dream after couple of days. In the dream, Baba was domestic spinning wheel (Charkha) and explaining me “See how this cotton ball has to spin so many times to become a nice thread” other than this I can’t remember anything. But it actually showed me the right path that we have to go through the spinning to come out as a better person. So whenever we think that things are not working at all in our life, just simply tell yourself that Baba is spinning you to make a wonderful thread. He came looking like Santa Clause after few days of above incidents. I drive to train station here in Melbourne and park my car at station, catch the train to work. Because the parking spaces are limited, I never get proper legal parking and hence I park my car in bushes. On this fine day, I was coming back from work, got down the station and was walking to the bushes where my car is parked. I saw old man walking with difficulty with stick. I was able to see only his back and I reached my car. I got in car and was curious enough to know what this old man is doing here in bushes, where it is little tough to walk. I have never ever seen any such old man in those bushes. I drove my car towards him. He slowly walked to the side so that my car could pass. I stopped next to him. I looked at him and he looked like Santa Clause with white long beard, bald with little hair on head. From the window I asked him “Shall I give you lift to somewhere?” He said “no thank you I live nearby I am just having a walk” I urged me again “Are you sure? I can leave you” so he said “No I am ok thank you” I drove to my home, but all the way from HIM to my home, I had a feeling of BLISS. I can’t put that feeling in words. It was neither happiness nor sorrow. It was ANAND. The feeling of Anand, which is explained in Sai Satcharitra by Baba. I tried my best to remind myself about a single sorrow in my life and I couldn’t remember any. Believe me I was unable to think of any sorrow. This feeling was for only 10 minutes. I was home and I felt like coming back from different world. In the first incident described above He said to me “Miracle will happen, chant Ram name and remember Sai” Miracle happened as promised and He gave Darshan. Since this experience, I have been asking Baba “Was it You, Baba?” Today on Thursday, while reading another devotees experience, I felt an Urge to write this down. I have no idea how my fingers are moving on the keyboard to write this experience. I really feel that Yes it was HIM and today He has Himself put it in words. I am writing this after 6 months as this happened in December 2011. I Bow to HIM and I don’t have words to describe HIS Grace in His devotee’s Life. Look at all the blessings in your life. He is there with HIS devotes always and everywhere. Once again, He proved this to me in Australia. My older experience can be found on this link: Sai Baba My Best Friend - Sai Devotee Deepti Baba bless all. Om Sai Ram

How Shri Sai Baba Is Guiding My Life

Sai Sister Vidya Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji. Namaste. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful space for all the Sai Devotees to strengthen their “Shraddha” and “Saburi”. It gives me immense happiness to share one of my very recent experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba, whom I consider my mentor, guide and best friend in life. I always used to be sad that though I make so many friends in life, but I never had a true friend, who will always be there for me through good and bad phases in my life except my parents and brother and now my husband. I then decided to make “Baba”, my best friend and I share everything with Him and I know He always was, is and will be with me forever. My present experience is about how Baba guided me through my tough times and is slowly showing me a way out of them. Sai Ram to all the devotees of Baba. My recent experience taught me that life will throw challenges at us, but with faith and patience in Baba, we can overcome them and find our path. I had a dream to come to USA and pursue my studies here. I applied to colleges here and also got a I-20 in one of the good colleges here, but my student visa was rejected. I was very sad and very dejected in life. I couldn't understand why my Baba was testing me so much. I was depressed and at the same time, my parents started looking for alliance for me and I met a boy and both families agreed and I got married and moved to USA. But, after moving here, I tried to find work, but I couldn't and felt very sad. Apart from that, many people in the family were saying mean things to me each day and my morale went down totally. Since I am professional from dental field, I have to clear exams and then finish college here and only then I will be eligible to practice here. Thus, I was not finding any way, I was depressed and left everything to Baba. Baba gave my parent’s visitor visa and they came here to visit us. When they were here, I felt positive and happy after a very long time. They encouraged me to apply to colleges for masters in public health first and then try for dental school. When they were here, suddenly one day my husband said, let's both start doing “Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat” and initially I was surprised that my husband wanted to do it as he had never done any fast before ever. I then thought it was Sai Baba's way of saying to me, start it and I'll bless you with happiness. Through each week, one of my important steps moved on. Once, I needed to send my transcripts to a particular university immediately. I was worried because they wanted it from my university in India and when I called they said it'll take time. But, the surprising thing is that I got a call from my prospective university that they received my packet, how is it possible? I was thinking, only and only because of BABA, they got it soon. During my second week of my vrat, I received the news for my interview. My interview was on the following Monday and I did my best. On my third Thursday, I got the news that I got accepted in the college that I wished for and thus after nine weeks, I and my husband finished our Vratas. Now I am preparing to move to the university and start my Masters. It's all due to Baba's blessing and my parents prayers. I vowed to Baba that I'll share my experience with others to create faith in them. Baba knows what good path is for us and when to lead us on that path. Because of my past karmas, I had to suffer, but I know all through my suffering Baba was holding my hand and walking with me. Thank You Baba for showing me that path of truth and honest hard work. Please guide me always in my life. The lesson that Baba taught me was to have unwavering faith and complete surrender in your guru. Our guru will always protect us and take care of our needs. Our faith will lead us forward irrespective of what people say about us. So we should trust our guru and do our hard work. OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM.

Recent Experience

Sai Brother Narella Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, you are doing a very good job by collecting all devotees’ experiences, which make us more and more faith in Baba. I am Sai devotee from childhood. Recently my sister’s daughter was suffering from fever. Around 8 pm, the medicine, which we put in her mouth, was disturbing her and she was feeling uneasy. She was unable to vomit. All the night, she was crying, but we were unable to understand her problem. I was also unable sleep and getting disturbed. I got up and prayed to Baba with UDI that please do well for her and make her stop crying. I put a pinch of UDI on her head. The very next minute, she vomited. Her stomach was so relaxed. She drank milk and slept smoothly. Baba always helps me, but I should have more and more patience. I have one more wish. Whenever Baba put a grace again, I will share that experience also. Another experience: one day, when I was reading Sai Baba Blog, I read one experience and told Baba that if my prayer is reaching to You, then show Your photo or idol before I will reach home. Baba’s photo is there in my mobile. So I said to Baba to show me the photo, which is not in my mobile. I was going in bus to my home. Suddenly I saw Baba’s photo in one board, which was located beside the road. This is another experience, which made me Baba more and more faith upon Him. Always I surrender to Baba and He guides me in all aspects, which I do. OM SAI RAM
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  1. All three very nice experiences…thanks for sharing them

    Deepthi ji- What am amazing experience. I felt really blissful just by reading it. You are truly blessed by Baba to be able to receive such a wonderful experience. Also thanks for sharing the link with us.

    Vidya ji- You are so right.We all have to go through our karma from past deeds but being a Baba's child he will always take care of us and give us the right things at the right time.

    Narella ji..May Baba bless you with your next wish, hope to hear about it in your next post.

    May our beloved Baba's blessings always be on his children .

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experiences.. may Baba fulfill all his children's wishes and guide them on the right path always. We love you Deva.

    Baba .. please make my hubby your devotee soon, so that we both can do your Seva and Bhajan. Else is am feeling bad always and i feel incomplete when doing your puja. Let our Home be your abode. Please reside in our home always and make it a divine place. Make us all good people.. humble, modest, soft-spoken, kind and caring. We need your grace Baba.. please help us always. I know you are hearing me and will settle everything soon. Love you my sweetest Baba .. i owe you all the happiness in my life.. am in this happy state only because of you Sai, my Father. Love you lots. Please take good care of my Mother and my entire family.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Very beautiful experiences! Deepti Ji, it is wonderful how Baba gave you that experience to show you that He is with you all the time and must have come in the form of that old man to give you happiness. Vidya Ji, Baba certainly blessed you with your admission to the masters in public health program and it was Baba's will that you get into that particular program so that's why He sent your transcripts from India to the University even though the college in India wouldn't send them in time, Baba's desire was something else so it happened for you. Narella Ji, it is the power of faith and Udi that helped your sister's daughter get well soon and Baba showed himself to you when you asked also to say "Don't worry, I'm here with you always." Baba is with all of us all the time, so we need not worry. Should we be worried if Baba himself is sitting right next to us holding our hand or giving us a hug? Om Sai Ram!

  4. deva make my heart your home and reside here permanently…deva why do you test my unfaltering faith and inexhaustible perseverance….bless me now deva…

  5. nice experiences.baba always be with us never leave us we are nothing without you you alot…om sairam..

  6. Jai Sai Ram,

    Great experiences. Sister Deepti, you have very good faith and love towards Baba. Please continue and our Deva will protect you and bless you with everything that you desire.

    Sister Vidya, great experiences. Baba always took care of his devotees no matter in which part of the world we stay.

    Brother/sister Narella, Baba always protected his devotees and fulfilled every small wish. After reading your experience, i remembered mine. It was an year ago when i was continously travelling and was eating out. On one such ocassion, i just returned from a local trip and i started to have a severe stomach pain and the pain was unbearable. I was literally scared thinking it could be something serious. I started praying to Baba and took some vibudhi and i guess in less than few minutes i puked put and my pain completely vanished in no time.

    Lets bown down to the old and pious feet of our Deva.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba.

  7. Thank you deepthiji for sharing the questions site bc I always only think of a few numbers when I go to the questions and answers website. this will be more helpful.

  8. Wonderful experiences.. Thank you all for sharing!!

    Deeptiji, You are blessed to have saima's darshan, and thank you so much for sharing baba's question & answer link. Its Amazing!!

    Om sai ram

  9. thank you so much hetalji for posting my experience once again…i m feeling very happy
    baba bless u and everyone…may he be there with all of us. om sai ram

  10. om sai Ram, sai blessed me,he is with me all the time, i do experience it many ways ,always answered my questions,gudided me well, all pray for his blessings,he will take care of you,you will have no fear , believe in my words i do receive his blessing, have true devotion. jai sai ram.

  11. Beautiful Experiences.


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