Following are three more interesting and inspiring experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

No Words To Describe Him

Sai Sister Leela from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, I am very happy to inform you that I am blessed. I understand that through this blog many devotees gain confidence and choose right path to see our holy father.

Dear Hetal Ji, I am posting my 2nd experience. Please forgive me if it is long one. I struggled lot to post this experience. Please do correction if necessary. In Jan 2011, I was advised by my colleague to have fast for baby. I know about Baba name shake nothing else. Giving no thoughts, I said ok and it was second week of Jan just now I remember.

Next day was Thursday. I started my fast without knowing anything. Even I didn’t have photo of Him. I downloaded picture from the net and pasted in a board. Every Thursday of my fast, I have Darshan of Baba through poster though I travel the place daily. I was really happy. One day, I didn’t get His Darshan and I was upset. I opened the net started search about His miracles. That day, I came to know about this website, where I learnt lot and lot, which make me, involve in what I do. Through this, I came to know a website, where Baba will answer your problem. I got it as a child will be born. Day goes with positive replies of Baba. But I and my husband did not have understanding. Days were hell to me. In Jan 2012 second week, I got confirmation of pregnancy. My joy has no bound. I wanted to jump and share with you that I am blessed with twin babies. During 5th month, I had a dream that Baba came put His hand on my head and said it is not your mistake, but I try to save you. I didn’t understand that. Every month of check up, I will get His Darshan and feel like He is with me and nothing to worry. But that month, I didn’t get His blessings. Scan report is one of my baby has some problem, but nothing to worry. I never worried. I know Baba will take care of it. I trust His words. Next month, I got a report that it was temporary. Sep 19th is due date. Please pray for me. I like to say trust Baba words. Don’t be in dilemma. I followed His words as I can do. He always loves us never let us down. I cut short my experience, I typed thrice due to technical problem, it was erased. Baba do miracle in all life. Only thing is hold Him tightly.

Unbelievable Changes In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Om Sairam, I thank Hetal Ji for this wonderful opportunity. Before starting Bow to Shri Sai, let peace be to all. Om Sairam. After my marriage in the year 2006, I faced lots and lots of problems. My husband didn’t even talk to me properly and my in-laws didn’t care about it and troubled me from their side. I have more faith in God, so I prayed to Baba. But still my problem continues and they left me in my house and went away. I cried to my husband to take me with him and called him over phone and messaged him but of no use. I lost hopes. I thought I should not live any more. It’s a worst part of my life, which I can’t forget. The pain is still there. That time I came to know about Sai Baba Vrat. I read the book for 9 days with full faith on HIM and cried before Sai to help me.15 days has been passed, I got no response from their side. Then Sai showered His blessings on me and on 16th day. I came to know that I was conceived. Everything changed and my husband came to see me the next day. Really I can’t explain it in words, only tears roll down. What a magic Sai has done. But still I had problems with my in-laws. They never changed and troubled me a lot and hurt me through words. I started to do 9 Thursday Vrat. My husband slowly realized his mom's nature and we came out of the house, which I can’t imagine. It’s all because of Sai's power. Now I don’t know anything only Sai is my GOD and GURU. Whenever I have problem, I bow to Him. HE is the one, who gives problems to test our patience and HE is the one, who resolves it. Now I pray to Him that no woman should face problems like me. For those, who suffer in life, I can say only one word, its SAI SAI SAI. Om Sairam. Now I started to read Shri Sai Satcharitra daily. I can’t believe my mind is full of peace, which gives me the courage and strength to face anything in life. Few weeks back, while reading the devotees experience in Sai Satcharitra, I myself thought oh Sai, You came to many devotees' dream and bless them, but I never experienced such kind of blessings and felt much. I still can’t believe it. The same night, HE came in my dream and showered HIS blessings. What more to say about how HE take care all HIS devotees. Sometime we can think that there this no response for our prayers. But show patience. Sai knows when to give. But it is sure that HE won’t let us down. Don’t get despair. HE is sure to help us. It’s true from my experience. Though I faced problems because of my karmas. Now BABA is there with me to safeguard me. HE will wipe off all our sorrows. HE only wants me to write. Without HIS knowledge, we can’t do anything. I didn’t get proper school for my kid here and our application has been rejected. But I know BABA will show me a right way before the academic year starts. My sister's husband was short tempered and used to get tensed for everything. Because of this my sister's marriage life was not smooth. She started the 9 Thursday Vrat and Prayanams. To her surprise, he has become soft towards my sister and he himself has started to do 9 Thursday Vrat.

Baba Helped Me When I Was Fearing That I Had A Health Problem

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please do not disclose my name and email id. This incident happened nearly two years back. I used to get pain on and off near my breast. I got so scared and I did not even tell my husband till now. I started praying for Baba and started Nine Weeks Vrat and finished successfully by doing Annadaan. But still I used to get the pain. I think Baba was testing my Shraddha and Saburi. After that I went to Shirdi and had a good Darshan of baba. When you see the Baba, you forget all the worries. And tears rolled down from my eyes. And after few months, the pain had gone totally and it did not come back. Sai, You are always there for me baba. I trust You the most in than anyone else in the whole world. Sai, thank You very much for taking care of Your daughter. OM NAMO SACHITANANDA SAINATHAYA NAMAHA. SAI KOTI KOTI PRANAAM.
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  1. All lovely experiences.. .. words can't express the power of Sai Ma. He fulfills silly to very huge desires of human beings. Just say Om Sairam once thru heart and simply watch the miracles he does for us.

    Om Sri Guru Sairam.

  2. Wonderful experiences.
    Anonymous Sai Sister from UK, I understand how tough it would have been for you because I am going through the same pain. My husband left me 2 months ago. I have surrendered my life to Baba and I am waiting with Shraddha and Saburi for Baba to answer my prayers. Baba is my only hope.
    May Baba's blessing be with you always and may He bless your child to be his true devotee too.

  3. Beautiful & Wonderful experiences!! Sai Sister Leela must have delivered twin babies by now… May Baba bless the new mother & the beautiful babies. Om Sai Ram- Allah Maalik.

  4. Really interesting experiences building our faith on Baba.

    Dear anonymous devotee from India: You have given the anticipated delivery date as 19th which has passed. I really look forward to hearing the great news from you. Please let us all know through this website.

    The other two experiences are very inspiring and remind us that all we need to do is surrender to Baba and leave our troubles to him.

    Jai Bolo Shri Satchidananda Samarth Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki!

  5. such a wonderful experiences. leela ji, baba will take care of everything . no need to worry. keep faith. Anons, i must say onething, he is the only one who take care of each and every bit of our lives. baba is the one who, we can trut blindly. leave all your burdens , troubles on his lotus feet. he is the greatest mother. who only knows how and when to fulfill our desires. just keep faith and have patience. rest he will take care. baba never leave your children. pls keep our faith and patiene on you forever. always keep your blessed hand on our head. pls bless all of us. without you we are nothing.

    jai sai ram!

  6. Shraddha and Saburi are like two eyes!!Sai will surely help His devotees come out of difficult situations and burn their karmas!!Love you Baba!!without You i am nothing and i am no where!!OM SAMARTHA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!!

    All the three experiences are faith boosting.Nothing is impossible for our baba..We hv to keep our shradha n saburi what ever the circumstances….

  8. Dear Leela, I pray for you to Baba, and really wish you get healthy twins. I am sure, he will be there with you always. He never leaves anyone in middle, and what ever he has thought best for us, will happen.

    Keep your faith in him, come what may.

    Om Sai Ram,


  9. leelaji dont worry hold on to baba with firm faith and love he will surely take care of you and your little cuties…om sairam…may baba bless all

  10. Oh WOW!!! I am always fascinated about twins! It is so much of a work to take care of but at the same time it is very interesting to know how the twins communicate with each other, how they behave in unison and study their growth! Thank you dear Sai Devotee Mrs. Leela ji, to post this wonderful news. By now you must have been a proud mom of twin babies. May you be blessed and praying BABA to give you all the strength and patience to take care of babies. If you were in Sierra Vista, AZ I would have been so much happy to help you out caring for the babies!
    The second post of Anonymous ji from UK, You are on the right path of surrendering BABA with full faith. May peace and happiness be with you always and the same for your sister, I am wishing.
    Episode #3 Sai Devotee ji, I am very happy to know that with BABA's grace now you do not feel pain in your breast or chest, I would recommend to have a complete medical health check up done. Praying for all normal reports and a happy healthy life.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  11. Wow, I am doing 9 thursday vrat, was feeling a bit low today and see all the experience are related to the vrat . Thank you Sai and dear devotees,it was very encouraging to read them all.

  12. Thank you all. im blessed with a girl and a boy baby on august 31st. im really felt bad to cut short my experience. coz baba was with me every step of my pregnancy. his words are true. when i admitted in the hospital i didnt get his darshan. i was much worried. when i check my face book i got a picture of baba s original photo with saying if u share this photo u will get good news very soon. my joy has no bounds. i dnt believe in sathya sai.when i completed my nine vrat in sathya sai temple. untill i reach the temple im not aware that it is sathya sai temple. i thought its baba temple. i completed my vrat. man proposes god disposes os really true. i read the experience of devotee who dnt believe sathya sai but they got udi and shawl from his guru. i guess baba have published this experience should make me understand that im in all being. to my suprise during my c section in front of me sathya sai photo was there. then i realised im blessed and lucky. im concious got darshan of our baba during my 1hr of c section though my eyes was closed with cloth a gap left to see the photo of him. i can see only of him nothing else. i never feared im very much confident that i will be ok. y fear when baba is with us. hold his lotus feet tightly. rest he will see. my family is very happy. my girl and boy is doing good. please pray for us to keep good health. thank you hetal ji.


  13. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba you are awesome. Words fail to express my gratitude towards you. You take all our pains on yourself and you suffer for us. We love you a lot sweetest Baba, you are so so dear to us and you reside in our hearts always.

    Baba.. i too am waiting for you to come in my dreams .. why don't you come and speak to us in our dreams .. my Mom would be so happy to see you and get your blessings in her dream .. you can talk to my husband and change him by coming in his dream .. you can assure me of my worries by giving Darshan in my dream .. so why do you delay Baba .. please come in our dreams and bless us soon.

    I know, i commit numerous mistakes daily .. and i beg your forgiveness Baba .. sorry . please be our Gurudev and guide us all always in the right path of karma .. make our lives blissful .. be with us always and help, bless, guide and advise us in all matters of our lives.

    Please clear my health related worries.. bless all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity and happiness. Give us good opportunities to do good Karma and help us to deserve your Grace. Love you a lot Baba and many many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  14. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless Sister Leela with healthy twins and bless all the ladies with a happy married life. Let their husbands realize their mistakes and let all be blessed with a happy family.

    Prayers for one and all.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  15. Dear Leela ji, I too had such an experience here is Sierra Vista where I was stunned to meet a person during a miraculous event of my like- waiting at the office door at the Property manager to submit my papers for an apartment procedure (which was almost 99.99% sure) and I was waiting for the property manger to return from her lunch break, – He was so very resembling to Satya Sai BABA! His hair very much looking like 85 years old Satya Sai BABA's frail thinning hair! yet, he was around his 50s! And his head was covered with a white "fataka" like cloth exactly like our Shirdi Sai BABA!
    I got possession of that apartment on December 2nd for which I was called on November the 18th ! Even today I can not believe how so fast I got called for the apartment out of nowhere and got possession within just 15 days! I was desperately looking for an apartment since last 3-4 years and no success that was driving me insane, almost!
    BABA's Krupa is most important and we never know when it will shower on us! That IS WHY we should always remain optimistic, with our receiving vessel available to receive GRACE! Doubtful mind = upside down vessel!
    May you enjoy motherhood of these lovely children. Wishing and praying all needed help be there for you from your family members and neighbours.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  16. All the three experiences are nice & faith boosting.

    Congrats Leela Ji, I am pleased to know that you are blessed with One male & One Female Babies. May Baba shower His blessings on them and give them good health! Om Sai Ram

  17. All experiences just prove 1 thing – No matter what Hold on to Baba & he will ferry you across. Patience & Faith almost impossible to uphold in difficult times, however with time both will grow gradually. May Baba bless us all.

  18. Very nice experiences! Devotee from India, it was Baba who helped take away your pain. Perhaps Baba wanted to show you a small miracle to confirm your faith by this experience. Leela Ji, don't worry, Baba is our Father and will also take care of your twin babies too. Baba watches over all of us and takes care of us, just as a loving Mother/Father does. Devotee from UK, it was Baba who made sure that when you found out you were pregnant that everyone's attitudes towards you changed. Perhaps you had to go through some rough spot from past karma, but Baba made sure you will also get some happy times soon. Baba knows we have to go through difficult times due to karma, but always arranges something nice for us as well, so we shouldn't worry about the difficult times, for they are temporary and Baba plans many wonderful and happy times for his devotees. Om Sai Ram!

  19. Devotee: Swami, what is the best way to relate to the world?

    Baba: Do not spend your time thinking about the world or your relationships to individuals. These are all impermanent. They have only to do with the body. The body is just a water bubble. The mind is like a mad monkey. Do not follow either the body or the mind. Follow the Self, the Atma. It is beyond the mind. It is permanent. It is the unchanging truth within you.

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