This Blog And Sai Guruvar Vrat Have Transformed My Life

Following is an interesting experience of a devotee of Lord Sai Baba narrating what she felt in devotion.

Anonymous Devotee says: Dear Hetal Ji, firstly thank you so much for offering such a great platform to all Sai devotees. You and your family are truly blessed by our Lord Sai Baba. I came across your blog a couple of months ago from when it has become a part of my daily routine. During this time, I have learnt so much and felt Baba’s presence better than ever. Kindly please do not disclose my name, country or email address and sorry for such a long post. Please feel free to edit it as required.

From the past 10 years right from my school days, I have been a strong believer of our Baba. Whether I am upset or happy the only thing I do is think of Baba. He has taken care of me and my family at all stages. Everything I have and I am today or will have in the future is only and only because of His love and affection. The best thing I have learnt in these years is if we believe that Baba is with us, He truly will be. It’s all about Faith (Shraddha). This faith increases our patience (Saburi) in life.

Baba blessed me with many small blissful miracles in my day to day life, but I wish to share a recent one today along with the great sadhanas (tasks) that helped me to increase my faith on Baba.

My day starts and ends by thinking about Baba. I offer Him food before I eat (just in my heart by saying Sri Shirdi Sainatha Samarpayami) and leave home after praying Him and applying UDI, but I never used to perform pooja on a daily basis or even on Thursdays. Once in a while, I used to do Saptah Parayan, Abhishek at home and visit Baba’s temple. About three months ago, I didn’t feel like doing any of the above and felt like I was losing my connection with Baba and did not feel His presence much. Then I was praying to Baba that I do not want to be like that. I want to be able to feel that You are with me at all times and I want be a good devotee. And I asked Him to bless me with a task. After waiting few days desperately, I was wondering what to do. I heard about the Sai 9 Guruvar Vrat and felt that Baba guided me to do this. Honestly, the first time, I heard about it last year. I wasn’t very interested as I thought Baba is against fasting so why should I do something that is against Baba’s wish. To all those people, who have this doubt, trust me I feel like this is one the best things that have happened to me. From when I started it, I felt like my life was getting back on track. I seriously have heard so much good news from friends and family during these 9 weeks than in the whole of last 5 years. After 9 Thursdays as in abroad, it was hard to donate food to people. I thought of preparing a sweet and taking it to temple for devotees and donating money online for Annadan at Shirdi. After I started reading this blog, I came across an experience about Shibpur temple for the first time. Later, during one of the 9 Thursdays, after reading devotees experiences, I prayed to Baba to bless me with an experience too and started my pooja. During my vrat, I usually prepare Naivedya, lit diya and read Sai Ashtotthara Satanamavali and then sometimes close my eyes and read Shri Sainatha Moolabeeja Mathrakshara Stotram. While I was reading, I had a clear vision of a village in India where Baba is playing with animals, Annadan being held for local residents, a snake overseeing and blessing all the devotees etc. After I opened my eyes, I was trying to figure out Baba’s message and was wondering if He is suggesting that I donate food or pray to a snake or something else. I again prayed to Baba to help me understand His message. After a few days, I saw another experience on this blog with Baba’s murti and an experience from Shibpur. I got really attracted to the murti photo and the next day I felt like seeing it again. I thought I should check Shibpur temple website incase if there are more pictures and I googled it. To my surprise, the vision I had was very similar to the photos on their website. There were pictures of people and the location where Annadan was being performed and even the area, where they were cooking. I was really very happy to see that and felt that Baba wanted me to donate for Annadan over there and I did straight away. This experience left me believing that Shibpur temple is truly a miraculous one and is in need for support with construction and to expand facilities for devotee visitors. That was just one of the miracles that Baba blessed me with but, I have listed below all the amazing things that Baba blessed me with after deciding to do Sai 9 Guruvar Vrat.

  • A lot of pending problems have been cleared (not just mine, but that of friends and family). Though I did not start the vrat for any particular materialistic wish, I had a couple of wishes that I was praying to be fulfilled and during that period Baba blessed me with those ones too.
  • Have seen the magic of UDI (with water) which cured a long lasting health problem.
  • Came across this blog
  • Came across after reading which I understood the importance of lighting diyas and I am trying to do it daily.
  • Started daily routine of listening to Aarti and Bhajan and doing Sai Satcharithra Parayan (at least a couple of paragraphs daily).
Overall it was an amazing experience to successfully complete those 9 weeks and as I wished I now feel our Kurunamayi (Kind) Baba being with me and showing His mercy at all times.

Sadhana (Tasks):

Over the past few years my faith in Baba has been increasing gradually. Some of the great sources that helped me for that are Sai Satcharithra, Sai Leelamrutham, Guru Charithra and Shirdi Sai Anugraha Rahasya. There were times, when I would literally have tears in my eyes, when reading about ways in which He takes care of His beloved devotees. One of my most valuable possessions is a book with Shri Sainatha Moolabeeja Manthrakshara Stotram. I can’t tell you all how valuable this book has proved to be for me. I have been waiting for a visa for 3 years and it was granted the next day that I started reading it. Here is the link I found online for devotees who are interested to read it Lastly, so many experiences from devotees have inspired me wanting to be a better devotee and I know I have a really long way to go even to get close to being good, but I have learnt that if we truly wish and work hard for anything, our beloved Baba will guide us to be on a better path and be with us at all times. Om Sai Ram
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Hetal Patil
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  1. Om Sai Ram
    I too started 9 guruvar vrat and till i have completed 6 weeks successfully.The wish for starting the vrat has been fulfilled in the 2 week only.Pl baba be with us always and for ever. I believe this vrat is powerful and can fulfill the devotees wishes. Thanks for posting.
    Because of this blog only i came to about this vrat.
    Hetalji thankyou so much and take care of your health.


  2. Sai:
    Be always there with your august hands on me;
    When you are there, troubles can never make me fear.
    Sai Baba:
    Your teachings and philosophy taught me;
    Shraddha and Saburi to be the core values of a devotee`s life.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂
    Om Sai Krishna 🙂

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experience.. May Baba bless you always and increase your devotion.

    I am also indebted to this blog as it has helped to boost my faith in Baba and i came to know about Baba's Leelas. I was doing a google search on the net last year in July, when i was in deep trouble in my personal life.. somehow i came across this blog.. i do not remember waht i was searching .. but i accidentally came to know about Baba's Leelas only through this blog. And it became a daily routine for me. I started sharing these Leelas with my family and friends too, as the more people know about Baba, the better. And i am thankful to Baba, that all my issues were resolved in a few months time.

    I also did 9 Thursday Vrat, though i was not at all fasting. I just offered Baba yellow flowers, somefruits and sweets, Dakshina and did 9 Namaskars and read the book. And Baba accepted my Puja and fulfilled my desires.

    Baba i pray to you to keep us all under your fortune-filled protection and guide us always to be better human beings. We need your blessings and love. Thank you for everything.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Om Sai Ram

    Happy Gokulashtami to all.

    Very nice experience, thank you for the manthra link. I'll try to chant this mantra.

    Baba please bless us and be with us always and show the guidance.

    Sai Devotee

  5. wonderful experiences 🙂 .. today as its krishna janmastami… i saw many krishna pics… i feel like decorating Sai's murthi which is at home like krishna… wow.. :-)..after all u r krishna, u r rama,,, happy birthday sai.. 🙂

  6. Dear Sai child, really inspiring to read ur experience with the most merciful lord our shirdi words to explain..JAI SAI RAM..SARVAM SAI RAM..

  7. Nice experience.I got to know about Shri Sainatha Moolabeeja Mathrakshara Stotram only after reading your experience.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. very nice experience……..


  9. I tried to find out the Shirdi Sai Angruha Rahsaya book online….could not find…..if anyone has a soft copy kindly mail me to
    Thanks in advance for any help in this regard. Since there is trouble whereby i cannot access the comments section of this blog. Therefore, i request you to kindly mail me directly.
    Jai Sai Ram

  10. Can someone provide me soft copy of Shirdi Sai Anugraha rahsaya…..since i am not in India i cannot procure a hard copy…..Kindly guide me….i wish to read this book….Kindly mail me at:
    Since im not able to access the comments on this blog site….would appreciate if you can reply me on my id.
    Jai sai ram

  11. Dear devotee,
    You seem to be a really wonderful human being. May Baba shower his blessings on you all the time :). Thank you so much for the links.

  12. Dear All Sai Devotees,
    Sai Ram
    Thank you Hetalji for all the hard work you do, I am very happy for you Congrats and God Bless you
    Thanks all the Sai Devotees for posting your experience
    I have 1 questions for you all if any one can answer to my dilemma
    I have decided to do 3 times Parayan (ready Sai Baba Satcharitra 3 times) one after another.
    I am working and leave alone, only time I can read Satcharitra is at night. Mostly I started from Thursday and end by Wednesday night . This time I did same thing but I was not able to complete before 12:00AM (date change but day does not change that is what I am thinking) so I continue reading at ended at 12:30-12:45 AM first time (started on Thursday July 19 2012 and it should end on Wednesday 24 but I was not able to complete before 12:00 date change and I keep on reading it until 12:30-12:45 untill I was done Wednesday night 12:45AM in early morning 25th) same thing happen 2nd week and on 3rd it means last night I was not able to complete until 3:00 AM. I really need help to figure out that where it my parayan is OK or not as I was not able to complete in night before 12:00AM date change but I do not sleep until was done reading (it on Wednesday night)
    Any advice would be really appreciated
    Sai Ram

  13. Dear anonymous devotee, there is no hard and fast rules for Sai baba it is we who created them, Baba expects only true devotion and love from us,I feel just mere reading without understanding and just completing it for 7 days is of no use, Please read it whole heartedly just keep thinking about him always in all activities you do. Baba will surely help you to overcome all your difficulties. I just shared my opinion. Thanks.

  14. As far as I know, Sai looks only at the devotion with with you did.
    May be its His wish to make you understand that devotion is more important to Him than the actual procedure.
    Thats why may be He made sure that you finish only after 12. And then He made you post this question and on this blog. And then He made me answer you query in this way…

    Its all Sai's wish. You are not the doer and I am not the writer for this question.

    Always think about Sai and see all your doings as His doings.

    He is the most merciful. He is Trimurthi Swaroopa. He is the Para Brahma.

    Don't worry. Be happy. Rather than wasting your time worriying about the happenings, make use of that particular time in thinking about Sai. You will be definitely benefited.

  15. Om Sai Ram

    Reading this post brought a lot of joy to me. May Baba bless all his children with Shraddha and Saburi.

    Shirdi Sai Anugraha Rahasya is not available online but I have files in Telugu(My father scanned the book page by page) If anyone needs it, please reply to this post.

    If you are after English or Hindi, the books can be purchased through this website

    Om Sai Ram

  16. Dear Devotee,

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing experience. You not only made us feel baba's presence but right after reading your experience, I myself also experienced such a wonderful miracle. It really was a miracle that I just experienced about 2 hours ago.

    I have been facing some personal problems in my life, and since morning I have been upset about the same, I kept talking to baba in my mind, and asking him to do some miracle. As I read your experience, I opened the link you posted for Shri Sainatha Moolabeeja Manthrakshara Stotram, I had never heard of this, but I stated reciting it, and wonder of wonders, what I had been asking from baba since morning, immediately happened as I was about to finish the 3rd time. It really was a miracle. I know baba has always been here and listening to my prayers, but incidents like this make me believe in baba more and more, and increase my faith in him. I would like to thank you again for introducing me to Shri Sainatha Moolabeeja Manthrakshara Stotram. Thank you soo much:))!

  17. Dear anonymous devotee

    Thanks for posting this question about finishing Sai Satcharithra in time. I had been in the exact same situation once and even know am not 100% sure if I could it that way. But with the other devotees answers it is truly a reminder of what Baba really wants from us.

    Once when I was on my 7th and last day of Parayan I came home late and was rushing through my last chapters and was looking at time constantly on phone. I was worried that I wouldn't finish in time but to my surprise the phone just fell down in a place where I couldn't reach(which was unlikely to happen on its own as it was on a stable place). That made me feel Baba is saying "stop worrying about time" I smiled at my silly behavior, apologized to Baba and read with full devotion and completed it around 1 am in the night and I'm sure Baba accepted my Parayan with lots of Love.

    Inspite of this experience I still had doubts at times but from now on I will completely stop worrying about time and will only concentrate on devotion.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  18. Very nice experiences! The vision you had of the Shibpur temple is amazing and it is wonderful that so many problems of yours have gone since doing the 9 Thursdays vrat. Reading other devotees' experiences is a way for Baba to help strengthen our own devotion and faith. Om Sai Ram!

  19. This blog is a real blessing to Sai baba devotees, and not just the blog but also the comments of all devotees are priceless as we come to know so many things and our queries gets answered. I am about to start my 9 guruvar vrat, but thought whether it would be right to do it without fasting and someone wrote that they did it without fasting…Sai nathaye namah

  20. heart touching experience. baba pls bless all of us. never leave us alone. without you, we are incomplete. you are everything for us.
    jai sai ram!

  21. very nice experience.thanks alot for sharing with us.very good informations about some books..thanks alot..may our saima always bless you and everyone with peace and good health..

  22. Nice experience. thanks for sharing. Can anyone kind post me the links of above mentioned books in Hindi or English. Om Sai Ram.

  23. Thank you for providing the link for Moolabeeja manthrarakshara mantra, I have never heard of it earlier..Om Sai Nathaye Namah

  24. Thanks for giving us the link for Moolabeeja manthrarakshara mantra, im reading it daily thanks a lot again..

  25. Dear Hitaji,
    Thanks for posting the Sai moola beeja mantrakshara strothram.
    Baba blessed me in many ways no doubt of it. But I started 9 guruvar vrat for the problem i am facing since years and this is 6th week … Might be baba is still testing my pateince. Waiting for baba's blessing though it is very very hard to wait.



  28. Please Baba help me! I have faith in You!
    I have done many parayanas and even a 9 Thursday vrat!
    I have surrendered to You fully!
    Why I still have no job Lord?

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