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Lord Sai Baba sometimes gives us hint that He is with us and on the other hand things turn to worse. This is an assurance to us that He is taking care of us in our bad times and He will be present to make our strength and faith strong.

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am so thankful to you for having this blog. Since I found this, I have been reading this everyday and my devotion toward Sai Baba has increased so much, that I cannot express to you in writing. May Baba always be with His devotees and always bless us. Please do not disclose my name or id here.

I would like to narrate my recent experience with everyone here. I have been a devotee of Baba for a couple of years. I use to read Sai Satcharitra in English, and was always mesmerized by experiences people had. I was only in high school then. Recently, I have been facing a lot of hardships in my life, and as it’s said we always tend to remember God in our most difficult times. Similar thing happened to me. Although I always believed in Baba, and knew that He is always protecting me, it is now that I have really experienced Baba presence near me.

A couple of months ago I had met this guy. He is a very nice and sweet guy, who faced a lot of hardships in his life, be it professional or personal. We became really good friends, and before I knew it, I was in love with him. He was too somewhere, but due to his past relationship with someone; he was hesitant to have another relationship and just wanted to go with his parent’s preference. His family was looking for an alliance for him to get him married in India. This completely broke my heart, when I heard it and that was when I actually realized that I was deeply in love with him, but he had gone to India by now. The marriage date was fixed for May 27th. A couple of days later I saw the girl's picture too. I was completely shattered. I prayed to Baba, day and night to not do it to me. I wished that this was just a dream Sai is giving me. Something, I did not realize. I was given all this information about his wedding. The sudden finding of girl's picture was just Baba's hint to me that He is with me. It is only, when I started reading the blog posts, I realized that Sai is listening to me and He will do things His own way. Once reading the Sai Satcharitra, when I was glancing at Sai's picture that is printed on every page, I saw the unique resemblance. It had to the girl's face. Maybe that was my Sai there as her. Also the wedding is on 27th (meaning 2+7=9). Sai mentioned 9 ways of bhakti in Satcharitra. My joy had no bounds, when I realized that my Sai is with me and He is listening to me day and night. Soon after, I was introduced to the Sai 9 Thursday vrat via your blog. I planned that I was also doing this. So the following Thursday, I fasted, but I always questioned myself. A thought came in my head, that should I really do this? Am I not wishing for somebody's marriage to be broken? So he can be with me. I prayed to Baba and asked Him to give me a hint to show me that I am not doing anything wrong. That day while coming back from college in the public transit, I saw a man reading a book. I usually don't pay attention to what people are reading or doing. But that book happened to capture my attention, as the book he was reading was a driver’s license book, but inside I could see the words were written in Hindi. The man did not complete reading what he was on, but at one point, he flipped a couple of pages randomly and I saw a nice picture of our Sai Baba. It was a beautiful red picture. I almost had tears in my eyes, when I saw that. As I don’t live in India, it was very vague to find someone reading something like this in a public transit. I immediately knew this was Sai's hint to me that I am not doing anything wrong. Another thing as I and he were exchanging emails, some words he said that we don’t usually say in everyday life, those exact same words were again mentioned in Sai Satcharitra, as well as the girl's name. I have never noticed that words before and how is it that the words were only in that chapter that I was reading that say only? Is this not a coincidence? Baba also came in my dream continuously for 4 days and blessed me. I had completely put my relationship under Baba's feet and prayed that Baba would accept our relationship. But yesterday the marriage did take place. I feel completely broken, and don't understand why Baba gave me such hints. Was it to show me that He is there with me and listening to me? Whatever happened now, I know Baba is there with me, and I have really felt His presence in these past couple of weeks. Jai Sai Ram
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  1. Sai is with you. I guess he is supporting you so that you can come out of this phase and be more happy. Sometime WE mis understand when Sai appears that things will go our way. It may not be always necessary. According to me, message is SAI is like mother , father…who will always be with us..when distress comes in and guide us to see the light at the end of tunnel. Clinge on to Sai. You will be more happy.

  2. God/Sai is always there, no matter where u r n what condition u r in. He is always along side u. Yes we as human beings cant see him, nor feel his presence (most of the times) but the fact remains intact.

    The point is will he save or help?? It will be a timely yes or a NO. It all depends on his will, to do or not to do. Tons of times you'll be left on your own completely scattered, helpless, broken, and wandering. But hey this doesnt mean u are alone!!!!

    Yes I know many of my statements might go against him/god but thats not what I intend to do. Honestly I am a strong believer of him. Chanting his name, listening to his songs, reading his books, blogs, etc etc is what I do.

    Still I am here broken, lonely, scattered, trashed and whatever u can think of just awaiting death at the earliest. Confused and fighting with god and self I have lost to both of them. I would wanna share a story but it is a long one and not sure if it might be even posted here so sortly I'll create a blog and post it there with the title as "Is that our god???".

    But all i wanna say is stay humans and you'll never drown n thats a promise from a true heart to the world. How many times has it happened that we see a stray dog hungry staring at you hoping to get a peice of pie from you and we just shut doors on him?? Happens right!! But then Y not share a little with him?? And trust me on this, yes they cant speak or we dont understand them but our small piece of pie to the hungry WILL give u 1 FULL in return or atleast peace at heart. Afterall thats what we all need as a primary thing 😉

  3. Sai Sisterji, Don't worry Baba is always there with you, He will surely bless you with a nice and understanding husband. Have complete faith in him as you have now, he will take care of the rest.Thanks.

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Sai Sister .. Baba was assuring you that he is with you always. He does love you, and so he came in your dreams. So, no worries.. he will bless you with an amazing husband. Baba knows what is best for us and he will get us the best things at the right time. All that we need is Faith and Patience.

    May our merciful and loving Sai Baba bless each one us always.

    Be with us always Baba, we need you constantly by our side.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. dear hetalji after reading this post some questions are there in my mind.just want to clear my doubts.why baba does like this when we all dependent upoun him only especially i realatioship matters i am reading alots of incidents like this.if baba only does like this then whom should we approach beacause true devotees of baba are complete dependent on him.even in my case baba is doing like this.i and my boyfriend are in love since last 4 years.everything was fine.but suddenly a week back he stopped talking with me.i know he will get back to me.but i am really scared hetalji after reading this kind of posts.beacause i know i cant take it easily if such things happens with me.i am a very sensitive girl and i truly love my boyfriend.really help me hetalji.please advice me.i really scared and this waiting without talking to my boyfriend without knowing anything about my future is really scaring me.i have decided to end my life if anything happens like this hetalji because my boyfriend is the only hope in my life.sorry putting this here in comment section.please pray for me hetalji.i am really waiting for your answer.

  6. SAI sometimes do like this to us all to say "Be patience i will give more better then this" so my dear sister dont worry sure you will get a better guy than him and will think of why SAI has done this..

    SAIRAM. Let HE bless us all… goodluck and take care.

  7. Sister I feel terrible to read ur experience…I have known a similar case where both people in love have been seperated from each other and that gals husband has been married to some other gal by his family against his will and both are miserable now…its extremely heartbreaking to see all this happening around us I can very perfectly understand ur pain and have myself gone through more worse situation and pain but dont know when will baba be pleased and show some mercy on me and get justice…ur experience leaves me numb again and i dont feel good reading this.I would only pray to baba to help u at the earliest if he had given u so many hints.

    Jai sai ram

  8. So with all that I've got a question here.. What does it take to make Sai happy?????
    Yeah I know a retorical one but now thats a true experience as well. Many ppl pray for others well being and when its their bad time neither their prayers are answered nor anyone comes for rescue and the out come is either they lose faith or become heartless or turn faces or get scattred and on the extreme – commit suicide.

  9. om sai ram sister i hope that boy is not correct match for u and sai has another plan for u dnt worry leave it on sai n he will only send gud husband

  10. How many times has it happened that we see a stray dog hungry staring at you hoping to get a peice of pie from you and we just shut doors on him?? Happens right!! But then Y not share a little with him?? And trust me on this, yes they cant speak or we dont understand them but our small piece of pie to the hungry WILL give u 1 FULL in return or atleast peace at heart. Afterall thats what we all need as a primary thing 😉

    very welll said….OM SAI RAM…We must follow it…

  11. Dear Sai Sister… I'm so sorry for what happend to you. But from what I think, it is in most difficult times that Baba ensures his presence closer to us than ever. When I had the most horrible time of my life, I really felt so close to him, received an Udi packet from Shirdi(after a donation made ages ago) and I almost felt like he was watching me to make sure I'll be ok.

    May be something like that has happened to you. Baba always sends us signs on things, but we humans might not understand it at all times. Whatever happened cannot be changed, but believe that Baba is still with you to give you the most wonderful person who is ready to love and accept you and then you will have a happy married life.

    Everything happens for a reason ..Don't lose your faith on Baba!

    Om Sai RAm

  12. Dear Anonymous devotee,

    Pls be strong .u have grown spiritually .u did your vrat with all faith and left it on baba to decide . if u did with that heart accept his wish gracefully and wait he is getting you something much better in life so wait trust him .i can say this because i have been through such experience .u met that guy recently spent some time with him but baba worries for u he will give u the best.

    i blindly loved a guy did all sorts of fast to get him god gave me hints to make me realise that prayers never go unanswered just their appearance changes .when he selfishely turned me down i was shattered iin a yr i got married to very nice guy found by my parents and i am very happy

  13. Om sai ram

    Mine too a similar story but here your boyfriend got married and in my case I got married. We had a relation of almost 4 years with my parents concerns and later he said am just confused. I was totally shattered and left everything upon god. Infact sai gave all positive signs but still we were not made for eachother. And has some other plans for me. Then within 8 months I got married to a very honest guy arranged by my parents and by Sai grace am happy. Trust me Sai never leave you alone.

  14. Sai sis, MAy be the guy is not suitable for you and since baba is omniscent he only knows what is suitable for you. he is giving you hint to show you that ("why fear I am here")he is only with you.keep faith and be happy always.
    Om sai Ram.

  15. Dear Devotee,

    You have full faith in Baba and Baba is also with you all the time.

    Sometime back i felt something like that but all my assumptions went wrong when you really pray Baba for someone else and about yourself tell Baba that "you know everything, do whats better for me at present".

    The above generalised statement will bring back all your happiness and will wipe out all your confusions regarding Baba.

    Om Sai Ram

  16. Dear Devotee.

    If I understand it correctly, you have finished high school very recently and therefore you might be too young to marry and settle down with someone. Perhaps Sai Baba wants you to study, work hard and get some professional education behind yourself before you marry. Have you ever thought of issues that come up when you marry too early? In my humble opinion, SaiNath wants you to focus on building your future. Once you make sure that you have ensured that you will have a safe future because of good higher education, Sai Baba will guide you to the right match. Till then work hard and keep your faith in Him.

    Best wishes

    Sai Follower

    I love you Baba.

  18. Sairam Sister, please do not feel dejected. Sai is always there with you, and will guide you. I too got into wrong relationship, and felt bad that I couldnt get married to the person. But I kept praying to Baba, and surrendered to Him completely. Baba gave me a wonderful husband, and my married life is a happy one. Whatever happens, always happens for your good. Never lose the faith.

  19. Nice experience, do't worry Baba will find you a better match, and it is good that you have left it to Baba. I used to feel the same way about finding a life partner, and Baba found me a wife who is better than I could have imagined (thanks to Baba's blessings). Baba will take care of your problems ad that picture of Baba you saw in th bus was a sing that Baba is with you always. Om Sai Ram!

  20. Dear Devotee ,

    Sometimes we tend to take the signals from Baba to favour our wants and desires . We tend to relate it to our current emotions and satisfy our thoughts and when things dont go as what we desire , we tend to blame Baba. I'm not preaching because i too tend to do the same even to this date . Quite later we realise that what Baba has given us is what we are worthy off. Sometimes we tend to fight and pray for things just because we think we are worth it , may be Baba has something better in store for us , Baba warns us , signals us but still we fight for it and sometimes our prayers are so adamant that Baba does give in to the wishes of his children , but it may not be for the best ..we may realise it quite late …as in your case , Baba has surely someone better for may not like my words now , but for sure if you are true at heart and leave everything to Baba , he'll choose the best for you.

  21. Dear Sister,
    To love someone means to love someone. Baba loved us and never expected anything in return. He lived like the richest poor man. He begged until he took Samadhi.

    When we are in love, we feel that if we are not granted our love, we will die. But it is not so. Life moves on, and you will realise that though your love is true, you need to move on.

    Please listen to me and let this go. Love him ,but let him go.

  22. Baba always does what is in the best interest of his devotees. He was not the right match for you. Believe me what he has done is the best for you.

  23. Dear Hetal Ji,
    Thank you so much for posting my experience. I was extremely surprised when I saw this. I would also like to thank everyone who commented above. I really appreciate everyone's love and support and their humble wishes. I know baba is there taking care of me, after posting this incident Baba showered me with more miracles and I was really wonder struck most of the time, he really proved that he is with me. I have currently been doing baba's chaliya (going to temple for 40 days) and today is my last day. Hetal Ji, and all devotees please pray that baba accepts my chaliya and blessees me. Again, Hetal Ji, thank you so much for posting my experience, I am really thankful to you. May baba bless all his children with love and happiness.
    Jai Sai Ram

  24. I too have gone through this experience recently. I was in relation with boy for last two years. He has initiated it and came to meet my parents two years back, both the families were agreed for marriage but the problem was i was staying in another city for my job. We had faced lots of ups and down in last two years but somehow we managed to be together. His family was started taking objection as they give me option of leaving my secured highly paid job. my parents and well wishers told me not to do so.I prayed baba and got transferred to my parent city where he resides by HIS grace. but i dont know what BABA has in his mind for me, the day i got transferred and came back to my city the boy got married to somebody on same day and informed me my e-mail tonight. I am still confused who was so emotionally attached and giving me hopes all the time changed and got married without informing me. Also Baba has transferred me to solve my problem but HE gave my love to someone else on same day. I have always prayed Baba to give me my love and was sure that if Baba want noone can stop us from marrying. My two years efforts and prayer become futile and gal is so lucky who got him in just 15 days.

  25. Om sairam!!!
    I think this indicates…baba is gonna give you a better and best life partner than the one you choose…but definetely…everything has happend for you good…have faith in him…omsairam

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